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+13    Your guests, all their photos in one album. Have you ever hosted an event and had trouble getting photos from everyone? You might spend days waiting for replies to your text messages and it can take just as long trying to ...    30 MB    Views 9855

FotoFacts Podcast

+8    We want to use podcast as a public voice to help educate photographers of all skill levels and create a onestop shop for all things photographic in Oklahoma. We are fun and crazy guys hoping to deliver useful information in a ...    12 MB    Views 7788

Valentine Picture

+27    Welcome to "Valentine Picture" A free, fast and full functional App to make your photos look lovely. Do you want to send your valentine a lovely MMS or photo? Use Valentine Picture. Transform your photos with just one simple click and save ...    4 MB    Views 4046


photos family send
+2    immotion is an innovative way to share photos with your grandparents and all the rest of the family, anywhere in the world, directly from your device. immotion lets you send new photos to grandparents without them doing a thing: 1. Take a ...    37 MB    Views 8367
-3    Holiday Card Maker is the perfect app when you need to send a card instantly. No more forgetting to buy cards, and no more running out to buy stamps. With Holiday Card Maker make personalized holiday cards instantly and send ...    4 MB    Views 2004

Superstar Developer

+4    Do you know a Superstar Developer? .. do you have a photo of them? Let him/her know just how great they are by creating an official Superstar Developer social sticker. Send your Superstar Developer sticker over iMessage, Email and a variety of ...    25 MB    Views 7613
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-5    Send Any photo or video from your Photo Albums to snapchat Key features: Support Stories: You can post story from Camera Roll Supports both photos and videos Amazing Photo editor Add stickers and draw on your snaps Disclaimer: This app is not ...    17 MB    Views 3296
card valentine send couple gift making cute
-1    This "Valentine Making Cute Gift for couple HD" allows you to create personalized image and message on your chosen card design. This is a great way of sending a discrete Valentine card to your loved one. You can ...    11 MB    Views 6551


Related Apps photo twitter send add
+29    Release your mobile, creative, inner spirit Express how you're feeling and what you're doing; connect with people in more than words… be poetic, be genuine, be your most interesting self; be a happier human Send is designed to be simple to use ...    12 MB    Views 625

Holiday Card Maker

+19    Holiday Card Maker is the perfect app when you need to send a card instantly. No more forgetting to buy cards, and no more running out to buy stamps. With Holiday Card Maker make personalized holiday cards instantly and send ...    4 MB    Views 5255
Related Apps holiday card family friends send
+11    Would you like to send a personalized Holiday Card to your friends and family? Choose your Holiday, smile, click and then surround your photo with holiday décor. Wear a Santa’s hat for Christmas… hold a Menorah for Hanukkah…play a drum ...    52 MB    Views 9437
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-2    FlixAPix the next musthave app. Don't just send a photo of your delicious meal, make your friends jealous as they watch you chomp it down. Shred your ex. Shatter your enemies. Blow up your boss Send that selfie to your friend which ...    26 MB    Views 3842

Photo Tweet LE

photo library camera twitter photos tweet send
+7    The easiest and quickest way to upload photos to your Twitter account Become a Twitter Paparazzi with Photo Tweet LE. Send photos from your camera or photo library with ease. Here's why Photo Tweet LE is so popular: Simple to use Camera ...    777 kb    Views 1005
photo send album tattoo
-8    Want to play a fun joke on your parents, girlfriend or grandma? Take a photo or search your album for one and with this app you can give yourself the craziest tattoo and send it to them. They’ll freak out You ...    9 MB    Views 7043


+4    WaterMarkExpert is an app that helps you protect your images from someone who is using your images without your permission. It helps you copyright by putting a water mark to your photos/images. In Version 1, Here are the key features: 1) Text ...    571 kb    Views 5669

Metall FX App

Related Apps photo send object
+4    The MetallFX app has been designed to allow you to cover anything in metal effects. Create for fun and send to friends, or send to us and we'll give you a quote to do it for real Get started in 4 ...    11 MB    Views 2509
photo food social props choose fun share day glasses culture send
-7    Pimp out your photo with cool photo effects and props. Turn that boring selfie into a fun photo Send a photo to a friend getting married with wedding props. Change your hairstyle and get a glimpse of how it would ...    23 MB    Views 6190
fun send
0    Take part in a totally new way to share amazing moments as they happen. YOLO. Quickly snap two or more photos to make a video, add a caption and send it to a friend (actually it's more fun to send ...    14 MB    Views 1892


+29    This application allows you to quickly create and send Baublets, to yourself or anyone one your contact list. Use your photo library then size and crop your image, pay and send. From there a small charm will be custom made ...    11 MB    Views 739
Related Apps birthday camera send nice
+2    Wow, let's download the interesting and funny Birthday Camera for your beloved's surprise Take a photo and design with this amazing Birthday Camera. Then, send the nice designed picture/ card to your loves one and send a warm "Happy Birthday" greeting ...    31 MB    Views 9501


Related Apps family friends send
-2    InstaThank, the greatest thing to happen since the ink pen Send a short thank you video with InstaThank. All you have to do is choose a photo, type a message (optional), record your voice and then share. Take photos of your kids ...    8 MB    Views 5497


