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+12    Does it bother you that your private photos or videos in iPhone might leak anytime? 「Private Photo Safe FolderAdvanced Phono+video Security 」can provide not only simple cover, but also multiple measures to protect your privacy. If you want to keep important or private ...    2 MB    Views 2892

Ever Movie

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+7    Ever Movie can enhance your videos in seconds. Adjust hue and colors Brightness, contrast and saturation Real time processing Import camera video Share video Use photo library Media Preview Process videos in real time and share them with friends.    20 MB    Views 6926
+1    Chosen by Apple in New & Noteworthy Photography apps Camera Art FX Your personal sketch artist will create instant works of art with a single tap. Explore various artistic styles that play out in realtime, take a picture ...    17 MB    Views 4970
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+11    Hyber is the app of the future You can choose a desired time and date for your photos and videos to be released. You now have your own personal time capsule. Relive memorable moments by surprising or reminding yourself and others Let ...    34 MB    Views 2158
photos videos ipad iphone camera twitter music time facebook apps files send http receive multiple share open dropbox
+14    Easy file transfer, share files of any type and size with yooSEND. From iPhone, iPad or iPod to iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, MAC OSX or any other mobile devices. NEW: YOOSEND for iPhone and iPad is an accessible way to share your ...    9 MB    Views 2741

nubie* baby journal

videos time personal photo photos cards facebook family journal milestones share unique friends send
+23    nubie is the easiest way to capture your baby‘s journey. It allows you to collect photos, videos, personal thoughts, quotes & milestones in just one place – and create a unique, living journal on the go. Want to share a unique ...    NAN    Views 186

Sketch Video/Camera

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-5    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ You can take a Sketch photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Sketch Lively Take a picture or record videos,and sketch a photo for it ➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠➠ It's the ultimate camera app hours of guaranteed entertainment for adults ...    1 MB    Views 5612

Picture Link Lite

ipad presentation videos library email photo time video link picture pictures presentations
+17    Featured by MacBreak Weekly, iPadCTO, OneDayOneApp and PadMania Picture Link is a super simple presentation app that enables you to hold interactive slideshows with images and videos on your iPad. The basic idea is that you can link different pictures with ...    3 MB    Views 7042


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+5    Share videos, pictures and music with unlimited friends in realtime, on any device, across the room or across the world Flikit leader fliks through images and media and all their friends see the same thing at the same time Available in ...    14 MB    Views 7132
+2    Now you can import your private photos and videos unlimited for FREE Exclusive Features: ✓ AR camera keypad: Make people think that this is a camera. When you pass the palm of your hand in the front of the camera, the ...    8 MB    Views 4904
photos photo camera time videos size share ios8 album roll instagram
-9    "eluv” is a simple photo album. To create an album of sweet photos on your phone, all you have to do is to select each photo as "LIKE" or "NOT". Recommended when ... Your phone is messed up with too many photos ...    21 MB    Views 8630
photos videos time photo share friends book address message
+18    With SnapRoom you can share your photos, selfies and videos secretly with your friends with a time expiration period. Share your most beauty moments with your family and friends. SnapRoom snap a picture or take a video and share instantly, you ...    25 MB    Views 9262
videos family parents time photos video memories plan share capture account monthly users
+13    Memories happen in a blink...hold on to them with Blinkbuggy The Blinkbuggy app helps you digitally scrapbook your life by letting you capture, organize and share memories as they happen. The Blinkbuggy app allows you to: • Create custom time lapse videos (limited ...    39 MB    Views 8049
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+12    Make amazing Video Slideshows with your photos in just 10 seconds. Over 16 transition effects to make your videos amazing(CrossFade, Push, Wipe, Slide, Rotate...) Create and share video slideshows with photos from your Albums or your Instagram account Choose the photos you want ...    11 MB    Views 8315

Arcivr Sync

photos videos time sync community create timer album perfect
-1    The perfect companion to your Arcivr account. Sync your device’s photos with your Arcivr collection in real time. Want to sync with a specific album or community? Create a timer that allows you to choose a destination for photos and ...    3 MB    Views 6243

