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+7    Do you have troubles for managing thousands of photos and videos? Are you looking for a photo portfolio app? Smart Photo Album is exactly you are looking for... Features Automatically organize photos based on existing IPTC and EXIF meta data Tag ...    4 MB    Views 6390


photo tag picture
+18    Tag A Pic allows you to take pictures using your iPhone’s camera and tag them. Timestamp and basic GPS information (latitude and longitude) will be automatically superimposed on the taken photo. You can then tag the photo by drawing on ...    3 MB    Views 8734


+15    Its a Simple and Fast way to Express and Engage with your connections and consumers inside your videos Record / Upload your videos, Tag inside your video and Share it in a fun and exciting way and Engage. Some tips on what ...    15 MB    Views 8138

picTimeline Kids

+11    Do you have tons of photos on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, with too much important family events and a big mess of information? With picTimeline Kids you can tag all your children and family pictures while you shoot them or from your photo ...    2 MB    Views 29

Tag My Photo

photo camera speech text photos time bubbles tag don add
+4    What is the TagMyPhoto app? The TagMyPhoto is an app for the iPhone which lets you add on your photos: Tags Comments Dialogues and thus bring them to life… … using speech bubbles and text labels It supports photo capturing in real time ...    2 MB    Views 5886


photos capture tag notes room instant prices note
+10    What is iYO? Your instant photocataloguing app. How does iYO work? Capture photos and tag notes onto them for reference. Then type keywords to search for your photos. iYO Moments Examples of how iYO can help you: Comparing supermarket prices: Use iYO to capture ...    9 MB    Views 8174
+3    Tag your photos with Photo Tag and a cute pink star. Detailed instruction inside app by clicking "INFO" icon. Features: 5 beautiful colors of tags to choose from Support all languages inputs including emoji Tags could be move to anywhere on the ...    483 kb    Views 7153
photos photo search camera tools face tag faces tagging effects advanced
+15    FACEMINE PREMIUM IS NOW FREE INSTALL and ENJOY FACE PHOTO TAGGING TODAY FaceMine is a ground breaking mobile facial detection and tagging app that allows you to search, tag photos and organize faces on your mobile device. Our advanced ...    16 MB    Views 5016
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+27    Do you love cats? Now, you can add them to any image And not just little kittens. Lions and tigers too STICKER FEATURES: + Over 100 free cat stickers + Make stickers out of any image + Download and use stickers shared by others COLLAGE FEATURES: + ...    21 MB    Views 2151
+5    The Quickest & most Professional Photo Tagging App for iPad 'Tag & Shoot' attaches all the Essential tags: • Geolocation • Date • Time • Tilt • Compass Heading • Altitude • Address ...even special keywords can also be recorded against each image. The applications are endless: Mountaineers/Trekkers wanting to ...    3 MB    Views 409


photos people tags friends products tag share
-4    SNAP, TAG, SHARE TagCash helps you to benefit from your posts, tags and shares. You're already posting photos and videos, and providing great exposure to the people, places and brands that are in them… By downloading and using TagCash to tag ...    25 MB    Views 5786
photo info exif tag location recorded
+6    View EXIF Info recorded in the photos taken by iPhone, iPad. Location Info is recorded in a picture you have taken. To share, the shooting location of the photo is known.To remove the Info it is possible to securely sharing. Support Tag ...    9 MB    Views 8234

Tag The Tram

application une tag les pour des est
+2    L'application Tag The Tram est une application de géolocalisation des stations de tramway et de bus. La version 1.0 est valable pour la ville de Montpellier. Pour chaque station, on peut prendre une photo, ajouter un titre, envoyer les informations par mail ...    20 MB    Views 6063

Tag Bomb

photo bomb tag mirror easier mode tags features display
-3    Take your selfies to the next level with Tag Bomb. You've never seen anything like it. Tag Bomb is the app that's been called "INNOVATIVE" "ADDICTING" "& THE NEXT STEP IN SELFIES" and we've just released a ...    6 MB    Views 5613
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-9    This photo tagging app is the higher version of our earlier app – Snaptag. This app provides an additional customization option to the user. While, it certainly has made life easier for amateur and professional photographers alike, it has taken ...    1 MB    Views 6869
Related Apps photos photography camera photo time video tag display displayed list long press
-1    The "Daily plus" can arrange a photograph for every photographing day automatically. Since the taken photograph can be simplified separately to a tag, album management can be carried out easily. If you manage your photos in the "Daily plus", you will ...    4 MB    Views 6967


