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+13    First Smile app is more than just a normal baby scrapbook or baby journal. It is a photo journal app for recording your baby growth or kids growth and make it simple for parents to turn all precious moments (photos/ ...    14 MB    Views 616

Polaroid Blipfoto

photo family polaroid life journal moments friends free
+24    The official Polaroid Blipfoto App for iPhone. Never forget the little moments. Keep a simple record of your daily life with one photo a a day. Download the App to start your FREE photo journal today. Keeping your photo journal couldn’t be ...    6 MB    Views 9918


food effects share moments
+2    It's a simple way to capture and share the Food's moments on your IOS Device. Customise your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday Food moments into works of art you'll want to share ...    7 MB    Views 3915
+5    Get to know Yanai Rubaja's photography. This application is a show case of his great work. His photos capture the most magical, natural, sincere and exciting moments of our lives. As a client you will be able to access your private gallery’s directly ...    21 MB    Views 440

VIP moments

Related Apps photos vip share moments
+10    Every 100 new users, the price will go UP. Capture and share VIP moments on your iPhone. Customize your VIP photos with filters and effects. Share your photos with VIP friends and VIP followers.    20 MB    Views 9733


family share friends moments cam
+15    Fonbin cam is a simple way to save and share your special moments and memories with your family and friends. Taking the best moment of your life and share it simply with few steps. Fonbin cam is the perfect tool to ...    16 MB    Views 5084
baby video family photos movie moments album content story beautiful interactive
+8    Interactive baby album is a special place which represents first 6 years of little devils. It provides easy instruments for collecting all impressions about baby by whole family STORY OF YOUR BABY Hell'o Baby is an interactive crossplatform baby album with a ...    23 MB    Views 7963
wedding photos video wifi photo text family camera share moment moments album instantly
+3    Have you ever thought about this? In your big wedding day, all the friends and family all the way come to your wedding party, they have many things want to say to you, blessing you, but you were too busy ...    10 MB    Views 6899
photos videos creative photo music video twitter facebook family capture share beautiful moments instantly
-7    Slidely Capture is FREE for a limited time only Slidely Capture is a fun and creative way to easily capture great photos and collages from your videos and share them with your friends and family. Did you know? You have ...    29 MB    Views 9284
+5    Mom's and Dad's are busy. Peekaboo Moments makes photo albums easy... automatic Peekaboo Moments was designed specifically for families. You can start at the beginning (e.g. pregnancy) and build an intelligent and meaningful digital scrapbook as you go. Or, you can backdate ...    37 MB    Views 1606

1-Hour Photo

photos photo time hour moments results wait captured
+3    Featured on CNET, Time, Uncrate, and PetaPixel 1Hour Photo brings a surprising new experience to mobile photography it makes all your shots more magical by making you wait an hour before you get to see the results (using ...    3 MB    Views 5403
time photo scrapbook moments times happy collage memories
+21    Time passes within the blink of an eye (happy times only). And what it leaves us with are memories of those happy moments. While we want to hold onto those great times but it escapes our clasp like sand. What ...    12 MB    Views 6418
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-4    Do you wonder what is happening at your favorite places. You can view photos from your favorite places around the world. Just follow your favorite places and watch the new photos coming taken by others. You can share photos with others. ...    28 MB    Views 1845
moments step moment stay hours share
-2    Going to the beach? ... See who wants to join you Share your best moments with everyone that's nearby. If you like someone else's moment, take a nibble. Once someone's nibbled your moment, you'll be able to message each other. Nibble is ...    15 MB    Views 253
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+2    Featured in "BEST NEW APPS" by Apple India’s best photo printing app over 3 Million prints shipped. LAUNCH OFFER Get a 12x18 Collage Poster for Rs 49 only, that's 75% OFF. Birthdays, anniversaries, summer holidays, weekend with just the kids ...    21 MB    Views 2884
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+12    The Kellyman Photography Mobile Application offers the number one mobile resource for portrait photography, wedding photography and event photography in Trenton, NJ and the surrounding areas. We love Trenton but are willing to travel to meet your photography needs. Allow ...    23 MB    Views 6817
video moments moment events phone day
+30    VidMo creates the moment movie out of those umpteen photos within the blink of an eye. Vidmos based on events in your life are created automatically, all with music and animation. You can edit them as well. Moments are categorised into >MultiDay events ...    21 MB    Views 3740
sound sounds life moments
+7    Our world begins with the sound of our mother's heartbeat. Everyday after, we hear a symphony of a million moments. From the mundane to the memorable, these moments are the sounds of life. Cochlear's Sounds of Life app allows you ...    2 MB    Views 4339
-4    A family photo journal to preserve precious moments with your loved ones. Memom is a fun and interactive way to preserve precious moments of your children, enabling you to privately and securely share photos with those close to you. Curate ...    31 MB    Views 7537


time video birthday photo people family friends pin messages moments
0    Imagine you want to tell someone good luck right before their big event but you can't be there to tell them. Or you have something special you want to say to your loved one the next time they are in the ...    30 MB    Views 4055
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-6    It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your IOS Device. Customise your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with ...    7 MB    Views 7143

