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+16    SelfieFlash is the best front facing flash you can ever get, Take the best photos with your friends and family and don't worry about how much light you need as with SelfieFlash you will be able to choose between 5 ...    369 kb    Views 9654

Selfie Morph Pro

+3    Selfie MorphPro transform your photos using the most advanced face transformation techniques, edit them with a powerful photo editor and share with friends. Face recognition Projects management Custom adjust for better results Enhance photos Gorgeous photo effects Share with ...    94 MB    Views 9382
+28    Turn your camera into a creative photo taker with Pink Selfie Cam Whether you're looking to creative fantastic colorful images or show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness, simply tap your screen to change the color filter until the lens ...    1 MB    Views 9201
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-1    Take crisply focused photos of yourself, friends or landscapes with your camera resting on a stable shelf, like a tripod. Enjoy the fun, creative freedom of having free hands while taking selfies. Use the front or rear camera. Review your selfie ...    26 MB    Views 6957
+2    Join to enjoy a unique selfie sharing experience, like no other social sharing app. Share your selfies with the crowd and see exactly what they like about it Check out selfies from the growing community around the world ...    7 MB    Views 7650
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+4    The best app for taking a quick Selfie and editing it immediately. With over 50+ edits you are sure to create a perfect Selfie Selfies are great. We all take them. It feels good. This apps makes it super easy to ...    8 MB    Views 7036

Selfie Band

microsoft iphone photos band selfie shot tile
+20    Take photos from your wrist with Selfie Band, an iPhone camera remote for the Microsoft Band. Install Selfie Band's companion tile onto your Microsoft Band to allow you to take photos via Selfie Band. No longer do you have to use the ...    4 MB    Views 1614
+22    Discover the new trend in video selfies With this application you can capture different moments of your day, mix them using the technique of "Donut selfie" and add background music. The "Donut selfie" is the evolution of photographic selfies. This is a ...    34 MB    Views 4389
pictures save selfies selfie
+2    Selfie Cam is the best app for selfportraits which is very easy to use. You can take pictures of you and your friends and save your pretious moments in your memory forever. Features: Take selfies using the front or back camera which ...    11 MB    Views 1662
+3    SELFIEMOJI COMBINING THE TWO BIGGEST INTERNET TRENDS Selfiemoji is an app designed to combine the biggest internet trends of the decade Selfies and Emojis Using the editor, insert any photo or selfie onto the stage and edit it in no ...    265 kb    Views 3022

Old Selfie

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+3    Old Selfie transform your photos using the most advanced face transformation techniques, edit them with a powerful photo editor and share with friends. Face recognition Projects management Custom adjust for better results Enhance photos Gorgeous photo effects Share with ...    57 MB    Views 7595
text add gallery selfie
+23    Combine your image, taken from camera or gallery, add filter, tune the colors, add text (emoji too), place it (swiping on screen) in 9 position from top left to bottom right, sets the transparency of your text, choose the font ...    13 MB    Views 9099
age photos photo friends selfie guess upload
-3    Note This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true facial scanning functionality. This App will analyze your age from your face. How old do I look is a fun way to interact and socialize with others. Guess ...    9 MB    Views 6501
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+1    With Waterfall Selfies app take selfies with waterfall. You know you want a giant waterfall selfie so selfie waterfall app is perfect for you, providing you images of big waterfall, rapids, running water, and so much more to take selfies with. There ...    47 MB    Views 2614
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+4    Kiss My Selfie makes it easy to add kisses, text and more to photos. Just choose an image and add the kiss from the image folders. There are kisses in lots of colors including the classic red and pink and ...    76 MB    Views 9108
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+11    Take your selfie to the next level PicSee Create Your Own Emoji lets you take a Selfie and turn it into a Emoji. Just snap pic and PicSee Create Your Own Emoji does the rest. Then post to Facebook, ...    11 MB    Views 7070
+15    With MX48 you can finally get the best selfie of yourself or with friends easier and faster than ever. Just hit the 'Start' button and keep posing for the 16 photos the app will take in the next few seconds. When the ...    617 kb    Views 7572

Selfie HD

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-1    Selfie HD is a powerful collage creator combined with a complete photo editor ready to share your artworks. Contains: Export and share collages Customize photo borders Amazing photo effects filters Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom Save to photo album Share ...    15 MB    Views 6966

Selfie ®

+3    Selfie is a full app for iPhone and iPad that enables the front camera in order to quickly take selfie photos and instantly share them to Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Whats'App and all the apps that handle images. Featuring: 5sec self timer ...    7 MB    Views 8930
photo dark light selfie selfies
0    Nightly Your selfie in the dark Take your selfies even in the dark. Its a really simple and easy to use app. You will use it everyday and every night. Perfect for your nightlife at pubs, bars, hangouts, nightclubs, parties, live music, ...    8 MB    Views 7363
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+1    Turn your selfie photos into your very own MANGA style stickers to use on major messenger apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and KakaoTalk, or share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram You can cut out your pics and ...    46 MB    Views 5236

