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+14    WP (Wallpaper) Quotes HD is a collection of 378 inspirational quotes displayed with beautiful breathtaking photos in cool wallpapers for your iPad. The quotes are from famous people past and present who have inspired us to think, do, and be ...    66 MB    Views 9161
+16    If you like to write on pictures, we have the perfect picture editing software for you Photo Wonder Text on Pics is a brand new photo editing app for all photography enthusiasts If you think love quotes, inspirational quotes and ...    16 MB    Views 8629

Love Photo Frames+

+3    Create special moments with Love Photo Frames+, a wonderful collection of romantic love picture frames. Frame your memories with your most treasured photos of loved ones. Express your wonderful love experience with creating special and romantic photos with Love Photo frames+. ...    35 MB    Views 4113
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+4    Love Selfie Frames + Editor great photo editor app to add romantic touch yo your photo during Valentines Day, Father’s day, Mother’s day and other occasions. It's times to convert ordinary looking photo into a professionally creative art piece. ...    31 MB    Views 7140
photos time ipad iphone photo moments quotes smile daily hope capturing
0    Get inspired and stay motivated with famous quotes on top of your own photos. Our mission is to bring a new smile to your face every single day. "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing that's why ...    3 MB    Views 6479

JSPhoto Quotes

quotes malaysia
+24    JSPhoto Quotes is a photo album app themed with Quotes and works. The Quotes are presented in English and Chinese and the photos were taken in Singapore and Malaysia. Welcome to visit design centre of Eurekaism CoWorkSpacer (CoWorking Space Nusajaya, ...    8 MB    Views 2988

What is THIS?!!

Related Apps photo text photos size friends quotes
0    What is THIS? takes your iPhone photos and allows you to add funny captions to your photos and share them with your friends. After choosing or taking a photo, you will see one of our random quotes on the photo, ...    6 MB    Views 561
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-4    Is writing on pictures your favorite pastime? If your answer is yes, then our new picture editing software is perfect for you. Caption Pictures Photo Writer is the ideal new photo editing app for all admirers of photography art. You ...    15 MB    Views 9467
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+15    Get your daily dose of inspiration Be uplifted by the beauty and wisdom of scenic quotes as they cycle in picture frame mode. Or view a quote for each day of the year in an instant or access a quote at random. Enjoy ...    45 MB    Views 1790
0    All in one app with NIV 1984 BIBLE for your reading , BIBLE VERSES WALLPAPER & BIBLE QUOTE WALLPAPER for your phone or table screen. BIBLE VERSES WALLPAPER & BIBLE QUOTE WALLPAPER Top quality HD 100 bible verses wallpapers, bible quotes wallpaper ...    56 MB    Views 2199
Related Apps iphone wallpapers wallpaper photos people awesome images easily quotes screen
-3    Create an awesome look for your Home and Lock Screen Optimized for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. People worldwide use Wallpapers app to give their screen a makeover Awesome Features: • Full support for the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone ...    6 MB    Views 8390

Thought for the day

Related Apps people photographers thought day thoughts quotes beautiful application feel great
+6    Amazing Christmas & New Year Gift for your friends and relatives Daily a thought will make your day pleasant and motivated. Sharing these thoughts will make everyone happier and motivated... "Thought for the day" gives positive and inspirational quotes in the ...    7 MB    Views 6504

Captivating Rumi

Related Apps email twitter facebook quote choice share font picture save
0    Enter the captivating world of Rumi. Choose your favourite Rumi quote and add to a photo of your choice. Save it for inspiration or share it with the world through Facebook, twitter or email. Let us whirl to the captivating ...    16 MB    Views 9697

