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+14    This cool app lets users create a stylish text and save it in their photos album. Features: 1. Select text color 2. Select text position 3. Select text size 4. Select text font etc..    152 kb    Views 2999

Monet Paintings

+1    Collection of 150+ Master Pieces of Claude Monet He was French master who was born on 14th November,1840 and died on 5th December,1926. Features: + 5 different themes to select from inside the app + Detailed Info on paintings like Painting name, ...    61 MB    Views 3314
+30    Order and pick up your prints in as little as 30 minutes from a nearby retailer with Photobucket Express Prints Ordering prints is simple. Choose photos on your iPhone, or import them from your Photobucket or Facebook account, select the print ...    19 MB    Views 1427

MagicCam FREE

0    ••• Now supports Apple Watch ••• Do you want to become an astronaut? Or become Santa Claus? Or go to dance in Hawaii? Or be a witch flying in Halloween night? Using facial recognition, MagicCam FREE will make your dream comes true ...    275 MB    Views 8834
+20    Aquarium Photo Frames Description Aquarium Photo Frame if you want your photo, Fishes and Photo Frames as part of your Wallpaper. Aquarium Photo Frame Lets you set: 1. You own Photo (Select from gallery ).
2. Select Frame from variety of Photo Frames. 3. Zooming Zoom ...    10 MB    Views 7478

Foto Review

-1    This application provides a simple way So you can simply select a day on the calendar Then select the date and time of the start of the Facebook photos    6 MB    Views 940

All Men Suits

+4    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    16 MB    Views 2477

Earth Scenery Lite

+17    Earth Scenery is an application integrated google map and flickr, you can browsethe flickr pictures use it.and feeling the beauty in any corner of the world,And this application is free for you currently. you can give me any advice, and ...    329 kb    Views 3264
Related Apps photo christmas frames xmas select
+29    With Xmas Photo Frames, converts any image into an unforgettable memory with many frames specially designed for Christmas. Christmas trees, snowman, ornaments, Santa Claus, Gingerbread Man, Red Nose Reindeer, gifts and more Just select your photography and frame that you like, to ...    37 MB    Views 7125


+7    Slapse slideshow maker with easy interface and clear design. Create your beautiful slideshows in four easy steps: 1) Select your photos from instagram and camera roll or take it from camera now. 2) Place the frames in the right order. 3) Edit ...    889 kb    Views 5538


photo library duck watermark insert select
0    ลองโหลดติดเครื่องไว้สิครับ เผื่อเจอสถานการณ์ฮาๆ หรือภาพเจ๋งๆ ตรงหน้า ก็คว้ามาถ่าย ใส่โลโก้เป็ด และส่งขึ้นเว็บผ่านอีเมลหรือทวิตเตอร์ได้เลย You can use this app to shoot or select a funny photo from your library, and then insert a "FAIL DUCK" watermark on it. Have fun Features: Use a camera to take photo or browse one ...    3 MB    Views 1016

Capify Pro

+4    Capify Pro Includes extensive library of pics to get you started... No Ads and ability to randomly select more captions without having to purchase an upgrade. If wish edit and ability to select unlimited captions, only .99. ...    8 MB    Views 1502
Related Apps photo select image images draw stars mustache
+18    Enter the new age of facial hair. Never have follicles shimmered and shone in such a marvelous way. You thought you had seen every variety of mustache possible, until NOW. Select a main image, select a galaxial image, and draw wonderful ...    15 MB    Views 5570


