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+30    China joy is the biggest game conference. Ever wanted to look like one of the show girls on stage. Simply upload a photo and you can apply special filters and effect to make yourself look like a star    20 MB    Views 763


+5    PicTac is a new way to share photos. Pick one or more images, and record your voice and face video as you comment them; touch the screen to show important parts of your photos. Share the generated PicTac video by email, Facebook, ...    856 kb    Views 6489

DiabolClick english

+2    Photograph your friends and let your mobile device TELL THEM its… ehm… naked opinion to the unaware victims. And if you are in a crowded place where noises could cover your audio, do not be afraid we thought of everything. What do ...    9 MB    Views 4744
0    Give me a photo, I can make it memorable. Give me more photos, I can make them unforgettable. Believe me, it is unbelievable With "Caption Me", YOU CAN make it possible This app allows you to creatively express your feelings to the ...    7 MB    Views 6494

Photo Waitress LITE

photos iphone photo time computer ipod touch view server screen show
+6    LITE: has the limitation of showing 3 photos at a time. Ever wanted to show your most recent photos (perhaps a trip, or sporting event) to your friends or family, but they are all stuck on your little iPhone screen (while ...    691 kb    Views 3799


show share color
0    LoomaNation What color are you today? Got the Blues? Red with Stress? In the Pink? Show and share your true colors with LoomaNation. It's the hue of you. A picture’s worth a 1000 characters, but it’s only half the story. Now, ...    603 kb    Views 9902
+19    Presentation 3D Slide Show Eye Popping Fun + Choose up to 12 Slides + Tap in the middle to fly through space to the next photo    2 MB    Views 2021
photo signature photos check show beautiful send
+3    What it does: Posusu is an app to verify whether a photo is not tampered, and embed into it unchangable information such as photo owerer and timestamp, etc. Moreover, the photo can be verified even it is resized or recompressed (a ...    5 MB    Views 5586

Water Photo Camera

photo photos camera magic effect water fun ripples show
-2    Water Photo Camera is a very interesting gadget to make photo effects, which let photo editting in another way. Watch how your photos show completely different, it can become lively, just like you put it into a pond. Try to use ...    4 MB    Views 8541

Angel My Photo

+4    This version of our app may not work on iPhone 3G /Gs or iPod Touch 2st/3nd Gen older devices We are working on possible fixes to support these older devices. Angel My Photo 30 custom made ANGEL photo texture effects transform your ...    23 MB    Views 2609
animal photo photos face wild friends show personality side post
0    Become the wild animal you have always wanted Looking for Your Animal Personality? Just not Sure What Will Suit you? Use an Animal Face to find a new image of yourself that suits you. • Free animal faces to try on. • Take a ...    55 MB    Views 17

Cool Effects

photos photo social effects filter apply show networks professional
+1    Making extraordinary photos is not a professional photographer's work now,you can achieve it easily with Filter Camera.Apply stunning filter effects,and show those momerable moments and your creativities to your social networks Kinds of filter effects are optional. Adjust the brightness,blur,saturation of your ...    6 MB    Views 5761
live show
+2    TheThursdayNightShow is a weekly live internet radio show with live artstream (on the website) showing artists and photographers. There is a live chat with all the production crew and a regular gang of fans. Streams are brought in live from ...    3 MB    Views 2603

MapPhotos Pro

map photos photo flickr show view panoramio manage location
+5    Load and show Panoramio, Flickr, Picasa & 500px geotagged photos on a map view. Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of nearby photos Show ...    15 MB    Views 7605