PhotoJoy Social

photos facebook moments application device enjoy
+28    PhotoJoy is the ultimate Photo Discovery application for your iPad or iPhone. ♦ See photos you’ve saved on your device and photos from your Facebook in stunning highquality animated 3D designs. ♦ Share your photos via email or post them directly to ...    2 MB    Views 4379
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-7    Touch, and reveal moments. Blur is imagined based on the assumption that we want to share more than just beautiful pictures, but a way to put others behind our eyes and get them to understand the world through our point of ...    16 MB    Views 6535


photos application moments quick shots lot devices space
+12    Recommended devices: iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 On devices other than the above, this application may not be able to take 30 photos within one second, and it may not be able to maintain a steady interval between shots. "Fast300Shots" is an application ...    8 MB    Views 4642
-5    Tinybeans makes grandparents all over the world happy every day. We make it easy to record your child’s moments and milestones, and share them privately with the people who care. We send automatic email updates to your selected family and important friends, ...    25 MB    Views 3042


moment moments followers friend join
+27    Join the Moments on Snapwin. Here is how it works: 1. Snap a photo to create a moment. 2. Invite your followers to your moment. Feeling sexy? Make it privy 3. Your followers may join, like or comment your moment. 4. Win time for your ...    15 MB    Views 6366


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-7    SelfBee: There's only one of you, so bee yourself. Bee yourself, bee here, bee there, bee anywhere, and bee connected now. SelfBee is an interactive app that challenges users all over the globe to take unique inthemoment photos and share them with ...    11 MB    Views 7588
+10    What's your story? Tired of oversharing or seeing the same thing over and over? Introducing 1moment, your personal social network where you share only one picture or video a day with your friends, family and the world. 1moment is a community ...    61 MB    Views 9411

My MusicBox Theatre

moments share life unique songs
+29    Everyone of us is the leading role of our movie of life. We understand that you have special moments in your life that are unique and treasurable. With my musicbox theatre, you can record the unique moments with photos, words and ...    30 MB    Views 3015

My Cute Baby

kids moments
-1    Create a photo book for your babies but just for special moments. Show to your friends just a summary of the most important moments of your kids. Compare your kids for the same moment in their lifes.    16 MB    Views 1984
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+5    "Simplest Way to Share Live Moments Together" With Yuppi You Can Capture Some of Your Best Moments With Others and Turn them into Stunning Visual Yuppi Moments Real Time. Users can get all the memories shared in a moment and others can ...    18 MB    Views 1868

mi Lifemap

family children social photos personal memories moments digital archive recall organize
+14    A Lifemap is a personalized archiving solution for a family's most meaningful memories. Upload personal photos and home videos, create private diaries, and backup your social media activity on an interactive and private timeline. Intuitively organize a comprehensive personal digital archive ...    11 MB    Views 4491
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+20    U is not your average free messenger. Experience a new way to connect with friends through photos, videos, Audio Photos and stickers, turning spontaneous moments into instant social communications. U gives you full control over your content, letting you recall ...    45 MB    Views 1464
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+5    Capture the moments of your life. DPict – The Random Photo Diary will remind you. Design and caption your pictures and collect them in your personal diary. • Get random reminders to capture a photo of your moment • Thinking back on ...    18 MB    Views 6426


videos video family people subscription moments storage find account cloud renewal
-5    Intent helps connect friends and family through video interviews and storytelling, while solving the problem of storing and organizing the important videos we take using our mobile phones. With Intent you can: • Create meaningful interactions – Relationships matter. Reach out with ...    41 MB    Views 7052
Related Apps photos presentation text ipad photo email facebook twitter family library slideshow slides change application frames show add moments
+24    “Flying frames” is the photo album and slideshow editor that you need to have in your applications library. Why, just to show to your family separate photos from your vacation or other memorable events? Let's make photos exciting and share ...    3 MB    Views 5853
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+29    Wallpapers Life Moments is an app that contains 50 wonderful wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod Touch that have been taken by a professional photographer. Take FULL advantage of the HIGH QUALITY images and unleash the full visual potential of ...    60 MB    Views 4809


-6    Obaby+ is the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, and new parents. It’s just like Obaby except there’s no artwork to unlock, because everything is already included. ____ Tell your beautiful baby stories with handcrafted artwork on photos. The artwork, exclusive to Obaby, ...    16 MB    Views 5884
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+1    Our app is an amazing photo editing & collage app which is designed exclusively for making stunning collages and capturing your life’s most precious moments in the most memorable manner. Only in give few minutes and you will learn and ...    10 MB    Views 3978


