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AutoStamp Pro

0    Designed for the automotive industry. With the majority of automotive manufacturers requesting clear photos with a time/date stamp for warranty purposes, AutoStamp allows you to use the app for 5 dealers, each with their own receiving email addresses that you ...    3 MB    Views 3398


+3    Ever felt threatened or found yourself in a vulnerable situation? Would taking a quick photo save you? Download the FREE SnapMail mobile phone app now so that you're never caught unprepared. You may never use SnapMail but you'd never forgive yourself if ...    1 MB    Views 5604
+16    Spreading the love is both easy and fun with KoolrPix Valentine's Day Everything you need in one romancefilled photo personalization app to express your heart's desire through awesome Valentine creations you can share with everyone on your love list Imagine All the ...    53 MB    Views 9496
+14    Why share plain pictures when you can stamp them with your location to create great looking postcards? For example, you are travelling to Paris and will visit the Eiffel Tower. Instead of sharing a simple photo of this wellknown landmark, you ...    3 MB    Views 1528
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+4    Send postcards with your personal photos to friends and family worldwide. It does not matter where you are: No need for post stamp, a post box and so on. While you're creating your personal card you can optimize your photos ...    53 MB    Views 3491


photo photos stamp text japanese settings privacy step turn
+4    Zenstamp turns your photos into Japanese style stamp, which is called "hanko". Make your original stamps by a combination of image and text. Even if you can't speak Japanese, you can insert Japanese phrases by selecting from the list of Japanese idioms ...    27 MB    Views 299

Stamp Photo Frames

stamp photo frame frames stamps image collage amazing free
+16    Stamp Photo Frames Do you like stamps? Do you remember playing games with different stamps in childhood? Everyone have their own passion possess different appetite and feel happy to fulfill them. People may have diverse craze as per their penchant collect ...    49 MB    Views 557


photo photos search stamp time ftp server file string upload resolution
+13    This app was designed to be used as an accompanying app for telnet clients (or other clients having all data on the server side) in need of an automated way to attach small photo files to documents. This app retrieves a ...    16 MB    Views 9106
photo stamp filter effects texture show 320 open
-4    Filter Stamp FX 50 awesome filter texture effects transform your photo with just a tap. The 50 filter effects are a mix of core image filter and custom made texture overlays. Open the PhotoLibary select a PHOTO, scale it ( 320 x 320 ) and choose ...    11 MB    Views 3055
-7    cut out photos , stamp decoration , It is the image processing application that can be freely letter case . ■collage function ■ · I want to collage photos taken photos that can be filter processing , from camera roll · I choose the ...    35 MB    Views 42

Photo Censor Free

photo stamp iphone photos twitter email facebook free censor integrated features
0    Photo Censor Free allows you to censor your photos directly on your iPhone for FREE After censoring your photo, you can either save to your Photo Library or share it via Email, Facebook or Twitter all FULLY integrated ...    3 MB    Views 1108
stamp photos ipad pastel stamps mode focus selection shutter exposure
+5    Take your photos with "Pastel Stamp" Now, you can add stamps to any photos. Pastel Stamp allows you have fun to decorate your photos with pastel color stamps. Decorate your photos using adorable Pastel frames and stamps. With "Pastel Stamp" will you ...    51 MB    Views 5299


photography camera stamp turn sound photograph put
-2    A baby, a child and a cat, and a dog The honey which does not turn to here though I want to take the photograph If take a photograph of the dear honey; honey Camera The honey camera gives a sound to ...    6 MB    Views 2709


stamp twitter photo button touching left swiping moved select
-5    ゴムのハンコを押した感じを再現したスタンプアプリです。 スクラップブッキングにお役立てください。 This is an application to put rubberstamps on your photos. Enjoy scrapbooking 使い方: usage: 1)一番左のボタンをタッチして写真を選びます 2)一番右のボタンをタッチしてスタンプを選びます 3)色と文字を入力します。 4) スタンプの大きさと角度はスライダーで、位置はスワイプで決められます。 位置と大きさを決めたらタップしてスタンプします。 押し間違えたらダブルタップで消せます。 5)スタンプを選んでいないときにスワイプすると画像の大きさ/位置を 変えられます。 6)保存は、アルバム/ツイッターにできます(左から2番目のボタン)。 マスキングテープアプリを持っている方はデータの引き継ぎもできます。 (バージョン3.0より対応) 1) Select a photo by touching the leftmost button. 2) Select a stamp by touching the rightmost button. 3) Choose a ink color and texts put on the stamp from next ...    26 MB    Views 1689


