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+3    Celebrate your love with a romantic photo album filled with treasured memories. Photo album are the new way to cherish and preserve your memories. You can create your wedding photo album, a new baby memory book, a funfilled family photo album, ...    19 MB    Views 1082

VideoMix HD

+23    For the first time ever you can work with layers in a video Give yourself an extra eye in the forehead, or maybe ten? Make your mouth bigger, give your friend two heads or... Copy anything you want, and make duplicates. View it ...    11 MB    Views 3090
family person love people time photos memories memory loved feel memorial
+3    FeelMemory is the space where keeping your most valuable memories. A free space without advertising, where your privacy is really protected. STORY OF MY LIFE Your best memories. Your childhood photos, those of your family, the last holiday... preserve the most ...    523 kb    Views 5523


photo camera shooting photos iphone screen memory save swipe sensor
0    [Description] Do not touch the screen,You shoot the camera with proximity sensor. Proximity sensor shooting Since noncontact, you can easily shoot images that do not shake. You will not miss a precious photo opportunity. photo in the main memory After photo stored in main memory,Save (camera ...    8 MB    Views 5593

Back to THE Picture

0    This month, for the price of a cup of coffee Back to THE Picture The leanest way to send your MOST SPECIAL memories into the future, for yourself and your loved ones even if they don't have an email ...    2 MB    Views 553
card camera photos iphone video photo printing digital memory quickpro guides raw guide
+10    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro? The Answer Will Now Be in Your Pocket. With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your ...    88 MB    Views 2663

daterCam 2

Related Apps time gps photos picture
+20    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, GPS position and text location in QR image top left. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from ...    1 MB    Views 2884

Timer Snap

Related Apps time photo timer snap
+6    "Timer Snap" is used to set time to take a particular snap. This feature enables the user, who himself/herself be able to pose for his/her own Photo which could be taken by him/her. The Timer has three options Eg. 5,10,15 secs ...    367 kb    Views 2761


+25    A free iPhone app "Photoboke Ogiri App" is now available Now you can upload photos and make funny comments about them Or, you can just enjoy those funny comments others make. This app makes your little time into fun time with ...    4 MB    Views 2072
+18    Select, decorate, and share on SNS Let's make attractive photo albums from the pictures you have taken This is the free photo album application to share the pictures of memory with your family and friends. You can connect your photos of travels, ...    38 MB    Views 5237


Related Apps time photos friends
+13    Sharing photos is a great way of connecting with your fiends. Now you can make your phone synchronize with your friends' to capture those special, amazing moments, at the same time. Just press the big button at the center, invite your ...    12 MB    Views 6927

DaterCam Free

Related Apps time photos date put
0    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, choose the color and size. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from the library and put the ...    8 MB    Views 7777
baby kids memory join accounts wonderful friends babies
-1    bbTime is a high quality Parents & Children community. bbTime helps you record every wonderful moment of your baby A beautiful memory bbTime always keeps for your family. Initial launch of dual login accounts one for Mommy, one for Daddy, bbTime ...    11 MB    Views 8295

iQ365 for Instagram

Related Apps photos challenge search games game memory instagram high mode unlock
-9    • Apple's New and Noteworthy Apps • Support iPhone 6 and 6 Plus • Provide the Retina high quality game screen • Unique props to challenge the global high scores • Through games to enhance memory • Difficult challenge mode and bonus levels to unlock With ...    39 MB    Views 3691


video time
0    VideoShop is a small and handy video recording app with several interesting adjustable effects: B&W, Grey, Old fashion, Night vision and Sketch painting. It's like a simple video version of photoshop. You can also choose to print date and time in ...    841 kb    Views 6930