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+19    Anonymously or not immortalize your epic moments of tomfoolery, gossip, good times, bad times, you name it. Only people visiting the place you posted can see your comments and photos. Some call Klroy a locationbased mobile community. But nongeeks ...    13 MB    Views 2329


wedding guests moments
-3    SnapTheHappy A Disposable Camera App for your Wedding Snaphappy is a snap and store app and instant wedding enhancer. So much is put into that day why not invite your guests to capture candid reception moments that the photographer wouldn’t ...    845 kb    Views 5632
family photo photos album events moments frames refresh memories filters
0    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Family Events Album is a new fascinating app photo album where you can keep your photos which will always remind you about the happiest moments of your life July 8 is a Russian national holiday ...    8 MB    Views 8238

Fun Clicks

Related Apps family fun friends share clicks save frames moments capture
+30    Fun Clicks is for you to capture your funny moments, with a lot more fun with friends and family. It has wonderful frames, you can select the desired frame and capture your memorable moments. Save it or Share it on ...    39 MB    Views 4160


moments sharing life
+2    Life is all about the moments, and the people you share them with. Whether it’s a large concert or festival, a medium sized conference or a small party with friends — Momentik gives a more joyful personal media stream with less ...    20 MB    Views 1283

InstaPhoto Fest

family photos iphone facebook friends moments share sharing customize location celebration
+17    It's a simple way to capture, customize and share the celebrating moments on your iPhone. Transform everyday celebration moments into works of art which you'll want to share with friends and family. Be it a Birthday Wishing, Christmas, New Year or ...    28 MB    Views 5535
challenge friends moments
+2    Can you 1Up your friends? Share your craziest, silliest, funniest, or strangest moments with your friends and challenge them to outdo you Capture your most superlativeworthy moments in a photo or short video, select which friends you want to challenge, ...    4 MB    Views 1395


Related Apps family social media people moments moment pictures friends capture private
-7    Capture your moments. Capturest helps you to capture meaningful moments in your life in a fast, easy and beautiful way. Remember the moments that matter for you and your closest friends and family. Capturest offers you a private and secure space on ...    6 MB    Views 5904
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-5    It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your IOS Device. Customise your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with ...    48 MB    Views 2087


social photos special logos moments watermark
-9    "SelfieUp" Choose watermark in Special moments. Want to take amazing selfie? Want to stand out from the crowd and make every picture unique with its own watermark? "SelfieUp" will make your photography experience into something beloved unforgettable. "SelfieUp" comes with a heart shaped ...    23 MB    Views 8546
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-1    Finally, an easy way to get all the photos of yourself trapped on your friends' phones. After events, celebrations, trips or just hanging out, it's no longer a hassle to collect all the photos you'll want to look back on. ...    62 MB    Views 6515


moments life hope
-4    In life, there are many memorable moments worth keeping. But, a single photo or short video is not sufficient to express a complete story. We needed a fast app to catch those moments and combine them in collage instantly, so we ...    13 MB    Views 7776

PhotoGram Edition

Related Apps editing moments effects share
+18    It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your IOS Device. Customise your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with ...    10 MB    Views 5075
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-6    Fast, beautiful photo scanning for moments we love. Heirloom enables you to preserve moments from your past and share them privately with friends and family in seconds. Simple photo scanning: scan a photo by holding the phone so that all four ...    21 MB    Views 6673
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-1    I am a selftaught photographer – curious about life, myself, people and emotions. My current location is Apetlon, Austria, but love to travel. The magic little moments and intimate relation, the truth and the beauty behind it, is what I try ...    NAN    Views 978


frame kids love family frames friends moments multiple give
-3    Frame the cherished moments of your life with Framie Framie is a photo frame app that allows you to feature your most memorable moments in some of the most incredibly beautiful frames available in the app store. Now relive your cherished ...    47 MB    Views 6283
Related Apps frame photo moments frames precious share life collage
+4    Picture, people and experience make those memories last Life is full of moments It can become precious gems, and our highly trained eyes could definitely capture the moments. The pic frames helps you combine multiple photos of amazing looking frames. You can frame all ...    19 MB    Views 6217

m moments

photo moments picture complete offers instagram
+14    m moments is part of a photo art project of Christian Steiauf / the wiseclown. It offers a complete new browsing experience through the Instagram photo stream. Create unique combinations of photos by either change each square individually or bring up ...    11 MB    Views 5249

pixe snap

facebook photo twitter snap share moments
+4    Do you find yourself reaching for your iPhone or iPad to snap a quick photo to capture memorable moments big and small? If yes, then Pixe Snap is the perfect app for you. Snap and share your pics on Twitter, Instagram, ...    12 MB    Views 1599
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+11    INSTAGRAM: DreamLensApp This video/photo filter app is a fun and easy way to shoot little moments of your day. Two filters with adjustable thresholds let you customize the look of your video/pics before and while you're recording Your video can start ...    5 MB    Views 4846

Santa Claus Frames

Related Apps family christmas santa media photo social share frames moments beautiful image application
+13    Customize and share the best Christmas moments of your family SANTA CLAUS FRAMES is an application that comes with a series of twelve beautiful frames for you to customize the best Christmas moments of your family and share them with your ...    16 MB    Views 2883
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