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+18    Our customers say: "Excellent app that works great ... clear recording and pics. Thank You" "I've never seen before" "This is a must have app⊙▽⊙" A picture is worth a thousand words, what about add your voice into a picture? Collect every piece of memory, ...    2 MB    Views 7412

Photo Blather

photo photos voice facebook clips create record decide share mouth chin
+11    Photo Blather lets you add your voice to photos of yourself and others to make funny video clips  Choose a photo, set the chin, and record your voice. Simple The technology will automatically match the mouth movements to your voice like magic, ...    17 MB    Views 1805
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+28    The first app ever created that allows you to caption your Instagram photo posts with your own voice Main Features: Add your voice to your photos and post to Instagram or facebook Take photos with InstaShout or choose from your camera roll Record a ...    3 MB    Views 8063
+19    Photo Vault keep your privacy safe Photo Vault Hide pictures, videos and notes What's new in Photo Vault 2.0? Dropbox support Now you can download and upload files with Dropbox account Breakin monitor Monitor who's trying to see ...    5 MB    Views 698
iphone photos photo ipad voice delete swipe mode fun
+4    Best Photo Delete App for iPhone and iPad. Simple and secure iPhone photo deleting App. Introducing the Photo Delete App. Delete iPhone photos and delete iPad Photos with the Photo Delete App easily. Easily delete your iPhone or iPad Photos by Voice or ...    32 MB    Views 7230
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+20    All the "Cool Cats" agree… Cat Snap is the 1 Photo app for catlovers everywhere Cat Snap is the perfect app to add cute & hilarious cats to your photos Instantly create an AMAZING PHOTO COLLAGE with your favorite furry, cuddly friends Wow ...    25 MB    Views 1579

Vocal Self Timer

camera voice iphone timer focus features set seconds choose
-3    What’s more fun than a self portrait? Being able to snap it yourself of course Vocal Self Timer brings their camera timer application to the App Store chalk full of features. Vocal Self Timer allows you to use your iPhone ...    3 MB    Views 1750


voice picture comments stars button follower show swag
+2    Introducing the best picture and video app, that's more interactive and fun. Miiswag, (MySwag) featuring your photogenic capabilities through ratings and likings by stars, the more stars you have, the more famous you are Miiswag has distinct features such as ...    18 MB    Views 9


photo photos voice map friends share sharing community users
+13    Fotolr gives the iPhone/ipod touch users a photo and voice sharing community where you could make a lot of friends. Do you want to make new friends? You can always open Fotolr to make friends with anybody near you when you ...    17 MB    Views 5620

Voice Cam

-6    Voice Cam lets your take photo on your iPhone using voice command. Its voicecontrolled operation has the advantage of eliminating the camera shake when tripping the shutter. With an external microphone, Voice Cam can also be used as a remote ...    210 kb    Views 2027


video recording voice photos show share important screen face
+10    PicTac is a new way to share photos. Pick one or more images, and record your voice and face video as you comment them; touch the screen to show important parts of your photos. Share the generated PicTac video by email, Facebook, ...    856 kb    Views 6489


photos photo voice search library digital
-3    Your voice completes the picture VoxPixl use Sirilike technology from Nuance Communications, Inc., to enhance and share your digital photos, as well as make it easy to search your digital photo library. • Simply record up to 30seconds of audio commentary to ...    16 MB    Views 4359

Photo Calendar 5

photo photos calendar voice find friends picture brings remember
-4    Photo Calendar 5 lets you navigate your photos by dates on a Calendar. Find all of your photos neatly categorized by the day they were taken. Want to find all Photos you snapped last Summer on your iPhone? Easy. Want to find ...    6 MB    Views 1737
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-7    Valtenies Love Booth, is the cutest way to express your love. Forget about love letters or quotes and send a Personalized Video to your friends, casting Yourself and your loved ones. Add voice messages to the video, share the video ...    41 MB    Views 6282

Total Self Timer

iphone voice ipad camera timer total focus seconds choose portrait
+4    The complete app for your self portrait. What’s more fun than a self portrait? Being able to snap it yourself of course Total Self Timer brings their camera timer application to the App Store chalk full of features. Total ...    10 MB    Views 3995

