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HSM ShredEffect

+2    Want to see what you look like with allround data protection? Then create shred portraits in various colours and security levels from your photos with HSM Shredeffect, add a text message, and send the portraits by email or share them on ...    74 MB    Views 2414
0    Private Photo Vault keeps your personal photos and videos private by locking them behind an easytouse PIN pad, giving you control over who sees what. Your friends, family, and coworkers will be able to look at your public photo gallery, ...    47 MB    Views 1471

iLock Security Pro

+4    iLock Security Pro Image security is the most important thing for the iPhone/iPod/iPad holders. Protect your private photos on your iPhone with higly secure password and encrypt algoritms. All the photos are fully encrypted and completely password protected, they are ...    1 MB    Views 4807
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+5    Does it bother you that your private photos or videos in iPhone might leak anytime? 「Private Photo Safe FolderAdvanced Phono+video Security 」can provide not only simple cover, but also multiple measures to protect your privacy. If you want to keep important or private ...    2 MB    Views 2892

iHide Pro App

videos photos video photo security personal hide lock file files safe folders vault secret
+3    Here we are introducing personal privacy featured app to hide your private images and videos files from prying eyes. This app can provide a secret passcode to protect your files. Once you add photos and videos in iHide, they don’t ...    14 MB    Views 1924
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+14    Secret Photo+Video Vault hides your photos & videos behind a working calculator. Everyone will think this app is just an ordinary calculator. What they won’t know is that you can enter a PASSCODE to access secret photos & videos Even the icon ...    8 MB    Views 8793
photo videos camera photos security video private add unlimited free data
+20    Do you have any private pictures that you don't want everyone to see? If so, meet InstaHide Photo the best private photo and video manager on the App Store. It's so easy: 1. Add unlimited private photos for free to InstaHide 2. Get ...    3 MB    Views 823
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+8    Finger2play Photo Vault & Private Photo Cloud is a free, photo manager. Help to save your private photos in secret folder. Wireless transfer photos to your computer even without iTunes. Main Features: 1. Photo vault, protect your iPhone's pictures with password to ...    6 MB    Views 4778
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0    Photo Vault keeps your photos and videos locked by passcode or Touch ID. You have unlimited storage space for your special data and your photos can be spread over multiple folders. Your images and videos can be stored and synced via ...    30 MB    Views 2259
+5    RATING: 17+. FOR ADULTS ONLY SALE 50% OFF Enjoy the unique content and HOT Wallpapers Download now Tired of searching apps for HOT pictures? You can stop now Gorgeous Wallpapers is here and you can find the best collection of GORGEOUS photos ...    8 MB    Views 2726
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+26    Photo Video Locker Vault IS THE MOST STABLE AND FULL FEATURED PHOTO HIDING APP ON THE APP STORE TODAY • Featured in over 10 Print Mags • Featured as the best Photo Hiding App in iOS Note for Current Users: Just swipe your ...    9 MB    Views 1149
photos photo camera security access private mode import location safe
+1    CNET Review "easy to use, and it works well where it matters password protecting and blocking unwanted access to your photos. If you're looking for something basic and easy to use, this is a good place to start" Keep ...    8 MB    Views 7135
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+27    Albums can have password. When you create an album, you can specify whether it is protected by password. Once specified, the album will only be revealed after the correct password is input. Use the security question wisely. When setting a new ...    5 MB    Views 9350
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-9    Protect your private photos from the prying eyes with this simple photo album app This app does not have any complicated or fanciful user interface and works like the device's default photo app. So everyone can just pick it up ...    17 MB    Views 9987
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0    Safety Folder manager protect your secret photos and videos away from unfriendly person and peeper. No need to worry about someone to intrude your private photo + video anymore. FEATURES: All file are on your device only. Personalize folder color. Thumbnail ...    20 MB    Views 5190
videos photos security personal twitter facebook camera files secure cloud device file protect vault
+6    Intel Security File Protect is the best FREE secure vault app to keep all of your personal photos and videos safe. You can simply import your photos or videos from Camera roll, personal albums, and Videos or take secured photos/videos ...    21 MB    Views 5069
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-2    LOCK YOUR SECRET PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Protect Both Videos and Photos Hide them with Fingerprint protection, which is the best for security purposes. Much safer than a password because it cannot be stolen and requires your finger to open ...    7 MB    Views 4029
photos videos photo security lock private secret code touch data protect
+19    Works flawlessly on all types of iOS 8 devices, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out they are not secrets any longer Protect your very private ...    29 MB    Views 5135
+7    Secure Photo Gallery protects your personal photos and videos, it lets you view and edit your personal photos and watch videos from within its secure interface. You can import videos and images from the gallery, WiFi transfer and download them securely ...    10 MB    Views 2935
photos photo security virtual recipients client easy phone show live
+4    Arrive on site without your client? No problem, just call them up and treat them to a live virtual tour. When you snap a photo (even while talking on the phone), your client sees the photo within a second or ...    1 MB    Views 2051
photo secure pictures private lock application phones location vault
+21    Secure Photo Lock Your Own Private Photo Vault allows you to secure your personal pictures in a private location to which only you would have access to. The application creates a secret location on your phone drive which could ...    15 MB    Views 9787
photos photo gps library lock vault phone permissions access device
+11    Lock Down Photos On Your Phone. (No functional limitation with the free version ) You might have photographs on your iPhone that you want to keep private. Normally if somebody gets access to your phone app, he can view all photographs stored on ...    2 MB    Views 6712
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-7    You can trust Private "Secret Photo Album Hide & Lock" to keep your private photos, videos, notes as hidden. To Keep your privacy safe, Store your private PHOTOS, VIDEOS & Notes into Secret Vault • Password Protected App Entry with PIN ...    5 MB    Views 8382
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+27    Secure Photo Gallery protects your personal photos and videos, it lets you view and edit your personal photos and watch videos from within its secure interface. You can import videos and images from the gallery, WiFi transfer and download them securely ...    11 MB    Views 2145

