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NRCM Environment

+1    Share photos, stay informed, and take action to protect Maine's environment. Using the power of science, the law, and the voices of people across Maine and beyond, we protect the nature of Maine.    29 MB    Views 6962

Pocket Gallery

+13    Pocket Gallery is an iOS application for managing and protecting your photo galleries. All packed in an elegant and easy to use UI which will look beautiful on your device. =[ Main Features ]= Take new photos or import from existing ...    2 MB    Views 8404

My Safe Data

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+30    “My Safe Data” is to keep your entire private stuff password protected in your iPhone You must have photos or notes which you don't want others to see in your iPhone or iPod. Now you can Protect and organize your private ...    10 MB    Views 9548
+5    Hide your photos, videos, notes, music, contacts and bookmarks from other people All the content is password protected with this app and you can be sure in your information safety. All this content can be safely kept and used with Content ...    7 MB    Views 1955


+15    Meet the official Cuipo app Give any photo a lush Rainforest touch with help from Cuipo’s wild cast of playful Rainforest critters. Make any new or existing picture come to life by adding a Toucan, Sloth, Frog, Monkey or more ...    4 MB    Views 7993
photos photo personal password safe folder protect private protected
+17    Photo Safe Password Protection The BEST Photo Safe App in the app store. Get Photo Safe to protect all your private photos in a Private folder. Description Photo Safe allows you to put your photos into a password protected folder ...    1 MB    Views 1023
photo text business personal artwork facebook twitter camera watermark image add protect share fonts picture
+9    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    26 MB    Views 6364


photos iphone protected password private folder add folders
+4    PhotoLocker allows you to take and store photos in private password protected folders. Just open the app, click the add button to create a new folder, then view and add further photos directly from the app. The photos taken are not copied ...    155 kb    Views 4079

Manfrotto Stile+

-4    Manfrotto Stile+ Bags Collection Catalog. The Stile Plus collection combines Italian style and good taste with functionality and superior protection. On the outside the Stile Plus bags look like everyday fashionable and comfortable messengers, slings and backpacks. But inside they provide ...    8 MB    Views 9273
+15    Hide Photos & Videos with Photo Vault S for iCloud NOTE: On iOS 8, you may need to enable iCloud Drive before using iCloud sync. Today so many apps on the App Store can help you hide photos on your ...    16 MB    Views 4764

Folders Pro

iphone photo video excel photos web office files folders pro private itunes built support protect password
+2    Discretely password protect your photos, videos, office files and more with Folders Pro for iPhone Folders Pro allows you to lock and password protect folders of your files to keep them private. For added privacy you can even create hidden ...    1 MB    Views 9448

Watermarks Lite

photos camera watermarks protect top roll recommended stickers
+8    Never been easier protect your photos copyright Unlimited Watermarks (Pro Version only) √ Register all watermarks you want, and use that to protect your photos. √ Move, Scale, and Control the opacity of watermarks. Protect your photos √ You can Take a Picture or Select ...    9 MB    Views 6107


photos photo camera time personal protect storage notes built pictures real worry
+1    The builtin app pictures, photographs, notes and other protect function.You can use the builtin camera function or import from album of your mobile phone, the photos can be automatically protect storage, protect your personal photo privacy.You write a note will ...    4 MB    Views 1981


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-6    【If you upgrade is not able to use, please try to download our another free software “EZeye”】 Protect4U is a player for surveillance. It has the following funtions: Features include: 1.iPhone and iPad compatible. 2.Support Pan,Tilt & Zoom control. 3.Support both 3G and Wifi. 4.Support Quad ...    9 MB    Views 8689
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+8    If you're looking for a simple app with password protection for photos and videos, check out Photo Vault. Simply type in your PIN and import as many photos/videos as you'd like After importing photos you can organize them in folders, ...    4 MB    Views 4501