Paged Photo Frame

photo time frame videos shown slideshow album display icloud loop
-6    Convert your iPhone, iPod or iPad in a photo frame to display photos and videos. With Paged Photo Frame you can configure: the album you want to display (could be an iCloud album) if you want the slideshow to loop ...    32 MB    Views 9035


time photos videos group members friends create
+6    Get together in KakaoGroup Create groups for family and friends, work and play Schedule and plan events with ease using KakaoGroup's announcement features and more. You can also easily send announcements to group members via KakaoTalk. Share anything Photos, videos, gif images, documents Upload photos, ...    51 MB    Views 8654

Tempo Video Editor

video videos creativity music time apps fly labs editor expression
+1    Tempo is the ultimate app for slowmo & timelapse. Get creative with the tempo of your videos by slowing them down and speeding them up while they play in real time. Explore the dimension of time in your videos with Tempo, ...    23 MB    Views 88
+3    Make time lapse photography videos automatically with Chrono Lapse Cam Features: Simple to use userinterface. Frames per second adjustments. Set custom time between each photo capture. Store videos directly to your Photo Library. More Features to come    1 MB    Views 3024


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+15    Painting your videos has never been easy. Do it with adjustable effects in real time and share the artworks with friends in seconds. Paint videos in seconds Real time video processing High quality videos Share paintings with friends Visual video ...    32 MB    Views 3562

Head Gear

Related Apps time videos video photos gear head friends share overlays fun face amazing
+14    Augmented Reality Video messenger with realtime face tracking and 3D overlays. Head Gear allows you to create stunning special effect videos and photos to share with your friends. Change your face in realtime with special effects and 3D overlays. Head Gear ...    111 MB    Views 5590
cartoon photo camera videos time effects record real
+11    You can take a Cartoon photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Cartoon Lively Take a picture or record videos,and Cartoon a photo for it It's the ultimate camera app hours of guaranteed entertainment for adults and kids [FEATURES] Take photos ...    2 MB    Views 2115

HP Pocket Playlist

Related Apps videos time music media photos pocket stream device requires devices mobile
+3    Enjoy your media library everywhere you go on your Apple smartphones and tablets. The HP Pocket Playlist app lets you play videos, music, and photos you've loaded onto your HP Pocket Playlist device. All you have to do is: (1) ...    12 MB    Views 4185

iFolder+ Free

photos video videos photo recording wifi time folder support documents perfect full
-8    ===iFolder+, Belong to yourself=== ➤ Safty Intelligent encryption, protect the folder No Internet connection to prevent the documents stolen Password protected, locked the document ➤ Wireless transmission Using Wifi, you can share files between iphone, ipad and computer Current open folder sharing, ...    10 MB    Views 368


+14    Painting your videos has never been easy. Do it with adjustable effects in real time and share the artworks with friends in seconds. Paint videos in seconds Visual video editing Use photo library Import camera video Share paintings with friends ...    31 MB    Views 4813

Lens 42

photo video time photos videos work lens simply date location link
+4    Lens lets you capture photos that are verified by date, time and location and displays them on a map. By giving you the power to capture and view photos that are 100% verified, you’ll never have to ask when or ...    12 MB    Views 5338
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+9    Create timelapse miniature movies using your iPhone Features: Control shooting interval in wide range. Apply Tilt & Shift blur effect. Increase color saturation. Create videos directly on your device. With PRO upgrade you get: 1280x720 and 1920x1080 video resolution. Noise removal filter. ...    2 MB    Views 5566


+1    MovieAdjustPro can enhance your videos in seconds. Adjust hue and colors Brightness, contrast and saturation Real time processing Import camera video Share video Use photo library Media Preview Process videos in real time and share them with friends.    22 MB    Views 2431
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+9    WINKit is an application that instantly geolocates the photos and videos you take and places them on the world map as you take them. You participate in creating a world portrait at any given moment. Display in real time: The beauty ...    29 MB    Views 8978