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+9    Use STMP (pronounced /stamp/) to add inspirational stamps to your photos. STMP features custommade typographic stamps combined with supersimple functionality and an elegant design that highlights your work. Share gorgeous and inspiring photos with STMP in three steps: 1. Pick or take ...    53 MB    Views 1678
stamp editing instagram don designed stamps express life beautiful
+4    ATTENTION: We are running a contest with PicStamp, join us for a chance to win a brand new iPod nano. For more information, check out the Settings page inside the app PicStamp is a beautiful photo editing tool to help you ...    11 MB    Views 5245

imush Camera

camera photo stamp photos ios stamps decoration focus exposure sticker
-4    Welcome to “imush Camera” imush Camera is a camera application which have many stamps for decorating your photos. Enjoy with Free set of stamps and frames or In app purchase. imush stamp, decoration. More stamps will be added soon ...    18 MB    Views 8985
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+6    Fukuoka Camera is the application for the tourists from home and abroad to help to make valuable memories of Fukuoka. Fukuoka Camera has various functions including the frames/stamps/drawing and enables its users to post the images on Facebook and Twitter. You can ...    5 MB    Views 5853


+3    Create your own photo stamps with Royal Mail Smilers. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, growing children and gettogethers, you can now add your favourite photos to your mail by combining them with an official Royal Mail stamp. Just send us ...    NAN    Views 5374
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+5    Type messages on any photo in seconds with Photo Date, Location and Caption Stamp Camera. Easily move messages on photo with your finger for the absolute perfect positioning. Message will automatically include location and date information as generated from your device GPS ...    7 MB    Views 4367


photo stamp decorating stamps original album save white
+2    Enjoy & Easy SketchStamps App SketchStamps is the easy app for creating your origin stamps and decorating a photo with your original stamp. You can draw stamp with dark pen or pencil in the white paper and take a photo of drew ...    9 MB    Views 309
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+6    PhotoUp For Nepal PhotoUp is photo Application that have more 1000 free stamp from Thai Designer ,Fun Cute and adorable Safe Nepal with Photoup. Easy way to help our friend just click download our new special stamp set for 0.99 U.S. After ...    67 MB    Views 1526

Stamps Camera

Related Apps photos camera stamp photo frames stamps designed filters gorgeous borders
+9    Turn your favourite photos into unique stamps, cards and postcards. Decorate your pictures with awesome looking custom designed stamp frames. Stamps Camera is a simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone. Decorate your photos with all sets of ...    35 MB    Views 9736

Face On Stamp Booth

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+3    See your photos on stamps This iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app turns your photo in to postal stamps. ● Load from photo library or camera. ● Fast and easy interface. ● Customize numbers and text. ● Graphics designed for iPhone and iPad resolutions. ● Touch ...    8 MB    Views 2549
+2    PostCard Plus The easy way to send real postcards from your iPhone make your photos the main attraction of your postcard share your personal moments with your friends and family mail your postcard from your phone with a real ...    15 MB    Views 8522


stamp frame ipad camera snap application marker photograph completed
+12    Let's snap the Gloomy which playing with anywhere with a camera 3/29NEWS "AS racing" participating in super durability series ST 2 classes in 2013 perform collaboration with GLOOMY Added the new AR marker to app that racer ver GLOOMY of the collaboration mode. The details of the collaboration look ...    30 MB    Views 2638
stamp pet lover stamps enjoy
-1    Pet Lover Stamp is an application which will Stamps wide range of photography taken you to decorate your pictures. The Pet Lover Stamp's you will find Stamps for pet lovers. Many took for you to choose from and enjoy. And if you ...    62 MB    Views 3668

SnapStamp Camera

+5    SnapStamp lets you quickly add awesome stamp to your photos. Share your moods, loves, likes, quotes, party photos, food, location and more Feature Swipe to select stamp Add a sweet filter Share Take Photo / Pick from photo library Add Location    2 MB    Views 3357


photos chinese stamp images paint dozens turn lets slide
-4    Turn your photos into live action cartoons Similar to photo sticker Purikura (プリクラ) machines, PhotoToons lets you paint and decorate your photos with dozens of silly cartoon images Dress up your cat, show your sweetheart how you feel, or turn your ...    4 MB    Views 5271


photo stamp travel twitter facebook love age https instagram
0    Love where you're UNIQUE Geo Stamps, Stickers and Badges for Photo Bling SNAP STAMP SHARE We have modernised the age old travel stamp into a new age iPhone/iPad App. atSnap allows you to stamp your photo based on the location it was ...    22 MB    Views 4669


