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+7    Light Speed lets you add beautiful fonts and typography to your photos. It's the lightest and fastest way to add words to your photos. Choose from an array of amazing fonts.... Add gorgeous custom filters to your pics Share it however you want Please ...    21 MB    Views 7047
+19    Let capture a beautiful light trial and slow shutter effect with our app It can give you an ability of DSLR, but in your hand Features: Live preview Full camera control, e.g. exposure, shutter speed, selftimer, etc Advanced photo editor Save ...    8 MB    Views 7463

Lite Mate

+14    "Lite Mate" is lite meter application with iPhone, iPod touch (with camera model). iPhone, iPod touch camera by photographing a subject for metering, the shooting information, and then calculate the exposure.iPhone, iPod touch to use the camera and metering. By operating ...    1 MB    Views 7269
+30    Lapse It is an awardwinning full featured app for capturing amazing time lapse and stop motion videos. It is simple, intuitive and powerful. No need for expensive photography equipment, you just need Lapse It. • Featured on the English TV Show "The ...    14 MB    Views 5161
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+2    Turn your iPhone into professional Light meter. Exposure Value meter (Light meter) is an ideal application for every professional and amateur photographer. It will measure current lighting conditions and provide combination of relative aperture and camera shutter speed to make a great ...    2 MB    Views 7019

RawConverter 2

ipad photos work camera photo vacation apple raw internet access files speed
+29    Putting RAW photos on your iPad using the Camera Connection Kit doesn't work very well, since you apparently see a large image of the thumbnail. This application will convert most NIKON NEF, Canon CRW/CR2, Olympus ORF, Panasonic RW2, Sony ARW ...    1 MB    Views 3171


time iso exposure number filter shutter speed
+19    A simple and useful app for determining the exposure time. Approved by the most experienced photographers. Longus brings you beyond the limit of 30 seconds. It is especially helpful if you tend to take photos at night or use the neutral ...    6 MB    Views 3185
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+3    Don’t You want to try something special with your photos? If you always find out something special. I’m strongly recommend to you. Our New ‘Foto’ series, name of ‘Foto Sketch’ it will be present special time to you. Please check out ...    24 MB    Views 6892
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-1    Crop, cut, rotate, slow motion, fast motion, helium effects, video size reduction… All you need to edit your videos at full resolution in a single app You need to rotate your videos because they are wrongly oriented? Rotate them with ...    14 MB    Views 981

Xmas Cube

-7    Live with your friends and parents the magic of Christmas with this fantastic Photo frame 3D. Create the Christmas's atmosphere in your home. No internet connection required. Background music player Set change photos speed and rotation speed. Zoom in and zoom out pinching cube. For ...    9 MB    Views 8340
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-3    The ULTRA SLOW SHUTTER CAM comes with professional and powerful features usually reserved for real DSLR cameras. With this camera app you can shoot awesome photos of moving objects, like light trails or ghost images or simply take Photos in ...    15 MB    Views 8910


camera pictures picture high speed choose
-8    SportEye Sports Camera. A high speed camera app that allows you to take multiple pictures per second. SportEye has many uses in helping you to capture that perfect picture that you could miss trying to time exactly when to "push the button". With ...    2 MB    Views 1365


photo library video pick gif gifs speed record
+20    Record animated video GIFs with one button. Live previews let you choose from looping and speed choices, then easily share or send your creations. Have photos or videos you want as GIFs? Easy Pick a photo from your Photo Library and ...    12 MB    Views 8894
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-1    MUSICALME SLIDE SHOW DESCRIPTION “A new slide show app, where every image strikes a chord” “Enjoy soothing, meditative music played with the various colors of your personal photos.” “It's a fantastic sleepaid” ABOUT MusicalMe Slide Show is an easy to use app designed to allow ...    48 MB    Views 9005
photos lights don check mode change aurora speed
-9    This app only does one thing and that's to help you take better photos of the aurora borealis, aka the northern lights. Here's the scenario so you see the northern lights ( awesome for you, by the way), but ...    3 MB    Views 312


photo photos exposure focus mode manual modes auto slider sliders speed
-7    NOW ALSO ON IOS Shoot professional and stunning looking photos using easytouse slider control. Do you often see that your images are too colorless and could need tiny adjustments of colors and levels, especially when shot in lowlight conditions? Slider Camera is an ...    7 MB    Views 796
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0    Do photos of your kids playing sports turn out blurry? Or, do you want to know how to take photos of fireworks or waterfalls that look like paintings? This basic photography App from QuickPro will help you understand the basics ...    964 kb    Views 7788


