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+1    ■NEWS■ Awarded the AppStore Best New App 2015 Picsee is the most convenient app for when you want to show what you are seeing to your friends. Just take the picture and choose the destination(s). A private camera roll is created with each ...    35 MB    Views 666
+5    Collecting moments with friends made simple. Automatic. With Kolektio you will never lose a photo again. How many time do we say „Hey remember to send those pics?” Especially when we are participating at events, weddings, parties, and so on and taking pictures ...    49 MB    Views 6112


party editing photo awesome sharing
0    Cancel is the photo editor for any socially active person wishing to protect his or her public dignity. Ever had that one awesome picture with friends that happens to get ruined by a bottle of alcohol? Cancel is perfect for ...    21 MB    Views 988
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-1    Show places your traveling, Take or choose photo, edit and sharing with place skins. Live camera Take photo Choose photo Edit photo Sharing photo ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Mail,    6 MB    Views 3297
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+6    Private Photo Vault+ is a fully featured photo editor with photo security integrated This is the last photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the amazing features: Add secret photos to vault Predefined or custom tones Apply ...    45 MB    Views 8794
photos private save passwords contacts
-3    ● Save your private contact's phone number, screen name, or email address ● Password protected entry ● Save your private photos ● Easily call or text your private contacts ● Protect your usernames and passwords ● Entries are organized in alphabetical order and indexed    2 MB    Views 4919
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+2    Stringg is the coolest way to express yourself through photos and create visual conversations with your friends. It’s simple and fun To start a stringg just snap or upload a cool photo, pass it on to your friends, and watch as ...    21 MB    Views 9361
Related Apps photos sharing content lite islamic
+9    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Take note that this is a LITE version and comes with limited contents. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature ...    23 MB    Views 9774
+6    Pictogram is a media client for one of the most popular photosharing, videosharing and social networking apps in the world. It provides users with a better visually and tangibly superior browsing experience.    9 MB    Views 7263


-4    Created during the Y Combinator Hackathon, Storyview transforms the photo sharing experience by integrating the excitement of travel with the fulfillment of storytelling. Each photo is saved in a specific location along with the rich story behind itawaiting travelers to ...    40 MB    Views 5823
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-4    HAP keeps your private photos safe and secure using Apple’s TouchID technology. Just import photos or video from your Camera Roll to HAP. Set up a password pin and use your enrolled fingers to access your private library.    442 kb    Views 1233

The Private Albums

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+2    Save your private photos in the private albums. Protect your photos with password. Easy export to and import from the device's photo library. Easy share photos with iTunes.    455 kb    Views 4603
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-5    Worried about people seeing all your private photos and videos? With this app you can safely hide and store all your private for your eyes only files √ Provide long PASSWORD PROTECTION for your private photos and videos √ Disable app password ...    9 MB    Views 5625

Secret 'Stache

+16    Secret 'Stache is a password protected gallery app that helps you keep your private photos…private. No sharing. No cloud. And the only way to access the photos stored in this handy little app is through a custom, 4digit pin code. How ...    888 kb    Views 9752

Spin My Planet

-8    Spin My Planet brings life and movement to your photos. It is the new fun, creative and playful way to shoot and share pictures.With a unique sharing and social network that allows others to spin into your world and viceversa. The ...    25 MB    Views 8266


photo image uploading square sharing
+1    Re5quare prepares a landscape or portrait image from your photo albums to allow uploading it to photo sharing sites that only accept square images. It does this by centering your image inside a square frame just large enough to contain ...    879 kb    Views 7252


share sharing memes easy
+5    Memestagram is a fun, intuitive, and easy way to create and share memes. Browse and customize popular templates, use photos from your camera roll, or take a new picture instantly to use for a meme Memestagram makes it easy to quickly access ...    6 MB    Views 5063
-4    Yummy Food is a food photo and recipe sharing application. Unleash the chef skils inside you and post your delicious food recipes in your social network, share your posts in Facebook and show off your great skills in making and ...    2 MB    Views 5912
0    This is the most beautiful private photo diary app. ・You can use without registration. ・Entry Photo will change like a slide show. ・You can change the navigation bar background by your photo. ・Can not be viewed from the other iPhone. ・Entry body will move slowly. ・You ...    14 MB    Views 5579


group groups private setting feel sharing
+15    Private Group Sharing and Discussion App. 1). Create or Join a Group 2). Share and Discuss within your private Group Setting. The Group Creator is the only person that can invite others to a group. Everyone in the group will be ...    6 MB    Views 2594
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+19    Worried about people seeing all your private photos and videos? With this app you can safely hide and store all your private for your eyes only files All data is securely stored in a secret tiny corner with multiple lock ...    11 MB    Views 2464

Gallery Guard Lite

photos gallery lite guard private locker password
+6    Gallery Guard Lite lets you passwordprotect your personal photos yet.User can transfer their private photos to locker folder.This is fully password protected.In free version this locker is limited photos locked.Gallery Guard Lite provides security for your private photos, mainly when ...    596 kb    Views 4802

