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+3    TriggerCam lets you shoot photos or video when triggered by motion, sound or a timer. TriggerCam can be triggerd by ➤ a timer ➤ motion (or stillness) ➤ sound (or silence) The motion and sound sensitivity can be adjusted to fit your needs. In addition you ...    843 kb    Views 7942
camera photos sound small
+17    Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. And does not harm others in public places. Features: ● IP Camera. ● HighQuality Photos. ● Auto save to Camera Roll. Small Sound Camera is a good ...    5 MB    Views 4503


+1    Finally, the long awaited social network for the modern car lover. Incarnation is simply the best way for car enthusiasts to share and discover the cars they love. Worked on your own custom car? Photograph it, record its engine sound, enter ...    11 MB    Views 5586
photo photos music free sound
+13    Free radical is an experimental work of the photographer, Emi Ichikawa. It is not merely an electronic form of her photo collection, but it is combined with sound, creating an original worldview. You can enjoy pairs of photos arranged in two columns as ...    202 MB    Views 8001


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+16    Why spending time on texting? Share the right sticker with sound in one tap Download and start Veeming. Veems lets you share photos with sound and sharing them with friends and the community of Veemers. Add your unique take on any ...    NAN    Views 2193

Photo Sound

Related Apps photos sound
+3    Liven up your photos, by adding the surrounding sound at the time of shooting. Create your own albums using your photos with sound.    5 MB    Views 7786


photos sound share www background
-1    Have you ever wanted to listen to the sound of a photo? Now you can do it with SONIKA. You are going to hear the sound of the background of the photos, because SONIKA records the sound while you take the ...    8 MB    Views 2424


photo camera album sound pet shortcut
+2    This app makes your lovely pet album easily and share with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. Pet album can be sent to your PC by email for permanent preservation. For trainer, app has whistle range from 10000Hz to 17000Hz to ...    3 MB    Views 7910

ahha emoji

+7    Create your own emoji series with Selfie Features: Enable sound activated Say “ahha” to take your selfie pictures Builtin timer function provides for both sound and tap screen photo activation methods Easy to use and more stable to capture every ...    21 MB    Views 3258

Say Bacon

0    Hiro, my Shiba Inu, is a really terrific dog but he has the attention span of a gnat. Trying to get him to sit pretty and look at the camera was almost impossible. That is why I came up with ...    516 kb    Views 5871


baby camera photos photo sound picture attention device mode play volume
+22    Ever tried taking a baby photo and had trouble getting the little one's attention? Take nice baby photos with BabyPix Attract babies' attention to the camera by playing various sound effects. BabyPix is a camera app for taking baby photos. When you ...    6 MB    Views 5221


photos photo camera shooting email iphone map 360 sound touch exposure appstore
+9    360 is the only app that lets you create your very own "live" 360 degrees photos and panoramic with sound. 360 has been featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy in the US and other AppStores for its release. Note: The app ...    26 MB    Views 2932
apps messaging voice photos sound imessage send add quickly friends
+7    SoundGif is super easy and fast: 1. Press and hold to take photos, or choose 3 photos 2. Add your voice 3. Send in iMessage or social apps Quickly make your own GIFs, add sound or voice. Tap to send to your friends in ...    8 MB    Views 5361

Comic Style Photo!

comic speech text art effects balloons effect book sound turn variety dynamic
0    Turn your photos into panels of a comic book Use a variety of speech balloons, fonts, sound effect art and screen effects to turn your photographs into creative messages you can send to your friends and family Speech balloons and text Choose ...    2 MB    Views 3654


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-2    Chatsnap : Make your images come to life with an audio soundtrack Chatsnap is the amazing FREE app for sending pictures with sound. Capture the Atmosphere Snap, record, send – it’s so simple Download Chatsnap today to get going Record sounds from ...    6 MB    Views 8667