Selfie Expert

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-3    Selfie Expert creates selfies when you smile. Edit your photos with great tools, from filters,effects to stickers and text, all you need is bundled in. Crop,rotate, and straighten your photos Share with friends Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Gorgeous photo effects ...    30 MB    Views 5380

Selfie Flash FREE

selfie flash
+5    Selfie Flash allow you to take selfie photos with the frontfacing camera in dark room by using a white screen when taking the photo.    2 MB    Views 6001
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0    Take hilarious selfies with funny animals Animal Selfie is a fun, quick and simple way to take selfies with funny animals. With an extremely simple interface, it is easy to take a picture or use an old photo to have your ...    14 MB    Views 7702

WOW Selfie

-7    A selfie application to take a nice selfie and group photos. How to use it: 1 Download WOW Selfie on two apple’s devices(iPhone, iPad or iPod touch). 2 Run the app on both devices. 3 Press find available devices, then press connect. 4 Once connected ...    2 MB    Views 1258


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+15    Use PikShot for your selfie needs. Very easy to use and takes great photos fast Create fun and stylish photos through amazing set of filters. When in doubt, hit 'random' for a random filter and be surprised. Capture your group moment with ...    4 MB    Views 5172

Symmetrical Selfie

selfie symmetry facial friends faces selfies
+13    Create funny selfies with Symmetrical Selfie Take a photo and make mirror selfies from right or left side. Share your perfect selfie with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest or any other app that can handle an image. Is your face symmetrical? ...    13 MB    Views 2278


+8    SelfieShirt. The name says it all. You take a selfie and put it on a shirt. Take any of your photos and we'll print it on a shirt and have it delivered right to your door. It's that simple. All ...    8 MB    Views 9158

Nightly Selfie

photos time selfie face highlight night
-5    Tired to take badquality selfie at night? Want a portable softbox? Want highlight your face in the darkness? Download "Nightly Selfie" unique selfie camera app that uses screen brightness as a flash. Every time you want take facial photos at ...    2 MB    Views 8083
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+29    Vocal command Shot and selftimer for a friendly user app which allows you to take all the pictures and selfies you want, everywhere… even if you are alone Place your iPhone wherever you want, start vocal command function, strike a pose ...    11 MB    Views 2338
age photos photo upload friends selfie
+7    This App will analyze your age from your face. How old do I look is a fun way to interact and socialize with others. Guess the age of other people, upload a selfie on your own profile and see how old ...    9 MB    Views 7528

iFlip Media

media text selfie images flip front
+17    Ever taken a selfie to then realise that the text on your favourite tshirt is back to front? Flip this image using iFlip Media We flip images easily, superbly and effortlessly, then save straight to your images folder for sharing onwards No longer ...    813 kb    Views 7414

Selfie Maker

photos selfie maker une avec est son
+3    Selfie Maker, comme son nom l'indique, est l'application qu'il vous faut pour avoir de belles photos personnalisées avec une panoplie d'effets, textures, cadres et faceinhole. Prendre un selfie est encore plus facile avec la détection facial et la reconnaissance vocale. Selfie Maker ...    56 MB    Views 2578

Selfie Wonder

Related Apps selfie touch easy features
-1    We are committed to make selfie shooting fun and easy. Three powerful features for now: 1. Beautify: one touch to automatically brighten your smile by smoothing and rejuvenating your skin. 2. Antiacne: the stateoftheart algorithm made removing pimples and acnes so easy. 3. Filter: ...    13 MB    Views 1656
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+2    Selfieez is a fun App that allows you to Share Selfie photos and also gain your own “Selfieez World”. You get points and Badges(according to like, comment and view count of Share Selfie) when you share Selfie photos in the ...    36 MB    Views 1800
photo selfie splash
-6    U lab photo studio , Take a selfie and make it as you want by this app. User Friendly all functionality will help to make your image how you want . Basic Feature : 1. Filter 2. Adjustment 3. Effect 4. Blur And Focus 5. Crop 6. ...    36 MB    Views 6854

Shake! Selfie Stick

selfie stick shake activate timer arm
+12    Shake Selfie Stick Let's utilize selfie stick with no more stretching your arm. Musthave application for selfie stick Still stretching your arm to activate app's self timer? You just shake the selfie stick, to activate selftimer. (with ...    2 MB    Views 7

Selfie Pro

+6    Looking to take the perfect selfie? Selfie Pro includes all the tools you need. It starts with the screen. Take a look at your camera now and do a selfie. Notice that the image taken is not the image on your ...    29 MB    Views 8180
christmas family photo selfie insta wishes reflection
+6    Take a photo of your reflection in a Christmas bauble Insta Bauble Christmas Selfie is a great way of taking a photo of yourself or of somebody else in the reflection of a Christmas bauble. It is the best way ...    31 MB    Views 2965