Photo Lock 2 Free

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+2    Photo Lock 2 Free, an app for photo security, can stop your private photos from being leaked out. New features: 1、support photo content management 2、save more photos 3、optimize import way, much quicker 4、support more import ways, such as phone port, computer port by WIFI, iTunes ...    12 MB    Views 9221
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+1    LikeUp for Instagram is a great and safe app with which you can get more likes to your Instagram photos How does it work? Log into your Instagram account and then: 1. Likes photos of other people to earn coins 2. Choose your ...    5 MB    Views 9221


+18    Photos in, Stories out Eventiles organizes your photos into meaningful events, gives them titles, discard duplicates, and selects the best pictures to create beautiful collages. All automatically. Keep beautiful memories of your everyday moments and special occasions in a neat timeline, without ...    3 MB    Views 1289


photos photo private world easy manage
-4    PhotoLuv is the fastest way to shoot and share your private photos with friends and family. If you want to show off your photo to the world, one click broadcasts your photo to the world. To simplify the protection of your ...    6 MB    Views 9055
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+3    Are you fan of Rihana? A true fan have a Feeling to stand with Rihana and have click and store it for life time. Your dream may come true with I Met Rihana My photo with this application. Just select ...    65 MB    Views 9680
+11    Joindrop is the easiest way to create a group album with your friends. It automatically finds the photos your friends took with you so you can request them. It also knows which friends will want your photos so you can easily share ...    15 MB    Views 2440

Motorola Zap

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+23    Location Based sharing application used to share photos between friends. Easy and quick sharing of photos from gallery / camera / received images.    7 MB    Views 6999

Privacy Calculator

calculator photos private privacy create completely password
+5    Are you worrying about your private photos in your iPhone album may get leaked out? Or have you ever downloaded one single private app to secure your privacy? However, I just want to know whether it is on earth safe ...    7 MB    Views 6961

Multi Face Swap

Related Apps photos swap face sharing faces multi
+7    Automatically swap faces with friends in your photos for hilarious results. Over 10 face in one photo can be swapped. FAST FACE DETECTION • Quickly singles out all faces in photos. • Swaps with all faces found • One touch swap or back to ...    6 MB    Views 4913
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+19    ShareSpree, simple, secure and private way to share photos with family and close friends. Top Features that our users love about ShareSpree : 1.You control who can see your personal photos. 2. Full resolution photos. 100% guarantee. 3. Your top 6 most shared friends ...    14 MB    Views 4802


+8    Life is an experience driven photo sharing application. Using Lifie guests participate in sharing and capturing precious moments while event organizers get a copy each image to take home.    64 MB    Views 2789
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-1    This app will allow you to easily take pictures and store them in the cloud when the disk space of your mobile device is full. Step1: Setup your private cloud settings (only once) Step2: Take a picture Step3: Store the picture in the ...    3 MB    Views 2133
photos iphone send private tons instantly
+20    Keepsake creates private photo albums called stories on your iPhone. Simply tap "Send Story" to send tons of photos instantly to a friend to preserve a memory. No uploads until you decide and no photos are ever edited or deleted ...    35 MB    Views 692
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+8    Zero setup photo sharing for events. Seeing everybody's pictures has never been easier. Start the app. Take a picture. See everyone else's pictures taken at the same event. Easy.    2 MB    Views 386


conversations friends private groups
0    I'M is a new social networking platform where you can have genuine conversations with your close friends. I'M is different, because I'M keeps your conversations with your friends private and just like in the real world your conversations are not ...    NAN    Views 6196


+7    Strudel collects and organizes all the photos taken by different people into one private album. It works with both smart phones and digital cameras, and it's the perfect solution for birthdays, weddings and corporate parties. What makes Strudel new and shiny: ● ...    9 MB    Views 7516

Photo Video Fast

Related Apps photo video friends fast sharing
-9    Photo Video Fast is an application designed for sharing quickly photos and videos with your friends on several social networks. Along the classic email sharing, you may show off your pictures with your friends on: Facebook Twitter Youtube Tumblr Instagram Flickr Evernote Dailymotion 6 photo filters are also included.    4 MB    Views 4812


photos pass devices offline sharing
+1    PASS is the best app for sharing your photos. Now photographers and their clients can enjoy all their professional photos easily synced to their devices and viewable even if they’re offline • Gorgeous gallery with offline viewing • Powerful sharing features • Save ...    3 MB    Views 8040

Tapsnap Sharing

-7    Tapsnap iPad sharing app is a companion application for Tapsnap kiosks. This app will allow you to share your photo taken with a Tapsnap kiosk to Facebook, Twitter and email.    4 MB    Views 4776


photo photos album protected private manage
-1    iPhotoVault can manage your private photos to restrict their viewability from others, those who are using your iPhone. iPhotoVault, supports password protected photo albums. User can move their private photos to iPhotoVault album to add privacy to it. The images ...    1 MB    Views 5682
Related Apps photos camera cute private secret album pin roll easy
+23    Do you have private photos that you don’t want your friends to see ? Your private photos can be kept safely locked away in a Cute Secret Album accessible only via a secret PIN code.And very Cute Design Themas available for ...    22 MB    Views 5705

