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+3    FREE NOW All in One Stylish Camera. Let's make amazing photography Features: ● 8 Shooting Modes Create photos of different styles automatically, including: Single frame shooting Continuous shooting: Joint continuous shooting frames automatically. Multiple lenses shooting Double exposure shooting ● 7 Camera Lenses and 13 Films Swap easily to get different ...    15 MB    Views 8507


shooting display
+17    To everyone of Photographer Thank you for advice & use We are planning to add new features in the future. How to use Reflectors 1.Reflectors for reflecting light on the subject of shooting. 2.5Color / Gold , Silver , Black , White , ...    26 MB    Views 3693


+17    Panorama 360, GifBoom, Photo Booth, Live effect ,HDR and Movie Maker Camera, Now is in one Camera. Do you want such a camera APP, which has lots of professional camera features, classic photo filter effects, fashion camera appearances and various photo ...    17 MB    Views 1766
Related Apps shooting photos time camera cam continuous tap automatic shutter features
0    Take automatic continuous shooting of up to 5 images with Shutter Cam Camera features: CONTINUOUS SHOOTING: Select between 2 and 5 pictures for an automatic continuous shooting TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 8150

Sfera Viewer

photos photo shooting 360 degree application viewer automatically screen
-3    Sfera Viewer is the Sfera's 360 degree photos viewer tool. With this application, users who don't have Sfera can watch Sfera's 360 degree photos sent by their friends. Once the application installed, photos sent by mail can be opened by pressing a ...    9 MB    Views 8511

iSelf Timer HD

+6    Have you ever wondered what's missing in all the pictures you've done? You SelfTimer is a must have for everybody who want to appear in their own photos. 5 and 10 seconds of delay before shooting. Flash ON OFF and AUTOMATIC ...    1 MB    Views 2287
photos camera shooting continuous piece
+9    This is a continuous shooting camera app for iPhone.   You can set the shutter speed between 0.1 second (fastest) and 2 second (slowest). Maximum shooting number is 16 photos. You can save the photos piece by piece. Also, you can share ...    333 kb    Views 9789
time camera shooting fixed day point
+1    Fixedpoint(Timelapse) camera. Sets the shooting time (from every day), before the shooting start. Automatically taken once the set time every day. You can make a video from multiple photos. If taking a plant, you'll be able to see the fastforward growth. Please comes to ...    6 MB    Views 8398
shooting camera photos instagram insta frames unique
-4    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ MAKE YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS POP "Taking multi shots with one click" "It will make you a ROCK STAR in Instagram" Make cool photos with Insta Multishot 6 UNIQUE FRAMES + FAST CAMERA SHOOTING FEATURES 10 camera filter effects 6 ...    8 MB    Views 7348
+23    With this photo app, you can conjure a shooting star in the evening sky at all times and make a wish either for yourself or for your friends. Lufthansa has made this app which enables you to make a wish ...    47 MB    Views 7903


Related Apps photo camera shooting photos twitter facebook mode picture image processing select
-1    "Camera" pays off Instead of buying different apps to take and process a picture you now have the opportunity to do both in just one app. With gestures you can set focus and exposure separately to have an effective picture control. You ...    22 MB    Views 3820

Beauty Meter!!

beauty photos photo shooting meter color level compare
+12    Have you ever tried to test your photo shooting talent? Have you ever thought about measuring your skills? Are you Interested in Photo shooting? Do you want to compare the beauty level of your captures among toprated photos captured by other users ? Are ...    10 MB    Views 7546

Multi Focus Camera

Related Apps shooting iphone camera time focus multi shutter locations automatically
+9    Automatic multifocus camera At once taken to various locations to adjust the focus automatically +Supported iOS8. Take pictures that focus on different places at the tap of a time Shooting once, repeat the autofocus shooting to various locations in the viewfinder. I just press the ...    3 MB    Views 3435
Related Apps camera shooting iphone photo photos histogram live mode guide application continuous
+2    Have you ever wanted to have live histograms on your iPhone camera? Does your iPhone camera application provides the composition guide and various shooting modes? Well, then you have come to the right place. The Camera Pro helps you to compose your photos ...    414 kb    Views 6940

