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My Cloud - Lime

+5    With LIME MyCloud you have access to all your digital content by smartphone, computer or tablet and you can share them safely with anyone, anytime and anywhere. LIME MyCloud is a unique application for LIME customers. For more information visit our ...    15 MB    Views 4218
+4    Photo Vault is an app protect your photos and videos. It import photos from your Camera Roll of your iPhone, and lock it, password is required when you review these photos. ==== Features ===== [Take photo and video] Take photos and videos quick and ...    57 MB    Views 6005
+3    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    29 MB    Views 848
video videos design free
+4    All your favorite Peachpit topics—including iPhone or iPad design and development, photography, Adobe software, web design, and more—come to life with highquality instructional videos presented by friendly experts and industry professionals. Download the app for free, and then choose the ...    1022 kb    Views 9582
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+14    Hide your pictures and videos without hassle and keep out snoopers Lock Out is an easy to use, hassle free app to protect your photos and videos It has a beautiful UI which was designed for iOS 7 and an ...    3 MB    Views 2051
videos photos security lock secret private code data touch protect
+10    Works flawlessly on all types of iOS 8 devices, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out they are not secrets any longer Protect your very private ...    15 MB    Views 7891
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+9    Keep your photos, videos, browser history and bookmarks, notes, and contact list PRIVATE. Universal app works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices    17 MB    Views 3489


+30    Create stunning fractal images and videos from your photos, videos or live camera feed. Make electric sheep style animations sampling your own media.    3 MB    Views 588

Stop Spy Free

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+4    An application to protect your pictures and videos from being seen accidently by others. You can use password or fingerprint to log in this application to take pictures or videos. You can choose to either watch your pictures and videos ...    529 kb    Views 3852
+21    Over 2,000,000 people trust Private Camera. The Best Private Photo app Did you worried about that a friend borrows your iPhone or iPad saw your private photos? Did you worried about that your iPhone or iPad was lost cause your family party ...    46 MB    Views 8611

Secure Photo Camera

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+6    Protect your photos with Secure Photo Camera for iPhone and iPhone 5. You can protect pictures, import pictures or take pictures easy with the built in camera and you can add different FX filters including the popular Toon effect and ...    4 MB    Views 5098
videos photos share
+19    Where are your digital files? Are they organized? Can you share them easily? Or are they stored in a forgotten jumble you never seem to get to? Introducing a better way to organize videos and photos by a shared, created event, with ...    7 MB    Views 5450
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+20    YOUR PRIVATE ALBUM ON YOUR IPHONE / IPOD / IPAD PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS BY PASSWORD organize ,share your photo in your album private FEATURES: • Create personalized albums protect your photos with a password • Enter a name to each album • Take photos from ...    219 kb    Views 2945
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+12    All Camera Collection Explore your ever curious and passionate love affair with the camera. Try different Camera collections. You can take amazing photos and videos with different cameras Yes, this app provides exciting features to create quality photos & Videos. Check out ...    3 MB    Views 9467


+24    Bringing people together through photos and videos from around the world. Broadcast your live events, follow locations & hashtags, use innovative filters, create looping videos, and so much more on mobli    74 MB    Views 9976
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+13    With this application, you can grab pictures from videos on your iPhone and save them as images in the camera roll. This application loads videos from your photo albums so you don't need a device which is able to record videos.    NAN    Views 8130
blog images image protect share album easy protected
+5    Cloaks is a fun and easy way to hide your secret images from snooping eyes. When you Cloak an image, it is split into squares which are then randomized to camouflage the caption. You can select the number of squares, or ...    8 MB    Views 3921


ipad music 311 bluetooth protect play
+15    Description: Bosvision MagicTag APP is to protect or locate your belongings with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This APP needs to work with Bosvision MagicTag BV311 – a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tag. When your belonging (attached with Bosvision MagicTag BV311) leaves or enters ...    11 MB    Views 1823


+2    Cinemagram+ is a great app for adding special effects to videos. Create unique videos using the most advanced special effects techniques. Features: Full HD Video Media Preview Import camera video Special FX Special FX Frames Customize FX Use photo library Visual ...    86 MB    Views 5901
photo text watermark share fit add protect texts multiple
-9    Easy Watermark™ for Photo Easily secure and protect your photo/art with visible text watermark. Unlimited add multiple texts on your photo. Protect your photo with copyright, trademark or other unicode by choose from preset sentences and edit or add your ...    27 MB    Views 3745

Camera Collections

camera photos videos collections
+14    All Camera Collections Explore your ever curious and passionate love affair with the camera. Try different Camera collections. You can take amazing photos and videos with different cameras Yes, this app provides exciting features to create quality photos & Videos. Check out ...    2 MB    Views 9010