Chameleon Camo-Cam

camera videos time photos photo screen pictures set multiple secret
-5    Ever wanted to take a picture of something but worried about the person behind you catching a glance of your camera over your shoulder? THIS APP IS YOUR SOLUTION Now take photos and videos with your camera screen completely hidden from any ...    4 MB    Views 204
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-6    Enhance your Instagram experience with Grab for Instagram (formerly Instagrab), an Instagram companion app that brings new functionality and allows you to take full advantage of your mobile device and your social network. You can expand the capabilities of Instagram, ...    16 MB    Views 9267
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+5    If the application can not be started after the iOS update, delete the app and install it again. I want to move things fixed This application of killing time: You can create a stopmotion video. An animation can be made from the taken photograph. Videos ...    19 MB    Views 2002


photos video photo recording audio iphone videos time moments moment share friends seconds
+15    Momentage is a community for the new creatives. An easy to use app, you can craft and experience moments through combining photos, videos and SoundImages into a single post to create a vivid storytelling moment on your iPhone. Share your ...    29 MB    Views 8454
video videos photos music frame time tap button add cut crop
+19    The FAST and EASYTOUSE video editing tool that helps you build your own, unique and professional video & photo collages. How many videos/photos do you have on your iPhone/iPad? Do you want to view and sort your videos and photos in ...    35 MB    Views 8128
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+11    If you have ever looked through your photos and videos on your iPad and wondered when a photo was taken, then Snap Date HD by uCentric Apps is for you. Snap Date HD displays the date and time that each of ...    14 MB    Views 9290
baby photos family time videos kids photo facebook children recording growth precious smile moments share
+14    First Smile app is more than just a normal baby scrapbook or baby journal. It is a photo journal app for recording your baby growth or kids growth and make it simple for parents to turn all precious moments (photos/ ...    14 MB    Views 616

Pyro! for Messenger

messenger facebook camera photos videos time twitter fire share device effects
0    Pyro for Messenger SET THE WORLD ON FIRE Pyro for Messenger is an innovative augmented reality app which adds fire effects to your device camera in real time. With direct integration into Facebook Messenger you can share your hot videos and photos ...    18 MB    Views 5842


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+4    With the UberBooth, creating hilarious videos is at your fingertips The UberBooth provides a fun, easy and interactive way to produce lolinducing films in realtime. Indeed, you can edit and manipulate your videos directly while you shoot by using one ...    8 MB    Views 4603

Pause N' Print

videos video photos time pictures capture pause easy print
+6    Create pictures from your videos. Use Pause N' Print to capture still frames from you home movies. Our easy to use video player let's you pause the video, then move forward or backward one frame at a time to capture ...    46 MB    Views 6459

Pin Me Local

photos news directions videos time podcasts local share stories content city events venues category pin
+11    Pin Me Local is an exciting new app that returns the power of information and decision making to the individual. Rather than waiting for sponsored local news channels to pick up on the latest stories, hot new restaurants, or local ...    11 MB    Views 3713


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+8    Organize, edit and share photos and videos online, safely. Pixelgarde lets you view, add, remove or change geotags, dates, time of day, titles, authors and more for better content management. You can add blur to photos for additional privacy, add ...    5 MB    Views 7492
Related Apps photo photos time facebook email videos pictures upload easy size application send
+1    Finally an easy and organized way to view and upload photos and videos on Facebook Some of the amazing features include: This application is for your native email and for Facebook. • Did you ever wanted to send lots a pictures to someone ...    5 MB    Views 2314
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+10    Do you love to take selfies? Star Camera is the perfect selfie app with simple design, powerful filters and snappy frames. 100+ Filters Snap photos with 100+ high quality filters applied in real time. Make your selfies stand out in Facebook, ...    30 MB    Views 7776

Camera Art FX+

Related Apps camera art videos drawing sketch time effects pencil real
+9    Chosen by Apple in New & Noteworthy Photography apps Camera Art FX Your personal sketch artist will create instant works of art with a single tap. Explore various artistic styles that play out in realtime, take a picture ...    17 MB    Views 2541


videos video time share real
+3    MotionFix can enhance your videos in seconds. • Adjust hue and colors • Use photo library • Media Preview • Import camera video • Real time processing • Brightness, contrast and saturation • Share video Process videos in real time and share them with friends.    18 MB    Views 9049