Private Media Vault

+14    Features: Security options: 1. Number Security. 2. Patteren Security. Functions: 1. Photo collection. View photo like photo app,Create photo gallary,Import/Export Multiple Images Via Gallary or Camera,Share Photo via email,facebook,twitter,whatsapp,instagram. 2. Video collection & recording. Recording Video,Playing Video,Create Video Share Video. 3. Audio recording & listning.Recording Audio ...    7 MB    Views 6209
videos photos security lock secret private code data touch protect
+8    Works flawlessly on all types of iOS 8 devices, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out they are not secrets any longer Protect your very private ...    15 MB    Views 7891
photo photos video videos private lock albums password vault
+3    PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • Password Protected App Entry • Pin Lock • Fingerprint Identification • Camouflage Caculator • Dot Lock Pattern • Password Protected+Fingerprint Identification Photo Albums (Keep people out of your private albums) • Decoy Password • Dot Lock Security PHOTO MANAGEMENT • Create Albums right in ...    5 MB    Views 8951
+13    A celebration of Walker Evans, one of the great photographers in history These amazing photographs look great on the iPhone, and INCREDIBLE on the iPad This app includes several key items: 1) Plates: 64 photographs attributed to Walker Evans from the Farm Security ...    13 MB    Views 328

Secret Photo Editor

photo photos editor secret add features vault
-1    Secret Photo Editor is a onestop shop for any photo editing need, a very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone. A powerful photo editor combined with security features enables you to ...    48 MB    Views 296
photos photo videos email people vault icloud hide easily protect
+15    Hide Photos & Videos with Photo Vault S for iCloud NOTE: On iOS 8, you may need to enable iCloud Drive before using iCloud sync. Today so many apps on the App Store can help you hide photos on your ...    16 MB    Views 4764
wallpapers ipad photos flickr security skins shelves icon screen deviantart
+7    Skindex gives you an exclusive selection of designer WALLPAPERS in HD, APP SHELVES, ICON SKINS, NEON combos, SECURITY LOCK screens, rotational backgrounds, and much, much more Ranked 1 in Lifestyles, Russian App Store Ranked 1 in Lifestyles, Philippine App Store Skindex customizes ...    8 MB    Views 628
photo photos security library storage cloud services encrypted slice
+3    Simply smarter storage for your precious photos is here ENCRYPT, SLICE AND STORE CloudSlice lets you link up to 5 cloud storage services to your iOS devices and use them as a single cloud storage location. When you upload a photo using ...    7 MB    Views 3600