Video Tell

video iphone photo videos
0    Video Tell is the app based on videos which are placed in photo gallery .We can take the image from the video and can do the editing like adding text with different color ,different size. Other Features are: 1. Universal App for ...    28 MB    Views 1853
photos videos photo library design facebook passcode protect data secure save
-4    Get it now before price grown up New Update will be available with a new design and a lot of features Protect Photos is your ultimate solution to protect your private photos and videos. We include all the features that you need in ...    9 MB    Views 7971
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+4    Protect your private photos and videos ・PASSWORD REQUIRED: You must input your password when you launch app. ・PHOTOS & VIDEOS: You can put your private both photos and videos here. ・MULTIPLE ACCOUNT: Input different password, enter corresponding albums. It is safer and more ...    23 MB    Views 761


0    Skeynote is a revolutionary app that combines photos, notes, and sounds into cellphone videos. Selfies you take, landscape you see during a trip, comments and sarcasms you have on your life, can all be made into videos and shared with ...    42 MB    Views 2170


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+29    Fractalize your photos Transform your pictures and videos into stunning works of art with this fun and easy to use app. Take new photos, media from your gallery, or live camera input and apply a fractal lens that sends them ...    2 MB    Views 6458
photos photo personal password safe folder protect private protected
+10    Photo Safe Password Protection The BEST Photo Safe App in the app store. Get Photo Safe to protect all your private photos in a Private folder. Description Photo Safe allows you to put your photos into a password protected folder ...    1 MB    Views 1023


+6    VideoEffectMaster is a musthave App for the one who loves taking, sharing and creating videos. More than 70 different photo effects such as 1970's, oilpainting, LOMO, fisheye and more to provided and ready to apply on your videos. Each filter has ...    7 MB    Views 1173

PhotoBeam WiFi

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+28    Send photos and videos wirelessly from your iOS device to your Mac. PhotoBeam can automatically pick photos and videos taken most recently, or from today or yesterday, or every new asset since the last transfer with PhotoBeam. Enable background to ...    199 kb    Views 9269

Watermarks Lite

photos camera watermarks protect top roll recommended stickers
+4    Never been easier protect your photos copyright Unlimited Watermarks (Pro Version only) √ Register all watermarks you want, and use that to protect your photos. √ Move, Scale, and Control the opacity of watermarks. Protect your photos √ You can Take a Picture or Select ...    9 MB    Views 6107
videos degrees
+12    VideoEffectMaster is a musthave App for the one who loves taking, sharing and creating videos. More than 70 different photo effects such as 1970's, oilpainting, LOMO, fisheye and more to provided and ready to apply on your videos. Each filter has ...    8 MB    Views 1189


photos videos smugmug galleries upload
0    Keep your photos with you, online and off. Upload all your photos and videos where they’ll be safe and secure. • Browse SmugMug folders and galleries • Upload unlimited photos and videos • Save galleries for offline viewing • Mark galleries as favorites for ...    9 MB    Views 4061

Crop Videos

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+5    Crop your videos like you crop your photos. Zoom in and crop to your favorite aspect ratio. Watch your video while you edit. Then, export directly to the Photos app. Plus, with the included app extension, you can edit your ...    928 kb    Views 7207
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-8    The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Lots of people trust Private Photo Box to keep their photos hidden. PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • Password Protected App Entry • Pin Lock • Pattern/Dot Lock • Password Protected Photo Albums (Keep ...    10 MB    Views 9059
photos videos ipad drawing time iphone pattern lock protect secrets set
+5    KEEP YOUR MOST VALUABLE, PRIVATE, AND INCRIMINATING PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND NOTES AWAY FROM PRYING EYES. Organize, browse, and share to your heart’s content, because all your important photos/videos are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Manage your photo collection with ease, and ...    19 MB    Views 6047
videos kids photos sounds
+13    This app offers many and varied tractor videos, sounds and photos. With this application for kids, you can teach your children to recognise the evolution of tractor design between 18802010.    26 MB    Views 3477
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+1    InsPhotos is an unofficial Instagram client with shadowsocks. browse photos and videos save photos and videos follow, unfollow, block user comment photos and videos upload photos to Instagram support shadow socks    5 MB    Views 5825

Pro Cam!