Slideshow 365

videos time photos slideshow project 365 create free day gallery
-5    Slideshow 365 allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful slideshow videos that you can now share on Facebook, Youtube, and Email FOR FREE Customize your slideshows with music and a variety of effects with just a few simple clicks. ...    7 MB    Views 724

Reach Social App

social photos videos video photo facebook business profile time reach users premium location locations share
-2    Reach is a mobile photo and video sharing social network that rewards users for promoting Reach premium businesses while they are at that particular location. Every day social media users promote businesses by “checkingin” or “tagging” a location or event, ...    12 MB    Views 3538


video camera photo time recording videos effects effect real
+13    FaceMan Video effects reinvented. Starting from 4.0: Brand new, terrific new user interface 36 real time effects iOS6 ready iPhone5 ready Performance speed ups Bug fixes ================================ HIGHLIGHTS: ================================ 36 real time effects Totally new user interface Touch the effect to tweak it ...    6 MB    Views 8160

Camera Album

photo shooting camera videos time album pictures select save
0    Control your photo album self Camera album gives you the possibility to save the pictures and videos where you want them. No more the troublesome rearrange Features Automatically moving photos and videos Shooting photo and video Select a ...    721 kb    Views 1535
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-7    Stayfilm is an online movie auto producer with cinema quality that will turn your stories into films with soundtrack and visual effects. You don’t need to edit anything. The content selection is automatic from the content shared on social networks and ...    18 MB    Views 8113
photos videos ipad drawing time iphone pattern lock protect secrets set
-5    KEEP YOUR MOST VALUABLE, PRIVATE, AND INCRIMINATING PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND NOTES AWAY FROM PRYING EYES. Organize, browse, and share to your heart’s content, because all your important photos/videos are PASSWORD PROTECTED with this app. Manage your photo collection with ease, and ...    19 MB    Views 6047
videos time account purchase subscription period charged current
0    Gina Queen Of Heels presents a lot of never seen photos and videos for free inside this app. Included is the opportunity to contact Gina on her Facebook account. Furtheron a Puzzle will shorten your time during breaks with the opportunity to make ...    40 MB    Views 9985


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+11    Post more than just a single photo, share an amazing story with Tapsule. Tapsule lets you collectively capture photos, videos, and text on your own or alongside friends and post them to your social networks, or share them via email ...    25 MB    Views 5884
videos cartoon video time art photos music library sketch effects favourite add share overlays
-1    Cartoonatic turns your world into realtime cartoon videos and photos. Add awesome music, customize speed, change effects and overlays. Then, easily share your cartoons with your friends. Over 3 000 000 people enjoyed original Cartoonatic. And now we bring Cartoonatic 2 ...    46 MB    Views 5394
photos time videos friends place terms privacy bring
0    Glimpsable is the best way to bring photos and videos together. Automagically gather the photos and videos you and your friends take at the same place and time into beautiful shared galleries called "glimpses". Create glimpses from the photos from your ...    20 MB    Views 4313
photo facebook email photos twitter audio time search video videos files support file password computer multiple private share import
+10    iPrivateVault can protect your photos, videos, audios, voice recordings, documents, notes and other files from prying eyes. With it, you can manage your private files into secret albums with password protected. With it, you can store, view, edit and share your private ...    93 MB    Views 1239
downloading media video photo videos time files share device sharing devices cloud access uploading storage
+4    Sunshine Instant Sharing Without Cloud Storage Share Instantly. No Uploading, No Downloading. Don’t waste time uploading to the cloud. Connect devices directly. 1. Share unlimited photos and high quality videos; transfer files of any size 2. Access files across all your personal devices, ...    78 MB    Views 2715

Camera FX

Related Apps camera photos videos email library movies time effects record capture gallery effect share
-1    Camera FX, the camera app with more than 150 Real Time effects to capture stunning photos and record unique videos. What you see is what you'll get With Camera FX you can capture photos, and record videos, that you can ...    4 MB    Views 7789


music videos video time photos mix remix clips content beat select
+16    Play with your entertainment Easily create and personalize videos by sampling those of others In this new version you can remix music videos, movie trailers and make your own Simply hit the 'Sample it' button and you can jump right into professional clips, ...    20 MB    Views 405
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