Voice timer camera

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+12    Voice timer camera enables you to take a picture with the voice command that you have recorded for a self timer. Made in Japan Effective use of Voice timer camera A couple "who does not detach any longer" Two persons' ...    3 MB    Views 3232

VnMob - In Touch

voice video photo iphone chat call slide touch image
+2    Vnmob In Touch VnMob's a free, simple way to make friends, chat, voice call, share photos, thinks on your iPhone, Android. Features: Friends Photo, video Sharing Chat & Group Chat Voice call between 2 vnmob users Voice via Wifi, ...    6 MB    Views 9612


photos camera voice iphone smile selectable set point exposure phone effect
+3    “[SMILE]” is a mobile phone camera app for taking pictures using a selftimer or voice command. No longer do you need to hold your phone at odd angles to take selfies, or ask someone to take a group picture using ...    29 MB    Views 286

Epicsodes Lite

+14    Take pictures from an episode of your life and voice over as many photos as you need to tell a story. EPICSODE = PICTURES + VOICE NOTES An epicsode can be anything you want to tell using your photos. Voice over your ...    2 MB    Views 1349


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+3    Your Voice. Your Photos. Your Life.℠ Start living our loud For the first time ever, KBaang is bringing sound to photos; they're what we call votos. Sure we love beautiful pictures, but we're more about personality. Our goal is to capture ...    33 MB    Views 4092
voice camera video photo photos set start threshold operation
+4    The Voice Camera App using the voice db helps you not to shoot photos and video. When you take a photo with a lover, Did you discomfort? Now get comfortable taking photos and videos. A Photo can be taken with a single voice. The ...    4 MB    Views 1139
apps messaging voice photos sound imessage send add quickly friends
+21    SoundGif is super easy and fast: 1. Press and hold to take photos, or choose 3 photos 2. Add your voice 3. Send in iMessage or social apps Quickly make your own GIFs, add sound or voice. Tap to send to your friends in ...    8 MB    Views 5361

Selfy Send

Related Apps voice photos click followers friends left selfy button choose swipe record
+1    Send a Selfy to your friends and followers. Capture fun moments with self deleting photos and voice messages. Manipulate your photos and voice with our awesome filters. Share them with your followers or make them private for certain eyes to see. Here are some ...    40 MB    Views 3881
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0    Take baby's photo and record voice, keep it every day with this iPhone app. Photo shot You can take your baby's photo anytime Voice record You can record your baby's voice Browse You can check photos and voices anytime Other You can set any photo into an icon ...    12 MB    Views 4190

Say Cheez

+28    Available Only on the App Store Say Cheez is the coolest way to take pictures and selfies No more touching any buttons to take a photo. Just say "Cheez" and the app will instantly take a picture. Instantly post and share to your ...    20 MB    Views 2987
photo video camera time voice tools support motion stop capture function adjustable
0    This is a powerful photo editor and powerful stopmotion tools which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos and stopmotion on the go with no fuss. Capture some photographs(or load some picture) to create ...    22 MB    Views 38

Voice Self-Timer

voice photos choose focus timer seconds shoot
+14    Are you always missing in all your photos? With Voice Selftimer all change With this app you can take your photos without touching the shoot button. Choose how many seconds to wait (5 or 10) and listen to the voice makes a ...    2 MB    Views 2832

Voice Shot

+19    Manage your camera with your Voice without Touch it Just say the magic word/words to your phone and take photos without touch Whenever and whereever you want 40dcd6f793    19 MB    Views 3491
voice photos photo talking talk pet crazy animals tiger
+1    Talking Photos Talking Animals Make Any Photo Talk in Crazy Helium Voice Now with Pet mode Make your Pet talk. You can even put Hat, Glasses, Wig etc on Your Cat, Dog or any other Pet you have. Funnier than ...    37 MB    Views 7653

Whirlii 3D

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+2    A fun and exciting way to capture pictures, videos, and voice notes from friends & family + An incredible 3D photo and video album + Guests can chat in the app + Add photos, videos, comments, and voice notes + Far away friends and ...    16 MB    Views 7116

