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+9    SnapSaver can save all the snaps you get from friends Moreover, you can use it to send your snaps from camera and photo album Note: Every time you get a new snap, make sure you FIRST open the SnapSaver app. Features: Save ...    17 MB    Views 7496
media stories
0    Stories allows groups of people, such as families or friends, to easily share series of media, photos and videos, among themselves or others.    3 MB    Views 9170
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+3    Storytelling has been revolutionized Oral stories inspired by photographs flow naturally. everyStory allows you to record audio over collections of photos for as long as you would like. Every story begins with your story. everyStory is a cloudbased storysharing platform that ...    28 MB    Views 8261


photo photos design stories story upload digital
+4    Are you tired of living in a mess of too many digital photos scattered everywhere? You’ve taken all these great pictures on vacations, birthdays, sports events, parties etc, but have never really had the time to do anything with them. Finally, ...    24 MB    Views 2318
camera photos snaps snapchat save stories roll story snap
+19    SnapCrack has two key features: 1 Save your snaps & stories to your camera roll without the sender knowing 2 Send your own snaps and post story like Snapchat, even from camera roll/photo album Other features: Support Stories: You can post story and ...    18 MB    Views 7683

+23    Albanian stories, gossip, events, parties, photos, people Albanian party and event life at it's best. With the app you always know whats going on in the Albanian event and clublife .You get the latest stories, events, videos, photoreports and ...    2 MB    Views 642


video videos photos email music talk perfect stories tap roll
0    Over 2,000,000 downloads Videolicious 3 is beautifully designed to make high quality video creation even easier and faster Instantly weave together interviews, videos, photos, music and more into a sophisticated video production—in seconds. Just talk and tap—or watch and tap—to ...    75 MB    Views 3498
camera photos photo snaps save snapchat album stories support roll
0    SnapSave can save all the snaps you get from friends Moreover, you can use it to send your snaps from camera and photo album Note: Every time you get a new snap, make sure you FIRST open the SnapSave app. Features: Save ...    18 MB    Views 6628
+11    Turn your photos into beautiful stories. Homium is a completely new blog platform where you can tell stories through photos. Express your creativity Homium has no InApp Purchases. Download now and use all the features of Homium for free Homium features: – Create amazing ...    344 kb    Views 3105
-3    Tell your story with StoryTeller. Use it as a sketchbook to jot down ideas. Or create a deck presentation and send it as a PDF. Or even photo books and share them with your friends and family over mail. Amazing note ...    6 MB    Views 5819

Furtive Look

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+3    A fun, sleeklooking app that lets you share exciting news, funny stories, memorable moments, and a lot more without a fuss Capture them with photos and videos, and share them with your friends. Create stories without using words Don't turn away when ...    8 MB    Views 7629


story stories
+12    What for you is the most beautiful story in the world? Your Story, of course You are the sum of your daily stories. Your story is what defines who you were, who you are, and who you’re going to be. Your story ...    28 MB    Views 3885

My Story Creator

cartoon kids photo students story creator characters stories pick
-5    My Story Creator is a fantastic storytelling app for telling your stories with cartoon images and the protagonists the cute little cartoon characters. New update with animal characters Special Features: Insert your own photo as a background anytime. Many backgrounds ...    17 MB    Views 4811
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+9    Winner of the Apple Design Award Winner of the TechCrunch Best Mobile App Storehouse lets you tell stories with your photos and videos. • Combine photos, videos, and text into one beautiful story. • Import photos and videos from your ...    33 MB    Views 7521

StoryCatcher Lite

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+11    Welcome to StoryCatcher StoryCatcher for iPhone is a fun and simple tool to create and share video stories with. It comes complete with titles, video footage capture, photos and screen text. You can record and save all that you, your family, ...    49 MB    Views 7994
body family smile inspiration day today easy share download stories daily
-5    Receive a daily dose of inspiration. "A Smile for Today" provides images, quotes, and stories to make you smile, plus "A Smile for Today" is easy to download and easy to share with friends and family via email, text, and ...    17 MB    Views 5526