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+24    PhotoStamper is a quick and easy way to stamp your photos with titles, GPS location, time and date, and place. Stamping these details on your photos will save you a chunk of time when it comes to finding them or ...    6 MB    Views 6859
stamp design application
+9    Stamp Buffet is a photo application featuring various cute characters and illustrations that everyone will fall in love with from Design by Jip, an illustrator and designer with unique style. Liven up your photos with these adorable stickers and frames in ...    40 MB    Views 8421
stamp cards photos stamps messages colored lens texture examples cute contact
-4    Decorate your photos and cards using more than 200 kinds of Kawaii materials Very easy to make original greeting cards using cute and kawaii stamps . Add cute messages and stamps to photo ,when uploading the photos on your blog Simulate your Makeup ...    5 MB    Views 8403
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-6    Let's make your day with Korawia Stamp Decorate your photos with tons of cute, chubby and fluffy characters which are created by Thai illustrator, Korawia. With a pretty pastel style, every single stamps and frames that you use will make your photo ...    60 MB    Views 7957


stamp size official passport application
-7    Fotograph is a mobile application which comes handy when you immediately need a passport size , stamp size or photos for your marriage certificate , LIC , Insurance . Your official and non official purposes. With fotograph you can click ...    3 MB    Views 8780

KoolrPix Halloween

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+17    KoolrPix Halloween is so much fun, it's scary Everything you need in one great app to treat your friends and family to frightfully shocking Halloween ecards and spooky greetings. Load your own photo or choose from our haunted gallery of ...    57 MB    Views 1320

Automo Camera

photos car camera stamp time logo license stamps
-1    Automo Camera can automatically mask license plates from car photos taken with the app or selected from your library. New to the app is the Stamp Feature which allows the user to stamp their favorite brand logo, car club logo ...    11 MB    Views 5418
+17    1. Header of photo contains GPS coordinates, street address (street name can be turned off for photos taken in open fields), time/date stamp. Time/Date stamp uses NTP (national time protocol) in UTC format. If NTP servers are unreachable, the device's ...    19 MB    Views 5521
photos camera cats frame stamp photo post cute
+16    Stray Cats Camera is a camera app picture book of Noriko Kudo "Stray Cats" series (Hakusensha). Operation is very easy You can also shoot in the frame of the original design, put the Stray Cats who pose in various photos using ...    16 MB    Views 1273
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-2    InstaWord allows you to add text on Instagram photos. Also you can apply various style (drop shadow, stamp and so on) to text. === Features === ✓ 120+ fonts ✓ Scale up/down and rotate text ✓ Multi line and vertical text ✓ 35 text effects (Drop shadow, Solid ...    38 MB    Views 6182
photos photo time stamp date supports left timestamp support top
+5    Photo Date Stamp is the best app to add timestamps to your photos Automatic Date display When you use "take photo" option, the taken photo is automatically timestamped with the current date. Timestamp your existing photos in your camera roll With "select ...    5 MB    Views 919

Deco Samurai

art stamp text kanji cool japanese deco don function style
0    Deco Samurai is a cool Japanese style photo edit app. You can edit your photos with a lot of function which is "filter", "frame", "stamp","text" and "overlay camera" as cool Japanese style. You can also use Kanji Text(Chinese characters) as stamp. Well, you ...    12 MB    Views 2280
stamp photo shutter auto image exposure tap selection decoration focus
+27    LamunLamai Stamp is now available LamunLamai and friends are new your best friend who will make you smile. Let's enjoy decorating your photo with LamunLamai Stamp ละมุนละไมแสตมป์ ละมุนละไมและผองเพื่อนจะมาเป็นเพื่อนรักคนใหม่ ที่จะทำให้คุณต้องยิ้ม :) อย่าลืมดาวน์โหลด LamunLamai Stamp แล้วมาสนุกกับการแต่งรูปด้วยกันกับพวกเรานะ Camera auto focus & exposure tap to focus & ...    56 MB    Views 4233
photo frame stamp fairy tale
-1    MYDECO changes your photo to cute one. You can decorate your photo as a fairy tale using the application. [Feature]   Stamp   Frame   Share your photo We will update new stamp and frame.    12 MB    Views 1361


camera stamp photo funny banana stupid
-2    This is a camera photo editor that specializes in the application of the funny banana camera stamp. That created banana camera photo is a funny & stupid. Enjoy funny banana stamp camera Make awesome funny photos with stupid cams    2 MB    Views 6523
photo photos tools editing stamp text add size rate position
+6    I THINK THEREFORE I RATE if you want to express yourself, do it with Rater Stamps RATER is the photo editing app for anyone who wants to let others know what he/she thinks about everything and anything under the ...    19 MB    Views 3656

