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Datou Datou™

+7    Millions of people use DatouDatou to create original photo collages, funny Gifs, stick cute stickers on their pictures, apply cool filters and make their selfies better than ever. No1. App in Photo and Video category in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, ...    62 MB    Views 6461
video selfie selfies
+11    With selfie video app, you can make a video with all your selfies. Take yourself a selfie every day and put it on the app calendar. It's better if you take photos in landscape mode in order to get a more ...    1 MB    Views 6733
photo fitness selfies progress track
+15    Pushh is an app that helps you keep track of your fitness selfies. — Take a photo of yourself and align your photos perfectly with the overlay and grid — Review your progress in a timeline of your selfies — Share a BeforeandAfter ...    18 MB    Views 1595

Bouncing Selfies

screen selfies
+18    Have fun with your friends Add up to 4 photos and create a masterpiece with them. Images will fall form the top as you tap the screen and they will act like a bouncing ball. Fill the screen with selfies and share ...    2 MB    Views 6322
+29    Introducing the latest app in our range of selfie editing apps Selfie Timer Camera is our hottest new app check it out NOW to see what all the fuss is about Take the perfect selfie without akwardly reaching for the camera ...    49 MB    Views 7970
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0    We’ve created an app that will make your selfies look their absolute best Download now Introducing the latest app in our range of selfie editing apps Selfie Frames is our hottest new app check it out NOW to see what all ...    57 MB    Views 9248

Selfie Pop

camera social facebook text photos twitter photo selfie selfies pop free disappear cam share pictures
+4    Experience a new way to share photos, pics, and selfies that disappear Selfies aren't always perfect, so why leave them set in stone? Selfie Pop allows you to send your friends selfies that pop (they selfdestruct after six seconds). Spice ...    4 MB    Views 5308
magic photo pictures selfies application
+11    shyselfie new way for selfies Check my new app for selfies shyselfie See what your brain is able to do Look at the red point for about 30 seconds and then look at the smooth clear surface (for example on ...    16 MB    Views 9573

Selfie ‏

photo camera photos selfie worldwide selfies fun report simple album leave
+30    Selfie is a type of selfportrait photograph, typically taken with a handheld digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking. This is a very simple and fun app, you love taking pictures of yourself, travel, trips, parties ...    19 MB    Views 2447
+10    The Biggest update ever. Pictool 2 comes with big updates to camera and photo editor. It’s all about one thing… inpiring photos ▼ Gesture Control Pictool is a gesture camera that lets you take pictures whithout even touching your phone. This is the ...    14 MB    Views 1417
photos photo dinosaurs stickers fun collages selfie selfies
+25    Funny pictures of dinosaurs, selfies with dinos and much more. Take a selfie with dinosaurs If you don’t like Photoshop, we offer you a fun option. With this amazing app of stickers or decals you can make fun collages or ...    9 MB    Views 2788
voice cheese group friends share selfies selfie
0    Snap a selfie using your voice, say cheese or any word you want. Click the camera button or say cheese. It's the ultimate selfie experience. Share your selfies with friends, family, and coworkers. Get a group of friends together and Say ...    21 MB    Views 4583
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-9    No more low quality front cam selfies Bored of low quality/low light selfies from the front cam? Irritated that you're not able to frame your selfies properly while using the back camera? The solution has arrived With ‪‎SELFIO‬, frame your photos with your front ...    10 MB    Views 4508
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0    Show MORE on a single selfie camera photo MORE of Selfie YOU Use your camera creatively. Do the camera selfies and multiply them – all of them will be a bit different selfiegram is a perfect app for testing your comic talents or ...    4 MB    Views 258


