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The Splash App

+1    See and share moments around you. Nearby. Right now. Splash lets you share, view and vote on photos happening around you. Splashes on your map that become popular also become bigger and last longer. And you can create your own photo ...    9 MB    Views 460
+15    Anonymously share photos over the Internet by blurring faces out or pixelating license plates before posting them. Thanks for our stateofart Automatic Face and Plate Detecting Technology, it's so easy to protect your privacy with just one tap Take a shot ...    7 MB    Views 2394


photos share
+29    Anypic is the easiest way to share photos with your friends. Get the app and share your fun photos with the world.    10 MB    Views 1538


0    RadarPhoto is the best way to put radar chart on your photo and share your feeling. Easy to use, easy to share evaluations about things you take pictures to your friends and family    3 MB    Views 5006

Video Watermark

+11    Protect your videos with your own text, image or logo watermark, right on your iPhone and iPad, with Video Watermark. Create your watermark with your very own text, or with one of your images, adjust its position, shape and opacity ...    14 MB    Views 989
shooting photos video shoot pictures record notice protect private
+15    SafeCam: Safe Camera. the professional candid weapon Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions: Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to shoot video. Some times crime happened, you need to record it; Maybe for some secret interview; Record someones' embarrassing; Function: 1. ...    8 MB    Views 5884


+11    Add beautiful Frame to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Create inspirational, informational or even funny images to share quickly and easily.    155 MB    Views 1903
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-2    Make stylish photos with cool photo effects. Add fancy and colorful frames to your pictures. Give aviary effects to your photos and make it beautiful. Create artistic photos and share your vision to the world. Share them by email, Facebook, Twitter, Saving them, by ...    24 MB    Views 6055

Watermarks Lite

-3    Never been easier protect your photos copyright Unlimited Watermarks (Pro Version only) √ Register all watermarks you want, and use that to protect your photos. √ Move, Scale, and Control the opacity of watermarks. Protect your photos √ You can Take a Picture or Select ...    9 MB    Views 6107


+9    Share photos among iPhones in the same wireless network. Ideal for parties or meetings, where you can share photos with others in the room in a jiffy. No servers involved, and no permanent copies are saved at the viewer's end. ...    3 MB    Views 2717

NRCM Environment

protect environment
+4    Share photos, stay informed, and take action to protect Maine's environment. Using the power of science, the law, and the voices of people across Maine and beyond, we protect the nature of Maine.    29 MB    Views 6962

Evil Eye Guard

photos evil eye guard bad protect
+7    The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a badnatured glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury. Evil Eye Guard was ...    5 MB    Views 3879

Pocket Gallery

photos photo pocket password folders pictures gallery protect manage mail notes
+6    Pocket Gallery is an iOS application for managing and protecting your photo galleries. All packed in an elegant and easy to use UI which will look beautiful on your device. =[ Main Features ]= Take new photos or import from existing ...    2 MB    Views 8404

Arcanum Ablum

photos audio recording text secret password fake lock protect functions browser
+2    Secret album plus is an application that can hide photos and videos. You can set a password to protect them. Set a fake password and put some photos in . Enter the fake password can display dummy photos that can protect ...    NAN    Views 4698


0    SaddleGram makes it easy to create and share your horsethemed pics. Just take or choose a photo, pick one of our frames, and share it with your friends. That’s it    5 MB    Views 3156
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-3    Share your photo via bluetooth    5 MB    Views 6072

Draw 2 Share

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+8    The easiest way to share photos with friends Features ◎ Need no peering, just enjoy sharing your photos. ◎ Automatically find & share to more than one peer at a time. ◎ Is available to transfer photos through wifi & bluetooth. Demo :    1 MB    Views 8323


world share
-4    Capture and share the world around you. Simply…. With Static Images and Moving Videos. Tell a story of the world around you by taking a photo or sharing up to 15 seconds of video. As you walk or drive, see more than ...    15 MB    Views 3507


-8    Create and share awesome photoapps. This is a new and exciting way to share your pictures. Try it for FREE.    763 kb    Views 5634

My Cloud - Lime

traffic application access content plan internet share protect cloud
-7    With LIME MyCloud you have access to all your digital content by smartphone, computer or tablet and you can share them safely with anyone, anytime and anywhere. LIME MyCloud is a unique application for LIME customers. For more information visit our ...    15 MB    Views 4218
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+5    Requested by our 120,000 'Forbidden Pictures' users. 100% private – everything for secret photography. Possible: Create a secret folder Import photos Send photos View slideshows Adjust level of security by password PLUS NO additional storage on insecure foreign devices, as with ...    NAN    Views 854