Video Security

video security camera search family cameras playback quality
+4    Connect to your Bosch H.264 IP cameras and encoders from all over the world and experience immediate video playback, full access to your recordings, forensic search on cameras with Bosch video content analysis (IVA) support and smooth control of PTZ ...    11 MB    Views 6417
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+6    Secure Photo Gallery protects your personal photos and videos, it lets you view and edit your personal photos and watch videos from within its secure interface. You can import videos and images from the gallery, WiFi transfer and download them securely ...    14 MB    Views 9265

SpyCam - Silence

security camera videos high spy
+1    Best high security SpyCam application available on the store Have you ever wanted to capture photos/videos secretly without anyone noticing? "Silence" is a high security spy camera app that has a real browser with an hidden camera, you can take pictures/videos ...    557 kb    Views 2244
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+5    OMG 100% Security Finally The Best is Out Live that u all always Dreamt to get a Desired photo Wallet ever CHECKOUT THIS Next Generation Secure Photo Wallet that Gona make u falling in Love with it Secure Photo wallet IS THE ...    21 MB    Views 8864
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-4    Hide My Photos is like a wall safe for the private photos and videos you have stored on your iOS device. It disguises itself as a normal iOS folder, it's passwordprotected, and it'll snap photos of anyone trying to pry ...    4 MB    Views 7044
-2    Secret Camera Free : Private Photo & Video data Vault (manager) Are you looking for an app that will let you keep all your photos and videos private so you don’t let anything personal or embarrassing out to other people? If ...    5 MB    Views 7840
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-1    Over 90,000 Private Photos Kept Secure So Far Do you have photos you don't want others to see? Photos of your wife or husband? Photos of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Photos ...    2 MB    Views 4272

Crypt My Pic

photos security person wanted pictures eyes pics share
-2    Have you ever wanted to have personal, private or sensitive photos in your phone without the risk of some unwanted person seeing them? Have you ever wanted to keep highly confidential pictures, like bank coordinates cards in your phone? Have you ever ...    2 MB    Views 970
photo video photos camera security multiple privacy password private
0    The BEST and MOST convenient private Photo&Video App It provides multiple security mechanisms, and perfectly keeps your privacy away from peeping eyes. How does it work? First, you need to add your ‘SPECIAL’ photos&videos into iVault, it provides many convenient features: √ Fast iTunes ...    5 MB    Views 8245
office war security farm information photographs mother
+2    A celebration of Dorothea Lange, one of the great photographers in history These amazing photographs look great on the iPhone, and INCREDIBLE on the iPad This app includes several key items: 1) Plates: 60 photographs attributed to Dorothea Lange from the Farm Security ...    9 MB    Views 7298
photos videos security search personal art photo vault protection safe secure features private
+7    ► Reviews: "For guaranteed protection, you deserve nothing less than the absolute best." [] • "4 stars" "there’s no better option than oneSafe Photos." [Luke Patrick The iPhone App Review] • "4 stars" "oneSafe Photos from Lunabee is a brilliant application to ...    37 MB    Views 9683
videos photos video photo text management media library iphone ipad private notes passwords passcode vault
+15    Private Vault: Secret Photos+Videos+Passwords+Notes A Secret Folder Manager For Your Private Photos, Videos, Passwords, and Notes Now with full iOS7 Support The Best Free Private Photo, Video, Password, and Notes App for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Private Vault provides a much needed ...    7 MB    Views 773
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+8    Manage your life better with secret folder manager to protect your secret photos and videos away from unfriendly person and peeping. Don’t need to worry about someone to intrude your private photo + video anymore. FEATURES: All file are on your ...    20 MB    Views 6909