GIF Flash Camera

shooting time gif adjusted supports move flash
+10    Free for a limited time Do you want to try to make photo move when you are tired of seeing static images. GIF Flash is the APP which could make your pictures move. It supports local browsing , and you can share ...    9 MB    Views 5225
Related Apps photos iphone camera photo shooting application shutter auto standard great screen
+12    Great news RedCamera is very simple camera which takes 30 continuous photos in rapid style. Great functions Its shutter speed is three times as fast as iPhone standard camera. You can take 30 photos by using this application while others can take ...    48 kb    Views 5805
Related Apps camera shooting photography time handbooks digital nikon skills cameras equipments learn
+24    This is the all in one handbooks to fully introduce the equipments of Nikon’s highperformance digital Cameras and Lenses Nikon Camera Handbooks is a handbooks viewer app for iPad that allows users to download and view handbooks for Nikon digital cameras ...    3 MB    Views 9433
photos shooting personal geo information device cleaner conditions gallery application
-8    "My Photos Geo Cleaner" is an application that takes your photos and copies them with removed all the data about your device and the conditions of shooting. Photos in your device gallery may include: Information about the device (iPhone, iPad, iOs ...    5 MB    Views 461

Fastest Cam Pro

+5    Note Does not support iOS7 yet. ▲30 frames per second highspeed continuous shooting, and has reached the limit of mobile phone hardware, unsurpassed. ▲ Unlimited number of shooting + Save. ▲ Shooting speed can flexibly choose, think fast to slow, singlehandedly control. ▲ The ...    4 MB    Views 86


photo photos camera shooting resolution sharing
-4    Special Limited Offer Price Roundgraphy is a camera app that creates photos with a circle frame. ▧ Artistic Effects Beautiful & Cool FXs vignette/xpro/oldstyle/pop/warm/ bluish/faded/twotone/cinema/sekki/ toy/vintage/xpro2/ocean/fire/cream/ rose/dogdays/fishsheep ▧ Colorful Frames 63 Colors ▧ Photo Sharing Easy to Sharing Photo with your frinends Twitter Facebook Email Instagram Photo Album ▧ Resolution Full device ...    512 kb    Views 9957


Related Apps camera photos shooting share mosaic filters sharing choose mosaics
+3    Inspired by the multilens cameras of yesteryear, Mosaicam is a fun camera app that allows you to shoot and share mosaics made up of multiple pictures. It's perfect for everything from selfies to landscapes.  EASY TO USE Open the app, start ...    13 MB    Views 9641
Related Apps photo photos shooting location grid easily displayed information sharing
-6    GRID is a new image sharing service based on location information. You can easily see photos taken at a location as well as other photos taken at a location in the photo. The more you use GRID, the more GRID expands. Work with ...    5 MB    Views 4004


photo camera shooting photos iphone screen memory save swipe sensor
-9    [Description] Do not touch the screen,You shoot the camera with proximity sensor. Proximity sensor shooting Since noncontact, you can easily shoot images that do not shake. You will not miss a precious photo opportunity. photo in the main memory After photo stored in main memory,Save (camera ...    8 MB    Views 5593
Related Apps photo camera shooting video secret screen black albums folder manual auto
-5    Secret Camera helps you manage a photo and video into Secret albums. Support the blackscreen shooting mode You can choose the Blackscreen image from photo albums. 【Functions】 Normal camera feature Auto/Manual Focus Auto/Manual Exposure Whitebalancing Grid line SelfTimer shooting Burst shooting ...    15 MB    Views 43
+11    Do not miss a moment. Motion camera can detect movement and automatic photo shoot. Really has the capability of fast continuous shooting. 0.1 to 2 seconds you can adjust the shooting speed. Function A motion sensor Shooting speed control function (0.1 2 Sec) ...    2 MB    Views 4202
photos shooting time screen gif touch record mode device quality
+15    With the "One touch on screen to record photos and GIF" application, by clicking anywhere on the screen of your device, you are now able to make a large number of photos, choose the best ones or create GIF animation ...    4 MB    Views 63
Related Apps camera shooting photography screen spy photograph continuous shutter sound
0    The spy camera 2 acquires proof certainly calmly. Continuation shooting can be carried out if imitation which telephones is carried out. Main features A spy camera is only photography. A black screen and a normal screen can be chosen. Continuous shooting. Shutter operation ...    325 kb    Views 2168
-8    ++THE BEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR ++ INSTAGRAM PHOTOS POP And it's FREE Insta Multishot is the best way to take continuous shooting Taking multi shots with one click It will make you a ROCK STAR in Instagram Make cool photos with Insta ...    11 MB    Views 1783
Related Apps shooting photography digital introduction mode priority shutter types modes basics
+7    Interested in digital photography? Get started on the right path with this introductory course on digital photography basics by Matt Vanacoro... App Features: • 111 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Course Outline: 1. Introduction ...    618 MB    Views 3004
Related Apps time shooting camera sharing real mobile pictures support
+19    Tired of traditional camera mode? Short of selfie skills? Copix is the solution. Copix let you discard the selftimer lever, and provides a new way of taking pictures. It is the premier way to shoot and share your photographs. You can ...    2 MB    Views 903
Related Apps shooting photos continuous automatic
+3    Take automatic continuous shooting of up to 5 images with PhotoSeries Camera features: CONTINUOUS SHOOTING: Select between 2 and 5 pictures for an automatic continuous shooting Photosharing: Send photos via EMAIL Share your photos on TWITTER    1 MB    Views 2458