Photo Speaks

photo voice photos recording collection lets slideshows
+6    LIMITED FREE PERIOD UNTIL 24 Aug 2012 Photo Speaks is a handy app that lets you easily add voice to photo slideshows. It lets you select a collection of photos to make up the base of your slideshow. Then, press ...    316 kb    Views 2141


photos videos facebook email voice video photo share upgrade youtube create
+4    NEW: This update includes PRO and unlocks 5 photo limit; however, it includes watermark on output video. To remove watermark, upgrade for 99 cents while it last NEW: Now you can export videos from PixnTell directly into FocusTrain (a fully hosted, ...    17 MB    Views 5424


text social voice clip create clips friends finished
+7    shakem is the ultimate social clip creator and very easy to use. shakem offers you everything you need to create a fantastic video for you or your friends. You can also share your videos in all known social communities or ...    59 MB    Views 834


voice facebook twitter family photos photo send tweets share friends
+5    Send voice tweets to Twitter and voice status updates to Facebook with the Voice Post feature in the app. Connect and share photos and updates in totally new ways on Twitter and Facebook with the eyeMe App. Have fun taking any photo ...    5 MB    Views 9649


voice photos photo add
-1    Add voice or other exciting sounds to a photo at the time you take it or anytime after. Import photos from the Camera Roll. Add a personal touch to your photos with a voice caption. Document your projects by taking ...    4 MB    Views 2207

Vocal Selfie

photo voice camera clap timer pictures decide picture advanced
0    Advanced photo camera with voicetimer Place your iPhone in a right distance, srike a pose alone or together with your friends, clap your hands and here is the photo the Voicetimer Plus is an advanced photo camera that gives your an opportunity to ...    1 MB    Views 8412
video videos voice motion speed sequence original change fast slow
-6    All you need to edit and sequence your video at full resolution is here, gathered in one app. Sequence your Videos combine a complete video editor and a powerful video sequencer to easily carry out amazing videos. Create slow motion, ...    16 MB    Views 3137


-7    SonicGraph is a photo sound app that allows you to add your voice to any picture that you select from your phone. SonicGraph guides you through a simple step by step process to create your voice with photo. Take a ...    4 MB    Views 3227

Tour Creator

property tour movies voice listing properties added generate creator
-3    Are you an Estate Agent advertising on If so, download this free Property Tour Creator app and transform your property photos into beautiful, high quality movies which are automatically added to your Rightmove listing from just £10 per property. Property Tours ...    28 MB    Views 2887

321 TimerCam (Free)

camera photo voice photos countdown 321 multiple mode selectable
+12    321 TimerCam is a simple and easy to use camera app, the TTS voice countdown timer let you take photos without holding the phone, multiple photo taking mode also good for selfportrait. The captured photos will be automatically saved to ...    3 MB    Views 3431
video photo twitter facebook email voice user friends
0    iPicVoicer is an app which combines your Pictures and Your voice and create best video out of them which you can also share on best social media such as Facebook,Twitter and also via Email.

 Features: • iPicVoicer is the unique app that ...    6 MB    Views 3288
voice time camera editing selfie tool auto skin snap
-3    Free for a limited time only SaySelfiee App is the first VOICEdirected, AUTOsnap plus QUICKediting selfie camera app ever invented Simply follow voice directions, pose, and have your selfie photo autosnapped. The perfect app for single and couple shots So hurry, ...    29 MB    Views 8315
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+22    Enhance your creativity with FxCamera. FxCamera is a camera app that lets you take photos with various effects. Everything is free Charity Project Just by sharing a single photo taken with FxCamera on social media, FxCamera will donate a penny for ...    23 MB    Views 5078
voice photo application message
-1    "ミクシィプラス" is a simple, yet powerful mixi client application. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Security ✓ Access via only OAuth completely. So no passwords are saved in the application. Supporting Various Features ✓ mixi Voice ✓ mixi Photo ✓ mixi Message ✓ Friends ✓ Friend Groups A lot of support ...    3 MB    Views 8267
photo photos voice social message close decorations coming fonts friends
+23    Features: Meaningful photo message in beautiful Style Your real voice attached to your photo Variety of nice decorations to express your message in a fast and easy way Text with different fonts Private and secret photos. Control over all of ...    40 MB    Views 3586
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-3    Record your voice over your picture, then share it. When Our baby's first cooing When you want to confess to someone When you want to apologize to your parents When you want to give the mission to your girl friend And, all other moments You can ...    28 MB    Views 1822
voice social music email photo pics pictures group send networks
-4    ZZ Gram voice your pics is the best way to share your pics and your mood. ZZ Gram voice your pics is an Adroid app which will teach images talk. The app will easily bring your pictures to life ...    14 MB    Views 9011