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+1    is a free app to see "live" 360 degrees photos and panoramics with sound captured with the app. allows people who don't own to be able to see the 360 photos sent by their friends. You can also see some samples ...    26 MB    Views 8003


video photo wifi film email videos private public friends sound events share
+22    Duppp is a revolutionary application in the video domain. Create a Duppp: private or public on your own or in collaboration by inviting your friends Then launch it Now everyone can make as many videos and take as many sound images as they ...    3 MB    Views 8007
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-9    News I changed to " Frame a lot of Camera 2014" the application name . We are planning to add frames a lot in the future Thank you 2014 version is upgraded and more In addition to improved operability , the frame ...    53 MB    Views 8926


+19    Get your pup to say cheese Have you ever tried to get a dog to smile for the camera….it’s pretty imposible to get their attention. When you are ready to click, the dog looks away, moves, or jolts leaving you a ...    402 kb    Views 4654
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+11    FamilyBook lets you share talking photos with your family. It works like a group album, except every photo has voiceover. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a talking picture means so much more. It's a story book that ...    42 MB    Views 7766

Palm Lab for iPhone

Related Apps photo iphone watch lab effects process sound effect water
-7    Palm Lab is your personal photo processing lab on iPhone or iPod Touch Load your photo into the developing tank, and watch your film gradually develop into a masterpiece art in the water as you are immersed in the ambient sound ...    6 MB    Views 685
video videos music effects add create sound special instavideo editor transitions
+16    50% off for a Valentines Day Share with a loved one InstaVideo is the perfect video editor for Instagram and all your videos. Add a personal touch to all your videos with fast and easy editing tools and a suite of ...    16 MB    Views 4889
photo age speed surprise height sound
-6    “The sense of speed is amazing”“It’s like I’m really riding.” An unreal virtual roller coaster in your home Enjoy a thrill unlike anything you’ve experienced before with this dynamic 3D roller coaster simulator” Thank you for riding. Let me explain our new ...    18 MB    Views 9822

CineSound FX.

video videos movie email photos recording high effects sounds sound imovie maker
-4    Looking to add special effects and sounds to your videos and photos with a fun and easy to use App? CinesoundFX lets you choose between four different effects and sounds to apply to your videos, photos and sounds. Easy to use, ...    7 MB    Views 5991


-4    Experiment. Create. Share. Discover a completely new way to interact with your photos. Take a picture, or use an existing image and Picphony converts its colours into a totally unique 
sound effect.  Imagine what pictures of these would sound like: 
• A sunrise? 
• Your partner or ...    20 MB    Views 8832
video time add day 365 life sound single year project track
+9    Video 365 lets you capture, remember, and share your life, one day, one video at a time. Your life is filled with so many precious moments, but we often forget to stop and reflect on the memories we've created. Shoot ...    33 MB    Views 6798

Pet Photos

photos apps pets pet button sounds sound play
+5    Pet Photos is a fast, simple, and clean app to assist in taking fantastic photos of your pet. Make a sound to grab your pet's attention with the left button, then snap away with the right button. Combining the two, the ...    10 MB    Views 2570

Silent Camera+

+5    Time Limited Offer The price is only 50% of actual price Get it now,while it's really cheap. Silent Camera+ is an application that can take pictures by a little small shutter volume. Please use it when you want to take the photograph in quiet ...    796 kb    Views 9854
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+15    The worlds happiest camera is here Do you enjoy making others laugh or pulling pranks? Even if you don’t Happy Camera is perfect for you Capturing the moment is a breeze using fun sounds and instant live video filters. Customize your ...    40 MB    Views 6272


photos photo audio sound add play effects record
+14    PixKix offers a novel way to share your photos in a highly musical and entertaining manner. Now you can add an interactive or plain soundbite to your photos before you share them so people can see AND hear them. Actually they ...    11 MB    Views 6101
sound sounds life moments
+7    Our world begins with the sound of our mother's heartbeat. Everyday after, we hear a symphony of a million moments. From the mundane to the memorable, these moments are the sounds of life. Cochlear's Sounds of Life app allows you ...    2 MB    Views 4339
switch zoom sound shutter provide
+2    Thanks for 30,000 users Capera is more convenience app than default camera. 【Features】 Switch the shutter sound with slide switch. To provide zoom photographing can be simply executed with slider. Selectable Zooming Rate. Toggle Resolutions ・ Automatic Setting (to provide zoom.) ・ FullHD ...    4 MB    Views 6306