Related Apps website org send application
+10    Send video or photo messages to registered friends on the website. The use of this application is currently restricted to registered users of the website. Registration is only via the charitable UK organisations that are currently affiliated. Please ...    2 MB    Views 9966


photos media love social people sharing share send
+5    grandCam is the simplest way to instantly send photos to the people in your life that matter most: your VIPs. All you need to do is set up grandCam with your VIP's name and email address and you're good to go By ...    5 MB    Views 9094


send locations image data
-1    Require: iOS 3.2 later & GPS. ////////////// You can send 3 locations by mail. Why need multiple locations? So, to meet someone, Will drive car or get train, & Will appointment with you on any place. Where is station, where is appointment, want to know if it's ...    259 kb    Views 4180
+7    Wow, let's download the interesting and funny Love Camera for your beloved's surprise Take a photo and design with this amazing Love Camera. Then, send the nice designed picture/ card to your loves one and send a warm greeting now. Enjoy it ...    40 MB    Views 4553


friends pictures share send stickers posts
-4    Buddly The Now Generation Besides doing whatever you want to your friends’ pictures, in Buddly your friends can only see the pictures and posts you share once, and then it's gone . When your friends send you a picture, you change ...    NAN    Views 309
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+13    Either for work or for your own entertainment, with Photo Sharing sharing your photos is easy and fun. With Photo Sharing you can send as many photos as you want in one single email... even the whole album Photo Sharing allows you ...    9 MB    Views 6395
+30    Edit your own photos in pop art, cartoons, aged, colors changes, 3D cubes, Mosaic, Paint, distortion ..... but also draw or write your messages on your photos This unique application also allows you to create fake and fantastic photos, this is ...    8 MB    Views 8325
Related Apps photos email space option send
+1    This is MailCam, the ultimate way to take pictures when your device is low on space. Just enter your email and start shooting photos. Turn on AutoSend to have your photos sent directly to your email Features: Tiny App File Size ...    1 MB    Views 631

FreeBird Cards

Related Apps cards free day send
+21    Send real printed postcards from your phone or tablet for free We print and mail your photo and message on 6" x 9" high gloss paper the same or next business day. Send your postcard for free by selecting a detachable ...    12 MB    Views 9378


Related Apps party time send mail
-5    If you are at a party where they are using Snappshot then It's Party Time Download the app and look on the screen with the photo's for the Party Code and get started Do you want Snappshot at your own party or ...    10 MB    Views 5245
send picture create faces kaleidoscope
+30    Use this app to quickly and easily create kaleidoscopic images from pictures you have or have taken with your iPhone. YOU select what segment of a picture to repeat, how many times it is replicated, and whether or not adjacent ...    207 kb    Views 7254

Toronto Postcards

Related Apps card toronto postcards send
+26    Toronto Postcards: send an unlimited number of custom postcards of Toronto scenes, using email, Facebook and Twitter. Personalize the card with a message on the face of the card. Send to one or multiple recipients. Or save the postcard to ...    27 MB    Views 1522
christmas facebook email social twitter text tree builder result send wall custom friends ecards fun
+11    ♥75% off for Today Only♥ BUILD AND DECORATE YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AS YOU WISH Build your own Christmas Tree, decorate it with Ornaments, and have your Messages engraved on it. Post your result on your Facebook wall or Twitter. Make a custom ...    70 MB    Views 6909

iphone photos send
+30    Send real personalised postcards, on the move, using your iPhone, iPad or PC. Simply take your own photos, write a message and send the postcard. You can convert photos from Facebook and send to your friends and family. Snapcard is iPhone ...    5 MB    Views 9320

Love Photo Frames+

Related Apps love photo photos social frame romantic frames loved send stickers quotes networks share
+23    Create special moments with Love Photo Frames+, a wonderful collection of romantic love picture frames. Frame your memories with your most treasured photos of loved ones. Express your wonderful love experience with creating special and romantic photos with Love Photo frames+. ...    35 MB    Views 4113
Related Apps stamp image saved choose free send
+14    Let's make a stamp from a photograph. Want you to use all I was a free How to make select the image choose the template of 12 different Save cut out How to Send Stamp which I made will be saved in the album as an image. Send to ...    732 kb    Views 8801
+29    Forget buying stamps and envelopes. Send holiday cards the 21stcentury way with the complimentary Heineken Holiday App. Personalize your photos with our festive designs to create ecards and send them straight to Facebook and Twitter Other Features: Customize and send your ...    27 MB    Views 5389


photo snap send friend quick
-6    SnapDog is the fastest way to snap a photo and send to a friend. Snap a picture of that cute baby and send it to the grandparents in a few quick taps. Snap a photo of that building and send it ...    694 kb    Views 8696


Related Apps email pictures pdf send
+28    With this app you can easily create a PDF, which contains photos from your camera or your photo album. You can then send this PDF directly via email. Features: rotate the pictures change sequence of pictures choose page layout send via email    2 MB    Views 7683


photos iphone application improve send
-3    Application that sends multiple photos from your iPhone library at once via email. The application SendPhotos © came to improve their lives and easily send photos from your iPhone. Soon this functionality to send more than one photo, today only by ...    3 MB    Views 5229