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-1    Selfie = Forever low image quality? No more having to use front camera to take selfportraits. Now you can take perfect HD selfies even with rear camera It's simple Just pair up your iDevice with your friend’s via Bluetooth, make sure ...    679 kb    Views 3782
photos group easily panoramic users selfie style
-2    PanoSelfie allows iOS users to easily take panoramicstyle photos of themselves. This way, their selfies are no longer dominated by their faces; instead, an impressive background can also be easily seen in these panoramic photos. If you’re planning a vacation ...    16 MB    Views 7776
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+11    How to take a selfie? Use another device to control the camera in taking pictures Convenient and fast Quickly check the effect after taken. Whether you are making a field trip, taking a group photo or taking a selfie, you ...    3 MB    Views 9944

Spartan Selfie

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-7    Show your Spartan pride by wearing the Spartan helmet in your own customized photo. With this official Michigan State University photo app, it’s a snap. Using the Spartan Selfie app, take a photo or upload one. Add the Spartan helmet. Then ...    50 MB    Views 7804
camera photo funny editor selfie effects today hilarious
+3    Want to make your friends laugh by making your own photo Caricatures then try Funny Camera today Funny Camera has a fun set of effects to morph any selfie into a hilarious selfie. The editor also comes with controls to touch ...    23 MB    Views 3028
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-2    Create your very own MakeUp Transformation and share your very own Famous Selfie LookaLike with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You can take a selfie, select a funny picture from your album or search online for ...    8 MB    Views 9201

Wasted Selfie

social selfie
-9    Wasted Selfie is a photo sharing social app erase its database weekly. No profile needed. No strings attached to your other social apps.    12 MB    Views 4734

Selfie VIP

Related Apps photo selfie perfect
-5    Turn every selfie into perfection This app includes an extensive set of tools to further perfect your shots. Perfect face in just a few touches The app is very user friendly, and probably the most "fun" one on the list. This app ...    11 MB    Views 3075


camera iphone selfie functions
+1    Want to share the photos with your family members and best friends? Looq create a new way to make selfie easier, more fun, at any angle, and put more people in your camera while turn selfie to group selfie which ...    12 MB    Views 9106
voice cheese group friends share selfies selfie
+28    Snap a selfie using your voice, say cheese or any word you want. Click the camera button or say cheese. It's the ultimate selfie experience. Share your selfies with friends, family, and coworkers. Get a group of friends together and Say ...    21 MB    Views 4583

Magic Selfie

Related Apps magic selfie cut coming full friends choose visit
+17    Welcome to Magic Selfie. Have you ever wanted to travel but can't afford it or can't find the time? Try Magic Selfie and watch your friends go green with envy The app let's you use an existing photograph from your Photo Library ...    40 MB    Views 3717

Chicago Selfie Cam

Related Apps photo chicago cam selfie color team screen taker turn
+18    Turn your camera into a creative photo taker with the Chicago Selfie Cam This App turns your device into an extraordinary photo taker by blending Chicago colors into team spirit coolness See the screen shots snapshots like these can ...    5 MB    Views 5065


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+5    Hashtag us selfiegame on all social networks. Twitter: selfiegame Instagram selfiegame Think you got what it takes to play the Selfie Game? Well, it's time to work out your face Meet new friends and challenge good friends with selfie categories. Unlock and ...    29 MB    Views 9376

Selfie Clicker

+3    Want to share the photos with your family members and best friends? Looq creates a new way to make selfie easier, more fun, at any angle, and put more people in your camera while turn selfie to group selfie which ...    13 MB    Views 604


photos selfie sharing gifs animated friends snaps
-1    Welcome to Snapd. A brand new way to share photos with friends and capture their reactions as animated gifs For when "LOL" and "WTF" aren't enough say it with a selfie. We quickly discovered that the best thing about sharing photos is ...    10 MB    Views 9506

Photo Selfie

selfie filters apply
-7    Take the perfect selfie with countdown of 5 seconds delay. Take a quick selfportrait photographs, apply nice filters and instantly share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can also pick up pictures from your camera ...    4 MB    Views 8311
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-5    SilverCrest Selfie Snap is a simple and easy to use camera app. It is tailormade for the SilverCrest selfie remote. Functions include timer 2s/10s, grid, flash and facebook photo post.    1 MB    Views 8169
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+3    Are you tired of seeing your iPhone in the mirror when you take a selfie? Enhance any photo of yourself by getting your cell phone out of the photo Replace it with fun new items like pastries or money    6 MB    Views 6059


photo selfie checker turn
-6    Slfy uses facial feature detection to automatically take your selfie Simply tilt your head to match the guide on the screen and a selfie will be snapped Once Slfy has snapped the photo you can then save to your photo library ...    2 MB    Views 6255
Related Apps camera photo movie ugly funny picture result face selfie
+6    Take funny photo Ugly Camera creates funny ugly face picture or movie in a very few steps. What you should do is just take photo. Several effects that result in ugly funny faces; distort, duplicate and transform your face. Live filters; ...    6 MB    Views 2764
Related Apps photo front selfie dual
+29    FrontBack Dual Photo is an amazing way to share with your friends what you see, but also including your selfie in it. It also includes a full photo editor All the tools you need are here at just a tap ...    34 MB    Views 9309
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