Stop Action

slide show
+19    This application gives you a chance to collect best moments of your life and make an exciting slide show on them. Easytounderstand interface allows you to fully customize your photo sessions. Also suitable functionality to work directly with photos, such as ...    1 MB    Views 8116


photos social networking pictures friends sharing special album show
+3    There are huge amount of pictures online ever since the blooming of picturesharing social networks. However, besides sharing and liking, have you ever thought of playing with the fantastic, astonishing, hilarious or majestic pictures? With both your photos and those ...    72 MB    Views 1819
Related Apps photo gps photos exif gear show information image number images
+5    If you want to take a deeper look at your favorite photos, Photo Gear is for you. Photo Gear is a photo metadata browser for EXIF, TIFF, GPS and much more. It can show the stored information on the image such ...    607 kb    Views 6676
Related Apps photos map photo flickr search panoramio show view picasa ios location
+2    Search & view geotagged photos from Flickr, Panoramio, 500px and Picasa Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of photos Show full screen photos Show ...    18 MB    Views 9031

Peek - Photo Widget

-4    Peek is the best way to have 5 photos always close to you. It’s so fast, it takes only one swipe on an iPhone, or one tap on your Apple Watch. Use it as a visual reminder, quick glance of your ...    25 MB    Views 7429

No Swipe Gallery

Related Apps gallery swipe show
+4    Has it even happen to you that you show a picture to your friend and he goes on a spree checking out all those private pictures in your gallery. Introducing the No Swipe Gallery, a gallery application for showing just the ...    7 MB    Views 3875

Cats Album

cats photos move stop show slide interval cute album
+3    Do you like cats? All cats in this app are cute than characters of angry birds, tiny wing, pocket monster Cats Album will heal your soul, body and heart. Over hundreds of Pretty, Cute, Adorable cat's photos are contained in this app. You can ...    37 MB    Views 6861

Slide Night

photos slide night display devices simple show drag select smart
+16    Slide Night is about putting your photos where you want them On your Smart TV So your friends or family can laugh, cry or gaze in wonder whilst being impressed with just how simple it is to show photos ...    1 MB    Views 2951


news photo photos show transition feed album adjustable
+17    PhotoTicker is your new digital frame app, but then, so much more It’s the best and easiest way to show off your photos and also keep track of time and weather, and stay on top of the latest news — all ...    26 MB    Views 5824


photos scare show screen share picture friends scary
-7    Show a nice photo to your friends and, when they least expect it, a scary picture will appear quick on screen to scare them...Meanwhile the front facing camera will be recording without any notice Then you can share with others the ...    20 MB    Views 7376
+14    New iPhone App that combines your Instagram photos and digital clock This App will instantly turn your iPhone into a fashionable digital clock. Leaving your iPhone idle at home or at work is a waste IS Clock downloads your latest photos from ...    1 MB    Views 7907


photos security videos show scrolling password friend
+22    FINALLY A PRIVATE APP FOR YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS Let's face it, we’ve all been there. You have a picture to show your friend, and they start scrolling through your life. We understand this situation can ultimately lead to very embarrassing ...    646 kb    Views 7234

private photo

Related Apps photos people select show
+14    This app makes it possible to show only the photos you want to your family / friends / classmates, without having to fear people swiping to more sensitive pictures. You can select an album and then select the photos you want ...    12 MB    Views 9971
+25    You can see many photos of traffic jam. You can only look with laughing. But we should think that these traffic jam cause heavy CO2 problem. I pray that these photos never seen anywhere in the future. Touch Start button you can see slide ...    2 MB    Views 5151

Whoot! - Ask to See

Related Apps friends show
+2    Wondering what your friends are doing now? Don’t wait for them to share it. Whoot Whoot is about asking your friends to show you what they are up to. When you ask to see, they have a limited time to reply ...    15 MB    Views 8683
photos friends pictures show simply privately works instantly moments
+6    Enjoy a fun and easy way to instantly and privately show your pictures in a live realtime conversation. Relax and smile as you show those precious moments to your friends and read their comments. Friends won’t get permanent copies of ...    48 MB    Views 7937

Dwarfland Photos

Related Apps photos photography start simply show image application
+9    Dwarfland Photos provides a randomized slideshow with a range of stunning outdoor and landscape photographs from dwarfland photography ( Simply start the application to start the continuous show. There's no controls to get in the way, simply beautiful photos filling the ...    43 MB    Views 9036


photos april timeline show
-9    Show photos on your Twitter timeline if logged in or all photos on the public timeline if logged out. Click to enlarge and view the descriptions or show them one by one automatically in slideshow. We currently support the photo service by ...    78 kb    Views 9024


