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Mobile Masters

+6    All My Mobile Photo Interactive eBooks ARE NOW FREE till July 25th to commemorate our 25th year in business GO TO to see our story. Thanks you to the thousands of people who already downloaded my series... with the ...    571 MB    Views 2365


content interactive image logo rich prints
+5    iSmartPhoto is the 3rd generation photo technology that connects physical prints to rich interactive content on the internet. Whenever you see our logo appear on a magazine, poster or printout. Simply enter the ID number next to iSmartPhoto logo, then point ...    29 MB    Views 6978


+13    Fomograph creates a TV channel for your event or venue. You and your staff can easily control the media content on your screens from any deviceyou don't even have to be there It can strengthen your promotional and/or marketing messages ...    22 MB    Views 2688
camera time video action videos kids sports love recording game score interactive
-1    Meet ScoreCam, the 1st and only iOS app with embedded scoreboard ("TapBoard") technology. It's simply the best way to film (and score) your next little league baseball, volleyball, basketball or soccer game. Parents, coaches and friends can make fantastic sports ...    3 MB    Views 5401
+26    One of our most popular Photographer Tools is now an app No need to carry bulky books, or large reference cards. This app breaks it down for you into the major phases of a wedding; "PreCeremony", "Ceremony", "Post Ceremony" and "Reception". Each phase ...    23 MB    Views 995
Related Apps photo photos facebook grid grids create interactive maker pics
+23    Photo Grid Pics Grid Maker allows you to create fun, interactive 4x4 photo grids from your photos. Whether you're travelling, doing a daily activity, attending a special event, or just out with family or friends creating a photo grid ...    6 MB    Views 3170
social media people creative videos photos blind interactive find turn story texts
+2    BLIND SPOT is an interactive storytelling tool for social media. In a world of billions of photos, videos, sounds and texts we help you find what you really need and turn chaos into order. 1. GATHER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA IN ...    9 MB    Views 5448
ipad iphone content images
+13    Alumina is an app designed for iPad, iPhone, iPod. With Alumina for iOS, AppWorks SC provides functionality to download photo albums from a content library compiled by artists, photographers and sponsors. Browse album images and related information, set as device ...    2 MB    Views 3594

Photonic Viewer

viewer studio interactive ios
+5    Photonic Viewer is an interactive environment viewer for iOS. Using 3D modeling software Photonic Studio is able to create concept renderings that capture a full 360° spherical panorama. The Photonic Viewer is a collaboration between Photonic Studio and Sphere to ...    6 MB    Views 5971
0    Using your photos and voice help your kids to learn the world. That are why I wrote this app. All of kids love to play iPhone or iPad. We always spend a lot of time to select the kids app, and always ...    3 MB    Views 6356


map photos photo features interactive create
-1    Create unique collages with interactive map. Features: ✮ Fully features photo editor ✮ Interactive map ✮ Share your photos with friends ✮ Gorgeous photo effects and frames ✮ Onetap auto enhance ✮ Tons of fun stickers ✮ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos ✮ Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation ✮ ...    22 MB    Views 8510
home frank interactive street
0    HOME is an interactive digital artwork by University of Sydney academic Geoffrey Weary. Explore the world of HOME through the eyes of Frank, Jason and Fae. Frank Fear of the future and the ghosts from his past overwhelm Frank as the shop ...    285 MB    Views 3821
books videos safari wildlife east interactive african information additional
+15    Ultimate Safari experience in East Africa is an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. This App is an interactive guide for inspiration and reliving an East African Safari. Wildlife is presented in the form of interactive books, slideshows and videos for you ...    15 MB    Views 5703
quality interactive 360 panoramas high viewer anytime enjoy
-2    With Twit360, shoot 360 Panoramas and share them immediately on Twitter as interactive videos: complete the circle: up to full 360 degrees don't wait: we hate progress bars, the result is extremely fast get quality pixels: photo quality (not video ...    5 MB    Views 7254
art work photographs man images interactive expert
+10    Looking at Ansel Adams: The Photographs and the Man is an innovative app providing an insightful look at the man behind some of the most beloved photographs made in the twentieth century, including Moonrise, Hernandez, Clearing Winter Storm, and Moon ...    92 MB    Views 9629