SLR Photo Stories

photos photo blog camera slr stories cameras data professionals exif brands
+9    Explore the beautiful photos taken by SLR(single lens reflex) cameras and enjoy the stories that lie behind them. [Features] Browse photos taken with SLR cameras for semiprofessionals. Tap the photo and check exif data and photographer info. exif data=camera brands, models, aperture, ...    10 MB    Views 5293
news photos videos turkey stories breaking mobile asia globe major minute
+5    ANADOLU AGENCY MOBILE APPLICATION Anadolu Agency (AA), one of the top 10 global news agencies, is the main source of news, information and data for businesses and professionals in Turkey and across the globe. AA provides “reliable, impartial, ethical, fast” news, ...    3 MB    Views 4304


+12    Build your own creative slideshows on your iPhone or iPod touch. Application Description Make simple movies (and slideshow presentations?) from photos and graphical images on your iPhone & iPod touch. KamiShibai comes with 4 preinstalled original "manga" comics. "Story" refers to Individual movies ("stories") "Scene" ...    18 MB    Views 1548


photos photo visit stories
0    This APP aims to increase your convenience and capture of your visit experience to an attraction or a theme park by using our exclusive hitech online photo services. Once you sign up as our VIP, you are entitled to enjoy ...    13 MB    Views 3641


news library photo photos stories http
+11    Tell creative stories in a matter of minutes Kabaam creates & publishes your own comics with just a few taps. Take photos with your device's camera or import them from your photo library or from facebook. Create stories up to ...    3 MB    Views 8117
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+1    On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington D.C. and rural Pennsylvania rocked the national consciousness. In New York, as most fled the destruction, police, firemen and emergency workers pushed headlong into its maw, and a brave ...    243 MB    Views 5878
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0    H.G. Wells — 'We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories...and those that carry us forward, are dreams.' DIITU is a collective memory service that helps you save life stories, collect event memories, and ...    26 MB    Views 9138


video videos facebook photos blog manage publish youtube stories edit channel run texts
-9    GRAB YOUR CONTENT. PUBLISH IT ANYWHERE With the Beetangle app, small teams can manage videos, photos, sound bites and texts, edit stories and publish on their blog, YouTube, Facebook, even on TV and radio. Whether you want to communicate ...    3 MB    Views 5885
+4    Produced monthly, the My Nikon Life magazine is the quintessential publication for all things Nikon. You’ll be captivated by the behindthescenes stories of Nikon ambassadors, Nikon owners and all manner of Nikon owning celebrities. The magazine is full of inspiring ...    24 MB    Views 9176
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-4    Join our video revolution. Blinks offers a unique experience of personal video unlimited moving memories that are searchable, meaningful and implicitly social. As you capture video using our effortless ‘hold to record’ functionality, video collages are made for you instantly ...    13 MB    Views 8538


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-6    Share the story behind your pictures™. PixStori lets you add a voice comment to the photos on your iPhone or iPad. Then you can share them both through social media or email. Your pictures have stories to tell. Put them ...    30 MB    Views 4983


+7    F8Magazine is a bimonthly publication focused on the best documentary photography and photojournalism internationally. Stories from anywhere in that appeal to our minds and hearts. Discovering and sharing the work of both emerging photographers alongside the more experienced and famous professionals ...    105 MB    Views 8100

Photos story

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-4    Tell your story in pictures Take photos, choose music from your playlist for your story, set speed and get the amazing video that you can save on the device or share your story with your friends on Instagram, YouTube or other ...    15 MB    Views 6606
facebook photo twitter stories post captions optional add privately tumblr
+6    Scribz is a creative and fun way to make short photo stories. Turn everyday scenes into three panel photo comics: take 3 pictures, add a few optional captions for the storytelling and select a template style such as film noir, super8 ...    18 MB    Views 4100