Related Apps photos phone perfect great pictures show scrolling find
+25    It's the simple photo app we've all been waiting for. This app allows you to put titles on your photos so you can find them later Why waste time scrolling through thousands of pictures when you're just looking for one? If ...    8 MB    Views 8684

Friends Albums II

Related Apps photos facebook photo browse search albums view friends show comments instagram
+18    Browse, view and comment your Facebook friends' photo albums. Upload photos to your Facebook albums. Facebook Features View your Facebook albums / photos View your Facebook friends' albums / photos Like / unlike photos/albums/comments View and make comments to photos/albums Slide ...    14 MB    Views 1269
flickr ipad photos photo show display
-9    framr: a special flickr Photo Display Use your iPad to show your flickr photos. Framr presents a unique slide show with animated transitions, your photos will be more impressive. You can go back to the previous photo at any time ...    2 MB    Views 3827

Draw on Slides

photo photos facebook email draw show slides slide multiple save line
+11    Draw on Slides lets you show your iPad photos to family, friends, and business associates and draw attention to specific details about each one. Make your point and keep their attention at the same time. Select the album with your ...    982 kb    Views 7683

Draw on Slides Lite

Related Apps photo photos draw show slides attention album simple multiple
-5    Draw on Slides lets you show your iPad photos to family, friends, and business associates and draw attention to specific details about each one. Make your point and keep their attention at the same time. Select the album with your ...    469 kb    Views 1587
-7    Honey, If I become so fat, do you still love me? This APP will apply special effect on your camera's live show. It's realtime show, not only process the saved photo. Share the happy moment with your family, friends and ...    2 MB    Views 280
time photograph label show
+6    Show the "time" label in the photograph.    3 MB    Views 9439
photos photo ipad board trip buttons show bling flair
0    With a special introductory price for a limited time. Express yourself with the most fantastic corkboard available for your iPad. The iPad has one of the most beautiful screens available and finally there is an application that will show off the ...    19 MB    Views 4808
Related Apps photos photo email upload show website sms device
+11    Manage your photo website fast and for free. This app makes the best use of your bluemelon account on your mobile device. Use it to backup your photos, share photos with others, present your portfolio, or sell photos to your clients. You can ...    5 MB    Views 812
Related Apps photos photo gps support style show place albums
+16    PhotoMap shows the place where your photos were taken. If you browse your photo, PhotoMap will quickly show the place where it was taken. (GPS included photo only) show the address and location on map. support various and great photo browser ...    551 kb    Views 4264

When Photo Lite

Related Apps photos photo navigate time timeline scroll zoom color show album
-4    Have you ever asked "When did I take this photo?" "When was that I did …"? "When Photo" provides a timeline of your entire photo album and you can navigate your photos with familiar gestures like scroll and zoom. You will find not ...    3 MB    Views 7834
videos photos ipad slide instagram show popular
+9    Turn your iPad into a gorgeous Photo Frame showing the photos and videos from Instagram's 'popular' feed (most liked recent photos and videos). Don't leave your iPad idle anymore Slide Show: Select slide show speed Choose to play or not the videos ...    12 MB    Views 9628

Tutu Album Magazine

magazine photos album show
0    Tutu Album Magazine is the APP of personal album magazine maker. All your beautiful photos will be created as your own album magazine. It's fun to keep your photos,to show your photos by album magazine. Your own set of beloved works, threedimensional to ...    71 MB    Views 4916


photo photos website link gallery sharing options show forum
-1    AnoShare lets you take a new photo or select an existing from your devices album/gallery, upload and share with your online friends through our website. You may enter a title, description and password for any shared photo if you like. Click onto ...    2 MB    Views 2735