photos camera iphone manual amazing control controls light zoom image speed subject
+7    The new camera app for the iPhone that lets you shoot amazing photos easily and intuitively. An indispensable app for serious mobile photographers that provides all the helpful and essential tools that let you take amazing photos with your iPhone. MANUAL CONTROLS ...    NAN    Views 4010
+10    Light Speed lets you add beautiful fonts and typography to your photos. It's the lightest and fastest way to add words to your photos. Choose from an array of amazing fonts.... Add gorgeous custom filters to your pics Share it however you want Please ...    20 MB    Views 7076
camera iphone photo creative message speed shutter results longer characters option
+9    Write a message in the air with the magic of POV (Persistence Of Vision) Move the iPhone in front of your friends or your camera and your message magically appears into the air For best results use a camera with ...    1 MB    Views 4986


text measure mode speed number iso exposure priority buttons tap set
-5    iLightMeter is a reflected light meter for iPhone. iLightMeter measures exposure with fnumber or speed priority, averaging the whole scene or in spot mode. It Includes CINE mode to visualize shutter frame rates. The dEV mode measure the under/over exposure with ...    3 MB    Views 4340
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-9    BigHead Maker series was downloaded over 1,500,000 Times. 1 Top Entertainment App in more than 10 countries. 1.Comedy big heads from normal photos. 2.Animation photo save. Now it is must Photo Tool Try it now. Still looking for your head? Don't worry we ...    11 MB    Views 4383


photo memo photos email camera album shot speed timer send
+16    This App makes and edits album with multiple photos which can write memo for each image inside iPhone. Many photo filters are mounted in the app. And also has timer function, speed snap shot of continuous 10 photos. It's useful when traveling, ...    10 MB    Views 9902


videos photography video camera simulation time mode upload field speed choose
+15    Create | Share: Interactive Photography & Slow Motion Videos. Freezify is awesome for Slow Motion, Timelapses, 3D Selfies, Panoramas, Light Field Simulation and more. With freezify, you can upload videos from your camera roll, or take new videos inside the app, ...    21 MB    Views 3541


-1    Speed Tracks is a sport independent advanced coaching tool that provides: immediate measurable feedback to coaches and athletes without the need for sophisticated and expensive timing and video equipment. Speed Tracks provides video timed to the 100th of a second; ...    17 MB    Views 6372
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+16    Have precise control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and flash level, just by simply moving the slider while taking a photo or video. Manual Camera gives you DSLRlike controls with an intuitive interface. Other Features: • Realtime Histogram • Video formats, ...    2 MB    Views 8801

Speed Photo

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+11    Speed Photo is now in the New & Noteworthy in US Speed Photo is now in the New & Noteworthy in Germany Take rapid photographs without even pressing a button You can zoom in, select the best photo and email it, upload ...    5 MB    Views 7616
-8    Let capture a beautiful light trial and slow shutter effect with our app It can give you an ability of DSLR, but in your hand Features: Live preview Full camera control, e.g. exposure, shutter speed, selftimer, etc Advanced photo editor Save ...    8 MB    Views 6648


photo photos smugmug site slideshow access internet view speed
+4    SmugShow is a simple and effective way to show off SmugMug photo galleries. You do not need to have a SmugMug account to use SmugShow.  You only need to know the site nickname of the SmugMug photo site you wish ...    477 kb    Views 6537
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+30    VideoPad Video Editing Free is a fullfeature video editor anyone can use. VideoPad is designed to intuitive for a friendly user experience. Using VideoPad, you can create professional quality videos in minutes Complete Video Optimization: Finetune color and other visual effects Slow down, ...    4 MB    Views 5255

