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+1    PicBackMan is an automatic photo & video backup application that helps you to bulk upload photos & videos from your iPhone to any one or more of your online accounts like Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Sky Drive. With ...    6 MB    Views 1327
+15    Video Effect Tool Glowing Video Look app allows users to apply glowing effects to their videos in the photo library. Users will be able to change the glowing effects of the recorded videos. Video Effect Tool app is really ...    11 MB    Views 3576
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+20    VideoShow has 30 million users globally, is the best video editing software, free, no ads, no watermark Videoshow has received numerous honors in the Market, gain of nearly 1000000 users with fivestar ratings, tens of millions of users trust, was ...    17 MB    Views 89

2 Chainz MealTime

+16    Rapper 2 Chainz presents MealTime fan sourced recipes at your fingertips. Users can add cool frames and stickers on their food photos. Users can also share their original or remixed community curated featured dishes.    8 MB    Views 2939
+3    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, Pages, Key, ...    6 MB    Views 8362


+29    It’s a mobile based application where users can upload pictures and videos via their phone camera or photo gallery . This app serves a range of filters to choose from. Users can like or dislike eachothers uploads and receive instant ...    12 MB    Views 7094
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0    Cloudgram is an easy way to privately share photos and HD videos (without time restrictions) with your friends and family. Cloudgram lets you share photos and videos across iPhones, iPads, that other smartphone platform and via the good old web browser. Cloudgram ...    4 MB    Views 1813
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+3    There are many photo sharing apps in the market. Photo Share is arguably the easiest way to share or upload photos with a great user interface. With the app, you can upload photos to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter etc with ...    3 MB    Views 1910
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+20    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, text messages, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, ...    8 MB    Views 3569
+30    Memories happen in a blink...hold on to them with Blinkbuggy The Blinkbuggy app helps you digitally scrapbook your life by letting you capture, organize and share memories as they happen. The Blinkbuggy app allows you to: • Create custom time lapse videos (limited ...    39 MB    Views 8049


photos people twitter facebook social photo 150 instagram users share upload
+21    Find your potential neighbors and friends on 150 With 150, you can spread your photos to 150 people around you. Likewise, the photos sent from 150 people around you will fill up your Inbox. The photos sent from 150 people around ...    21 MB    Views 0
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-9    With Instant Repost Download & Repost Photos and Videos from Instagram easily. Search users or by tags and repost your favorite photos, Also save photos and videos from your feed and from other users to your device gallery. Features includes : Save ...    15 MB    Views 8541


photos time video videos search photo instagram save users download easy images
-1    GramGetter is an application that will allow you to create your own collection of any Instagram images and videos. As we all knows, Instagram does not allow users to save any Instagram photo or video. Thus we bring an easy ...    5 MB    Views 923

PGR Photo Estimate

photo users
+5    The Progressive Photo Estimate powered by OnSource allows users to take and submit photos and video of their vehicle to Progressive in the event of an accident. The app requires access to the user’s smartphone camera, and geolocation capabilities must ...    44 MB    Views 1623

Cloud Studio HD

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-6    On Sale for one week at .99 Cloud Studio is a new app for photographers looking to view, edit and share images stored on Dropbox. Cloud Studio and Cloud Studio HD are designed to work seamlessly with Dropbox, and enable users to ...    6 MB    Views 9884

YAX - Truly you

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+13    Share your thoughts freely with YAX Here it’s not your identity that matters, it's what you tell that makes you unique. Be yourself through free expression Share what you feel and whatever is on your mind: a crush, a doubt, tough moments, humor ...    15 MB    Views 5990


love social video photo share networks tag create users capture
-5    Believing in the collective power of love. LUV4wrd is the social network that encourages anyone who believes that love has the power to make a difference in the world to create, capture and share a moment of love and inspire others ...    26 MB    Views 904

GoCam feat aBubbl

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+8    GoCam feat. aBubbl lets you capture and share photos instantly to everyone in a bubble around you. aBubbl is a new exciting way to interact locally What are you going to share? This is how it´s done: TOUCHLESS · The built in camera ...    31 MB    Views 7865


+12    VUEtour A new FREE video touring app. Our app is the first app that allows users to record and upload multiple videos with cover photos all at the same time. You will be able all to do all of ...    8 MB    Views 5331
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-4    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, text messages, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, ...    10 MB    Views 3053
video facebook search twitter people email iphone dating social ipad chat free friends snapchat users contact
+5    Join, search and contact over 300,000 FaceTime, Skype, Kik & Snapchat users around the world for FREE Looking for friendship, dating, a relationship, networking or new business? Welcome to Video Chat BFF Video Chat Best Friend Finder is the largest FREE social ...    8 MB    Views 8042