-1    Enhance even more the photographic experience with your iPhone thanks to this improved camera Use more than forty live filters (divided in color, artistic and distortion filters) to record videos or take photos. You know how it will look before ...    9 MB    Views 6956
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-7    This app is for cat lovers. Will update the cat videos,photos & news every day.    9 MB    Views 7703
videos photos
+4    The Forbes Photos & Videos app streams new content from, creating a custom experience with a focus on storytelling through images and videos. You can search, favorite, and track what you view. You can also filter to see only ...    18 MB    Views 3881
photos photo videos email people vault icloud hide easily protect
0    Hide Photos & Videos with Photo Vault S for iCloud NOTE: On iOS 8, you may need to enable iCloud Drive before using iCloud sync. Today so many apps on the App Store can help you hide photos on your ...    16 MB    Views 4764
videos photos security personal twitter facebook camera files secure cloud device file protect vault
+8    Intel Security File Protect is the best FREE secure vault app to keep all of your personal photos and videos safe. You can simply import your photos or videos from Camera roll, personal albums, and Videos or take secured photos/videos ...    21 MB    Views 5069

Arcanum Ablum

photos audio recording text secret password fake lock protect functions browser
+1    Secret album plus is an application that can hide photos and videos. You can set a password to protect them. Set a fake password and put some photos in . Enter the fake password can display dummy photos that can protect ...    NAN    Views 4698

iLock Security Pro

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0    iLock Security Pro Image security is the most important thing for the iPhone/iPod/iPad holders. Protect your private photos on your iPhone with higly secure password and encrypt algoritms. All the photos are fully encrypted and completely password protected, they are ...    1 MB    Views 4807
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+27    Enjoy your Instagram. Features Save Instagram videos. Save Instagram photos. Multiple choice。 Play Video. No ads Save Instagram videos and photos to Dropbox Save Instagram videos and photos to Albums    6 MB    Views 692
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-4    Protect your private photos and videos of unauthorized persons. With specially inconspicuous icon so that no one clicks on this app because it looks like a music player. With pattern unlock Create folder Share on social networks Photos and ...    805 kb    Views 1885
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+23    Ultimate Photo+Video Manager and Downloader Get it for FREE NOW Nobody would allow anyone else to watch his/her albums,photos,and videos without the owner's permit. Someone who are playing your phone might copy your photos or even share your videos to some ...    7 MB    Views 297
photos videos hide multiple
+2    It’s here The best way to hide your photos and videos from your camera roll and prying eyes FEATURES: Hide multiple photos and videos in a password protected and discreet app at once Create multiple albums with unlimited storage Backup your images to your ...    17 MB    Views 6926
photos videos photo security application password protect lock
+23    Protect your privacy from prying eyes, do not allow anyone to look at your photos and videos, hide them with PhotoPrivateHD the most private Photo and Video app for iPhone with Pattern lock security password. Thanks to the perfect camouflage, PhotoPrivateHD ...    1 MB    Views 2762


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+10    The ultimate tool to censor your videos with powerful blur video effect. Blur video effect. Realtime processing. Video preview. Use photo library. Import camera video. Easy and precise video effect. Share videos with friends.    18 MB    Views 8006
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+2    Use DotLock or PIN Code to protect All Secret Photos Mosaic your secret photo by tapping Share photo through facebook, tumblr, twitter Take secret photos directly within this app Multiple photos importing at the same ...    5 MB    Views 2137

Evil Eye Guard

photos evil eye guard bad protect
+6    The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a badnatured glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Evil Eye Guard was ...    5 MB    Views 3879


time facebook photo twitter pinterest save meter protect youtube
+10    Meet the official Cuipo app Give any photo a lush Rainforest touch with help from Cuipo’s wild cast of playful Rainforest critters. Make any new or existing picture come to life by adding a Toucan, Sloth, Frog, Monkey or more ...    4 MB    Views 7993


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+4    Safely hide your videos and photos without having to password protect your phone from anyone. PhotoHide enables you to add any or all of your videos and photos to the app and kept protected by your secret passcode. No one ...    8 MB    Views 3554


photos videos capture upload
+2    Capture and upload photos and videos to your account, where you can organize and edit them with our full suite of video creation tools including professionallooking themes, music, visual effects, and more. Features: Capture videos and photos directly from the ...    6 MB    Views 6920

[email protected]

videos lists press share
+1    Be free to share or not geotagging my photos or videos is a must for me .. Mangori: this is total freedom, because it is not linked to a site to use the application .. We do what we want and change ...    2 MB    Views 5160


photos photo camera time personal protect storage notes built pictures real worry
+23    The builtin app pictures, photographs, notes and other protect function.You can use the builtin camera function or import from album of your mobile phone, the photos can be automatically protect storage, protect your personal photo privacy.You write a note will ...    4 MB    Views 1981
photo text business personal artwork facebook twitter camera watermark image add protect fonts share picture
+18    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    26 MB    Views 2738
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-9    Anonymously share photos over the Internet by blurring faces out or pixelating license plates before posting them. Thanks for our stateofart Automatic Face and Plate Detecting Technology, it's so easy to protect your privacy with just one tap Take a shot ...    7 MB    Views 2394
shooting photos video shoot pictures record notice protect private
+1    SafeCam: Safe Camera. the professional candid weapon Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions: Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to shoot video. Some times crime happened, you need to record it; Maybe for some secret interview; Record someones' embarrassing; Function: 1. ...    8 MB    Views 5884

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