Boston PIX

shooting boston pix guide
+15    Boston PIX is a free MobyGuide for Boston. The app provides a photographer's guide to getting the best pix of Boston. The app helps photographers know when, where, and how to get the best shots at the best locations in ...    2 MB    Views 8150


shooting map camera picture day markers location
-5    The "PicLoc" is a picture viewer that can display shooting location markers into map. The Features Do not grouping markers even if zoom out the map view. The individually photo filtering by "Year", "Month", "Day", "day time". The camera that can ...    10 MB    Views 2757


time photos shooting function set put saved automatically flash
+21    Teiten is a fixed point camera app to take pictures automatically at a specified time. The captured photos will be posted automatically to the saved or Twitter. Growth record observations and event venue landscape delivery of flowers, it will be available in ...    4 MB    Views 2944
Related Apps photos camera shooting ipad piece continuous
+15    This is a continuous shooting camera app for iPad.   You can set the shutter speed between 0.1 second (fastest) and 2 second (slowest). Maximum shooting number is 16 photos. You can save the photos piece by piece. Also, you can share ...    451 kb    Views 7769
Related Apps video shooting filters 200 provide iphone6 filter
+7    MixMee is a fun app for shooting video, 1000 filters MixMee includes 200 dynamic filters,200 color filters ,600 frames and your audio to make amazing video, will give you the look you want in seconds. MixMee, just like a soap opera. ...    8 MB    Views 8945


photo shooting iphone candid scene pictures record choose invisible
-1    Candid,your professional invisible camera, perfect candid weapon Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions: Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to take pictures. Some times crime happened, you need to record it; Maybe for some secret interview; Record someones' embarrassing; Function: 1. ...    6 MB    Views 9762

Shooting I 2 HD

+2    앱에서 제공하는 배경들중 마음에 드는 배경을 고른후 사진을 직접 찍거나 사진앨범에서 이미지와 같이 저장하거나 메일로 보낼수 있습니다. 간단하면서도 재미있는 "Shooting I" 를 즐겨보세요 Choose your favorite from a variety of backgrounds provided by the app. Take a picture with the background or combine ...    16 MB    Views 8685

Janus Camera

Related Apps camera photo iphone shooting ipad support mode manual supported modern
+26    Take a photo without ShutterSound If someone else around you, it works as Normal Camera App. If nobody around you, it works as Spy Camera App. iOS 8 Full Supports. ModernStyle Beautiful Camera HDR Supports SelfTimer / Bluetooth Mode ...    6 MB    Views 4559
photo shooting pose posing tips beautiful correct poses application
+2    Photo Posing App is a stunningly, bright and beautiful app that is indispensable for models, photographers and girls who want and like to be photographed. The application helps simplify the process of posing and makes it available to everybody. The clothes change ...    87 MB    Views 9102


shooting recording seconds timer sound recorded function playback turned cheer
+12    This app camera can be used as a cheer when the shooting and his voice was recorded. In addition to normal photography, but also equipped with selftimer function. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Feature Details >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Recording / playback ・You can use the recorded sound when shooting. Selftimer (5 seconds, 10 ...    80 kb    Views 3697
camera shooting
+3    Continuous shooting,focusing the shooting function, two lattice, standard four lattice, a lattice type four, nine lattice. Multishot Camera makes photos more interesting,shares the beautiful moments.    2 MB    Views 9305


shooting filters list
-2    This is a camera app that you can enjoy various filters. [list of various filters] . Oldfashioned . Fake Miniature . Sketch . Stylish . Clearly . Spotlight . black and white photo . Sepia [List of features] . Silent . Shooting one shot . Burst shooting . Selftimer . Switch In/Out    1 MB    Views 4355
Related Apps photo shooting square mode grids grid support save normal
0    Notice. Next release version is required iOS 8.0 or later. You can change multiple grids with the swipe gesture. Gcamera is a useful application in determining the composition when shooting. Five normal grids & square grids.(save photo square size when square gird mode) You ...    5 MB    Views 493