video malaysia smartphone sound record author completely
-7    There are situation that make you want to video record but you fear being confronted if you attempt to capture it openly. You a need discreet app that can just record based on a swipe of your finger, tap on ...    NAN    Views 1302
Related Apps camera movie photo sounds seconds shutter sound mode timer
+4    This is a simple manner camera application which can control the shutter sound. [Feature] Screen shutter You can take a photo by tapping not only the shatter button but also the preview image. Light You can set a torch on/off. Timer This app has ...    529 kb    Views 2351


photography camera stamp turn sound photograph put
+30    A baby, a child and a cat, and a dog The honey which does not turn to here though I want to take the photograph If take a photograph of the dear honey; honey Camera The honey camera gives a sound to ...    6 MB    Views 2709


shooting recording seconds timer sound recorded function playback turned cheer
+12    This app camera can be used as a cheer when the shooting and his voice was recorded. In addition to normal photography, but also equipped with selftimer function. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Feature Details >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Recording / playback ・You can use the recorded sound when shooting. Selftimer (5 seconds, 10 ...    80 kb    Views 3697
photo camera sound sounds record favourite child pet friends
-8    Are you tired of struggling to get your kids’ friends’ or pets’ attention when trying to take a great photo? With LookHear you now have a camera which can make a funny or attractive sound BEFORE you take your photo ...    18 MB    Views 4321
+19    Camera SX application takes photography to a new level, by merging it with audio recording to create incredible, unique stories. ◉ Capture moments through photos with sound. ◉ The application offers an elegant user interface inspired by real DSLR cameras. ◉ Take photos ...    15 MB    Views 4917
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+23    It is a simple camera app that can easily create comiclike photos and images. You can freely combine lighting effects, a wealth of sound effects, and so on. Processing speed is now 10 times faster. Machining process divided into two ...    20 MB    Views 6865

PicAdd Basic

photos photo text kids love life jpeg sound picture comment
-2    Today's smartphone users expect that photos capture not only images, but sound and text as well. Powerful smartphones, better cameras, microphones and limitless storage spoil us. The oldfashioned photos of yesterday no longer excite today's teenager or modern mom. So liven ...    4 MB    Views 6247
photo selfie mode motion sound timer credit sensitivity microphone device
+2    Selfie Cam provide 3 ways to take selfie without pressing button 1. Timer Mode • Simple Timer Mode • Option : 3.5,10 seconds 2. Motion Sensor Mode • Detect movement of device and take photo whem device is stable. • Can adjust motion sensitivity 3. Voice Shutter • Analyze ...    3 MB    Views 493

Silent Camera!

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+11    'Clicks'  Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? Use the 'Silent Camera'? Take pictures without sound. Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. Does not harm others in public places. 'Silent Camera'? Highresolution photos. Familiar, easy UI/UX. Store map info to photo. Photo/Video recording can be ...    4 MB    Views 7832


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-3    You draw attention of a child and the pet by a pleasant sound by using this application and can take a photograph well. You can change the photograph to comics and an illustration,the oil painting style and attach a decoration to ...    12 MB    Views 6888

Gentle Camera Free

Related Apps camera ipad photograph sound target light shutter options creatures
+25    "Gentle Camera" is a Camera App which doesn't stimulate the target. It has the mild and adjustable shutter sound, and adjustable light which illuminates the target. To take a photograph of a sleeping child, sensitive creatures, or church rooms, please use it ...    2 MB    Views 1133
photos videos sound clips express
0    The world's most popular soundboard for your photos and videos Combine your photos and videos with your favorite sound clips to express how you feel. No sign up required 1) Snap a photo or video. 2) Add a sound. 3) Share your clip with ...    11 MB    Views 4528