Photo Waitress

iphone photos photo ipod touch computer view server screen show
0    Ever wanted to show your most recent photos (perhaps a trip, or sporting event) to your friends or family, but they are all stuck on your little iPhone screen (while pass the iPhone is fun, it only works for one ...    691 kb    Views 4777


photos device browser network show connected connect view screen
+6    With PhotoRemoto you can use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as a remote controller to view your photos on any device that has a browser. No internet connection required, just a WiFi network. You could use AirPlay to show photos on a ...    7 MB    Views 5681

Slideshow 3D

photos photo slideshow choose show selection change images
-4    Let's show your photos in a fun and cool way. Slideshow 3D can form selected pictures from your Saved Photos, Music Album Arts, or Synced Photos, into various formations. FAQ ● Low frame rate, fix by:  Close all the unused apps.  Restart your iDevice. KEY ...    2 MB    Views 7631
Related Apps pics show fun
-4    Let's face it... your photos from Coachella won't turn out that great. That's why you need Photochella It's a quick and fun way to awesomeup your Coachella pics Add props, hairstyles, and accessories to show everyone what a fun time ...    42 MB    Views 4200
Related Apps photo photos frame show slideshow album special pause settings select
+23    Photo Frame displays a beautiful slideshow with your favorite photos, straight from the albums you already have on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Almost no configuration is needed, just select an album and enjoy And if that's not enough, ...    4 MB    Views 1458

Digital Photo Frame

Related Apps photo frame photos flickr ipad digital ios device screen slide show
-1    The most gorgeous, the most powerful photo player application. Get the best from your IOS device and turn it into powerful photo frame with Digital Photo Frame NEW: Support for Flickr as source. NEW: Improved version with a lot of features requested ...    3 MB    Views 2506


details big image zoom show
+3    BIG SHOW allows you to enlarge an image to become the maximum screen size. For instance, you can zoom up an eye on a portrait image to check the details. Or, in a landscape photo, you can even read the texts ...    1 MB    Views 3715


photos gallery friend icons8 show
+21    Show friends only those photos that they should see. No "accidental" swiping to the right/left revealing images not meant to be seen. Fast and easy: 1. Select photos to show 2. Start the gallery and hand your phone to your friend 3. Done :) You can ...    2 MB    Views 6400
Related Apps photo frame photos flickr ipad digital screen device ios features show
+4    The most gorgeous, the most powerful photo player application. Pro+ version without ads. Get the best from your IOS device and turn it into powerful photo frame with Digital Photo Frame NEW: Support for Flickr as source. NEW: Improved version with a ...    3 MB    Views 6352

uAlbum HD

photos photo ipad animation frame albums effects slide show enjoy
-3    Featured in "New & Noteworthy" section in US iPad App Store (Photography) Limited Introductory Sale 25% off (3.99 > 2.99) With uAlbum, you can manage your photos and make custom albums, directly from your iPad. Manage you photos effectively ...    24 MB    Views 6242

My Loves

love photos library loves remember albums memories colorful show easy
+1    Create albums of the ones you love with My Loves. It’s the best app for you that you will love forever. Do you love taking photos of your loves, friends, pets and all the people around. Browse your photos in a ...    22 MB    Views 7676
Related Apps photos photo creativity show fun instagram share head swap
+15    HeadMask is the ultimate FUN An app that let you show off your creativity and artisticity. HeadMask allows you to swap any heads of you or your friends on photos with our uniquely designed stickers. Show us your creativity 1. Take or ...    56 MB    Views 7273


photo photos show
+9    Did you ever tried to show a photo to someone and that someone slides "accidentally" to the next photo and ended up seeing what she wasn't supposed to? This app is your solution Just select the photos or photo that you want ...    347 kb    Views 4565

Photo Feed

Related Apps photo family feed show
+10    Photo Feed shows all your latest Facebook family and friend photos in a fantastic photo show With Photo Feed you can: 1.) Browse your friends and family photo albums 2.) Show interactive photo slides 3.) Create favorites and more The Pro version removes ads, allows ...    12 MB    Views 2301
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