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+8    KidFlik – My Kid's Life. You love your Kids; so do we. KidFlik is a perfect way to capture and store the beautiful moments of your kid's life. You can also share the moments with your friends on Facebook and Twitter ...    29 MB    Views 9581


photo twitter facebook photos friends leave share users easy
+3    Sneak'r is a free photo sharing app that lets you capture the hot guys you see around you everyday. Whether you spot him on your commute to work, he's your cable repairman or you just met him at the bar, ...    14 MB    Views 3820
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-7    • Pick a photo, add a caption, post it to 10 random Forward users. Receive a photo you like, flick it forward to 10 more random users • No accounts, friends lists, suggested or trending content... just the beautiful chaos of ...    2 MB    Views 2012
+26    With Croice you can create a photostory, when one photo is just not enough.. Croice it is more than photo and easier than video Combine photos video and sound in one masterpiece Tell the whole world what is happening around ...    56 MB    Views 3456
window image images users
0    Window to the Rockies is a slide show application highlighting beautiful, professional nature photography from the Rocky Mountains. All Images contain both horizontal and vertical versions so the images will look perfect no matter which way you are holding your iPad. Users ...    25 MB    Views 1650


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+17    EZeyePro allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from IPCameras and DVRs. 【Our imac version has released in Mac Store】 【EZeye URL】 EZeyePro allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from IPCameras and DVRs. 【Our imac version ...    5 MB    Views 17
+11    Does it bother you that your private photos or videos in iPhone might leak anytime? 「Private Photo Safe FolderAdvanced Phono+video Security 」can provide not only simple cover, but also multiple measures to protect your privacy. If you want to keep important or private ...    2 MB    Views 2892

Click Cam

click pictures picture share cam users
+17    You remember the good old Mini Cameras with amazing, entertaining and surprising pictures with each Click? Join in to experience a revival of this awesome way to view pictures. You show a great picture, got a spontaneous idea or land a ...    26 MB    Views 9091

Best from Tumblr

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+20    Check out thousands of the best posts and photos from Tumblr and MORE from other Tumblr users View, save, and share hundreds of the best posts and photos from Tumblr. Enjoy a clean view with all the best photos and posts ...    13 MB    Views 4672


map photos facebook email share application city users posts
+9    SnapCity, a localised application where you can share unusual pictures Summary of the application Unusual photos shared (& localized) via an interactive map. Transmissible photos via email and Facebook. A community space via the chat Notification to alert you of popular posts You saw a lion ...    992 kb    Views 279


video time photo image upload users images split public select
-2    Veeto is a photo and video sharing social media platform that allows users to receive valuable timesensitive opinions from friends, groups, or the public. Veeto allows users to upload an image, two images, or a video and then select an ...    20 MB    Views 8843


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0    Klieg allows users to create videos from photos taken with the app & photos imported from the Photos library. Users can choose from six free filters & three paid filters for their video: Natura ++ (an enhanced version of the ...    7 MB    Views 1076
email videos photos photo video iphone share users attach limit seconds ios
+7    Email Unlimited pics/videos No more limit of iPhone of 5 photos and 54 seconds video Share lots of photos in one email You can also share multiple videos in one email. A must have app for all iOS users. It really works Features: • ...    38 MB    Views 8682


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+3    ROL is an exciting way to share and discover great content. Send a photo or video to 3 random users around the world, and see if they ROL it on to others. Or sit back and be the judge by ...    7 MB    Views 4811


photo video instagram feeds create hashtags curated users share
-7    Discover, curate, and share awesome Instagram users, hashtags, and content Create and share your own custom feeds with Instagrammers AND Hashtags of your choice, as well as explore some of Instagram’s best media through precurated feeds from the Appiphany team "Coming ...    26 MB    Views 1847


photo social event album events share upload live join users
+9    The Best & Most Beautiful way to bring your friends to your own event and share the same experience, like never before GatherMe is a social realtime group photo event application that allows users to create or join the same event ...    28 MB    Views 7591


-7    Check out the latest fashion trends, add your adorable pet pictures to the pet category, find out the most beautiful places to travel and meet new people at the same time Here is an all in one app where you can ...    8 MB    Views 1717

Cloud Studio

photo users cloud studio dropbox edit view share images
+6    On Sale at .99 for 1 week Cloud Studio is a new app for photographers looking to view, edit and share images stored on Dropbox. Cloud Studio and Cloud Studio HD are designed to work seamlessly with Dropbox, and enable users to ...    6 MB    Views 1399


photo photos voice map friends share sharing community users
+23    Fotolr gives the iPhone/ipod touch users a photo and voice sharing community where you could make a lot of friends. Do you want to make new friends? You can always open Fotolr to make friends with anybody near you when you ...    17 MB    Views 5620


video community post share capture users posts posted content
-6    Be a good neighbor and support your community's well being. Capture, post, review and share geolocated photo/video reports to improve community awareness in your neighborhood. Vizsafe is the only crowdsourcing tool that’s always in your pocket and ready to work ...    6 MB    Views 7009


dog picture favorite ranking function interested share displayed users
+4    INUMANIA is an application which can see easily the picture of the lovely dog in the world contributed on the Internet. It is also possible to see how you are interested in any photo is users like dogs around the world ...    2 MB    Views 7788


photos photo facebook time users share categories strips sequence style
0    Want to satisfy your curiosity? Want to be inspired? DoubleBud provides a single area where users can come together and share before and after images throughout different categories. Human nature determines we see our lives in the past, present and future tense. ...    35 MB    Views 5381