Slang Stamps

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+25    Slang Stamps is a free mobile application allowing the user to place popculture inspired stamps over pictures and seamlessly share the stamped pictures over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. With over 600 of the most common phrases and symbols in pop ...    198 MB    Views 6998
video frame baby camera videos music stamp shoot roll save moving
+2    Everyone would like to leave a smile on your cute baby! However, little baby do not you want me to laugh hard. Therefore, the most useful this app. You can easily shoot baby was not able to shoot very much until now. While ...    42 MB    Views 9569
stamp photos photo collage background modes draw thumbnail icons add
+20    "Stamp Your Life" (Free App) A truly unique one of a kind photo collage app to create collage arts the easiest way ever Three modes in one app Thumbnail, Stamp, and Brush Modes give you greater flexibility in creating artistic photo ...    17 MB    Views 2141
text twitter facebook photos stamp shadow instagram post drop official transfer
+16    InstaWord allows you to add text on Instagram photos. Also you can apply various typography style (drop shadow, stamp and so on) to text. === Features === ✓ 130+ fonts ✓ Scale up/down and rotate text ✓ Multi line and vertical text ✓ 35 text effects (Drop shadow, ...    35 MB    Views 5292
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+4    CuiCui is a awesome Photo Decoration app that make your photos more sweeter You can customize your photos easily and quickly. CuiCui offers 3 features, DECORATION, FILTER,and BEAUTY. DECORATION Lots of cute stamps make your photos more lovely. FILTER Custom designed filters change the ambience of ...    22 MB    Views 3631
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+29    THE ONLY PROFESSIONAL SECURITY APPLICATION APPROVED & USED BY REAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS As seen on Huffington Post,, Lifehacker, The Industry Standard, Macword, PC World, VentureBeat, Business Insider & More... ● NEW Now with Dropbox compatibility, autouploading & Youtube export ● Turn your ...    25 MB    Views 373
time photos photo text stamp gps zone date users device
-7    1. Header of photo contains GPS coordinates, street address (street name can be turned off for photos taken in open fields), time/date stamp. Time/Date stamp uses NTP (national time protocol) in UTC format. If NTP servers are unreachable, the device's ...    28 MB    Views 8010
stamp picture postcards copy
+6    Stampie is FREE for a limited time Get your copy now "Selfie" has been chosen as a word of a year by The Oxford Dictionary Stampie is the perfect app for selfies, get your copy now Stampie is a unique and fun ...    8 MB    Views 5770


tools photo photos stamp iphone objects touch color retouching blur effects clone
-1    SALE for 1 day 0.99 (then back to 3.99) iRetouch is a featurerich, advanced allinone photo editor for your iPhone/iPod Touch. You will benefit from having all essential retouching tools in one app. iRetouch is highly optimized to allow usage ...    2 MB    Views 487
photo stamp text twitter facebook iphone pictures colors shrink patterns
0    Introducing "pripri MARRON 2 " for iPhone The Ultimate PhotoDecoration App Version 2.0 Big change for the better app with increasing varieties of New Decoration items. Version2 NEW! sparkly, twinkling, and lovely designs 115>> 155 different highquality frames 290>> 370 handy ...    26 MB    Views 1212
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-4    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christmas Santa Stamp Booth Sticker Your photos on the climate of X'mas Over 200 stickers are themed with different teams . Download now With this fantastic application you can decorate all your photos with the theme of ...    45 MB    Views 3006
stamp ipad photo camera smile image mode focus selection sticker
+14    Nikoniko Stamp is camera application that you can decorate your photo with NikoNiko's fun stamps Nikoniko is a Japanese phrase that means smiling. All you have to do is smile :) and let's have some fun to decorate your photos with adorable Nikoniko ...    47 MB    Views 5258

GPS Photo Stamp

Related Apps photo stamp gps
+2    GPS Photo Stamp Well, that is it. So easy and simple, Just take a photo and the current latitude and longitude will be added and stamped on the picture.    277 kb    Views 7229

Pic Locator

photos time stamp share picture location instagram mail dropbox mms
+28    A location based picture App which lets everyone know exactly where and when the picture has been taken with a date/time and location stamp. PicLocator allows you to share with friends through FB, Mail, MMS, G+,Dropbox, Instagram etc. in real time. ...    11 MB    Views 9002
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