Related Apps photos apply change select edit
+19    With PhotoPrint, you can select and edit your favorite photos. To do so, just select the desired photos directly from your gallery or through different photo providers. After you have chosen the photos, you can edit them, change the format, apply filters ...    24 MB    Views 7061
Related Apps photo photos passport cool build select combine
+27    Benefits Do you want to the combine several photos for 3R/4R printing ? Do you want to set photos and combine into one photo together ? If yes, Cool Passport Photo can help you. Cool Passport Photo Pro is just what you want to ...    3 MB    Views 9568
shooting data continuous capturing select
+3    Shot anywhere and at any time regardless of others. Use simply in a silent place. Capturing data in a library Capturing data in a bookstore When a baby sleeps When a pet sleeps Grasp important moment with Continuous shooting camera with silence Function: 1. ...    9 MB    Views 6795


select album
-7    DorkedUp is a fun application that lets you select some funny features to bring out your inner dork. Just Select a picture from your photo album or use the camera. Select a bow tie, horn rimmed glasses with tape, ears ...    3 MB    Views 1114
Related Apps photo step bit select turn
+17    Turn your photos into the 8bit Step 1 Select a photo or take a new photo Step 2 Select the part of your photo that you want 'crafted' Step 3 Watch as you are turned into the new, 8bit version of ...    16 MB    Views 4941


+6    Let us know how we can make Achie better How to use Achie: 1) Use camera to take a photo, or select a picture from your gallery 2) Add some text 3) Select a badge 4) Hit 'Make' That's it Save or share your creation to ...    15 MB    Views 2131


Related Apps backgrounds background save touch press select
+29    NEW RELEASE OFFER Features a collection of high quality backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Beautiful backgrounds created by our photographers and designers. A unique slideshow interface, allowing users to conveniently browse and save backgrounds. Setting you new background ======================= ...    4 MB    Views 3582
Related Apps camera photo select size application
0    This is a camera application for taking profile photos. Process 1. Select paper size : 4×6 (102mm×152mm) or L (89mm×127mm) 2. Select photo size : some patterns 3. Take a photo 4. Brightness control 5. Output image : Camera Roll or Send email ※ This application does ...    411 kb    Views 6147

3D Photo Gallery

iphone photo photos gallery easy select template
+27    This app offer a perfect way to show your photos in 3D gallery. It is easy to use and share with your family and friends. Just three easy steps to create your own gallery. 1.       Select a 3D gallery template from ...    9 MB    Views 2693
Related Apps image select
-7    This app allows you to select a picture from your photo library, than allows to select various color tricks and image filters, than resave it to your hard drive.    9 MB    Views 4878

Book Photo Frames

Related Apps photo frame book frames zoom select application
+1    Book Photo Frames Book Photo Frame is a application that is able to take a snap shot and merge it with the book frame. Book Photo Frame Application Features:
 1 Book Photo Frame include High quality and Colorfull HD frames. 
2 Select photo from ...    9 MB    Views 530
0    Your iPhone change to Photo Frame with this app You see your photos in slideshow with your music. You only photos button on the bellow and select your photos in your camera roll. And you touch music button you can select your music ...    42 kb    Views 8846


photo photos hdr select adjust share operation convert
+5    Turn your photo convert to HDR photo, simply operation You can select one photo in album, it will be converted to HDR photo,and you can adjust hue,saturation,brightness of this HDR photo. After you finish to operation,you can share this HDR photo to ...    5 MB    Views 5951


Related Apps video time audio user image select
-9    The app will allow the user to capture videos and take photos. The user will be able to select whether or not they want the audio recorded along with the video. User can select an existing video or image from the ...    4 MB    Views 1969
-7    With Christmas Photo Frames Deluxe, converts any image into an unforgettable memory with many frames specially designed for Christmas. Christmas trees, snowman, ornaments, Santa Claus, Gingerbread Man, Red Nose Reindeer, gifts and more Just select your photography and frame that you like, ...    41 MB    Views 2859