MagicPix lite

+4    You can progress your photographs easily. And,you can preserve the photograph in your iPhone,send to your friends with Email,and send to Twitter,Facebook,and Tumblr.    6 MB    Views 3402
Related Apps email spooky booth send
+1    Freakify your face with the help of this seriously Spooky Booth Snap a pic, or grab a photo straight from your camera roll, and add loads of gruesome graphics to turn yourself, your friends or your family into hilarious horrors And you ...    30 MB    Views 4135
christmas card cards send pro maker
+3    This Christmas Cards Maker Pro allows you to create personalized image and message on your chosen card design. This is a great way of making Christmas greeting, party invitation or invite. You can then save the card to your photo ...    7 MB    Views 2409
Related Apps photo birthday social halloween christmas greeting send share images fun friends gmail
+5    Turn yourself into a kid, monster, or santa claus, and send this original greeting cards. Different category and images. Share via Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networks. With this app you can have fun and lot of laugh creating montages and share them ...    11 MB    Views 5572
magazine people photo social share famous gmail fun friends select send
+6    Turn yourself into a famous person, poster film or magazine cover. Different category and images. Share via Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networks. With this app you can have fun and lot of laugh creating montages and share them with your friends. It is ...    16 MB    Views 3685


audio photo communication voice media social clock family send hear memories create visual
-8    Humanize your Social Media with Messo. Messo is a photo sharing app that only allows audio communication. Capture your visual memories then create conversations around those memories in 3 simple steps: 1. Take a photo 2. Choose to send it privately or publicly to ...    12 MB    Views 5275

Postcard Panda

Related Apps photo send postcard
-1    In just seconds you can send a snail mail postcard from anywhere in the world for only 1.99 Here's how it works: 1) Snap a photo (or choose an existing photo) 2) Write a message 3) Decide who you are sending it to 4) Press ...    7 MB    Views 8323


photo send stickers stick friends
+7    Stickerss it's a photos customization application, allow you to take a photo, stick a stickers and send to your friends. a great way to send a message, just take a nice selfie, or any kind of photo stick a stickers ...    12 MB    Views 9755


Related Apps photos photo camera friends tap add send
+4    The fastest way to share photos and reactions with friends. Your friends are right there with you in the camera Tap a friend to send a photo. Insanely fast replying too. Single tap photo sharing Friends shortcuts on your camera ...    NAN    Views 2823
Related Apps message address choose receive select world send
+17    Send photo or video messages to be opened just in the address that you choosed around the world That’s it, create a message, choose who will receive and after that, select in which address in the world you message will be ...    11 MB    Views 3379

Simply Sent

cards design templates send connected
+8    Not an artist? You are now. Simple. Easy. Connected. · Design and send ecards directly to those you love—for free—via email or Facebook. · Use our templates. They make designing the perfect greeting a snap. · Design your card without templates if you ...    37 MB    Views 3957
photo social images share funny interesting select friends gmail send
+20    Turn yourself into a interesting, funny, or a person with crazy haircut. Different category and images. Share via Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social networks. With this app you can have fun and lot of laugh creating montages and share them with your friends. It ...    17 MB    Views 1156
Related Apps photos protect send secret private
-9    Requested by our 120,000 'Forbidden Pictures' users. 100% private – everything for secret photography. Possible: Create a secret folder Import photos Send photos View slideshows Adjust level of security by password PLUS NO additional storage on insecure foreign devices, as with ...    NAN    Views 854
media photo social postcard maker easy postcards send fast multiple add
+17    Design your own postcards anywhere and send them worldwide.You make the postcard and we print it, stamp it and pop it in a mailbox for you. Instead, just choose a favorite photo and login to leading global printer, PRYYNT. PRYYNT has ...    37 MB    Views 663
Related Apps text photo photos social iphone ipad add background pre installed send network choose
+15    Now you can put TEXT ON YOUR PHOTOS AND BACKGROUNDS from your iPhone or iPad It's fun simple and stylish Add text to a photo or background and send to social network, as a text message, and more, right from your iPhone ...    12 MB    Views 4546
voice social music email photo pics pictures group send networks
-5    ZZ Gram voice your pics is the best way to share your pics and your mood. ZZ Gram voice your pics is an Adroid app which will teach images talk. The app will easily bring your pictures to life ...    14 MB    Views 9011
Related Apps photo pictures send side
+27    Send sidebyside picture messages to your friends. You can send up to 4 pictures in a Waffle. When your friend gets a Waffle from you, they can reply by tapping any of the pictures to replace it with their own. Have ...    13 MB    Views 8764

Protected Album

photos protected album phone code send pin
+7    Protected album allows you to create and store your photos on Your phone. Program is closed PIN code to be entered when you first start and can be changed only by a person knowledgeable of the current PIN code. You can record ...    2 MB    Views 7338


friends send find
+16    Many Options is a new way to meet and find new friends. We are redefining social engagement, send a whisper or send a message, share photos with friends and find new friends.    6 MB    Views 2179
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