SLR Photo Viewer

Related Apps photo shooting information displayed viewer
+13    This app is the viewer to watch conveniently on the iPhone for a photo that was taken with a singlelens reflex. Shooting information such as the F value and shutter speed is displayed on the thumbnail or list. Shooting information to be ...    3 MB    Views 7117


Related Apps shooting party left synthesis image bottom face save positive picture
+2    [Version 2.2.1] [Support] 5.1 or more iOS [Explanation] In one shot, "positive image", "mirror" Synthesis "half right" "left half synthetic" to save one image as a four. Use as you would think the main shoot of the face, turns into another person's face just ...    5 MB    Views 1387

Siuming Photo

photo wedding shooting
+10    Siuming.Photo is formerly known as which was established in 2006. Siuming.Photo provides expert and unique photography services specializing in prewedding, wedding day photo shooting as well as portrait, maternity, family, baby photo shooting. Siuming and his crew are friendly, ...    8 MB    Views 788

Camera Album

photo shooting camera videos time album pictures select save
+25    Control your photo album self Camera album gives you the possibility to save the pictures and videos where you want them. No more the troublesome rearrange Features Automatically moving photos and videos Shooting photo and video Select a ...    721 kb    Views 1535
shooting focus distance depth field information quick change aperture
+1    When shooting a portrait with a large aperture lens, one would probably want to know for a given aperture and focus distance how shallow the depth of field is. When doing landscape shoot, one may want to know where to focus ...    266 kb    Views 8399
shooting video web camera support conversion screen gif simple album
0    New UI And New features iPhone 6/6 + optimization + Earphone, Volume keys can be photographed Features Perfect Silence Shooting Digital zoom(x10) Save storage location (Camera roll, Within the app) can be selected Gif, Video conversion .Simple make motion Picture (can ...    17 MB    Views 1763
Related Apps camera shooting production panasonic features give application issues
+21    Shoot amazing production video and photos with the hottest handheld technology with the Panasonic AGHVX200. VASST Join HD Consultant Gary Adcock as he examines the features, capabilities, and challenges of the Panasonic AGHVX200. A revolutionary camera that brings HD acquisition ...    278 MB    Views 1031


camera twitter shooting mode flick size iphone6 iphone5 burst top
-6    √ iOS 8, iPhone6, iPhone6 ​​Plus support. ■■ It entered AppStore Top Seller ranking for 2011 years.■■ ■ It broke through 190,000 downloads all over the world √ Japan Photograph category No.1. √ Japan Top No.3. √ A camera screen is turned to a top ...    3 MB    Views 5617

Multi-shot Camare

camera shooting continuous picture speed multi device shot auto
+3    Multi shot camera is a small tool for auto continuous shooting.You don't need tap "take picture" button every time for continuous shooting. This app support front camera and flash mode.All the photos will be saved to iPhone's Camera Roll.It will auto ...    1 MB    Views 2059


shooting movie photo hdr air olympus shoot material
+13    HDR for OLYMPUS AIR is a HDR material shooting app for "Olympus Air A01”. You can shoot a HDR photo and HDR movie materials. AE Bracket shooting Interval Timer Shooting Select JPG/RAW You can shoot with combination with these function and make ...    8 MB    Views 6225

Fastest Cam

Related Apps shooting photos speed choose
+4    30 frames per second highspeed continuous shooting, and has reached the limit of mobile phone hardware, unsurpassed. Shooting speed can flexibly choose, think fast to slow, singlehandedly control. The software starts automatically after the shooting, will not miss every ...    4 MB    Views 9686
shooting love photos pose mode manually continuous switch
+29    Do you always think that assuming poses will bother you when shooting? Whether do you find yourself repeatedly put Vsign when shooting? Ever do you want to emulate a position from a magazine, but never successful? Now you will no longer worry about ...    11 MB    Views 6148

Cherry Camera

photos photo camera shooting frames cherry stamps beautiful cute
+1    Use Cherry Camera to create beautiful, cute photos. CherryCamera will give you great fun in taking and editing photos. You can easily make beautiful and cute photos with under features: 1. Select a photo or take a photo with frames. Continue shooting. ...    89 MB    Views 2227

Camera Timer!

speech time shooting camera photo set countdown mode alert shot setting
+12    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    8 MB    Views 5949
video camera videos media shooting jumpstart menus masterworks great
+1    Welcome to the JumpStart Guide to Shooting & Producing Great Videos. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about ...    148 MB    Views 4812
Related Apps shooting timer button delay shutter
-8    Top 1 Self Timer Application Self Timer allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the actual photo. Once you push the button, a beeping sound is emitted which becomes faster ...    987 kb    Views 5585
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