Textify Me

photo html select font display print
-8    Textify Me iOS App allows you to turn your photos into colorful ASCII text in HTML. You can then display this on your website and share them with your friends. Textify Me is really easy to use. Just scroll through your ...    11 MB    Views 7630
camera photo video roll select
+12    You can get high quality photos from your video in your camera roll with this app "MoviPic." How to use: 1.Select a video from camera roll. 2.Move a bar and Select a picture. Swipe the screen, you can make a fine adjustment 3.Push "Save ...    6 MB    Views 5893
Related Apps photo suits desired select capture user
-2    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    15 MB    Views 2090


text image export select template
-6    MUSHIKAGO's OneTwoPunch application combines two of your photos into a single image to capture amusing "before and after" moments. Select the template "Before and After" or "This became That" to add text to your image, or select the generic template to ...    12 MB    Views 2251


email masks add free select download
+13    Free for a limited time Download now and add fun to your videos, add overlays image, frames, masks and borders. Select your video and add a mask on top of it. Choose one of our masks or select one from your photo album. Easy ...    10 MB    Views 7884
retro select send vintage
+10    Retouch photos to feel like taste of old age. Your photo can be filtered retro and vintage effect. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Features ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Select from 10 colors Select from 3 contrasts Save to Album as a PNG image Send by email Send by Twitter ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Support ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Feedbacks from everyone ...    4 MB    Views 3086

Photo Monet Cube

photo photos cube select monet
+2    Photo Monet Cube allows you to select photos from your photo library (up to 6) and it creates a 3dimensional rotating photo cube You can resize the cube, spin it, move it, or just have it automatically rotate. It will save the ...    13 MB    Views 9324

D-day in Pictures

Related Apps select picture day
-4    Dday, along with photographs will be shown. You can register an unlimited number of photos. You can use a very simple way. A. Select a picture. B. Adjust the size and position of the picture. C. Enter a title. D. Select a date. E. ...    7 MB    Views 8322

Geotag Album

map photos select geotag album view move
+8    Would you like to sort your photos into albums? With GeoTag Album you can select photos from your library, view them on a map and move quickly between them. It is also possible to add notes, move or copy the map coordinates ...    11 MB    Views 4204

Event Photo Booth

+5    Take photos anywhere with Event Photo Booth Event Photo Booth is the best way to capture any event’s most photoworthy moments and immediately share them via email or to your favorite social platform. Using Event Photo Booth is easy and fun – ...    55 MB    Views 9559


text handwriting photo picture write select
+13    1.when your see something Beautiful or interesting you can take a photo and Zooming and rotating image processing filters (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue rotation, Sharpness) Graffiti Handwriting some text whth the photo in this app ,and then share to your friend can ...    4 MB    Views 6700


photo pictures skins select
+1    Tired of regular boring photo editing applications? Are you planning a vacation? Ever think or wonder how you can have your present location printed automatically on your pictures? MemoryGram is right for you Take new pictures or select from your photo library, select ...    10 MB    Views 9589
Related Apps wallpaper iphone wallpapers select backgrounds
0    App that contain best and newest wallpapers. Choose from over different categories to find Wallpaper that matches your style. New Backgrounds added almost daily check back often. How to use: 1.Browse your favourite wallpaper. 2.Select one. 3.Click on right most button on top navigation bar. 4.Save. 5.Open ...    9 MB    Views 8036

Let it Snow - App

photos snow select
+3    Let it snow wherever you want. Just select one of your photos and shake the device like a snow globe. It starts snowing Features: select photos from you photo albums share the snowy picture remove the ads with an inapp purchase ...    1 MB    Views 8545

Face Collage Maker

Related Apps photo photos face collage select
+3    It’s simply to create your own Face Collage by using this app. select photo from your album or take photo from your mobile camera select photos to arrange small photos adjust size share to your friend, your family or your love on Facebook, Line, ...    12 MB    Views 2033


window change image size picture select preview
+17    You can write letters on your photos using "8bit game machine's font" . 〜How to use〜 1.Select a photo from a camera or an album. 2.Choose a size of saved picture. 3.Enter the window message. 4.Deside the type and the pisition of window. 5.Select the window ...    106 kb    Views 1644


Related Apps photo text select color
+14    Shamoji123 can Burn Text Into Photo only 3 Step. Select Photo, Input Text, Set Background Color... ... Well done Of course, You can save your image into your photo role or send your photo via mail Pro Edition can select color detail and change ...    3 MB    Views 2967

