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+3    Kandid is a smart and spontaneous way to share moments privately. Note: We are aware of an issue that may prevent some users on iOS 7 to log in and are fixing it now. Once you start a Kandid group with your ...    10 MB    Views 7417

VideoMix HD

+2    For the first time ever you can work with layers in a video Give yourself an extra eye in the forehead, or maybe ten? Make your mouth bigger, give your friend two heads or... Copy anything you want, and make duplicates. View it ...    11 MB    Views 3090

Da Vinci Paintings

+8    Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April, 1452 and died on 2nd May, 1519. He was an Italian and has often been described as the archetype of the Renaissance Man. He is considered to be one of the greatest ...    3 MB    Views 36
+12    Capsac Laser portraits lets you to travel back in time to 1985 just in time for high school portraits Each portrait comes with a Capsac of course Take your photo and place it into 15 different backgrounds/outfits. Capsac included in ...    25 MB    Views 7767


time battery
-1    Record your geolocation The recordings can be shared as KML files via mail or sent to the ShutterSnitch photography app, that in turn can geotag all JPEG photos that matches the capture time. Recording time can be set to half an hour, ...    973 kb    Views 7234


Related Apps time photos friends
+26    Sharing photos is a great way of connecting with your fiends. Now you can make your phone synchronize with your friends' to capture those special, amazing moments, at the same time. Just press the big button at the center, invite your ...    12 MB    Views 6927


time photos photo pictures place select
-2    Recently is specifically designed for connecting the place and time you took your photos. Your pictures will be displayed on a map and a time slider, so you can access your photos the way you like. Also, have you ever wondered ...    21 MB    Views 9209
+26    This is an easy to use application which you may need to use everyday. You could change all settings while you are shooting photos. You could set timer, number of shoots, print date/ time or location details of your place. If you are ...    918 kb    Views 540


video time share real
+12    VidPaint+ provides a simple way to paint your movies in real time and share them with friend. Video painting Real time processing Share video Media Preview Full HD Video Import camera video Use photo library Rotate video    36 MB    Views 7272


+15    Printing photos from your mobile or tablet devices with ease With this new mobile application from Snow White Digital Photo Service Create your own albums from home and transfer your photos via our WiFi network to order prints without connecting USB cable. Get ...    NAN    Views 3131

tapNtag HD

Related Apps photo time count touch
+16    Now an iPad exclusive version Load up or take a photo, and every time you touch it, a custom tag appears. If counting is enabled, the tags count up for you every time you touch the photo Great for taking inventory or ...    7 MB    Views 6224

-1    Available exclusively for the Apple Watch, gives you sparks of inspiration at random times each day. When you least expect it, will pick a random photo and flash it to your Watch. Tap the screen and you can teach ...    21 MB    Views 3310

Real Time Filters

0    Real Time Filters allows users to crop and filter their personal images and upload them onto Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Users are also able to see their public photostream through the app.    4 MB    Views 1448

Time Camera Pro

Related Apps time photos camera create watch pro
-6    Time Camera Pro is here Create an entourage of Photos of anything ranging from your family, friends, your pet, planets.. Anything. Watch you photos in timelapse mode and you can see amazing things such as Watch your baby grow up Create funny ...    5 MB    Views 3889


time trip real saved
-9    Have your friends or yourself follow your route on a map with instant display of photos and movies in real time. You or your friend can also replay the trip later or get a flyover view from 1000 feet above on ...    15 MB    Views 1804

Trolling TIme

time create memes
+14    The Trolling Time had come. With this awesome app, you could create your own meme, montages and do editions of pictures about your friends (and the ones that are not so much XD), and freaking them out, and make laugh ...    17 MB    Views 3785
photos time dinosaurs real
+7    Do you want to take photos with real dinosaurs ? Just drag and drop them onto your photos so that they are easily embedded on your photos and look realistic. These dinosaurs look real , just like you see in the movies....Its ...    6 MB    Views 9810
time stamp date
-2    简单易用的相机,只需要左右滑动屏幕即可为每张照片的“左下角”添加日期水印,并且可以切换不同的日期时间主题颜色。 If you like a photo with datetime label . This APP can mark the datetime stamp in the picture. This camera APP is very easy to use. You just need swipe left or right on screen to change the color of ...    932 kb    Views 2455


-8    pixtune matches and plays hit songs from when your photos were taken. Slip back in time as if you are on a time machine. Music serendipity for your life's moments. Play the moment, with pixtune. ・Photos in your camera roll will randomly be ...    708 kb    Views 2353


Related Apps photos time provide
-1    Spotagory shows you what’s happening around you in real time through a sleek display of photos and adapts to your location to provide relevant content anywhere you go, on the go. The photos you see are sorted by distance and time. ...    21 MB    Views 6024


+14    Time lapse photography most wanted app. Using amazing time lapse effects to enhance your photos in seconds: Multiple Modes: Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, Light trail Mode Amazing time lapse photos Screen shutter Image Live Preview Use both cameras, front and ...    12 MB    Views 1141