Photo Secrets

Related Apps photo photos camera private
+26    Hide your private photo from Photos App Puts it behind a password protected wall It has no limitation and it's FREE Import Photos from Photos App, Camera Roll, directly from a camera Restore private photo to Photos App Don't decreased the quality ...    1 MB    Views 8499
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-7    Private Photo Keep Safe is a powerful photo editor for a quick and easy way to edit your photos on the go with no fuss. Here are some of the amazing features: Secure photos with password Amazing Stickers Adjust Brightness, ...    34 MB    Views 6836
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-4    LongCube : Autobackup of private photos Super cool backup experience, brand new smooth operation, extremely novel user interactions, LongCube opens the door to a new world of photo backup and sharing Autobackup, delete the photos in your mobile to clear ...    24 MB    Views 339
Related Apps photos sharing content islamic
+5    Sharing photos on social media is fun. InstaDeen offers photo sharing capabilities with Islamic content such as Quranic verses, hadiths and supplications. Sharing options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. May this feature be beneficial for each and every one of us, insyaAllah. Abu Hurairah (RadhiAllahhu ...    23 MB    Views 9806

Art Roulette

Related Apps iphone gallery sharing compatible
+2    iPhone 5 and iOS6 ready In top 200 in several countries. ArtRoulette is a simple and effective way of finding and sharing the quite last images posted on the Internet. A drawing, a photo pleases you, make it know around you and ...    6 MB    Views 8410
photo photos safe private hide protect gallery
+2    Have something to hide? Photo Safe will be the BEST tool to hide your private photos from "uninvited guests" Manage your private photos with Photo Safe. Add photos from your iPhone photo gallery or take shot directly from this app. Your secret photos ...    4 MB    Views 3757


texts sharing 2560 add
-4    Typolayer provides a quick, easy, yet fascinating way to add creative texts on top of photos for sharing your moments beautifully.  Key Features: 100 plus fonts Move, resize, and rotate texts Add shadow or glow effect on texts Sharing to Instagram, ...    8 MB    Views 8665
sharing fast
-6    Take 16:9 photos without black bars on your iPhone 5 Photo Sharing • Support sharing to Instagram, Facebook, twitter, WeiBo, Line, Kakao Talk, Nakamap Fast • Fast snapping allow you to take multiple shots quickly    4 MB    Views 6465


photo skin sharing edit choose
-5    WeatherGramm Take or choose photo, edit and sharing with weather skin FEATURES Live camera Take photo Choose photo Edit photo Sharing photo ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Mail, 14 default skin and coming    9 MB    Views 4681

3D Camera Pro

Related Apps photo camera device creation sharing image
+27    Make your iphone to 3D Camera No need two lens (But better if there're two :) One device can make 3D photo and Two connected device can also. :) Features . Creation 3d photo with one device . Creation 3d photo with two devices via Bluetooth . Gallery ...    4 MB    Views 2394


Related Apps private notes
+28    Lock all your private notes and images away from prying eyes Enter a pass word and start locking away your notes and photos, it is as easy as that ;) And if you want to be less private, Tweet them    634 kb    Views 616
Related Apps photos protect send secret private
+5    Requested by our 120,000 'Forbidden Pictures' users. 100% private – everything for secret photography. Possible: Create a secret folder Import photos Send photos View slideshows Adjust level of security by password PLUS NO additional storage on insecure foreign devices, as with ...    NAN    Views 854

Txtter Messenger

photos photo friends username send private simple
+5    BETA Txtter is a photobased messaging app, for connecting with your friends. Keep your number private with Usernames. It's private, fast and simple, so if you like texting then become a Txtter. Features: Personalise your profile with photos, a cover photo and ...    5 MB    Views 5196
Related Apps photos secret private support albums pics
+19    Keep your private photos secret using Private Pics app. FEATURES: Universal app, support iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Passcode to lock your photos and keep them secret Support unlimited albums in full version Email photos Create Albums and Edit them    11 MB    Views 2565


Related Apps photos friends private add
+2    PhotoCrate offers users the ability to share photos with friends on a private application. Enter your private pin code to access your 'crates' ensuring privacy and security of your personal settings and content. Create multiple personalised 'crates' to upload your ...    3 MB    Views 219
photo photos private custom
+11    Simply the BEST way to store photos and to keep them PRIVATE + Add Photos from your photo album or from the camera. + Organize the photos into custom named folders. + The Private app keeps the photos organized and protected with a ...    19 MB    Views 6716
people family content friends private create scrapbooks
+2    Create private scrapbooks with your closest friends and family. Include photos, videos, and quotes from your special moments. Creating a Momint is easy. Simply select content from your camera roll, choose the people from your contacts that you wish to share it ...    36 MB    Views 5614
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