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+19    Landcam The allinone camera and square photo editor. Making photos has never been this fun. Take complete creative control over your work, with 30+ film inspired filters, 35+ handpicked fonts, and many more creative effects. Quick and easy editing. Built from the ground ...    20 MB    Views 4205

Tilt Shift Focus

0    Toyworlds on your iPhone Now with iPhone 5 support and higher resolution images. Featured in the book 'The Art of iPhoneography' "...makes the real world seem to be made of tiny toys. Using apps like ... Tilt Shift Focus ... you can ...    9 MB    Views 9552
0    Add quick caption for your photos and share them in social network like Facebook and Twitter. Support • Web: • Email: • Twitter: • Facebook:    11 MB    Views 9251

Tilt Shift Focus HD

tilt shift focus effect miniature effects depth quick field desktop
+9    Create TiltShift effects with a your fingertips, no expensive camera equipment needed The popular Mac Desktop application now for iPad. "Make a molehill out of a mountain" "...easy to use and does its job quick and effectively..." With TiltShiftFocus you can easily ...    2 MB    Views 5524

Photo Love Stamps

+10    Show your love by creating a Love Stamp Photo for someone special with Photo Love Stamps. Our large variety of stamps and easy placement make it fun, easy and quick. Here’s all you do: 1) Take a photo or get one from your ...    8 MB    Views 1473

5 Star Photos

photos photo star posted saved viewed phone quick
+26    We all take a lot of photos, but we don't always view them all very often, just those we consider great photos or 5 Star Photos. 5 Star Photos allows you to take photos and then make a quick decision to ...    372 kb    Views 2689
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+3    Does your company want to have its own iPhone app? Have us build your iPhone app. Go to our website for more information. To celebrate the debut of our 2nd application we are giving Pixel Perfect away for FREE for ...    284 kb    Views 8503
photography events easy tab users special easily follow quick
+11    This App is a must have for users who wants to engage our boutique photographer services, easily contacting us and quickly sending enquiry for special events photography capturing life's best moments. The mobile app is designed for friendly use enjoying ...    NAN    Views 1067

Swipa for Instagram

photos design instagram swipe quick great feed simple experience easy
-3    Swipe right to like your Instagram photos with Swipa No more scrolling through pages and pages of images and captions. Now you can quickly and easily flick through your Instagram feed liking photos as you go Best of all it's addictively ...    4 MB    Views 2680


+1    Quick balloons is a small app that makes it really easy to add speechballoons and textboxes to your photos. It is designed to make it quick and easy to add the balloons. Select your photo or use the camera to ...    761 kb    Views 2687
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+12    A tool for adding customized clear watermark to your photos. Customize a watermark once, apply it to any photo Without More Than 5 taps Features • Embossed watermark have clear, glasslike look • Feature riched, able to customize the text, font, size, opacity, ...    9 MB    Views 9820
photo photos add instagram square emojis tags popular quick
+3    The Best No Crop App You Deserve. Square Quick not only lets you post uncropped photos to Instagram, you can also stamp your photo with popular emojis and tags. TAP >SQUARE>SHARE >DONE Yup, it's that easy. Features include... DESIGNED BACKGROUNDS: You can choose from a ...    13 MB    Views 8049
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+6    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    7 MB    Views 4855

5X Zoom

photo camera application zoom feature bar quick view
-3    myZoom is the application, which 5x zoom with quick photo view bar. Features: •5X realtime Zoom In. •Quick view of recent Photos bar on camera screen. •Photo album acceess within application. •Confirm before photo take. •Share photo via email within application and without exit from application. •Retake ...    60 kb    Views 2125

Pixel Perfect Lite

photos camera facebook effects pixel shot perfect easy lite quick
+4    By the creators of Quick Shot. IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOS Pixel Perfect Lite uses a unique, easy to use interface for applying effects to your photos. It comes with essential image effects to help you correct your photos without going to another app. NOT ...    264 kb    Views 1965