Creative Outlet

creative content share quickly
+13    Creative Outlet is your source for illustrations, vectored graphics, photography, auto & food images, ad templates and more The Creative Outlet app functions identically to the Creative Outlet website in that it allows users to search and save content the same ...    13 MB    Views 8543
photo magazine ipad audio video subscription current step period interactive purchase issue
+9    Download our first issue at the INCREDIBLE TRIAL PRICE OF ONLY 99c/69p with over 45 minutes of video and audio and more than 30 interactive features Packed with interactive features, video and audio, ABSOLUTE PHOTO is the musthave photo magazine and ...    7 MB    Views 7521
Related Apps photos event share content
-4    Backflip is the best way to share photos with the crowd around you. Check into a nearby event, take and upload photos, and view the best content from everyone there. • Share at any kind of event: concerts, sporting events, festivals, ...    29 MB    Views 8473

The Last Hunt

+10    The first cinematic interactive photo essay with animation that challenges the conventions of the tablet reading experience The Last Hunt features: – Smooth, intuitive scrolling that provides a seamless storytelling experience – A compelling narrative about family and tradition – Beautiful images by Montreal ...    116 MB    Views 7389
Related Apps camera lens simulator canon field depth compare content interactive lenses malaysia
+7    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in Malaysia. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view ...    NAN    Views 3088

Photo Location

map photos photo address interactive location
+5    Photo Location is an interactive tool that enables you to take photos with your address and map. Features: ✮ Interactive map ✮ Zoom levels ✮ Address ✮ Share with friends ✮ Save to library Localize your photos.    19 MB    Views 8514
photo photos iphone simulation library camera videos interactive catch record realistic
-8    Turn any photo into a realistic 3D interactive cloth simulation PhotoCloth turns your photos into an interactive toy and can record mesmerizing videos It's addictive Static screenshots do not do it justice, click the PhotoCloth Support button below to see videos ...    3 MB    Views 5981


social media language content users post
-9    FotoYapp works by providing users with the ability to create their own media content as well as curate media from other users and content from other social media platforms, as well as select Getty Images photography into a single global ...    18 MB    Views 7799
content exchange groups follow albums share
-5    It’s never been easier to share or follow the content you care about. Patter helps you exchange and discover photos in collaborative albums. Create private groups (inviteonly) or add to the collective perspective by starting a public Patter album. How to ...    13 MB    Views 2886
+11    EF Lens Simulator is a free Canon App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in Vietnam. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view ...    NAN    Views 4521

HOT ROD Then & Now

Related Apps ipad hot content
+13    HOT ROD introduces Then & Now, a vibrant, imagecentric application for iPad that brings content to an audience the moment the staff of HOT ROD creates/dearchive photo, video and vintage article content. HOT ROD Then & Now for the iPad ...    16 MB    Views 1971
Related Apps photos sharing content lite islamic
+4    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Take note that this is a LITE version and comes with limited contents. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature ...    23 MB    Views 9774

Smartag App

0    Smartag app for viewing interactive video content. This is a new format for video content: cloud technology connects moving elements with text, graphics or any other video content that can be accessed by touching a smart tag on the ...    6 MB    Views 1398

Olympus Magazine

magazine photographers olympus free interactive issue page designed
+12    Looking for a totally FREE interactive magazine that’s written by photographers, for photographers? Olympus Magazine is packed with news, inspiring interviews, photo project ideas, kit competitions and much more. Download Olympus Magazine FREE and every issue of this fantastic monthly ...    7 MB    Views 6430


games time voice twitter email photo facebook blog phone interactive call share sms buttons http send
+27    The phone call is fun again Share location, photos, contacts and more, with realtime updates, while you're talking on the phone. Thrutu for iPhone comes with six buttons built in: Location: see each other’s position on a map, updating live as ...    2 MB    Views 2625