Virtual ANS

virtual sound file bug unique draw
+4    Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958. The instrument was used by Stanislav Kreichi, Alfred Schnittke, Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edward ...    8 MB    Views 4847

Hear Pie

picture hear sound moment recorded
+7    You ever look at a picture and wonder what it would sound like if it recorded the surrounding sound of the moment? Now you can Hear Pie not only allows a picture to be taken and viewed but also captures ...    3 MB    Views 74


photography camera advertising time sound countdown seconds effect photograph change
+13    The photograph of a selftimer can be taken easily. It is a recommendation at selfCamera, group photography, etc. An advertising display is not shown in a photography screen. There is not what it makes a mistake at the time of photography, and pushes ...    5 MB    Views 2545
video police recording author sound smartphone
+3    Sometime the authorities need help as they cannot police everywhere and you will see "where is the AUTHORITY when you need them?" situation and you wish that you can record them but you fear being confronted if you attempt to ...    NAN    Views 9128

dePICtion app

sound moments posts pictures interactive world hashtags
+12    dePICtion dePICtion for iPhone is here The free and extremely interactive app allows users to share posts with high quality sound. DOWNLOAD NOW and begin sharing moments with other dePICters. dePICtion is the best way to Snap or see moments and ...    8 MB    Views 2587
Related Apps photos photo atmosphere moments remember matter filters sound
+2    Emotion in the image, Atmosphere in the sound. Photos are getting old they no longer capture the feelings, atmosphere or thrills of the moments we want to remember. Enter Soundscape. A new, unique way of sharing the moments you want ...    7 MB    Views 8048

Gentle Camera

camera ipad sound photograph target light shutter options adjusted
+14    "Gentle Camera" is a Camera App which doesn't stimulate the target. It has the mild and adjustable shutter sound, and adjustable light which illuminates the target. To take a photograph of a sleeping child, sensitive creatures, or church rooms, please use it ...    2 MB    Views 3394

Ears Up!

Related Apps iphone camera dog sound sounds ears select choose dozen trigger
+11    Rule number 1 of dog photography: get the dog's attention and interest. Perk his ears up and snap the shot. Every dog photographer has his own way to do this a toy to toss, a weird little throat noise, ...    18 MB    Views 7107
Related Apps camera shooting photography screen spy photograph continuous shutter sound
0    The spy camera 2 acquires proof certainly calmly. Continuation shooting can be carried out if imitation which telephones is carried out. Main features A spy camera is only photography. A black screen and a normal screen can be chosen. Continuous shooting. Shutter operation ...    325 kb    Views 2168
video sound bottom button
-6    MySound is the video editing application that can compose sound effects in the your video. Watching the tutorial 1.Select a video from the button at the bottom right. 2.Create a new sound from the button at the bottom center. 3.Export the photo album the ...    59 MB    Views 8256


camera photo design time pet shutter moment skin function slr sound
+13    The most powerful pet camera on earth We always want to give them the BEST The best food, the best little bed, the best toy…. But was unable to capture the best photos to record his growth SLR? Too heavy You ...    16 MB    Views 3993


facebook photo library sound picture presets stand good image
+21    Mission: To more fully understand the colors that surround us we must engage an additional sense. A Pollisynth takes a picture of something, and then translates that picture into a unique soundwave. As stated above, in order to fully understand the ...    12 MB    Views 6011
Related Apps photos photo camera videos twitter library sound trigger snap
+30    Also Check out and Download instavoice Pro App. CameraVoice App allows you to take photos without pressing the snap button, CameraVoice uses a built in Sound Trigger that allows anyone to say something to the camera microphone and it will snap ...    2 MB    Views 6820
Related Apps iphone black mode background optional complete screen shutter sound auto
-9    SpyCamera is an application for specialist, which can photograph clip by concealment. It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting. When school lecture by parts quietly. When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring ...    NAN    Views 2559


photo photos time sound share record
+20    A fotone is a photo which, in addition to the intended subject, contains the sound that is occurring at the time; or conversely, it is sound illustrated by a photo. We don’t even know what is more important here. In any ...    10 MB    Views 8088
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