doodle voice friends chat
-3    The FREE Chatting App on the Store with personal/Group chatting and Doodle chatting with friends and family. PokeYou is an easy App to use for chatting that allows user to chat with text, voice, pics, video messages to any iPhone users ...    5 MB    Views 5294
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+9    “I’ve backpacked across Europe and kept track of my progress by taking pictures of everywhere I go and everything I see. Appture helped me tell a story of what I did by showing my friends and family the pictures I ...    61 MB    Views 7297

A Brony Tale

voice film men tale show pony community
+4    Welcome to the official app for the film 'A Brony Tale' The film comes to life on the iPad, iPhone and iPod with a digital portal to moviebased content, including exclusive photos, special feature videos, and more The film just ...    49 MB    Views 8179


video voice music image www toggle performance touch regions
0    VOSIS is a synthesizer that uses scanned synthesis of greyscale image pixel data from photos or live video input. It is also a tool for image audification/sonification and visual music performance. Visit for technical details and demo video. Simply touch ...    16 MB    Views 2051
photo photos family memo voice simple share talking friends send
+1    Let your photos to speak. It is a simple way to capture and share your voice memo over photos when you want to explain something or send warm greetings to your friends, family, loved ones. Transform everyday photos into real ...    921 kb    Views 7689

321 TimerCam

photos camera photo voice 321 click multiple mode selectable countdown timercam
+4    321 TimerCam is a simple and easy camera app, the TTS voice countdown timer let you take photos without holding the phone, multiple photo taking mode also good for selfportrait. The captured photos will be automatically saved to the camera ...    1 MB    Views 9309


photo voice capture memories moments messages 9734
+8    &9734 Voted one of London's Top Ten Most Loved Apps &9734 Capture memories. Lutebox is a photo note taking app, which lets you capture moments, and record voice messages alongside the pictures. You can invite contacts and have a discussion about a photo ...    16 MB    Views 2510
video photo camera time voice support function adjustable capture roll picture
-9    Capture some photographs(or load some picture) to create a magic special effects video. It's best way to build photo to FX video, stopmotion and timelapse.however, It's easilier and more amazing than all. sample video: Help video: Special effects function: Support 17 effects Support ...    15 MB    Views 9162

The Voice Tour Cam

voice tour photo templates cam pictures special
+14    The Voice begins this summer with past stars and this season's finalists in a tour across the US. The Voice Tour Cam is the official camera app from The Voice. Create unique pictures with our special The Voice templates. Share your photo's ...    11 MB    Views 7953


people recording voice names details viewed add
+5    Do you meet many people, either professionally or socially, but wish that it was easier to remember their names? Autographer makes remembering names quick and easy Autographer (a cross between autograph and photographer) is an application specifically designed to associate faces with ...    369 kb    Views 5388
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+22    Have you ever wondered what your pet would look like all pimped out? Well now you can find out Pimp My Pet – Style and Talk allows you to make your ordinary pet extraordinary What does a pimpedout pet actually look ...    101 MB    Views 309
voice photo lite application message
+6    ミクシィプラス Lite is a simple, yet powerful mixi client application. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Security ✓ Access via only OAuth completely. So no passwords are saved in the application. Supporting Various Features ✓ mixi Voice ✓ mixi Photo ✓ mixi Message ✓ Friends ✓ Friend Groups A lot of ...    3 MB    Views 5401


voice photography search photo photos camera easy timelapse control memory free
+9    Voice controlled, seamless timelapse photography. Perfect for group photos, selfies and handsfree photography. Take it, shuffle it and compile real easy like a movie. Easy search and display. Multiple options of resolutions •Can create preset timelapse programs to capture photos in ...    28 MB    Views 8956
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