Quick REC

quick faster record
+9    Record faster than your shadow Quick REC record video faster than the default photos app. Click on the Quick REC icon for recording immediately Don't miss those little moments    487 kb    Views 3224


photo snap send friend quick
+2    SnapDog is the fastest way to snap a photo and send to a friend. Snap a picture of that cute baby and send it to the grandparents in a few quick taps. Snap a photo of that building and send it ...    694 kb    Views 8696
fonts free add quick ability captions style ads 200
+8    Quick Fonts Description: Quick Fonts makes it fast and easy to insert cool, fun, and beautiful fonts and texts to you pictures. Choose from over 200 style fonts to add a little something extra to your photos. Quick Fonts is so ...    11 MB    Views 8134
+14    Modern Photographers Kit is a beautifully designed tool with many uses. It has been designed following the modern "Metro style" and you can customise the look of this app with your favourite "Metro" colour style and photo. Just swipe left to bring ...    3 MB    Views 5625

Spy Camera

photos iphone time browse camera spy wanted quickly save
-8    Have you ever wondered what goes on when you're not around? Ever wanted to take a picture of someone without looking suspicious? Ever wanted to capture a time lapse video of anything you can point your phone at? Now you ...    828 kb    Views 2663
zombie photo effects easy fun quick walking add booth
-2    Turn anyone into a Zombie with Walking Death Zombie Booth. Our large variety of Zombie effects make it fun, easy and quick to completely transform a normal looking person into an open fleshed mess. Here’s all you do: 1) Take a photo or ...    48 MB    Views 2806

Doodley Moore

video photo quick share live draw
+15    Doodley Moore let's you draw over a live or paused video feed or photo with a quick and minimal interface. It's the best way to capture a moment with a quick sketch. Discover a completely new and enormously fun way ...    12 MB    Views 9963

A TextVite HD

photo text apps facebook photos library challenge apple pinterest send invite easy background http quick
+24    On Sale now , Regular price is 5.99 Try out our new fun features in the latest version Rated as one of the 10 ten photo apps Try out our latest app, Monkey Bombz Check out some sample TextVites at "A ...    34 MB    Views 1924
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+4    Quick Sketch Whiteboard Drawing is the perfect app to draw some sketches quickly or to paint beautiful pictures The only limit is your imagination Choose from many colors and set the thickness of the line to whatever you want, save ...    12 MB    Views 7115
+5    Frame your photos for the Christmas Season Take a photo with the camera or import one from your photo library. Scroll through the collection of stickers and frames and tap to add them to your photo. Then text, email, save to camera roll, ...    11 MB    Views 890

Quick Sketch HD

sketch art image great quick
+14    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    7 MB    Views 5935

Picture Note

note picture simple touch screen notes quick pen
-8    Picture note is simple and ductile app that’s perfect for those moments when you just need to make a quick note while onthego. It is very simple and easy to conduct.The tip of your finger acts like your digital pen ...    20 MB    Views 3164
0    Tired of scrolling through your Camera Roll? Fotohound is a quick and easy way to find the photos you're looking for. No need to manually sort or organize by hand. Batch Facebook uploading Ability to search by... Date Holidays ...    10 MB    Views 2540
Related Apps photo 360 quick themes effects professional feel light
-4    Quick FX Photo 360 bringing the look and feel of a professional photographer, Quick FX Photo 360 lets you express even the most subtle mood on your photos. ◉ PROFESSIONAL EFFECT THEMES Quick FX Photo 360 provides 360 filter effects beloved by ...    41 MB    Views 1797
photo videos photographers lenses access lens zoom enthusiasts quick including easily
-1    Tamron Lenses & HowTo is resource for photographers onthego to review Tamron lens specs and access howto articles and videos on dozens of photographic topics. Primary Features • Quick access to howto articles featuring professional photographers and enthusiasts across more than dozen ...    35 MB    Views 4564

scrapbox x'mas lite

facebook christmas photos email cards frames quick texts save share
-4    Yay Let's Get Merry Design your own christmas cards, send something unique this year a personalized christmas card with your own photos. Decorate your photos with x'mas ornaments, apply frames, add graphical texts, and then share online to Facebook, or ...    5 MB    Views 2445