Secret Sauce

-4    Anonymously share sneak peeks of what you've been working on, give & receive unbiased feedback and find inspiration from other designers. Upload mocks, icons, gifs or photos of whatever you've been up too. No sign ups, no logins, start sharing and exploring ...    409 kb    Views 7560


share works
+2    A trip through the life and the works of Antonio Canova with some of his most significant artworks. Enchanting HD pictures express at best the heights of Canova's genius, along with a description of the works and a funny tool that ...    23 MB    Views 4915


+14    With Tagoodies on your iPhone, you can snap a photo or shoot a video to showcase what you want to buy, then name it, categorize it, select its location and add the price. Then post it to Facebook or Twitter ...    15 MB    Views 2520
+11    Free for a limited time TOP APPLICATION FOR INSTAGRAM InstaPrivacy allows users to add watermarks over photographs, artwork, and pictures. It's the perfect application to help protect your photographs from illegal or unauthorized downloads. Import a photo, select from ...    NAN    Views 524


days share
0    Connect with others who feel like you do. Share happiness, grief, good days , bad days and everything in between. Choose a range of emotions or situations and shout out. Share photos, videos, and camouflage your voice. Check out what others are ...    21 MB    Views 803
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+3    Share Your Voice helps you create and mail postcards complete with your own photos and personalized message to Romney for President or to Obama for America.    2 MB    Views 3784
+8    YOUR PRIVATE ALBUM ON YOUR IPHONE / IPOD / IPAD PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS BY PASSWORD organize ,share your photo in your album private FEATURES: • Create personalized albums protect your photos with a password • Enter a name to each album • Take photos from ...    219 kb    Views 2945


media videos photos code private dot lock notes protect
-9    Protect your private photos, videos, contacts and notes from unwanted looks MediaSafe lets you protect your private media with a dotlock code so you can carry all your private media with you without to worry about others stumbling across it More MediaSafe ...    4 MB    Views 258

Bane Booth

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-3    OMG% Become the Villian behind the mask Take a Selfie or select an existing photo of yourself and then put one of the masks on It works with animals too we love a BaneCat or dog ;) Done? why not share it? Tap "Save" and choose ...    5 MB    Views 6310

photos frames

Related Apps photos frames share
+12    Organize your photos into really cool frames. Yeah Photo Frames let you do that. The app let you put more than two photos in one frame. With this you can now share your awesome frames with you friend on Facebook. FEATURES ...    13 MB    Views 8587


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+2    Take a sequence of photos and share them with your friends Choose the number of photos, aspect ratio, delay between captures and share the action to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or save the photo for later    227 kb    Views 8218

Fbk Photo

photos facebook photo camera upload information protect exif roll
+1    Fbk Photo is a fast solution to access all your Facebook photos with few taps. With Fbk Photo you can download, like, bookmark and share your awesome photos in Facebook. Fbk Photo allows you to include EXIF information in the Facebook ...    6 MB    Views 5298


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ON STEROIDS Imagine photos taken by hostesses and brand ambassadors at your event, which are available 
to your fans or guests almost immediately, allowing them to view and share images from their mobiles. All of it with full control of ...    8 MB    Views 7378


+13    Broadcast photos to close friends. Share moments as they happen. Be notified the instant that a friend updates their picture. Live in the now, together. Use Picturely to share with the people who matter.    10 MB    Views 3453
photos videos photo security lock private secret code touch data protect
0    Works flawlessly on all types of iOS 8 devices, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Supports Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Secrets are meant to be protected, if they get out they are not secrets any longer Protect your very private ...    29 MB    Views 5135
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+4    Keep people out of your private life Get security and peace of mind Protect your most sensitive media so that prying eyes never see anything you don't want them to see. PROTECT your special photos and videos with a password ...    3 MB    Views 8014
-7    The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Lots of people trust Private Photo Box to keep their photos hidden. PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS + VIDEOS • Password Protected App Entry • Pin Lock • Pattern/Dot Lock • Password Protected Photo Albums (Keep ...    10 MB    Views 9059


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+26    Make someone appear in a picture twice as if they are twins. Super easy to use. It only takes seconds to do this. Share your results on Facebook, twitter, or by email or save them in you photo album (enabling save/share requires ...    7 MB    Views 2379


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+25    Shoot pictures and share them instantly with your family. Your photos are automatically uploaded to a unique personal Family Timeline. A great way to keep your family connected, and to share your important moments together.    603 kb    Views 4362


ipad music 311 bluetooth protect play
-5    Description: Bosvision MagicTag APP is to protect or locate your belongings with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This APP needs to work with Bosvision MagicTag BV311 – a Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tag. When your belonging (attached with Bosvision MagicTag BV311) leaves or enters ...    11 MB    Views 1823
Related Apps photos videos photo camera recording ipad iphone video personal password private protect mode easy
-3    With Passwordlock functionality, you can protect your personal photos and videos. Its unique Pseudopassword(decoypassword) guest mode, can cope with annoying friends from seeing your private photos and videos. With easy to use camera features, let you using iPhone or iPad ...    5 MB    Views 2316