Two-Tone Camera HD

camera slot time color photograph button touch resolution memory random setup
+9    This can change a free photograph into the photograph of twotone coloring quickly. Of course, it is real time. ================================= Release campaign now (1.99 > 0.99) ================================= This is a unique application which can make the pop photograph of high resolution easily. Whenever you touch a ...    3 MB    Views 4973


flickr image stereo http www memory cross
+19    StereoMaker makes stereo (3d) photo for PARALLEL or CROSSEYED format. If you don't know Stereograph, please see before use StereoMaker. How to Load two pictures right and left eyed perspective. To rotate the iPhone counterclockwise for PARALLEL stereo, or clockwise for CROSSEYED stereo. Please ...    564 kb    Views 8596
camera facebook photography twitter selfies selfie users popular snapchat held memory instagram
-2    USE THE HASHTAG ( FrontBack ) Users reviews, ''Snapchat plz you need this'' this app is apprechiated by 10's of thousands of users worldwide, please this new way of making pictures a popular and beloved era of the photography world. A selfie ...    14 MB    Views 5307


+5    Load up or take a photo, and every time you touch it, a custom tag appears. If counting is enabled, the tags count up for you every time you touch the photo Great for taking inventory or a head count from ...    730 kb    Views 995


photo time choose
+14    ProTag name, describe, localize and time your photos with anything to remember: type a text or name and describe photo details choose to add a GPS position choose date and time save in the camera roll or email ...    772 kb    Views 4828
parents baby photo software record memory moment album privacy
-2    Moe is a kind of mobile phone software to record the growth of a baby. Parents could freely write down every moment of their babies, and a photo album of your baby will be generated. A record for the moment ...    6 MB    Views 9613
video recording recall memory total bugs event save
-5    When the TOTAL RECALL App is opened, it is recording video. No more missed videos because you thought you had touched record. RECALL RECORDING reduces both the memory used and editing time because you only save the footage you actually want. ...    2 MB    Views 9082

Da Vinci Paintings

time artist paintings
-9    Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April, 1452 and died on 2nd May, 1519. He was an Italian and has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man. He is considered to be one of the greatest ...    3 MB    Views 36
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+15    Memory In Photo, a free image editing tool to keep your memorial moments in a beautifully designed framed photos labeled by memorial captions. What makes Memory In Photo unique? PHOTO SOURCE Capture your live memorial photo using your camera or import it from ...    63 MB    Views 4899


+9    Foresight, a photographic memory in an App. A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS Foresight is a unique take on creating reminders and personal memos for yourself. This utilizes your phones camera in order to take photos in which you use to create reminders. These ...    9 MB    Views 4964

Instakeeper Photo

photo books cards time album albums memory create print easily including
+5    Document your life in the moment: Take photos, caption, and create printable album entries in just a few clicks. Instakeeper takes the work out of memory keeping and lets you document detailed, personal stories like never before. With the simplest album ...    14 MB    Views 9500

Image to Video

video photo photos delete image memory easily applications images slideshow
+2    You like different style to capture the photo and this photo to save in the memory. After some time your mobile memory is full because more photo in your devices and no space. After you delete some photo and make ...    20 MB    Views 417
-9    It’s always more fun to remember the day in pictures and song The Memory Lane Calendar allows you to personalize your iPhone/iPod/iPad calendar by associating photos from your Photo Library and songs from your iPod Music Library with the events in ...    26 MB    Views 7755

baby camera ?

Related Apps photos camera baby games photo frames share special memory
+3    Baby Camera is the best camera frame app to keep your sweet memory Apply all beautiful frames to your photos and share with your love one Features: Apply photo frames to photos taken from camera or photo gallery. Save photos to devices. ...    35 MB    Views 3563

Longtime Pro

Related Apps time filter pro
-6    LongTime Pro is a tool for photographer who uses neutral density filter (nd) for capturing long time exposures. Determine the exposure time without attached filter. Calculate the exosure time for your NDfilter with LongTime.    3 MB    Views 8580