Tell About This

kids voice love educators photos easy stories share year 1st grade teacher
+1    Tell About This is an easy platform to inspire and capture children's thoughts and stories They will love to explore and respond to any of the 100 interesting photo prompts using their voice. Craft custom prompts and add profiles to ...    32 MB    Views 1086


music artists pictures story life fans perfect stories followers tool
-7    Life is a series of fleeting moments that passes us by some will make you smile and others will make you cry. Taking pictures is the best way to capture these moments that are worth more than a thousand ...    12 MB    Views 6358
photos videos stories explore anonymous
-2    Explore the world around you, post your stories/photos/videos & populate locations, all anonymously With Pinstant, you’re a novelist, a photographer, a director, and a poet all in one. See interesting things from pins posted around you or scour the globe ...    7 MB    Views 1658
photos family characters stories hand painted story bonus send save
+15    What would it be like to float through space as an astronaut, skate near a snoozing polar bear on ice, or perform an underwater magic show in front of the big fish? Set the stage for the budding dramatists in ...    30 MB    Views 9922
camera photo photos snaps roll save upload story simple friends stories
+15    DISCLAIMER: This app and its makers are not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, SnapChat,Inc. SAVE SNAPS & STORY FROM YOUR FRIENDS UPLOAD SNAPS & STORY FROM CAMERA ROLL, PHOTOS & VIDEOS. FEATURES Very simple to use. Save Snaps & Stories from ...    11 MB    Views 2065
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-7    Create visual stories on the go and take them with you using the MyAlbum app. Upload your photos and videos and our algorithms will make your story come to life. More to tell? Use the tablet or pc to enrich ...    17 MB    Views 5321

Pilbara Stories

people stories exhibition region heritage
+23    The Pilbara Stories app functions as an exhibition guide, replacing traditional didactic text. It also allows people unable to visit the exhibition to access the work, from a range of locations. The Pilbara, the economic powerhouse of Australia’s economy is ...    59 MB    Views 117
-8    StoryPress is a social network built on media rich narrated stories. Use StoryPress to create stories about both significant milestone events and everyday experiences you wish to share with friends and family. There are no limits on the amount or size ...    61 MB    Views 4985
media camera videos photos story capture share stories organized
+5    For a limited time, signup now and get 3gb cloud storage added to your account Mibio helps you capture and share beautiful stories while keeping your media organized and backed up. Capture photos, videos, audio, notes, location, weather and more to ...    18 MB    Views 9839
photo photos ebooks books facebook free words posters stories collage
+6    A picture is worth a thousand words and a few words make a picture even better. Especially years from now. Keep your photos and stories together forever in Timebox. Photos select your favorite photo or group of photos Stories add photo ...    12 MB    Views 47
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+4    #Jump to wherever you dreamed of# #Meet people you never expected# Let this limitless world wow your eyes. Let 7 billion authentic livestories touch your soul. Let the world applaud for your unique life story. This is THE only Global LifeSwap in the world. And it ...    14 MB    Views 8488
photos videos design ipad iphone stories long form publish
-8    Graft enables you to publish engaging stories using your photos and videos and share them via iPhone and iPad. Design and create longform stories combining photos, videos and text Upload your photos and videos to the Graft web environment and ...    43 MB    Views 7333

Corners 1.1

students work photos program corners form photojournalism stories
-9    Corners is a publication of the journalism, photojournalism, and documentary studies department in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University. Our intent is to showcase not only the best student and faculty projects coming out of our program at ...    337 MB    Views 5979


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+9    Turn your breathtaking pictures into puzzles; add your own stories and greetings within the photos. There should be someone in the world who understands you. With an attractive interface and beautiful sound effects, we're going to make your cellphone into a ...    9 MB    Views 558

Pic Stories free

frame photo photos text bubble mode pic setting selective stories create
-5    To create your own stories via photographing, the fantastic application software “Pic Stories” provides superior solution. You can make brilliant story comics, fascinating travel records, stylish name cards and any thematic albums. Just simply choose one of frame selection what you ...    4 MB    Views 412


stories based
-2    Create photo stories collaboratively with your friends and share them with others. Stotell provides an exciting environment to organize your photos based on stories around them. You can make movies based on the stories and your preferred music.    10 MB    Views 1406