Cap This Photo

Related Apps photo library quotes add cap image great button save share
-5    Cap This Photo brings you the best image capping app money can buy. Add awesome & funny quotes directly to your images, then save them or share them to your friends Incredibly easy to use, loaded with tons of quotes, ...    2 MB    Views 2078
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+21    Pix Quote is a fun way to share your thoughts to others through a series of photos. Pick a photo from your mobile phone, move the spotlight , choose a filter and add a quote to the photo. Share your quotes ...    18 MB    Views 7948
apps text photos add quotes free bottom pic pics share device
+12    Caption your photos using Caption My Pic Free Add text to the top or bottom of pics, add random quotes from our internal base of funny quotes, save it to your device or share it with friends This app is ...    3 MB    Views 2123
Related Apps photo men mustaches fonts borders quotes girly rich night world
-6    We were not sure which description would get all you MEN using super Girly Photo Caption apps to man up so here are our two best: 1) Show the world your inner manliness with macho fonts, borders, mustaches, and quotes. ...    45 MB    Views 1046
Related Apps text photo writer love writing editing photos birthday studio pics quotes add pictures put write
+7    If you are a true text on pics lover, and you look for write on photos apps, here we present to you the wonder among picture editing softwares Caption Writer Photo Studio This free pro caption maker is easy ...    13 MB    Views 8182
+9    Make hilarious lipsync videos with any photo Make any photo talk with a famous quote 1. Select a photo 2. Add a face 3. Choose your favorite sound, famous quote or record your own 4. Share the animated message with your friends Animate Me makes ...    63 MB    Views 2622
photos photo pinterest posters justin create quotes quote daily poster
-8    Lets take PYD to the top of the charts Get push notification whenever Justin publishes a MUSICMONDAYS song. Be the first one to get it Plus, create posters with Justin's messages, use his or your photos. Use the app to watch ...    20 MB    Views 8156

About Photography

photography people quotes robert charles famous
-1    With About Photography App you can discover what famous people said.... about photography Many people, from the beginning at today, have talked about Photography. Everyone telling a different story in a very personal way. So Baudelaire talked against Photography because he thought ...    3 MB    Views 7219
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-2    The kids edition of Snap It Cap It adds kid friendly funny captions right to your pics With this app, you can use our internal captions or add your own It's super easy to use and has the most options ...    2 MB    Views 239
love facebook text twitter social photos share fonts awesome quotes
+9    Tweegram is the easiest and funniest way to personalize your pictures with quotes and thoughts to share on social networks. Using Tweegram you will be able to transform your thoughts into wonderful images just by choosing the style that best ...    33 MB    Views 2787
Related Apps photography apps photo search beauty quotes database favorite quote access browsing daily background 000
+5    This universal iPhone/iPad application comes with over 3,000 photography quotes from famous and popular photographers. You can have random photography quote everyday. You can browse the list via touch screen or the use shake gesture for a random quote from ...    20 MB    Views 3778
0    Tattoo Art is the easiest and the most complete tattoo studio to add virtual tattoos art on your body. A complete collection of tattoos combined with 50+ artistic fonts allowing you to craft out the perfect tattoo for your body. Some of ...    43 MB    Views 4216
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-4    Make your selfies stand out from the rest with Selfie Snapp Overlay gorgeous quotes and sayings over your selfies Selfie Snapp is our hottest new app Check it out NOW to see what all the fuss is about Snap the perfect selfie ...    4 MB    Views 4433
facebook love apps quotes instagram 000 funny quote
+15    1,000,000+ Instagram Quotes. Download + Post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Send as SMS, MMS or Email to your Friends. Upload your own Quotes. Use Quotes in other messenger apps. 100+ New Quotes added daily, check back often. Quote Categories:love, life, quote, text, ...    2 MB    Views 6748


-7    instaMovieQuote iMQ +more than 6000 quotes +your photo or a iMQ background picture +beautiful fonts +great instant photo filter + beautiful iMQ frames +link to all your favorite social networks =your own of ∞ iMQ’s Insta movie quote app What is your iMQ? A quote from Fight Club? ...    13 MB    Views 6884
facebook photo frame dad card reviews day quote problem
+30    I Luv My Dad Fathers Day Card Creator is especially meant for those who loves their father very much This app helps you to create special cards for your father on this father’s Day. How to use: Take photos using device camera ...    18 MB    Views 130
love text valentine photo gifts romantic time cards facebook twitter day pics valentines write quotes pictures
-9    Happy Valentine's Day love birds Make your own Valentines card for your special someone with Valentine Text on Pics Make the best Valentine pictures with your sweetheart and add date and time stamps, write love messages on your pictures fast ...    14 MB    Views 7461