photo photos iphone time tag tags paid multiple moment version
+12    WELCOME TO TAGGER A PAID VERSION NEWS: Apariya LLC is celebrating OVER 15,000 DOWNLOADS from all of it's popular Apps. A Big THANK YOU from our team DESCRIPTION: This is a photo and video bookmarking or tagging app for iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 7838


photos search photo iphone tag easy tags lock multiple find private
+5    Tag it. Find it. Lock it. Have thousands of photos and have no way organising them or can’t find the one you want? taggit, the AllinOne powerful new App allows you to easily manage your photos on your iPhone. Simple and Efficient. EASY ...    22 MB    Views 8347

Travel Camera

+4    Travel Camera app is considered the number 1 app for travellers in 2013. Never lose your travel photos ever again as Travel Camera now has Dropbox syncronisation. Take a photo, save it in a categorised folder and share it to Facebook and ...    18 MB    Views 5134

Tag to Order

photo order easily tag claims submit
+8    Tag to Order provides the unique capability to easily capture an orderrelated picture using your device’s camera, tag it and attach it to an order. This simple, yet extremely useful ability provides the following advantages: Businesses Grab a photo of ...    304 kb    Views 1412

picTimeline Pets

photos pets library pictures tag shoot information cam
+22    Do you have tons of photos of your pets on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and a big mess of information? With picTimeline Pets you can tag all yourpet's pictures while you shoot them or from your photo library. Plus, with picTimeline Cam, you ...    3 MB    Views 1885

Graffiti Me!™

Related Apps photo work sketch graffiti paint features user effect awesome tag add
+9    FREE UNTIL MONDAY AUGUST 11th 2014 Get it quick Former No. 1 Paid Photography app in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Panama, Russia, Belguim, South Africa, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Kuwait From the makers of "Sketch Me" comes are our beautiful new App "Graffiti ...    54 MB    Views 5429

Replay Reel DUO

video recording time photo editing clips tag reel footage highlight replay
-8    Have you ever recorded a sports game, birthday party, or special event and then tried to create your own highlight reel? Do players, parents, coaches, friends, and family members send you raw video footage, expecting YOU to create the highlight ...    589 kb    Views 9115

Explore Flickr

flickr photo search browse library ipad photography iphone images explore beautiful definition tag
+14    Want to see the most interesting, vibrant and beautiful images on right on your iPad or iPhone? Explore Flickr will show you this stunning photography from around the world in perfect high definition. Browse a vast library of beautiful ...    7 MB    Views 7895

Tag Camera

+29    Now, you can use your BuddyTag as a remote control to snap photographs. Also, it is simple and fast. Just press your tag to connect, and press it to snap. If there is a question when you try to connect buddy tag to ...    3 MB    Views 8929

Tag My Photo Lite

Related Apps photo text speech camera photos time bubbles tag don add labels
+18    What is the TagMyPhoto app? The TagMyPhoto is an app for the iPhone which lets you add on your photos: Tags Comments Dialogues and thus bring them to life… … using speech bubbles and text labels It supports photo capturing in real time ...    2 MB    Views 7699


photos search photo navigate map memo size date timeline create editor tag
-2    Photos is a simple, easy and powerful photo manager. You can do everything about photos with Photos. Navigate, search, manage, edit and share Make your photos alive Many users have many photos in their devices but most of them are just sitting there. You might ...    25 MB    Views 4609

Photo Trippr

+2    Dive into the Flickr universe with Photo Trippr : display the latest photos, most popular, search by tags. Navigate from photo to photo, from user to user, from tag to tag. Have a nice trip    382 kb    Views 669


photos photo likes instagram number comments tag gift
-7    After tap a tag, firstly please tap the right top refresh button. Then photo data is download == For All Instagram Festival Lovers == Limited Time Introductory Sale, 60% off InstaFes shows the rankings of tagged photos based on ...    NAN    Views 7104
comic body work people lifestyle face crazy features tag cool
+9    This app is made for all the people out there who have a bit of a... wild side. "Facebody is new and amazing photo app for users. With it, to be a comedy star is not a dream." Awards By ...    24 MB    Views 4315
Related Apps photos people photo share store organize easily group find filter tag
-6    Tagloo revolutionizes the photo album concept. Organize and find your photos easily using custom tags. Share them with whoever you want to, effortlessly and in real time. Store them privately in the cloud and access them immediately. WHY USE TAGLOO: · TAG ...    12 MB    Views 554
Related Apps photos photo social iphone camera twitter facebook text networks comments tag support
-6    OhMyPic Photo Tagger is an iPhone app that let you quickly attach tags (text labels, watermarks) anywhere on your photos. With a touch on the screen, you can attach the names of your friends (on Facebook or Twitter etc...), any texts ...    8 MB    Views 659