Quick Capture

capture start quick flash timer
-7    Quick Capture is a no fuss selftimer that uses the iPhone's flash and an accelerating beep to help capture those group memories. Just start the app, set down the phone, and get everyone together The accelerating flash and beep will ...    1 MB    Views 5318
result quick easy images
+5    If you want to create something different and interesting from your images, you're going to be amazed how easy and quick you can do that with Trigraphy. Easy just take a photo or load one and that's it Quick ...    21 MB    Views 3582


hour quick speed
+28    Are you in a passenger seat of a car or a train and wanna take a quick selfie? Show the World how quick was that and print your speed on the photo You easily can switch between mile per hour and kilometer ...    4 MB    Views 2553

Quick Photo Album

photo photos camera time iphone memo ipad apps design album quick data function photographs save images
+3    Adjusted for iOS8 Organize photos into albums and save them. Quickly choose your photos in large displayed format “I want to choose the photos to share quickly” “Getting all my photos organized on my iPhone is hard” “Choosing photos for a collage takes heaps of ...    14 MB    Views 7524
Related Apps camera iphone video photography quickpro canon guide rebel guides quick
-7    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your Canon Rebel T2i? The Answer Will Now Be in Your Pocket and your Ipad. With iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether ...    287 MB    Views 3909

Retro for Instagram

retro photos ipad instagram beautiful feed multiple quick update great
+16    Retro is an Instagram client, designed for the iPad. Featured by Apple (best new app), TechCrunch, Mashable, AppAdvice, Beautiful Pixels & others. "Retro is one of the most beautiful Instagram iPad viewers." TechCrunch " user interface, as well as faster and more ...    14 MB    Views 790

Quick Straight

+15    Use Quick Straight to rotate photos that have an uneven horizon. Fast and easy to use Features Rotate photos using two fingers Drag one finger to make precise adjustments Tap to change the crop ratio Double tap to use the photos ...    144 kb    Views 6534
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+18    Want to repost your favorite photos and videos from Instagram? Quick Repost let’s you repost and regram all of the photos and videos on Instagram. Quick Repost makes it easy to repost your favorite photos and videos on Instagram while giving credit ...    8 MB    Views 5113

My Cars Album

car iphone show ability button quickly display touch
-7    You have the sweet ride now show it off This is an intuitive and fun way to display pictures of your car. This is an outstanding app that makes it easy to quickly show a picture of your vehicle. Easily show ...    1 MB    Views 9699


facebook creative apps jixipix quick create instagram colorful presets
-6    Quickly turn yourself into an artoonist, as you create professional looking cartoons from your snapshots and images. Artoon is an easytouse app that will create colorful illustrations for the bases of your design projects, or simply have fun transforming profile pictures ...    6 MB    Views 5200


photo text apps facebook photos library challenge apple pinterest send invite easy quick background http
+15    On Sale now , Regular price is 5.99 Try out our new fun features in the latest version Rated as one of the 10 ten photo apps Try out our latest app, Monkey Bombz Check out some sample TextVites at "A ...    27 MB    Views 4206
twitter facebook quick https
-5    Add quick caption for your photos and share them in social network like Facebook and Twitter. Support • Web: • Email: • Twitter: • Facebook:    7 MB    Views 5635
frame action artist text iphone speech photo editing ipad quick direct desktop mobile storyboards add
+4    From the creators of the 1 desktop storyboarding application, PowerProduction Software, comes the mobile app designed to assist filmmakers of every level compose shot ideas – on the go StoryBoard Quick Direct turns your iPad into a mobile previsualization tool ...    8 MB    Views 298


photos application moments quick shots lot devices space
+12    Recommended devices: iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 On devices other than the above, this application may not be able to take 30 photos within one second, and it may not be able to maintain a steady interval between shots. "Fast300Shots" is an application ...    8 MB    Views 4642
photo time twitter photos flickr email apps facebook capture presets button upload quick
-8    CAPTURE & SHARE PHOTOS IN SECONDS WITHOUT TAPPING A SINGLE BUTTON Ever use an app without actually using it? Launch AutoSnap from your home screen and a photo will be taken automatically and uploaded to your preset destinations without you tapping a ...    27 MB    Views 6542