iGen Photo

photos photo number quote system images vehicle process
-1    iGen Photo is a companion tool for VQS iGen, a comprehensive body management system for smash repairs. Features Take photos of accidental damages for assessment. Organise all the accidental images by grouping them by Quote number or Vehicle Registration number. Exports ...    5 MB    Views 8471
quote blender images blend lab quotes instagram exposure double
+11    Did you wonder how people make such cool quote edits on instagram? Use our provided quotes and/or background images to make amazing blends for instagram, tumblr, whatever you like. Or you can upload your own. So simple and easy to ...    53 MB    Views 890
bible camera share quotes ultimate spread adding
+13    Make the LORD part of your daily life through the ultimate Bible gateway. Go into the world and spread the gospel into every creature using your camera. HolyCam allows you to select a photograph or use your camera to capture a ...    18 MB    Views 3440
lite quotes filters designed
+20    Feels Lite is the app for adding perfectly designed filters and quotes to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, Feels features custom made filters you won't find anywhere else combined with wellcrafted funny and loving quotes. Feels Lite helps take ...    11 MB    Views 3436

Photography Quotes

photography beauty quotes random quote favorite database photograph list
-8    1 Photography App in Taiwan 4 Photography App in Singapore 9 in Philippines, 10 in Canada and 11 in Hong Kong 17 in United States and Korea User review by NeutronTwo: "Cool It's good to have these quotes.. They r motivational. But there needs ...    20 MB    Views 6040
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-8    The Best Friends Quotes Wallpaper & Friends Frames + More than 30 HD wallpaper with vivid colors + View background as Slide show option + No internet connection needed + Able to save to Photo Library of your phone or tablet + Share to your ...    59 MB    Views 161

Design Sparks

design designers quotes featured share learn
+17    Learn about design with Design Sparks. “It’s the words of others that teach us to speak…” — Frank Chimero FEATURED BY APPLE Featured as one of the Best New Apps in the Australian App Store. LEARN ABOUT DESIGN Design Sparks lets you explore the world of ...    31 MB    Views 9037
+1    You are looking for a new caption maker to write on pictures? Search no more, because Caption Studio Text on Pics is the right application for you With this free write on pictures app you can caption your photos quickly ...    12 MB    Views 9143
wallpaper wallpapers people photo library twitter photos facebook quotes menu share save move inspired
+8    Now you can SHARE Wallpapers on FaceBook and Twitter Wallpaper Quotes is a collection of 378 inspirational quotes displayed with beautiful breathtaking photos in cool wallpapers for your iPhone. The quotes are from famous people past and present who have ...    67 MB    Views 8556

Crystal Leak Pro

Related Apps photo ipad text crystal add pro leak effects quotes words
+7    Crystal Leak Pro is only for you if you like to make your photos colorful with different Effects and Textures. Try Crystal Leak Pro and stand out different from the crowd. Key Features =>Add colorful effects on your photo. =>Add texture to photo. =>Add Text,Quotes ...    45 MB    Views 9515
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+1    Add Amazing Love Quotes Sticker: Add custom Love Quotes directly to your camera with very artistic fonts. Choose from a huge Collection of powerful Love Quotes that will make your photos awesome . • Simply upload a photo or take a ...    12 MB    Views 9504

PicQuotes Pro

photo library editing quote pro image features quotes favourite share
-2    PicQuotes Pro the ULTIMATE quote app No Ads, NoWatermark. PicQuotes Pro is the fastest and easiest way to add the perfect quote to your favourite image and share it with the world. PicQuotes Pro has all the same amazing features as PicQuotes ...    23 MB    Views 5509

Quotes Creator

Related Apps text photo apps love whatsapp twitter design facebook background quotes share creator set colours add world
-7    Share your own thoughts or Words with picture. Quotes Creator is the best and easiest way to create and share your quotes with the world. Quotes Creator ready with customising options such as background, text colours, text size, and fonts, or ...    30 MB    Views 1100

InstaThoughts Pro

photo thoughts share choose free image include quote fonts
-7    ▲ This is an AD FREE version of InstaThoughts Get it NOW ▲ × Shuffle your thoughts with just one tap × × Transform your thoughts into beautifully designed image of your own × Categories include: Life, Love, LOL, Success & Friendship ...    13 MB    Views 689
love photos share 100 add free quotes quote
+18    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. DOWNLOAD NOW Share the love and spread joy to all your friend with this Love Quote App. You will be able to add 100's of pre added quotes or add your own. Load our images or ...    13 MB    Views 9004
text photo photos facebook library direction effects fan quotes save instagram
+27    Are you a real Directioner? Well this is probably the best one direction app eva The 1DPix app is your exclusive one direction app for making and customizing your own personalized One Direction fan pictures. Personalize your pictures with One Direction ...    44 MB    Views 4435