video iphone support live stream system direct
+11    iProtectron Version 4.4 Video Surveillance in Your iPhone iProtectron allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders of Protectron . Features: iPad iPhone and iPod Touch compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for authentication. Support ...    20 MB    Views 6222
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-3    Do you have pictures that you do not want anyone else to see? Do you want to take photos that are to only to be seen through your eyes? Then, this is the most suitable app for you? The version 2 ...    2 MB    Views 8249

iFolders Safe

email video music folders files protected save file private paste copy view password
+11    “iFolders Safe" is the first file explorer for portable devices. With "iFolders Safe" you can: Save and manage your files and folders as you did with your computer (NEW FOLDER and subfolder, CUT, COPY, PASTE, RENAME, DELETE, ZIP, MODIFY) Create folders ...    2 MB    Views 425
+2    Have something to hide? Photo Safe will be the BEST tool to hide your private photos from "uninvited guests" Manage your private photos with Photo Safe. Add photos from your iPhone photo gallery or take shot directly from this app. Your secret photos ...    4 MB    Views 3757
photos password
+3    Best app for protecting your photos and videos, this app requires a password to open. You can add photos from the Photo Album or via the camera. This app support arrange the photos by date, location and media type. Even ...    10 MB    Views 7555
time email photos photo games presentation send peek image images protected
+4    Are you ready to send your friend that photo you thought you would never send on a phone? Well now you can ✦ SneakAPeek is the ONLY app allowing sharing of photos for a preset time ✦ PROTECTED sharing, no saving or ...    2 MB    Views 761
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-7    The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Lots of people trust Private Photo Box to keep their photos hidden. PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • Password Protected App Entry • Pin Lock • Pattern/Dot Lock • Password Protected Photo Albums (Keep ...    10 MB    Views 9059
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+19    Over 2,000,000 people trust Private Camera. The Best Private Photo app Did you worried about that a friend borrows your iPhone or iPad saw your private photos? Did you worried about that your iPhone or iPad was lost cause your family party ...    46 MB    Views 8611
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-1    Private Pics & Data Keep your entire private stuff password protected in your iPhone Store your secret photo and notes in a very secure place and no more heartskipping a beat every time someone picks up your iPhone. No need to ...    3 MB    Views 5781
+5    ► Reviews: "For guaranteed protection, you deserve nothing less than the absolute best." [] • "4 stars" "there’s no better option than oneSafe Photos." [Luke Patrick The iPhone App Review] • "4 stars" "oneSafe Photos from Lunabee is a brilliant application to ...    37 MB    Views 9683
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+19    Got some secret photos or videos to hide on your device? This app can help you to do this. We provided a passcode protected secret photo and video viewer for you You can use it to hide your secret files. Not ...    2 MB    Views 5913
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-2    Hide your pictures and videos without hassle and keep out snoopers Lock Out is an easy to use, hassle free app to protect your photos and videos It has a beautiful UI which was designed for iOS 7 and an ...    3 MB    Views 2051
+1    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    29 MB    Views 1679
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+15    Decoy is an absolute gamechanger for sending pictures. No more "secret folders". No more worrying about screenshots. No more sleepless nights if someone loses their phone. Decoy lets you take your safety into your own hands. It works by hiding the ...    15 MB    Views 2302
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+14    Protect your private photos and videos ・PASSWORD REQUIRED: You must input your password when you launch app. ・PHOTOS & VIDEOS: You can put your private both photos and videos here. ・MULTIPLE ACCOUNT: Input different password, enter corresponding albums. It is safer and more ...    23 MB    Views 761