LE Exif

photo ipad images speed details exif devices easy
0    Life Easy (LE) Exif aims to provide a fast, easy and convenient way to check the photo details on your iPad or iPhone devices. If you want to check the details of your pictures or images shared by others or those ...    3 MB    Views 9592
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+9    Let capture a beautiful light trial and slow shutter effect with our app It can give you an ability of DSLR, but in your hand Features: Live preview Full camera control, e.g. exposure, shutter speed, selftimer, etc Advanced photo editor Save ...    8 MB    Views 3490
camera shutter speed sec adjust function
-4    Nonintermittent camera explanation Immediately In the moment of pressing the shutter,did you have never been sad? The user can adjust the shutter speed, and have a series 5 photo at one go. Please press It is easy to use. It stored in accordance with ...    3 MB    Views 7875


exposure great reciprocity settings speed
0    Reciprocity easily calculates exposure settings for great pictures every time. Great for anyone, from beginners to seasoned photographers. Features: Instantly calculate Exposure value, ISO speed, Aperture, or Shutter Speed Enter values either directly or via a slider Option to choose Exposure ...    2 MB    Views 5740


Related Apps art artwork library photo color speed zoom full kaleidoscope
0    Annamika is a Masterpiece of Interactive Art. Meditative and visually stunning, Catherine Hubert’s artwork in the Annamika application stimulates both the eyes and the intellect. Based on the highperformance OpenGL engine of Scott Collard’s Kaleidoscope X, the app also takes full ...    37 MB    Views 3285

Fastest Cam Pro

Related Apps shooting photos choose speed
-7    Note Does not support iOS7 yet. ▲30 frames per second highspeed continuous shooting, and has reached the limit of mobile phone hardware, unsurpassed. ▲ Unlimited number of shooting + Save. ▲ Shooting speed can flexibly choose, think fast to slow, singlehandedly control. ▲ The ...    4 MB    Views 86
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+20    Optimised for Apple Watch and iPhone, LongShot lets you quickly, easily and accurately calculate settings for low light or long exposure photography, when the limits of your camera’s exposure meter are exceeded. LongShot works effortlessly with Neutral Density (ND) filters. Features: • ...    7 MB    Views 4319
+19    66% OFF — LIMITED TIME If you're a photographer tired of trying to tap your way to the exposure you want, then this is the app for you. Manual Camera gives you DSLRlike controls with an intuitive interface. Full independent control ...    7 MB    Views 3056
Related Apps camera shutter speed seconds control lighting ads enhance built
+6    Like our FREE version? Now buy our paid version without Ads for a smooth photo taking experience. Ideal app in situations where there is poor lighting or you need some control over your shutter speed to create that special effects. Set the ...    7 MB    Views 6138


Related Apps iphone shutter tiff speed full volume images jpeg metadata exif
-1    A camera for the serious photographer. Save developed RAW (dRAW) snapshots as lossless TIFF Continuous ISO and shutter speed readouts Dualstage shutter release Locked White Balance for complete consistency between shots Separate exposure and focus locking Optional horizontal guide Volume ...    679 kb    Views 9278


hour quick speed
+8    Are you in a passenger seat of a car or a train and wanna take a quick selfie? Show the World how quick was that and print your speed on the photo You easily can switch between mile per hour and kilometer ...    4 MB    Views 2553
wifi music slideshow connect bluetooth message sending date send speed
+4    We can enliven your heartfelt messages with a dramatic slideshow. Features You can attach stickers to your slideshow and enjoy moving images It is easy to manipulate. It just takes a moment to make it during a date and show it to your ...    6 MB    Views 8567

EXIF Manager

camera ipad images speed exposed image shutter stop length iso focal
-1    The EXIF Manager takes all the images on your device and allows you to compare them in 6 different ways by Exposure Value, by Shutter Speed, by ISO Rating, by f/stop, by focal length and by camera maker. Select one ...    3 MB    Views 8705
photo age speed surprise height sound
+13    “The sense of speed is amazing”“It’s like I’m really riding.” An unreal virtual roller coaster in your home Enjoy a thrill unlike anything you’ve experienced before with this dynamic 3D roller coaster simulator” Thank you for riding. Let me explain our new ...    18 MB    Views 9822

Exif Reader

photos photo ipad iphone map exif information shows speed iso display
+16    Exif Viewer is an application that displays the information of photos. Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format) is the information of photos taken with a digital camera. Exif stores the location, manufacturer, model, direction of rotation, date, time, color space, flash, ISO speed, shutter ...    1 MB    Views 940

Daily Selfie

photo photos time video library iphone album speed add daily adjust
-8    Daily Selfie is the One a Day PhotosToVideo app. Make a daily selfie album for yourself, an album for each child, another for your wife, one for a vacation or special event, whatever you like, as many as you like... Take a ...    10 MB    Views 7884