15PhotoPuzzle lite

Related Apps version select picture lite
-9    Enjoy the classic 15 puzzle game. Take the picture with the camera, select the level (LITE version: only 4x4 or 6x6) and shake the device to scramble the tiles Buy the full version to select the picture from your photo library and ...    622 kb    Views 1792


Related Apps photos select show images
+5    Create custom slideshows. Ever wanted to show off your photos but not every photo? Now you can select just the photos you want and put them on display. Tap the Photos icon on the Home screen and select whatever images you ...    26 MB    Views 2790

Polar Photo

Related Apps photo polar distortion generated select
+2    The Polar Photo is the App transforming the photograph of the quardrangle into the circular shape(Polar Distortion, Full Circle Distortion) You are albe to make this VERY EASILY. First, you select a photo at the photo album. And, Tapping a button to make. Finally, ...    8 MB    Views 6734

Mask Photo Creator

photo person photos friends mask select creator
+9    Create a superb photos by our Mask Photo Creator You can convince your friends that you were in unusual places, turn friends into monsters, take a photos with famous people... Select a category of your mask photo (Nature, Person, Monster, City), tap ...    22 MB    Views 6354
photo photos date select vga font memorial
+5    Let's take memorial photos with 'DATE'. You cannot know what time the photo was taken at without metadata. If you use this app, you will be able to take photos with date like a photo taken by film camera. Of course you can also ...    8 MB    Views 309
Related Apps photos photo services device share select transfer
+1    PhotoSender makes sharing photos easier than ever. Select photos from the album, choose photo service you like and email photos link to your buddies. Or send photo directly to nearby buddy using WiFi or Bluetooth. PhotoSender supports following services: Flickr Facebook ...    9 MB    Views 4157

Fit2Web Free

Related Apps web image size select free
+9    Fit2Web Free is specifically designed to make publishing images on Web blogs, auction sites or any website EASY, FAST and FUN. With Fit2Web you can take a photo, or select an existing image, crop the area you need. Then select ...    28 MB    Views 374
Related Apps photo flick select
-1    Very useful for sort many photos To select the photo, flick left or right. Flick to up, add the photo to selected album. Flick to down, remove the photo. After edit, next photo to be select automatically.    5 MB    Views 6163


phone tap file files select
+27    V2.0 Much more accurate than before Fixed other few bugs Send photos & files across devices with just a tap Just open waferapp, select the file you want to transfer and tap your computer’s space bar with your phone Waferapp also makes ...    3 MB    Views 5564

Photo on BillBoard

Related Apps photo picture select
-2    Wana to become a star and impress your friends Select your photo and place it on the billboards photos of the most emblematic places. Just choose your favorite picture and the desired frame to create in seconds a original souvenir. And ...    27 MB    Views 4356

Paint Lite

Related Apps photo painting application select
+22    Very Simple Photo Painting Application. 1. Select Photo from Cameraroll. 2. Select Color, Line Width from menu window. 3. Painting with Gesture. 4. Save Camera Roll. You can make your photos "Kawaii". Flash CS5.5 Air for iOS Application.    964 kb    Views 5405
Related Apps photo frame select
0    Frame my Photo is HERE Amazing frames for your photos It's simple and fun 1. Select a photo or take it 2. Move the photo 3. Select the perfect frame 4. Share it    19 MB    Views 4970

Printed Suits

Related Apps photo suits capture desired select user
+22    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    14 MB    Views 351
hair add select great ready
+22    Treat yo'self to a million dollar hair style TRUMP Yo'self Point your camera at someone's face and see them in a whole new way Or select a photo and add a new hairdo to all your buddies Trump Yo' Cat Trump Yo' Dog Trump ...    35 MB    Views 7870


Related Apps photo text color select
+17    SHamoji123 can Burn Text Into Photo only 3 Step. Select Photo, Input Text, Set Background Color... ... Well done Of course, You can save your image into your photo role or send your photo via mail Plus Edition can select color detail.    3 MB    Views 9857
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