Pic Share It Full

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0    Quickly share photos and videos between iOS devices with Pic Share It full. No in app purchase required to select multiple files.    651 kb    Views 2065
video photos photo videos camera private pro protect ultimate
+17    Private Photo and Video Vault PRO Your Ultimate Photo+Video Manager ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME: ProVersion on sale You can PROTECT YOUR "SPECIAL" PHOTOS and VIDEOS very easy. Use this amazing app to create private albums and ensure it stays ...    5 MB    Views 4995


+4    Take photos and share them to Facebook on the go Share the best moments of your life using this simple app    2 MB    Views 7562
photo text watermark share fit add protect texts multiple
-3    Easy Watermark™ for Photo Easily secure and protect your photo/art with visible text watermark. Unlimited add multiple texts on your photo. Protect your photo with copyright, trademark or other unicode by choose from preset sentences and edit or add your ...    27 MB    Views 3745


Related Apps photos share
+10    Snap silly photos and share some laughs with your friends. Uses face detection to superimpose a mustache on anyone in range. Share photos from your camera roll for easy posting to Facebook or Twitter.    486 kb    Views 1727
Related Apps videos photos photo video files decoy password passcode application protect great
+7    Ultimate Photo+Video Manager and Downloader Get it for FREE NOW Nobody would allow anyone else to watch his/her albums,photos,and videos without the owner's permit. Someone who are playing your phone might copy your photos or even share your videos to some ...    7 MB    Views 297


-1    Paperisque lets you create your own beautiful magazines and share them in the browser or on the phone. Take photos on a party or a wedding and share the magazine afterwards with your friends or embed it in your own ...    5 MB    Views 3133


Related Apps photos share
+14    Snap silly photos and share some laughs with your friends. Uses face detection to superimpose a mustache on anyone in range. Share photos from the app for easy posting to Facebook or Twitter.    1 MB    Views 1675

iLock Security Pro

Related Apps photos iphone security password completely protect albums private ipod
+11    iLock Security Pro Image security is the most important thing for the iPhone/iPod/iPad holders. Protect your private photos on your iPhone with higly secure password and encrypt algoritms. All the photos are fully encrypted and completely password protected, they are ...    1 MB    Views 4807


-7    Boopoohoo is a place for a boo & poo without knowing who • Speak your mind • Share photos • Share experiences • Discover other people's world • Read posts based on location, time and rating • Comment, like and dislike other peoples poo • Remain anonymous With ...    3 MB    Views 2849

ScreenDASH! Pro

share images
-2    Now you can take ScreenDASH with you wherever you go Modify and share images online right from your camera or photo library Use ScreenDASH's easytouse drawing tools to annotate and enhance your images & photos. When your masterpiece is done, ScreenDASH's ...    2 MB    Views 8940
photo text business personal artwork facebook twitter camera watermark image add protect fonts share picture
-6    Watermark Photo Square™ Easily protect your photo with your own text watermark. AVOID scammer REPOST Simply add “Copyright © YOUR TEXT”, “Trademark™”, “Hashtag”, “Signature”, “Email” or text for personal, professionals and business use. Claim your rights before your image or artwork ...    26 MB    Views 2738
photos photo videos email people vault icloud hide easily protect
+1    Hide Photos & Videos with Photo Vault S for iCloud NOTE: On iOS 8, you may need to enable iCloud Drive before using iCloud sync. Today so many apps on the App Store can help you hide photos on your ...    16 MB    Views 4764


+16    BlinkLink lets you create and share a link that disappears after a certain number of people have seen it. Take a photo, limit it to 10, 20, or 50 views, share it, and then it's gone forever    14 MB    Views 2071

Folders Pro

iphone photo video excel photos web office files folders pro private itunes built support protect password
+2    Discretely password protect your photos, videos, office files and more with Folders Pro for iPhone Folders Pro allows you to lock and password protect folders of your files to keep them private. For added privacy you can even create hidden ...    1 MB    Views 9448
photos videos photo library design facebook passcode protect data secure save
+6    Get it now before price grown up New Update will be available with a new design and a lot of features Protect Photos is your ultimate solution to protect your private photos and videos. We include all the features that you need in ...    9 MB    Views 7971
photo photos safe private hide protect gallery
+2    Have something to hide? Photo Safe will be the BEST tool to hide your private photos from "uninvited guests" Manage your private photos with Photo Safe. Add photos from your iPhone photo gallery or take shot directly from this app. Your secret photos ...    4 MB    Views 3757


photos share
+6    Haulagram is the easiest way to share photos with your friends. Get the app and share your fun photos with the world.    15 MB    Views 767
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