smile selfies
+6    CameraSelf+ makes selfies with your smile. Make selfies just with your smile Amazing filters Tons of fun stickers Crop,rotate, and straighten your photos Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation Gorgeous photo effects Focus mode Sharpen and blur Dynamic tones Share with ...    58 MB    Views 6752
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+6    Version without ads. Describe pictures like a comic and make funny photos with stickers Create fun photomontages without photo editing programs. With this fun app of stickers or decals you can make funny montages and collages, or photos or selfies. You ...    5 MB    Views 81
glasses selfies
+3    You. With glasses. In three easy steps. Now you can take selfies with glasses Just choose your glasses, snap a photo, and share with your friends. Look smarter, cuter, or funnier in five seconds    372 kb    Views 9958


photos challenge challenges users friends points follow levels selfies
+4    Challenge your friends and users around the world with your photos and selfies. You love playing and instantly share your photos? Challenge your friends with your photos on Chiiz. Chiiz is the first social network for photo challenge. Send challenges with your photos ...    35 MB    Views 405
+5    Anyone can take a great picture, but only you can take a great selfie. Know When It's a Selfie Moment. There are so many amazing things in this world that anybody can take a normal picture of, but only you can ...    3 MB    Views 355
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+6    Your timer. Your autocamera. You choose the time This way you can appear in your own photos. Take pictures without pressing the button. Now you can appear with all your friends in your pictures. Easy, simple and necessary. Perfect for selfies. Enter the ...    10 MB    Views 7998
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+9    Version without advertisements. Funny pictures of dinosaurs, selfies with dinos and much more. Take a selfie with dinosaurs If you don’t like Photoshop, we offer you a fun option. With this amazing app of stickers or decals you can make ...    8 MB    Views 6938

Selfie Snapa

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+10    Tag selfiesnapa on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can stop by and like your pics. Create the perfect selfie on your iPhone. With amazing image editing tools you can share pictures from your iPhone and other iOS devices direct to ...    36 MB    Views 4049


facebook selfies timer photoshop
-3    Capture movement and share your creations Dance, move the camera and create stunning artistic images no more photoshop High Quality Set time between each image and a 10 second timer for the Selfies Captura el movimiento y comparte tus creaciones Baila, mueve la cámara y ...    675 kb    Views 9102
facebook selfies 100 www http instagram
0    You all are used to taking selfies undoubtedly. Getting Bored? Looking for challenges and excitement? How about taking 100 selfies? This application combines 100 shots into one photo. What's more? It records the number of shot you take overall lol Let's see how addicted you are ...    1 MB    Views 2675
-7    Take crisply focused photos of yourself, friends or landscapes with your camera resting on a stable shelf, like a tripod. Enjoy the fun, creative freedom of having free hands while taking selfies. Use the front or rear camera. Review your selfie ...    26 MB    Views 6957
photos twitter facebook www selfies stunning capture share color
+30    "Capture stunning selfies on the go GoSelfie is a simple and fun selfpublishing app. It allows you to enhance your photos with awesome color and photo filters. Take simple to stunning selfies instantly at parties, nightclubs, or even in the comfort ...    24 MB    Views 4559

Foto Flipper

photo foto flip selfies
0    • Just swipe to flip a photo… left to right, or up and down perfect for flipping "mirror" selfies. • Crop it to the size you want and add a filter for that finishing touch. • Flip your picture "live" when ...    10 MB    Views 7884

Selfies Cam App

+3    Want the easiest way ever to take the best selfie? Download the Selfies Cam App now for FREE Taking great selfies is hard you need the right angle and right pose. And when you get that right then you have ...    4 MB    Views 2007
video music selfie background moments add selfies create
+5    Discover the new trend in video selfies With this application you can capture different moments of your day, mix them using the technique of "Donut selfie" and add background music. The "Donut selfie" is the evolution of photographic selfies. This is a ...    34 MB    Views 4389
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+12    Thanks so much. We've been featured in „best new apps“ in 17 countries on App Store’s photo and video category. Zwinker is a new exciting way to capture and share a moment of your life. We think, Zwinker helps ...    10 MB    Views 8346