photo photos album protected private manage
-1    iPhotoVault can manage your private photos to restrict their viewability from others, those who are using your iPhone. iPhotoVault, supports password protected photo albums. User can move their private photos to iPhotoVault album to add privacy to it. The images ...    1 MB    Views 5682
video photos photo videos camera private pro protect ultimate
+17    Private Photo and Video Vault PRO Your Ultimate Photo+Video Manager ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME: ProVersion on sale You can PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS and VIDEOS very easy. Use this amazing app to create private albums and ensure it stays ...    5 MB    Views 4995
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+18    MediaLocker Pro App is usefull to safe your Photo and Video by Password protected Media Album. Within the App you can preview your Photo and Vedio This app help us to prevent other people from seeing private photo and video and ...    13 MB    Views 2432

iPrivate Album

photo videos photos album password support unlock protected pdf
-7    Do you have any secret in your iPhone? iPrivate Album can protect your privacy perfectly. Not just simple as a password, iPrivate Album can do more. 1) Security: 1.1 100% original photos without distortion, using RSA, AES Encryption Technique to store photos ...    6 MB    Views 5929


video iphone support stream contact live www users
+6    Protectron Version 1.0.6 Video Surveillance in Your iPhone Protectron allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders of Protectron cctv brand. Features: iPad iPhone and iPod Touch compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for ...    12 MB    Views 7048

Pictures Plus

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-7    Pictures Plus is a mobile app that allows secure photo organization & sharing of those special moments captured with friends & loved ones. Features include: Create/rename folders to save & organize photos Tap & drag to easily move photos into designated folders Share photos ...    13 MB    Views 8778
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0    PhotoLocker App is usefull to safe your Photos by Password protected Photo Album within the app you can preview your photos This app help us to prevent other people from seeing private photo and ensure higher protection against thefts. Features 1 you can ...    13 MB    Views 8486
+26    The most beautiful and simple private photo & video protection app ThinkYeah GalleryVault (Hide Photos & Hide Videos, Support Touch ID, Total Free, No Ads) GalleryVault is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide your pictures and videos that ...    9 MB    Views 3792


ipad music 311 bluetooth protect play
-5    Description: Bosvision MagicTag APP is to protect or locate your belongings with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This APP needs to work with Bosvision MagicTag BV311 – a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tag. When your belonging (attached with Bosvision MagicTag BV311) leaves or enters ...    11 MB    Views 1823

Arcanum Ablum

photos audio recording text secret password fake lock protect functions browser
+2    Secret album plus is an application that can hide photos and videos. You can set a password to protect them. Set a fake password and put some photos in . Enter the fake password can display dummy photos that can protect ...    NAN    Views 4698
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+5    Requested by our 120,000 'Forbidden Pictures' users. 100% private – everything for secret photography. Possible: Create a secret folder Import photos Send photos View slideshows Adjust level of security by password PLUS NO additional storage on insecure foreign devices, as with ...    NAN    Views 854

Photos Private

photos library private simply swipe pictures protected phone images
+10    We all have suffered that embarrassing moment when you are showing friends or family a picture on your phone but then they start to swipearound. They swipearound and with every swipe, they get closer and closer to those precious pictures ...    5 MB    Views 7024

EyeFly3D Pix

photos videos iphone screen glasses eye convert regular
+17    “Facemeltingly awesome. Stunning 3D” Throw those 3D glasses away. Use with the multiaward winning EyeFly3D screen protector to view and create 3D photos and videos glassesfree. OUR SECRET 500,000 nano lenses on our screen protector send a slightly different image to your left ...    43 MB    Views 3802

Video Watermark

video text library ipad iphone videos photo email animation facebook watermark protected add adjust save protect
+1    Protect your videos with your own text, image or logo watermark, right on your iPhone and iPad, with Video Watermark. Create your watermark with your very own text, or with one of your images, adjust its position, shape and opacity ...    14 MB    Views 989
photo text artwork add watermark photographs picture protect object share photograph
+11    Free for a limited time TOP APPLICATION FOR INSTAGRAM InstaPrivacy allows users to add watermarks over photographs, artwork, and pictures. It's the perfect application to help protect your photographs from illegal or unauthorized downloads. Import a photo, select from ...    NAN    Views 524
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-2    Photo Vault is an app protect your photos and videos. It import photos from your Camera Roll of your iPhone, and lock it, password is required when you review these photos. ==== Features ===== [Take photo and video] Take photos and videos quick and ...    57 MB    Views 6005
photo photos videos video albums protected export import password
+4    Snooping Parents ? Siblings ? Spouses ?? Are you concerned with having your photos and videos available for anyone looking at your device to see ? Keep your photos and videos hidden from prying eyes PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • ...    3 MB    Views 7111