StoryCatcher Pro

iphone video family personal stories friends share april record
-4    Welcome to StoryCatcher StoryCatcher for iPhone is a fun and simple tool to create and share video stories with. It comes complete with titles, video footage capture, photos and screen text. You can record and save all that you, your family, ...    48 MB    Views 2581

My Life Story

people person life story stories improved lives ability
+11    Welcome to My Life Story, an app designed for people with dementia to share the important events, achievements and stories that make them who they are. People with dementia sometimes lose the ability to remember and share the memories of their ...    15 MB    Views 7734
photos facebook videos email people twitter stories website
-8    Watch, create and share visual stories through photos and short selfie videos anytime, anywhere. These posts, called Describes, can have up to 5 photos and each photo can have up to 15 seconds of video description recorded using the front ...    21 MB    Views 3952

StoryCam for WeChat

photos weather photo wechat place stories free watermarks location portrait
0    Tell your own story with StoryCam for WeChat Describe in your own words the 'what', 'where' and 'when' of your photos Features: Choose from six photo themes: Featured, Portrait, Place, Weather, Food and Lifestyle Enhance photos with up to 15 free ...    27 MB    Views 2955

Capture App

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-7    Capture your favourite moments and memories. With Capture, you can save, see, and share all your photos and videos safely and easily all your memories in one place. Everything is available on your phone, tablet, and PC/Mac, so you can ...    8 MB    Views 795
police photos news people market replay stories scanner community wall top
+6    Included for FREE, the Best Police scanner on the Market with REPLAY 60 min As seen on the WSJ, Mashable, TNW "Let the community tell you what’s happening" Tired of people behaving unethically or immorally? Shame them thanks to this ...    4 MB    Views 3724


photos trips photo web family story stories beautiful link share
-4    Tripstr is the best way to share your trips (past and future) with friends, family and the worldwide community of travelers. Send your story to Grandma with a link and she can view it in the beautiful Tripstr web experience without ...    26 MB    Views 7250
library photo covers stories creations
-7    Covers by Wattpad is the simplest way to create beautiful covers for stories written on Wattpad the world’s unlimited, ever growing library of FREE books and stories. Features: • Upload covers directly to your stories on Wattpad • Share your creations directly ...    18 MB    Views 7261
news photography tutorials topics reviews stories notifications read feed
+30    If you are after photography news, tutorials or reviews this app is for you We cover all major photography news websites and deliver you a complete coverage of all the interesting news, upcoming models reviews & tutorials No need to ...    28 MB    Views 8186
photos email facebook stories options type crystal terms easy step
+10    With The Storyteller app by Crystal Cruises, you can share your travel stories via Facebook, email and actual postcards. Filters, frames and text enhance your stories, making your photos one of a kind. Whether the stories are yours to keep or ...    21 MB    Views 9722
music photo video show dream day stories add create frames
-3    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Try Music Day Dream Show application as an easytouse photo and video editor. Create your own marvelous stories Life is beautiful and full of various events. We can keep the memories of the best moments not only in ...    6 MB    Views 3476
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+5    The funnest way to create video stories with friends instantly Start a video and let friends add to it...before time is up. All photos and videos instantly stitch together to create a video story Features: Explore cool waves (videos) in your area ...    15 MB    Views 2575
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+24    SaveRoll is to save all the Snapchat photos and videos This app is not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, Snapchat, Inc. Key features: •Save Snapchat photos and videos •Save snaps from Stories •Send snaps to friends or Stories    13 MB    Views 2224
Related Apps family photos printing photo history share story collection stories gallery place generation mosaic
+7    GenerationStory was created to tell the story of family collections and treasures. Small or large, every object has a story and a place in time and history. We created a simple, easy way to organize family treasures and share their ...    8 MB    Views 482
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