Diary of Selfies

photos emotions photo selfies day storage diary safe collect free
+19    Hello our friends Do you remember a day of August the second? How about March, 14? Which sweet emotions have made those days memorable and are therefore worthy of being stored safe aside of current messy rush times? Diary of ...    3 MB    Views 9268


shot selfies
-2    Posar is the ultimate app for anyone wanting to take the perfect selfie. Posar uses facial recognition to ensure you are in shot and in focus every time. You can even take selfies with 2 or more people. Don't worry. Posar has ...    3 MB    Views 3469


photo selfie selfies mobile add fans description sharing
+15    Sselfies is all about clicking a picture of oneself followed by uploading and sharing it with your fans...
Take a selfie using your mobile device camera, you can also apply a filter,  add description to you photo and simply upload it. ...    24 MB    Views 2475
photo photos friends pictures share place swipe perfectly selfies
-9    And now for something completely DIFFERENT... Tell a story with two pictures. This app allows you to take a photo (or choose from the gallery), then overlay that photo on top of the camera to help align your after shot, allowing one ...    12 MB    Views 6938


photos share selfies experience place places official save
0    “Why check in, if you can Beenit” Save and share the official photos of the places you have Been. Take a Selfie and share your Been. Share your Been in Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, twitter and more. You love your selfies, but do not feel ...    8 MB    Views 8184
camera photo time selfie filters selfies stunning switch blur mode filter
+2    SelfieLight Pro is the best app to create stunning images on your iPhone and iPad. The most userfriendly and easy to use photo app you will ever use. FEATURES: Selfie countdown timer Take stunning selfie hd videos Real Time Preview Slide up and ...    12 MB    Views 7682

Wireless Selfie

apple photos iphone selfies selfie watch fun group easily wireless
+18    If you want to take more creative selfies without holding your iPhone, look no further. Wireless Selfie allows you to take selfie handsfree If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it as a remote Its super simple user interface ...    5 MB    Views 2097
+2    One and only App to learn various tips and tricks on taking selfies. Experiment and take perfect selfies with the camera while learning. Includes best professional photography tricks to make your selfies stunning. Easy to browse tips and adopt what you like . Includes + ...    709 kb    Views 2303
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+28    Power up your photos with power punch photo editor Punch right through walls with your selfies. Share flex power punch photos on social networks with easy sharing icons to facebook, instagram, and twitter. Get rid of the bathroom, toilet, or mirror ...    13 MB    Views 1498

Little Selfies

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+5    Capturing the perfect photo of your little one while they're smiling and looking at the camera can be hard... Little Selfies is here to help Little Selfies uses the front camera of your device to snap photos while displaying entertaining scenes ...    20 MB    Views 9754
puzzle facebook friends puzzles show selfie hidden selfies
+4    Puzzly is a new and fun social network for sharing puzzles of selfies with your Facebook friends and send hidden messages It's simple Just 1. Take a selfie with your camera 2. Slice your photo into a 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 square ...    14 MB    Views 8385
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0    SelfieApp: Make An Original Fake Real app that makes Fake Selfies Change your background, lighting and geotag in 3 clicks We believe nothing should stop people from traveling to beautiful places. We think that you are the main attraction on a selfie ...    16 MB    Views 6463
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0    : : Visit us: : : No more sad photos. SmileSelfie takes photo only when you smile. It uses sophisticated smile detection algorithms for each detected face. When the app detects your smile, it doesn't take only 1 photo, it ...    1 MB    Views 8481
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-9    Selfies are so much more fun Share them on Facebook, Twitter, and all your other favorite social networking sites [Selfie+ features] New and exciting ways to edit your selfies for free Cute, sleek filters Highly customizable filters let you make your photos look ...    7 MB    Views 9848
fitness photos selfies
+22    Add another dimension to your Fitness Selfies The FitCamera app lets you enhance your fitness selfies by adding your workout data to your photos. Keep a visual diary of your fitness goals & progress. Share your photos with friends on Instagram, ...    13 MB    Views 624
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+26    With Waterfall Selfies app take selfies with waterfall. You know you want a giant waterfall selfie so selfie waterfall app is perfect for you, providing you images of big waterfall, rapids, running water, and so much more to take selfies with. There ...    47 MB    Views 2614
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0    Power up your photos with power punch photo editor Punch right through walls with your selfies. Share flex power punch photos on social networks with easy sharing icons to facebook, instagram, and twitter. Get rid of the bathroom, toilet, or mirror ...    21 MB    Views 7397