Watermark Camera

photos camera text photo watermark metadata define protected
0    Protect easily all your photos and digital works with Watermark Camera. Snap photos with Watermark Camera and let the app add your personal watermark and metadata to efficiently protected them. Watermark Camera save both the original and watermarked photos for every ...    9 MB    Views 7389

Fbk Photo

photos facebook photo camera upload information protect exif roll
+1    Fbk Photo is a fast solution to access all your Facebook photos with few taps. With Fbk Photo you can download, like, bookmark and share your awesome photos in Facebook. Fbk Photo allows you to include EXIF information in the Facebook ...    6 MB    Views 5298


retail photographs files pdf protected version
+3    It is easy to create password protected PDF files from the photographs taken by iOS device camera. Private photographs, important company photographs, and other valuable photographs can be protected from exposure over the internet. In addition, it is possible for the ...    2 MB    Views 7050
adventure areas wildlife protected experiences national nature
+11    Hosting you in Namibia's pristine protected areas: Namibia Wildlife Resorts is a State owned enterprise, mandated to run the tourism facilities within the protected areas of Namibia. Its only shareholder is the Government of the Republic of Namibia; hence, it ...    63 MB    Views 7560
photo text artwork personal business facebook camera watermark image add share protect fonts picture
-8    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    29 MB    Views 848
photos videos photo security lock private secret code touch data protect
0    Works flawlessly on all types of iOS 8 devices, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out they are not secrets any longer Protect your very private ...    29 MB    Views 5135
shooting photos video shoot pictures record notice protect private
-8    SafeCam: Safe Camera. the professional candid weapon Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions: Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to shoot video. Some times crime happened, you need to record it; Maybe for some secret interview; Record someones' embarrassing; Function: 1. ...    8 MB    Views 5884
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+4    Keep people out of your private life Get security and peace of mind Protect your most sensitive media so that prying eyes never see anything you don't want them to see. PROTECT your special photos and videos with a password ...    3 MB    Views 8014
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+29    iPrivate Guard Pro lock your private photo and videos iPrivate Guard Pro is a collection of the current APP STORE variety of excellent photos and video protection application, has many powerful functions and more stable performance of a private photos ...    34 MB    Views 2970
photos videos security iphone art search ipad personal pix vault protection safe touch find
-9    • "There’s no better option than oneSafe Pix." [Luke Patrick The iPhone App Review] • "For guaranteed protection, you deserve nothing less than the absolute best." [] • "oneSafe Pix from Lunabee is a brilliant application to keep the images and ...    40 MB    Views 4394
photos photo personal password private folder create protection vault hide
0    Private Photo Hidden Vault Hide Your Personal Photos Professional Private Folder For your Photos with Password Protection How to Use Open the App, Setup Your Password Create and name your new folder You can create multiple folders Add photos to the folder and save them Your ...    4 MB    Views 1798


Related Apps photo text photos library watermark protect select adjust logo define
-8    Protect your photos and digital works with your own watermark in no time before sending them or publish them Protect your photos in 4 simple steps: Select the photo/image you want to protect in your photo library, select a spiral, or ...    14 MB    Views 3208
blog images storage image unlimited feedback protected
+16    Cloaks is a fun and easy way to hide your secret images from snooping eyes. When you Cloak an image, it is split into squares which are then randomized to camouflage the caption. You can select the number of squares, or ...    8 MB    Views 4485
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