photos photo likes comments instagram number tag data tags
0    After tap a tag, firstly please tap the right top refresh button. Then photo data is download == For All Instagram Festival Lovers == InstaFes shows the rankings of tagged photos based on "likes" and "comments on Instagram". When you host ...    NAN    Views 5612


Related Apps photo iphone photos graffiti tag gesture adjust choose finger walls awesome
-9    Turn your photos into awesome graffiti, and share with your friends, with Graffoto. Choose a photo, adjust it on the wall, choose an effect, add some paints and graffiti. It's as simple as that... graffiti in seconds No artistic talents required With ...    11 MB    Views 3007


Related Apps camera email photo gps tag geo images location image application tags
+9    When reading from CameraRoll or saving to CameraRoll, you can handle with the meta tag (Geotag/TIFF/Exif). You can save photo that edited or deleted GPS tag. You must update to iOS 4.1 or later for using this function. If ...    787 kb    Views 3062


photo car holiday track tag level simply
-9    SnapnTrac is a free App to help users Tag and Track photo's that they take for specific future use. These are photo's that require fast and easy access. Specifically, these are photo's that are used to track something you would like ...    17 MB    Views 8217
Related Apps photos photo tag picture pictures sort
+30    Are you tired of trying to sort through thousands of pictures looking for a picture you took a month ago only to get frustrated and give up??? Well "Photo Tag : Organise photos" is the perfect picture sorting app You can ...    10 MB    Views 2511
-2    Express and connect with photos + tags nice is photo sharing network that is fun to use where you discover great photos via visual tagging and geolocation. A photo sharing network of more than 30 million people, nice connects people in a ...    33 MB    Views 2595


photos photo printer tag print guests free 10051 service instagram
+21    Giclie lets people print photos from their iPhones in 3 simple ways: by using this iPhone app, by uploading them to Instagram with a special tag, or sending them via email to It’ll make your corporate party, tradeshow, conference or ...    3 MB    Views 4405
Related Apps photos calendar time photo application daily snaps days child tag monthly
-5    Memories are forever Evidcomm presents a new photo application in which you can keep daily photos. A multipurpose application from which you can take photos and managed it day wise. You can also add tags to the photos. You can use this ...    19 MB    Views 622


fishing photos trip lets members species phone tag friends
+14    Anglertrack lets you take or import photos available in your iPhone Camera roll to neatly and automatically organize photos by fishing trip, location, species and who was with you during the trip Photos are not only stored locally for immediate ...    18 MB    Views 3858


memo time stamp iphone photograph itunes file displayed tag import
+4    The photograph taken with the camera and iTunes and the synchronizing photograph in iTunes are displayed every day. Monthly view: Left flick is next month. Right flick is previous month. Up flick is next year. Down flick is previous year. daily view: It changes into one display ...    8 MB    Views 1609

Video Reel

video recording time photo editing clips reel footage tag highlight stop create
+3    Have you ever recorded a sports game, birthday party, or special event and then tried to create your own highlight reel? Do players, parents, coaches, friends, and family members send you raw video footage, expecting YOU to create the highlight ...    663 kb    Views 9089


photos instagram awesome finger hairstyles faces tag friends
-3    You can create awesome finger characters using FingerFace.   Decorate your fingers with tens of cute and funny faces, hairstyles, and decorations. Boast your creativity and awesome finger artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customize finger characters to resemble your love, friends and family ...    6 MB    Views 8675
Related Apps photo photos personal iphone facebook twitter professional send picture tag mail
+4    Take a picture, tag it and send it to your friends and colleagues With Photo +, improving your pictures by adding personal or professional texts (tags) has never been so easy and fun. Share your photos with your friends or acquaintances ...    20 MB    Views 4753
tag share
-2    Quokka, Quokka, QUOKKA have you ever wanted to take a selfie with a quokka? Now you can With QuokkaSelfie Share your photo with the QuokkaSelfie tag Choose your Quokka Rotate, move and resize it how you want Take your picture and share it with QuokkaSelfie tag Developed ...    40 MB    Views 2698