Photo Vault Pro

photo photos library security keyboard management vault server viewer http file add product folder
+17    Photo Vault gives you piece of mind for those private photos you want to keep private by letting you password protect them. Photo Vault has been evolving into Photo Vault Pro, and now we've reached Photo Vault Pro v5.2, the best ...    1 MB    Views 5034
photos videos photo emotions video camera vault private notes lock password secret browser protection
-8    "Secret Vault " gives you a secret place to store your videos and photos. "Secret Vault " is password protected to keep prying eyes out of your private files. "Secret Vault " is like a vault for the personal data you ...    12 MB    Views 8960
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+6    50% off to celebrate the All New Dreamdays released MediaSafe keeps your photos and videos private with reliability and ease. By transferring media from the Camera Roll to albums inside MediaSafe, it allows you to safely store your privacy even if ...    3 MB    Views 487


video security browse camera webcams time web cameras favorite world ios
+5    With the touch of a finger, you can now browse the world in real time through public Web cameras GlobalVista is designed to be a pocket portfolio of your favorite Web cameras. You can configure the app to point to your ...    20 MB    Views 4556


photos security videos show scrolling password friend
0    FINALLY A PRIVATE APP FOR YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Let's face it, we’ve all been there. You have a picture to show your friend, and they start scrolling through your life. We understand this situation can ultimately lead to very embarrassing ...    646 kb    Views 7234
photos photo videos facebook security album albums group free skins stylish
+15    Organize, style, edit, and protect your photo collections A free app for theming photo albums is finally here Photo organization by album and date, stylish customizations, album security, photo sharing, free online backup without limitation, are just some of the functionalities you will love. "cameran album" is an ...    30 MB    Views 1810
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0    This is the professional version of Private Photo Vault™. The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Millions of people trust Private Photo Vault to keep their photos hidden. Top 100 Photography App in USA, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, ...    29 MB    Views 1370


photos software security private privacy encrypt users encryption files
+6    Presently privacy has been an increasingly sensitive topic. It is necessary for us to protect our privacy no matter in our daily life or work. No one expects to be peered by others. We all want to keep a room ...    2 MB    Views 3445

Mega Photo FX

photo photos effects vault secret live mega scroll add
+1    Mega Photo FX is a great photo editor combined with powerful live effects using all the available cameras. Features: ✮ Live adjustable effects ✮ Front and back camera ✮ Scroll effects parameters ✮ Gorgeous photo effects and frames ✮ Onetap auto enhance ✮ Tons of fun stickers ✮ ...    19 MB    Views 5638


security videos news reports guard safety
-2    CGAuxOnSite is a new mobile application and website donated for the use of Coast Guard community. Auxiliary, active duty, and people interested in the missions of the Coast Guard that allows reports to share photos, videos and news. With the CGAuxOnSite ...    2 MB    Views 7557
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-7    Photo Vault is your private photo manager on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With two step password protection: pattern & passcode lock and secret photo albums password support, you can easily secure your photo access. It also let you download ...    5 MB    Views 4222
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-1    Hidely is the first zerotrace camera and private photo gallery for secure photo sharing With Hidely you can take private encrypted photos and hide pictures in a secure passcode protected vault. Users can have control over their photos from shoot to ...    13 MB    Views 9273
clock ipad iphone photos videos wifi files passcode touch gif vault lock
+3    "Clock Vault" hides your photos, videos and GIF images underneath a clock app. Everyone will think this app is just an ordinary clock app. What they won't know is that you can enter Passcode to unlock the app and access private files. Even ...    3 MB    Views 8228


video recording videos iphone email home apps camera screen features spy vault
+9    The reviews are in: This is the BEST app in the app store for secretly recording video You really have to try it out yourself to see how easy it is to start recording video without anyone knowing ✓ “Very very ...    14 MB    Views 2707
videos time text people vault moments share put day pictures choose
+28    Every day contains special moments, but capturing and sharing those moments can be difficult. Vault tries to make it easier. Vault is a digital time capsule for capturing the moments that matter. You can capture and share photos, videos, text, music, ...    10 MB    Views 9900
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