Quick Sketch

sketch art image quick great apps4u
+5    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    2 MB    Views 6413

ImageShack Pro

photo email image upload link quickly
-4    ImageShack app gives you the amazing opportunity to quickly upload any image from your Photo Library or Camera quickly to the one of the most popular hosting service for free Choose the image, hang on few seconds to complete the transfer ...    366 kb    Views 9048
photo camera blur view mode effect effects quick
-3    Quick Blur Effect adds blur effects to the selected area of image. All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking one with builtin camera instantly, and start adding blur effects on it. MODE SELECTION : =============== + ...    32 MB    Views 9915
Related Apps photo body facebook photos blur friends uploading support quick secrets
-9    Do you want to hide your face, body, your friends, or any other secrets from the photos before sharing them to your friends or uploading them to your blog? Quickly blur selected part of the image using simple touch. Blurr ...    2 MB    Views 5417

Quick! Video

video videos quick icloud record option send share automatically
0    Ever wanted to quickly record a video, but the camera app needed too long to load and get ready? I think most parents know this, the funny face your child just made will only be in your memory. You won't be ...    246 kb    Views 2706
photo quick friend emoji interesting
-9    When you see something interesting, you take a photo and send it to your friend. Sometime your friend won't be able to realise what happened and you may describe a bit more on it. This is a photo annotation app ...    1 MB    Views 3070


search photo call quick contact contacts
+28    Photo dialer with an elegant UI and one touch dial function. Application allows make call in one click. available up to 1000 dynamically created contacts ; scaling and positioning contact's photo; quick change icon location by "Move" menu. choice of ...    3 MB    Views 9087
photo editing film camera adjustment filters quick textures free lightroom
-5    ◎ FREE APP OF DAY GET IT NOW • Delight is a most simple but powerful photo editor • TOP Paid Photo and Video App in 30+ countries, now at its lowest price ever Delight is a quick image/photo editing app for iPhone ...    11 MB    Views 7049


camera weather flight time display hour quick
+12    SKYi is an integrated, aviation action camera, mobile weather station, and heads up display. With SKYi you can press the weather button to have it geolocate your closest weather reporting station, provide you the latest METAR for the location and read ...    2 MB    Views 9298
videos repost quick instagram pictures simple application offers save share
+2    Quick Repost offers a very simple way to export, download and save pictures from Instagram. Using Quick Repost, you can repost all kinds of pictures if you like. Of course,you can watch the videos. & Also Repost Vine Videos. We know that Instagram ...    7 MB    Views 8528
photos photo editing pictures ability add effects editor quick crop cut
-5    FX Editor gives you the tools to make easy and quick edits to your photos. With cool photo effects, the ability to cut and crop pictures, and do fun stuff like add stickers to your pictures the option are endless. ...    12 MB    Views 5493
basketball card text share quick easy stats background add scores
+13    Everyone loves basketball and the games and years go by quick SO, Capture those moments and personalize your own basketball card to save and also share. Stat And Share Basketball is a quick and easy app that takes photos, places ...    4 MB    Views 2566

Obscura Camera

camera photos manual quick controls filters access pictures simple focus
+8    There's always a better camera than the one you have with you. And that's Obscura. Designed with simple controls, comfortable ergonomics and beautiful filters in mind, allowing you to take photos that are instantly ready to share with the world. What makes a ...    13 MB    Views 9220

Spring Clean Photos

Related Apps photos photo videos clean spring deleted quick ios device
-9    Spring Clean Photos allows you to clean up your iOS device's photo in a blink. On our iPhone or iPad, there's no quick way of deleting large amount of photos. The best you can do is to delete one by ...    5 MB    Views 8978
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