Family Photo

Related Apps family photo photos twitter facebook camera option dropbox share tag ios
+12    The Family Photo camera app is considered the number 1 app for families in 2013. Never lose your family photos ever again as Family Photo now has a Dropbox synchronisation option. Take a photo, save it in a categorised folder and share ...    14 MB    Views 3391


voice tag selfie share add memorable graph autograph
+23    SelfieGraph App Selfie and Autograph app SNAP GRAB, and TAGTake a Selfie, Grab a Graph, and Tag with a Voice Over, then Share Selfies are way better and so much more fun with SelfieGraph App Share them online with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...    4 MB    Views 4013


photos photo library outdoors search tags tag create
-6    Sifterr a simple, powerful way to organize your photos. Create tags, then sift your photos while waiting for an elevator, microwaving your lunch, or waiting for the bus. Your tags appear as albums in Photos. CREATE TAGS Create tags for whatever you ...    8 MB    Views 4203
photos facebook library photo camera laser tag pics neon add albums
+11    Laser Tag Neon Colors ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Get Neon LaserFX for iPhone and iPod Touch Photos With COOL Laser Tag creations right at your fingertips this app lets you Laser Tag your pics and and funny neon laser captions. What you can do: Use the Laser ...    2 MB    Views 6709

Tag Pics

photos search phone tag pics find names places problem shoot
+3    Easily tag already shot photos and pics that you shoot using your phone and search them easily. Tag with names, places or whatever and yet find them when you want. Have you have had a problem to find a photo in ...    719 kb    Views 2775


love social video photo share networks tag create users capture
+11    Believing in the collective power of love. LUV4wrd is the social network that encourages anyone who believes that love has the power to make a difference in the world to create, capture and share a moment of love and inspire others ...    26 MB    Views 904
Related Apps photos time instagram tags location add geo hashtags tag select
+10    Instatag helps you get more likes and more follows on Instagram by providing the most popular and relevant hashtags, but that's just a start. "Instatag helps me find and add relevant hashtags to my Instagram photos. Adding the right tags makes ...    9 MB    Views 2417
pictures add share simple picture smart tag
-3    Ever took a picture and wondered where it was taken? When sharing your pictures with family and friends, you almost always have to explain WHEN and WHERE of your photos. Tagoo is a simple app that allows you to smart tag ...    21 MB    Views 5851
Related Apps photo video management time tag special show timeline life
+23    I have a lot of unsorted photo...It is terrible job to organize. What do you need now?? Answer is FotoBrio FotoBrio serve your Photo life more easy and simple. Let me show you FotoBrio's Special skills. ◉ Organize with Timeline Are you still scrolling for ...    16 MB    Views 1266

iScreen HD

iphone camera home icon background texture tag button border roll screen
+16    ● 100 Best iPhone Apps Of 2011 ● ● Introduction ● iScreenBuilder is the first editable icon app for your iphone. It make by a professional designer with high quality icon, shelve, background and user friendly UI. Personalize your iPhone with your unique ...    19 MB    Views 268
photos christmas instagram awesome finger hairstyles tag faces friends characters
-3    FingerFace Christmas Edition You can create awesome finger characters using FingerFace.   Decorate your fingers with tens of cute and funny faces, hairstyles, and decorations. Boast your creativity and awesome finger artwork on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customize finger characters to resemble your ...    NAN    Views 8445
Related Apps photos tag post tags ratio view service place
+1    Awarded Red Dot Award 2015 Meet with topics that interest you through the hottest tags and photos [1] View the Hottest Photos in PHOLAR Home You can check the trend all in a glance and find out what interests you PHOLAR becomes the hottest ...    35 MB    Views 9926
gps map memories location tag pictures locations places
+1    Memories happen at different places, in different places and with different people. Owlocator helps you locate those memories on a map. You can tag & update your memories and organize them by location. All the photos and locations stay on ...    3 MB    Views 5407

Memo Tag

Related Apps photo photos memo audio camera voice recording facebook flickr twitter memos attached exported tag
+12    Record voice memos for one or a group of your photos. Print, email or export that photos to Facebook, Flickr or anywhere else. Scan any printed or exported photo with camera to replay the memos. Patent In Progress. App "Memo Tag" offers ...    2 MB    Views 8537
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