Sun Scouter

Related Apps time sun scouter set
-6    Sun Scouter is an essential tool for any photographer or cinematographer that wants to create a sunrise or sunset time lapse. Locate your perfect spot then let Sun Scouter tell you exactly when sun rise or set occurs. Sun Scouter ...    539 kb    Views 3941
Related Apps photos calendar photo camera album view organize lot organized memory
+3    Is not it annoying that I accumulated photo organization? It is an application that can be displayed on the easytounderstand calendar to organize by date in the photos I took. If the photo organizing Omakase "calendar album" But take a lot of photos, ...    38 MB    Views 8614
Related Apps iphone camera shooting photo time photos photography flickr light night exposure memory shutter
-1    Camera app for long exposure and night photography An Average Camera with enhanced low light performance A Night Camera with less noise in photo due to averaging Featured in the Popular Photography Magazine (Pop Photo), August 2013 issue ...    2 MB    Views 7495

Memory Lapse

time lapse images memory capture sequence long
+10    Longterm timelapse creation system. Capture the evolving cityscape and the changing seasons. Memory Lapse makes it easy to create long duration timelapse sequences. •Return to the same place every day, week or month to add a new photo to your sequence. •Use an alignment ...    27 MB    Views 4744

SendQic Photo

Related Apps photos time photo share
+29    Share pictures with people you know SendQic Photo is the combination cameraemail app. Save time by automatically emailing photos to yourself or your groups the moment you take a picture. Share on Facebook as well. You can easily change your settings ...    665 kb    Views 2480


time point
-3    The first application that allows you to shoot through time "RETROVista" gather the legacy to put at your disposal at the present time. Take time whenever you are situated in a historic point, and recreate today. Download one of our routes, select ...    3 MB    Views 5159


+21    FlowMo allows the user to capture great photos the first time, every time Simply create a FlowMo and scroll through your Moment. When you like what you see, save your image to the camera roll. No more retakes waiting for the ...    5 MB    Views 4157


-5    This application allows you to transfer photos between iPad system album and WiFi storage or local memory. It helps you to make a copy of your photos. You can backup your album to WiFi storage device and vice versa. Even ...    444 kb    Views 4241
photos camera iphone shooting movie resolution memory quick features mode preview
+2    RotaryCam is the camera app that live view turns round and round. In addition, this app offers continuous shooting and overlay features. You can take unique photos by using these features. Features: Live View turns round and round by shaking or ...    437 kb    Views 1182
Related Apps time print location date timer
+9    This is an easy to use application which you may need to use everyday. You could change all settings while you are shooting photos. You could set timer, number of shoots, print date/ time or location details of your place. If you are ...    918 kb    Views 540
Related Apps photo photos iphone navigate quality computer memory control hard external
0    The iPhone Photo Viewing Experience Redefined : all the Photos on your Mac or PC now on your iPhone, add beautiful notes and decorations, navigate quickly through days, months and years. Import every photo you’ve ever taken into your iPhone from ...    7 MB    Views 3470

Horse Lovers Camera

photos horse time horses
+2    Decorate your photos with horses Take realtime photos with dozens of different horses. The image is right on the screen when you take the photo so you can place it exactly where you want it. Nothing better to kill your time ...    13 MB    Views 4746

Memory Watch

map video photos photo videos time recording camera maps memory remaining space
+7    Need to know how much photo shots or video recording time you have left on your camera? Want to find those photo or video "culprits" taking up most of the memory space? With the app "Memory Watch" you do not ...    1 MB    Views 5864
camera time ipad publish
-2    Publish your camera photos and stories to the OnTheRoad.To directly from iPad and camera (with camera kit). is your new online travel diary, which will give you the ability to share your adventures instantly, so that you can spend less ...    504 kb    Views 3339
card photos hardware memory album wireless system
+10    HyperUSB is a companion App for "HyperUSB" wireless card reader hardware. You'll get full function for accessing files from "HyperUSB" hardware. 1. List directory contents of memory card (which is inserted into the "HyperUSB") 2. Browse photos from memory card. This App ...    967 kb    Views 3264
photos time dinosaurs real
-2    Do you want to take photos with real dinosaurs ? Just drag and drop them onto your photos so that they are easily embedded on your photos and look realistic. These dinosaurs look real , just like you see in the movies....Its ...    6 MB    Views 9810
happy memory moments moment
-8    Live unforgettable moments, create Happy Memories and… smile Every day, we experience many happy moments, which are so easily forgotten. Happy Memory helps you cherish these wonderful times. How does it work? Take or upload a picture of a happy moment. Add how ...    6 MB    Views 6017