Brisk - London

photos time london real happening
+24    See what's happening around you through realtime photos. Be spontaneous, find what's popular through Brisk. Stuck for somewhere new to eat? Looking for a great bar? Want to know what's happening in London right now? Brisk will show you realtime information of ...    7 MB    Views 3373


video time
-1    StillVideo is a video and photography app. StillVideo takes series of photos and then turns them into a fast framerate video. You can easily make time lapse videos with it: All you have to do is set the interval between ...    283 kb    Views 6059

TIME Mobile

time news
+23    Have your world explained wherever you go by TIME, the most trusted brand in news. Download this app and join our global audience of more than 70 million people.This app delivers the news 24/7 and includes TIME’s awardwinning newsletter The ...    14 MB    Views 8429

cine TimeLapse

+11    cine TimeLapse is a tool for professional photographer, and film camera crews, as well as for everyone who want to enjoy with time Lapse photography. It could be difficult to estimate how long you'll need to let your device in ...    879 kb    Views 9705

Time Capsule X

time share capsule
+6    The TEDxLAU virtual time capsule is here. Let's Play TimeCapsuleX allows you to share photo content that will be posted on Instagram (using TimeCapsuleX, TEDxLAU2014, TEDxLAU). You can choose a moment in your past that you wish to remember, embrace a present ...    4 MB    Views 2844

daterCam 2

Related Apps time gps photos picture
-2    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, GPS position and text location in QR image top left. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from ...    1 MB    Views 2884


+16    CinemaPainter+ provides a simple way to paint your movies in real time and share them with friend. Video painting Real time processing Share video Media Preview Full HD Video Import camera video Use photo library Rotate video    38 MB    Views 1118

i View Lite

video time photo capture device local
-9    iViewLite is an application in video surveillance area. It supports products of many manufacturers by embracing following features. device management, you can add, edit and delete any video device as you want; video preview, you can monitor multiple channels and ...    1 MB    Views 8349


Related Apps time photos mode lapse
+20    Ready to take time lapse photos using the most advanced time lapse photography techniques. Features: Image Live Preview Use both cameras, front and back Adjust contrast Auto save photos Multiple Modes: Automatic Mode, Manual Mode, Light trail Mode Screen shutter Amazing ...    6 MB    Views 8442


time photo share lapse
+12    TimeLapsePic makes time lapse photos and combine them in videos ready to be share and save in photo library. Features: Time lapse photography Crop, aspect, adjust tools Auto and manual mode Filters and effects Focus tool Brightness and contrast Photo timing ...    3 MB    Views 2258

Quest for Land

time land issues quest
0    'Quest for Land' is a comprehensive photoreportage about land issues in Cambodia over a time span of more than 10 years. Photojournalist John Vink, a member of the renowned agency Magnum Photos, has been covering Cambodia since 1989 and is ...    135 MB    Views 7749


Related Apps video time audio user image select
+3    The app will allow the user to capture videos and take photos. The user will be able to select whether or not they want the audio recorded along with the video. User can select an existing video or image from the ...    4 MB    Views 1969
photo time pebble
+21    Transfer a photo of a loved one from your iPhone to your Pebble, and keep it on your wrist forever. After the photo is transferred to your Pebble, you can view it any time you like even if you don't have ...    1 MB    Views 1036

Shutter Time

Related Apps time photo shutter
+1    Shutter Free allows you to take control of the actual exposure time for any photo. In addition, you can set a delay of up to 60 seconds before the photo is taken. Written in Swift, using the new features of the ...    4 MB    Views 7737


photo time real filter rainbow
-7    RainbowManCam is very beautiful rainbow filter camera on real time. Eight kinds of filters can be changed in real time. Share photo to tiwitter, facebook, Instagram, line Save automatic original photo and send sns photo. From your photo library apply rainbow filter    5 MB    Views 2973

Red MR Photoshare

time photos red table real
-7    Red MR offers the world exclusive "Red MR table", a new generation social platform encompassing multidisciplinary technologies that breaks the mould, defining the new trend and bringing new enjoyment for consumers. Functions included: realtime sharing – take photos or select pictures on ...    3 MB    Views 6249
-4    Send love notes to your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband or to your special someone. Pick a photo or take a photo through the app and decorate with love notes from a wide variety present in the app. Then share it ...    2 MB    Views 6697


time real faces marker
-6    FaceTracking recognizes human's faces, here it is not real time but semireal time. Recognized faces are overwritten to a marker image. The marker images can be changed from other markers, photo library or builtin camera. Because computational load is heavy, ...    209 kb    Views 6594


Related Apps party time send mail
-1    If you are at a party where they are using Snappshot then It's Party Time Download the app and look on the screen with the photo's for the Party Code and get started Do you want Snappshot at your own party or ...    10 MB    Views 5245