Snap It - Cap It

Related Apps photo photos library apps twitter facebook quotes add pic captions snap random cap
+24    Add hilarious captions to your photos using Snap It Cap It Use our internal captions, or add your own It's easy to use and has the most options when compared to similar apps, so come give it a try Here's ...    1019 kb    Views 7243
Related Apps text photo facebook photos personal music social twitter share lyrics friends select quotes posts
-5    Easy to use, awesome photo editor for putting text on image to share favorite quotes or personal notes with friends and followers on social networks Select a background image, add your text, and share. Get more likes and fans by ...    24 MB    Views 7350
Related Apps text quotes beautiful share selection instagram pictures add favorite
-8    Share quotes on beautiful pictures with fonts curated by our awesome designers. Choose from a huge selection of famous quotes with our random quote generator or add your own text or caption on your favorite photo background to share with ...    35 MB    Views 6165
Related Apps photos photo text friends share stickers quotes snapshot cam filters draw
-2    Snapshot Cam is a fun and easy to use camera & photo editor app. Create beautiful photos in seconds and share them with your friends. Add amazing stickers, apply stunning filters, draw & paint, add your own text or choose quotes from ...    51 MB    Views 6372

More EndlesssRoad

pictures quotes add
+16    Sometimes your pictures can't say by themselves, some times them need little hint. EndlesssRoad it's collection of almost 1000 quotes about travel, road, happiness and summer. It's not cites of famous people it's words about real, joyful and wild life ...    1 MB    Views 9778
Related Apps writer text photo photos editing love software birthday time writing write pictures quotes add picture free
+10    If you like writing on pictures and need a caption maker, we've created a brand new write on pictures app just for your needs Meet Photo Wonder Caption Writer, the best photo editor you could possibly come across You can ...    17 MB    Views 2612

Quotes Creator Pro

Related Apps text photo twitter apps whatsapp facebook design quotes background share creator pro set world words
+5    Share your own thoughts or Words with picture. Quotes Creator Pro is the best and easiest way to create and share your quotes with the world. Quotes Creator Pro ready with customising options such as background, text colours, text size, and ...    27 MB    Views 203

Shoot'n Quote

Related Apps quotes image selected quote combinations applied filters effects shoot
-6    In order to describe and add more meaning to taken photos, sometimes, a quote can motivate people. Quotes are great because they can be used for comfort, insight, and inspiration. Shoot'n Quote is a free image editor with 950 selected quotes ...    9 MB    Views 4742
Related Apps love wallpapers lovers romantic quotes live fun beautiful lover
+8    Love Lovers Live Wallpapers is for all romantic souls out there Are you in love? Yes? Then this is a perfect gift for you and your lover What is the best love quotes or valentine quotes to show your feelings and affections? Searching ...    45 MB    Views 9216
Related Apps love wallpaper photos camera email facebook quotes frames beautiful phone life
-6    The Best Beautiful Phrases, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Friends Quotes Wallpaper Pictures & Love Frames + More than 30 HD wallpaper with vivid colors + View background as Slide show option + No internet connection needed + Able to save to Photo Library of ...    61 MB    Views 1630
photo fun variety cool share quotes
-3    PicDesign The newest way to take a photo and make it say what you want it to say A variety of fun filters, cool quotes and phrases to choose from, nice backdrops, boarders, a wide variety of doodles and much much ...    124 MB    Views 1872


+4    Get inspired with beautiful Quotes added to your photos using this beautifully designed Quotegram app. Pick a quote and add your image from library or capture one Edit your images Share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp,VK and ...    11 MB    Views 7750


love photographers quotes quote author find
+4    Take with you, everywhere you go, 305 quotes by 65 of the greatest photographers ever. Search the quotes, to find the most adequate in every situation. Find suggestions, motivation and encouragement every time you need it. Browse the quotes by author, or ...    223 kb    Views 3197
wallpapers wallpaper people photos quotes menu 200 free inspirational move
+7    Wallpaper Quotes Free is a collection of 200 inspirational quotes displayed with beautiful breathtaking photos in cool wallpapers for your iPhone. The quotes are from famous people past and present who have inspired us to think, do, and be better ...    40 MB    Views 4045
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