-6    PressSnap gives users the ability to submit photos for sale to newsrooms, publishing houses and advertising companies around the world. Users also get exclusive access to paid photo assignments.    8 MB    Views 3746
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+14    ZhiTu is a new application interestingly combine the photo editing and photographs. ZhiTu is no longer oriented a single picture, but by the users to easily shoot and edit multiple pictures, realize a new way of pictures browsing. Use the ...    36 MB    Views 6900


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+15    Share your experience. Share it in your own way. YouPost is a great way to capture and share everyday moments. Share Pictures, 30 Second Videos and Written Posts with no character limit. Everything is in app including private messaging and group messaging, ...    34 MB    Views 6506


video iphone support stream contact live www users
-2    Protectron Version 1.0.6 Video Surveillance in Your iPhone Protectron allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders of Protectron cctv brand. Features: iPad iPhone and iPod Touch compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for ...    12 MB    Views 7048
photos videos iphone video search twitter instagram save repost user download api users
-7    View, search and save any image/video you see in Instagram with the highest quality. Repost Instagram videos and photos easily. SaveGram makes it easy to save Instagram photos and videos from your own, or any user to your iDevices. Did you love one ...    13 MB    Views 9662

Real Time Filters

Related Apps time users real filters
0    Real Time Filters allows users to crop and filter their personal images and upload them onto Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Users are also able to see their public photostream through the app.    4 MB    Views 1448


photos users disaster share communications rights
+26    InmarsatASIGN is an experimental version of UNASIGN for crowdsourcing georeferenced photos, text and disaster needs forms via satellite communications. The intention is to share the data for free with the international humanitarian disaster management community, United Nations, Civil Protection. Using this ...    7 MB    Views 4382


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+6    Description The PhotoFi app is an easy way to watch and share your photos during and after social events. At the beginning of the event users get a code that give them an access to the gallery of the event. During the event ...    3 MB    Views 5298
photos photo videos time twitter video email security library search files decoy folders support privacy users lock
+4    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos & videos very easily • With it, you can protect your privacy very securely with lots of features • Support dot lock & password lock Manage Folders • Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, ...    4 MB    Views 2728
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-3    Need to get the big quantity of likes on instagram? likegrow is best choose to make it come true No cheats from zombies or artificial followers but only sincere likes from other users HOW does IT work? It’s that simple. The ...    9 MB    Views 4648
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+10    100% Brand New Easter Sunday Wallpapers Easter wallpaper collections is a great arrangement of the best and most wonderful Easter Wallpaper right on your iPhone. It is most perfect for all people those who love Easter day and celebrate this new ...    5 MB    Views 8471
video videos photos love text creative painting camera email facebook users stickers mode motion overlays gif
-4    Kanvas is the standard for creative self expression With 6 different editing modes, you'll turn into a creative superhero making artsy gifs, timelapse videos, slow motion videos, animations, drawings and photo slideshows super quick and for free All kanvases are ...    40 MB    Views 8682


users pictures share friends
+22    Finally an app that allows users to share pictures in realtime. Smiletyme allows users to share photos instantly with their friends without having to wait for them to send via text or upload to social media. One person will set up ...    31 MB    Views 3148


video keyboard emotions facebook animated emojis messages gifs users access phone
+16    Convert your face into an emoji Use animated GIF emojis in Messages or Mail, or share video emojis to Instagram or Facebook EmojMe builds a realistic 3D model of your face and lets you play with it switching between hairstyles and ...    83 MB    Views 4100
car profile cars pictures exotic users share easy rare
+22    The Pro version adds the ability to edit your pictures before upload and look at the map to see where cars were spotted. "CarSpy" in the app store. Do you get excited about exotic car spotting? You are not alone, and ...    12 MB    Views 8275


iphone image users
+4    Please check new StripeCam 3.0 This app makes stripe image by take a camera or from photo library. I think that it becomes a very impressive stripe image if it goes well. iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS users will be ...    635 kb    Views 3081
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0    Shakeet Shakeet has arrived Finally you can share your best pictures just shaking your phone Shakeet is fun. Shakeet is easy. Shakeet is free What is Shakeet and what you can do with this amazing app? Shakeet is the new way to share your ...    6 MB    Views 5358
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