Speed Cam

photos speed capturing save single choose
+3    Introducing our iPhone app, the “Speed Cam” Redefine photography – take shots at lightning speed With just a single press of a button you can take many photos in a single second It is designed specifically for capturing fastmoving objects ...    NAN    Views 8174

Past Camera

camera time resolution lapse function select shots speed
+8    Special price for a limited time Introducing a mysterious new camera app that can photograph the past Have you ever thought, "If only I had taken a photo of that" Or have you ever gone crazy trying to catch that ...    11 MB    Views 1520
Related Apps camera photos editing media creativity special effects capture shutter mode speed pictures
+23    We understand the importance of capturing each special moment that is why we give you Camera Special Effects. Camera Special Effects captures crisp and vivid pictures and edit them directly in your iPhone, iPad or iPod. With Camera Special Effects taking dull and ...    9 MB    Views 5012
video videos voice motion speed sequence original change fast slow
+3    All you need to edit and sequence your video at full resolution is here, gathered in one app. Sequence your Videos combine a complete video editor and a powerful video sequencer to easily carry out amazing videos. Create slow motion, ...    16 MB    Views 3137
Related Apps camera photos gun machine shoots speed high save moment fastest
-1    Fastest Camera in AppStore Over 28 photos per second Machine gun camera, shoots photos fast like a machine gun, the coolest camera ever  Don't miss out the moment Ever had trouble with the default camera shoots photo too slow? Machine gun camera shoots ...    701 kb    Views 1805

Camera Zilla

photo camera photos social effects share image save included focal speed
+10    ? ??? Camera Zilla ??? ? Complete Photo Editor with more than 100 unique Photo Filters: With the Image Editor builtin editing Photos and applying multiple types of photo effects has never been so simple, it has an intuitive navigation with simple ...    16 MB    Views 752
Related Apps video voice text music editing videos fast add editor choose adjust format speed
-3    VideoShop is the best app to personalize your videos and share them with all your friends. It is a great video editor with fast editing tools, and many other effects for creating awesome videos. Easy to use editor with a tutorial guide ...    15 MB    Views 4486

Crazy Shot

audio facebook photos movie series shot sensor pictures speed device picture crazy
+7    Remember the classic selftimer? Forget about it, Crazy Shot changes everything ➠ Timer for the first picture, between pictures in series and for a delay right after your sensor settings trigger a shot ➠ Configurable sensor for orientation. Where do i point ...    8 MB    Views 4436
camera photos guide exposure understanding color full field speed
+25    This easyApp Guide is a portable guide to Understanding Exposure, with which you will experience an incredibly useful learning experience. This app is perfect for use in the field with your camera by your side. The easyApp Guide goes into detail, ...    63 MB    Views 7269

Warp Speed Camera

Related Apps camera iphone speed effects live warp level light objects
-5    Search the App Store for "Live FX" our the most admired app (March 2010). It turns your photos into masterpieces, allows you to get live effect preview right in camera viewfinder, create unique effects (new stacking/layering approach) and even share ...    221 kb    Views 841
Related Apps wifi music slideshow connect message date bluetooth speed
+5    We can enliven your heartfelt messages with a dramatic slideshow. Features You can attach stickers to your slideshow and enjoy moving images It is easy to manipulate. It just takes a moment to make it during a date and show it to your ...    9 MB    Views 6215
camera iphone video photo time pebble high speed easy
+22    See what your iPhone screen have in your Pebble. Control your iPhone Camera with your Pebble. Make your iPhone and Pebble more powerful with this app Better utilize your iPhone and Pebble High speed video transmission with new image compression algorithm ...    11 MB    Views 3616
photo photography calculator ipad film stars star trails night sky daylight information speed
+11    Astrophotography Is an iPad application that provides you with tools and information for star trails photography, still stars photography and a locationbased daylight information tool to make planning easier and precise where ever you are. star trails calculator, plan your star ...    3 MB    Views 3269
video burst shot playback images speed image interval play
0    This app can slowplayback video, and take burst shot from any point in video stream to some interval images , for sports training, video learning, etc. Some addons with in App Purchases Auto saving images 9 Gridded image Paint on preview Change Playback speed Burst shot ...    6 MB    Views 4386
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