Suar™ Photo Share

photo photos share content objectionable notice user
-4    Share photos with the whole world This elegant app allows you to capture photo and share with people around you. Play with your friends together to double the fun time Features include: View photos around you Fully animated user interface Share from ...    6 MB    Views 843
magazine photography iphone photographers reading photo ipad time outdoor free interactive extraordinary articles quality vision photographer
-1    THE ONLY FREE INTERACTIVE OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE PUBLISHED EXCLUSIVELY FOR MOBILE "Easily the best quality photographic magazine available on iTunes. The photography and articles are top notch and rival any quality magazine available to buy on the bookshelves of your local ...    27 MB    Views 5634
Related Apps iphone apps instagram guide tips interactive
+5    Unauthorised Guide to Instagram is an independent interactive guide to using the official Instagram app. Whether you're new to one of the world's most exciting retro photo apps, or a regular user of the app, you'll find dozens of top ...    66 MB    Views 6563
Related Apps photos sharing content islamic
+5    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature be beneficial for each and every one of us, insyaAllah. Abu Hurairah (RadhiAllahhu ...    23 MB    Views 9806

Sun Surveyor

Related Apps moon time map compass solar maps film winter summer sun view location interactive paths hour sunrise
+5    Sun Surveyor predicts Sun & Moon positions (azimuth, altitude, time) with a 3D Compass, Interactive Map + Street View, Augmented Reality and a detailed Ephemeris. Sun Surveyor is useful for film and photo location scouting, photographers, architecture, solar panel positioning, ...    14 MB    Views 6875


singapore camera lens canon field depth simulator compare interactive lenses specifications
-3    CanonSGLens is a free Canon Singapore App that features detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EFS lenses sold in Singapore. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view of ...    NAN    Views 7073


photo map photos features interactive create
-4    Create unique collages with interactive Google map. Features: ✮ Fully features photo editor ✮ Interactive map ✮ Share your photos with friends ✮ Gorgeous photo effects and frames ✮ Onetap auto enhance ✮ Tons of fun stickers ✮ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photos ✮ Adjust brightness, contrast, and ...    35 MB    Views 5839


-3    This iPad exclusive app allows you to explore all of JR's projects all over the world, with beautiful Retinaoptimized photos, videos, and interactive features. JR exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not ...    29 MB    Views 7131
work videos spanish text eagle photographs supported interactive
+11    AQUILA Two years flying with the Spanish Imperial Eagle Andoni Canela takes us for an intimate look into the world of the Imperial Eagle via rich multimedia content: photographs, videos, maps, interactive text and a children´s story, to enable us ...    466 MB    Views 8886


photographers videos photography experience membership images interactive journal printed access experiences international
+3    Description Silvershotz The International Magazine of Contemporary Photography Silvershotz is an interactive, visual experience that brings the concept of a journal to the next level. Everyone passionate about photography can immerse themselves in a rich world of exceptional contemporary images with ...    9 MB    Views 2558

Character Camera

text camera chinese photo characters image create interactive
+30    Create your experimental photo with Elegant Chinese/Japanese Block text. This is an Experimental Camera by invivo interactive. The App captures the real time image into a Matrixlike text with asian characters. You can also take a photo for the stylish image, or ...    44 MB    Views 4041


photo creative apps party holiday guests guest interactive wishes event wall
+5    FREE for a limited time for the 2013 holiday season Engage your party guests in this holiday season Let each of your guest take a photo, make a wish. And you can pick a lucky guest for rewards Our creative app makes ...    579 kb    Views 7833


photos visual content featured
+21    Featured by Apple as a "Best New App" in over 100 countries, Ultravisual is a visual network for inspiration, expression, and collaboration with creative people like you. • Be inspired: Discover stunning visuals in a contentforward design. Search for your interests, ...    18 MB    Views 582

SkyView Magazine

magazine science digital interactive university
-2    SkyView is an interactive digital magazine for iPad by the University of Arizona School of Journalism. The magazine is a successor to our inaugural digital publication, Scientific Tucsonan. SkyView explores the wealth of science and nature found in the Santa ...    307 MB    Views 1239
parents audio children text voice editing photo picture talk book story image interactive
-9    Personalize a fun and interactive story for your child with Picture Talk the story book maker Designed for parents to personalize interactive presentations with audio and text for young children, Picture Talk consists of interfaces for editing and viewing. The ...    866 kb    Views 9153