Pic A Moment

Related Apps time moment pic
-5    Pic A Moment, an app that allows you to easily explore photographic stories by digging back in time. Pic A Moment makes it simple for you to discover public and geolocated photos from all over the world. Navigate through space ...    3 MB    Views 923

Timer Snap

Related Apps time photo timer snap
+10    "Timer Snap" is used to set time to take a particular snap. This feature enables the user, who himself/herself be able to pose for his/her own Photo which could be taken by him/her. The Timer has three options Eg. 5,10,15 secs ...    367 kb    Views 2761


photo time count touch
+11    Load up or take a photo, and every time you touch it, a custom tag appears. If counting is enabled, the tags count up for you every time you touch the photo Great for taking inventory or a head count from ...    730 kb    Views 995

DaterCam HD free

Related Apps time photos date put
+16    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, choose the color and size. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from the library and put the ...    4 MB    Views 1109
Related Apps photos time camera multiple lens multi
0    FREE for a limited time Multilens Camera could provide multiple display screens simultaneously when you are taking pictures, and it could make multiple photos into one photo after shooting. Come and experience to take a picture that contains multiple photos now. Features 1 ...    9 MB    Views 8996
Related Apps time photo friends picture
+15    Invite your friends to take a picture with you. Use the cameras on many phones around the world to capture a moment in time. Take pictures with your friends or even people you don't know, yet. You start by inviting your friends ...    16 MB    Views 579

Tee Time by EGG

design time
-4    Tee Time app is a easy tool for you to customize your TShirts from your iPhone/iPad. You are able to use your photos, apply effects such as filters, masks, or add icons, texts on the design. You can preview the ...    6 MB    Views 6241

Filter Lab

time effects filter filters lab real
+13    Experiment in real time more than 120 Filters and Effects for your camera. Filter Lab is a tiny Laboratory where you'll be able to play with a great list of Filters and Effects and adjust them in real time, to create ...    7 MB    Views 9369


video time
+4    VideoShop is a small and handy video recording app with several interesting adjustable effects: B&W, Grey, Old fashion, Night vision and Sketch painting. It's like a simple video version of photoshop. You can also choose to print date and time in ...    841 kb    Views 6930

Camera Monkey

photos time monkey images sending tired
-7    Are you tired of sending photos one at a time? Are you sick of fax Machines? The answer is here Get your very own Monkey to take multiple images or upload images from your library and send them to as ...    18 MB    Views 4911
camera time ipad publish
+1    Publish your camera photos and stories to the OnTheRoad.To directly from iPad and camera (with camera kit). is your new online travel diary, which will give you the ability to share your adventures instantly, so that you can spend less ...    504 kb    Views 3339

DaterCam HD

Related Apps time photos date put
0    Take a picture and put automatically the date and time, choose the color and size. Immortalize your moments, do not let past the time when you did not remember a photo. You can retrieve your photos from the library and put the ...    3 MB    Views 4338

SendQic Photo

Related Apps photos time photo share
-9    Share pictures with people you know SendQic Photo is the combination cameraemail app. Save time by automatically emailing photos to yourself or your groups the moment you take a picture. Share on Facebook as well. You can easily change your settings ...    665 kb    Views 2480

Photo Info

photo camera time photos information info
+17    Photo Info will allow you to review your old photos and find out more information about the photo taken. Reveal information like date and time, camera make and model, resolution, focal length, exposure time, aperture, ISO equivalent, GPS location including ...    781 kb    Views 7167

Photo stamp camera

photos time pictures picture stamps leave
+15    Most people like taking photos with their iphone cameras, but each time they take pictures they don't remember where they have saved photos. This type of application will help you in this case. It will leave stamps on the pictures you have ...    4 MB    Views 1122

Exposure Tool

time light long exposure conditions elements
+7    Long time exposure photography involves using a longduration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring, smearing, or obscuring the moving elements. Long exposures are easiest to accomplish in lowlight conditions, but can be done in brighter ...    700 kb    Views 609

Horse Lovers Camera

photos horse time horses
+2    Decorate your photos with horses Take realtime photos with dozens of different horses. The image is right on the screen when you take the photo so you can place it exactly where you want it. Nothing better to kill your time ...    13 MB    Views 4746


camera time settings
+2    Whether you're an experienced time lapse photographer, or just a beginner, Calculapse is an invaluable tool for getting the right shot, every time. Calculapse could not be simpler to use. Just select the output video you want to create, and Calculapse ...    4 MB    Views 586
Related Apps camera time effects real
+8    Camera Effects real time camera amazing effects. Features: 9 awesome camera effects save photo to library adjust effects intensity use in real time effect retina display front and back camera supported    1 MB    Views 2844
Related Apps time photo stamp date
-3    Date & Time Photo Stamp Well, that is it. So easy and simple, Just take a photo and the current date and time will be added and stamped on the picture. All done...Enjoy    285 kb    Views 3054
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