photo city selfie selfies share effects spots cities additional find
+6    Selfiewalk is a fast, beautiful and fun way for selfie lovers to explore new cities. Take great selfies at your most beloved places and enjoy the city and its most amazing sights. TRAVEL Discover a new kind of city guide and get ...    22 MB    Views 9850


selfies challenges complete
-5    With Selfiers you will be able to complete challenges with taking your self funny selfies. There are a lot of challenges to complete. You can follow other users to see their selfies, and like their photos. We are alredy working on ...    3 MB    Views 6483
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+9    KLIK is a new way of matching with people around you. With other dating apps, you’re never quite sure if the person your talking to is who they say they are. Or worse, they might not look like their profile ...    13 MB    Views 3776
trends combine emojis emoji selfies internet selfie
+2    SELFIEMOJI COMBINING THE TWO BIGGEST INTERNET TRENDS Selfiemoji is an app designed to combine the biggest internet trends of the decade Selfies and Emojis Using the editor, insert any photo or selfie onto the stage and edit it in no ...    265 kb    Views 3022
camera photo iphone shooting photos selfies screen facing front resolution
-5    Works fine on iOS 7. Resolution of the frontfacing camera has been improved in iPhone 5. But if you are using the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, what should you do? You can not shoot in the main highresolution camera while viewing ...    2 MB    Views 5427
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+3    Let's create a story with 4 photos that have different kinds of thoughts. You're bored by having only photos about food ,hobby and selfies? We're excited to introduce a new way to have fun with your smartphone Relaypix is an entertainment space of ...    16 MB    Views 38
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+7    Do you have a face? Use it to challenge new people to bizarre selfie contests As featured on the front pages of Buzzfeed and Welcome to Pickle, where you compete with your craziest selfies and photos. Meet new people by challenging ...    18 MB    Views 1626


camera share selfies selfie world create discover pics
+27    Playselfie is an app to share your story through selfie. Express yourself and share moments in your life with friends. Playselfie is about being creative and spreading the love with a perfect photo.Discover and share selfie with friends all around the world. Features: + ...    5 MB    Views 835


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+29    Selfie has been declared word of the year in 2013 by the Oxford Dictionary and it’s used to describe a photo taken by self usually with a smartphone or a webcam and uploaded to the Social Networks. Why do you make ...    2 MB    Views 9919
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+21    "The app is good idea if you truly are a person who feels odd taking a selfie" AppAdvice When you press the screen, you will see your face (like in camera app but not in full screen) just after released the ...    2 MB    Views 4816
camera photo shooting selfie instantly friends detection face rear selfies easily
+1    Selfies is camera app that shoot automatically by face detection. You can selfie together with your friends and share the photo easily instantly. It is ideal for users such as the following. "We love selfie but we are bashful about using selfie ...    5 MB    Views 6726


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+4    Take the coolest selfies and be always breathtaking with Selfie With Selfie you can take many photos in a row and then edit, apply filters and share them on an easy stepbystep process. There are many cool and fun filters ...    125 MB    Views 6766
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0    This amazing photo app goes beyond editing your snapshots It is a shop for all of your photo booth needs including: A builtin audio recording to add messages to images Superimpose selfies into multiple backgrounds Place your selfies into multiple ...    55 MB    Views 8160
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