Showreel Portfolio

video work apps content portfolio branded style menu interactive show
+9    Showreel portfolio is a customisable video portfolio for the video professional who wants to show their video, animations or motion graphics within a branded interactive presentation on the iPad. Showreel portfolio is the most dynamic and portable way to show ...    27 MB    Views 8114
family photos email camera kids pan privacy series designed interactive
+13    Pan is back and brought her camera Spend some quality family time snapping hilarious photos with your favorite characters from the Pan Series, and remember the moments forever Photo Booth A perfect companion app for the Pan interactive adventure series Designed ...    18 MB    Views 6862


photo photography camera interactive light images blending add
+2    Stilla is a gyroscopic 3D camera. For every image you take, Stilla will remember the direction you were looking at. The result is interactive and resembles a crystal, a 3D object made of facets blending into each other as you turn ...    1 MB    Views 7846
ipad videos search websites iphone video book nikon learn notebook interactive notes
+5    Learn the ins and outs of your Nikon D3200 with the interactive edition of Nikon D3200 For Dummies on Inkling. Along with everything from the print book, this version includes onlywithInkling extras, such as videos, interactive figures, highres and zoomable ...    491 MB    Views 9157
Related Apps work photography videos audio ipad text learning digital interactive imaging wayne portfolio infrared
+5    The first in our Digital ImageMaker International Interactive Portfolio series of monographs looking at the work of individual photographers and digital artists, Wayne J. Cosshall Photography and Digital Imaging allows you to get into the work of Wayne J. Cosshall, ...    472 MB    Views 777


interactive experience experiences world enter projects
+23    Imascono the door leads you to enter in a new interactive dimension Imascono app is an augmented reality platform that contains imascono_interactivewear experiences and other projects. Enter in a new interactive dimension using your iPhone or iPad. We are living in ...    72 MB    Views 550


choice god content rich vote create
+8    Choice let you quickly create choice with rich content and collect opinions. Features: Quick build choice with rich content Two modes to create a new choice: photo and text Watch vote results directly and clearly Quote and compare an option by swipe Record your choice reason Review ...    10 MB    Views 817

My Digital Album

Related Apps photos album pages albums content
0    We all love albums but current apps are focused on single pages. Feel the joy of making and viewing your own album the way you would have done it in old times FEATURES: Create Albums. Add photos and text to each page ...    8 MB    Views 4860


experience story game dreams interactive
+4    TRAUMA is an awardwinning interactive experience. It has been created by two independent game developers from Germany. We have no office, no publisher and no funding. TRAUMA tells a story of a young woman who survives a car accident. Recovering at ...    243 MB    Views 3140

I am we

media art relationship social work interactive world project platform
+5    Document your world and participate in an interactive image simultaneously Media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle has brought the social media art project I am we_interactive image into life. This platform allows users worldwide to keep a photographic diary, be part of ...    3 MB    Views 6464
Related Apps ipad iphone videos websites search photography video learning photos book slr digital interactive notebook mac tap
+12    Learning how to take gorgeous digital SLR photos just got easier than ever before with the interactive edition of Digital SLR For Dummies, rebuilt for iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC on Inkling. As a universal app, you pay one price ...    247 MB    Views 4295
apps map photo frame application area zoo safari user interactive fun
+5    It is an interactive map application for Taman Safari Bali Zoo, it was developed with the purposes to entertain and educate users. By using this application at the Zoo, people will gain more information about Bali Safari Zoo area, whether the ...    NAN    Views 756


virtual panoramic images interactive world multimedia explore tours
-4    Virtual tours made simple. Roundme is a beautiful and easytouse app that allows you to create, share and explore Spaces. Space is a set of panoramic images connected through Portals and filled with multimedia content in Hotspots. An excursion around a property, an ...    23 MB    Views 3812


news photos share interactive features updates
+15    This is the official iPhone application from HaveeruOnline, the leading online newspaper in the Maldives, giving you news updates 24/7. Stay informed with breaking news, latest news updates, features, photos, and videos. The app gives you interactive features allowing you to share ...    3 MB    Views 5039
Related Apps magazine photography color black white digital content
+3    BLACK&WHITE IN COLOR is a bimonthly magazine where you can find content related to the history of photography. Fine Art, mobilephotos, large and medium formats, photography in design, streetphoto, equipment, exhibitions, courses, workshops and more. Now, imagine all this going between ...    8 MB    Views 9128
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