downloading time application girl
-7    Zippo proudly introduces a new smart phone application that gives the brand more style. The application is a digital photo album named " Zippo girl " , featuring cutting edge female musicians and models. Each volume of Zippo girl is only offered ...    2 MB    Views 3707


photos videos pictures required space connect memory
+9    Taking pictures all the time by your iPhone and out of memory? TOGOCamera provides new solution TOGOCamera can save captured photos and videos directly into AXIMCom TOGOBOX through WiFi connections. No more troubles on running out your phone's storage space because ...    11 MB    Views 6049
photo time pebble
-9    Transfer a photo of a loved one from your iPhone to your Pebble, and keep it on your wrist forever. After the photo is transferred to your Pebble, you can view it any time you like even if you don't have ...    1 MB    Views 1036
school photos camera purchase memory added ability copy
+6    Is your school creating a yearbook with TreeRing? Yes? A big round of applause You can use this app to personalize and purchase your uniquely printed copy of the school yearbook with TreeRing. Download the FREE TreeRing app to add personal ...    6 MB    Views 7535

YouToryLite1 HD

photo making simply stories memory share album friends
-3    Have you been bored with the traditional way of viewing your photo album? Have you been dreaming about making your photo album moving like videos? Have you been dreaming about adding subtitles and making your photos like stories that will be more ...    5 MB    Views 7615

Dek Suan

beloved college memory
+3    Dek Suan App is created for Suankularb College's alumni , existing students or interested people to decorate their photo with beloved memory icon , quote , and landmark of the college. This app is one of tool to express the ...    16 MB    Views 5984

Red Eye Free Camera

Related Apps time red eye effect
+1    Don't ever let Red Eye Effect ruin your precious photos again. Our sophisticated logarithm will eliminate the dreaded RED EYE effect once and for all. There is also a useful time delay function built in. A must have App for ...    754 kb    Views 4984


Related Apps time world real
+2    Take a photo and see what others see in real time...for real. You see theirs and they see yours. We believe by looking at the world from your human brothers'/sisters' eyes we are building a better picture at the ...    4 MB    Views 1128
+30    Grab your glasses and bow tie, and join Mr. Peabody & Sherman on the time travel adventure of a lifetime Get your Peabody on with this custom photobooth that will make you and your friends look like the most stylish time travelers ...    36 MB    Views 1258

Shutter Time

Related Apps time photo shutter
+10    Shutter Free allows you to take control of the actual exposure time for any photo. In addition, you can set a delay of up to 60 seconds before the photo is taken. Written in Swift, using the new features of the ...    4 MB    Views 7737

DaterCam HD

Related Apps time photos date put
0    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, choose the color and size. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from the library and put the ...    3 MB    Views 4338

Time Warp

time video warp
-8    Time warp is a realtime video effect that plays with time for some genuinely mindbending results. Tinker with the settings to get anything from a live timewarped video to a longexposure "slit scan" style image. Save your warped photos and videos ...    7 MB    Views 4653
card cards music green photo traffic video memory data fields sort information add
+2    MCO PRO DESCRIPTION Memory Card Organiser (MCO) is designed for photographers, videographers, music lovers and others who use Memory/ Data Cards to store data. Due to the small size of these cards, it is impossible to note any significant data on ...    3 MB    Views 1781
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