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+21    FEAR NOT LOYAL FANS AN UPDATE IS COMING SOON FOR A MUCH BETTER APP Add speech bubbles, thought bubbles, exclamation bubbles, captions and neon text to your photos Then save your photos or email them. IBubble Lite takes photos from your ...    4 MB    Views 3595

FX image for Photos

0    Any photos that you have made yourself look like to change it? Fast and easy way Give effects to your photos. Invert colors Color Control Adjustment Range Adjust Hue combine all Your best photos    5 MB    Views 8552


+6 is a place for your photos and your friends. Here you can save the photos from the events in your life that you want to remember. At you are the owner of your photos. You can store as many ...    3 MB    Views 5689

Chisel App

+1    Add location overlays to photos Then share to your social networks seamlessly. Great while traveling Sharing photos of food from restaurants Or event outings with friends    11 MB    Views 5368


+1    Browse through my designs, illustrations and photos. Download them as wallpapers. Follow me on Twitter and view my latest photos on Flickr    8 MB    Views 5133

PhotoNova 2

+12    Enhance photos and transform simple pictures into stunning images with the PhotoNova 2. An essential tool for both amateur and professional iPhoneographers, PhotoNova 2 is a powerful collection of mobile editing tools that gives you unprecedented control over the aesthetics of ...    45 MB    Views 3951


-3    One tap to turn your photos from trip, party, wedding, vacation or family gettogether into amazing movies with beautiful background music. Just use templates and choose your photos for quick movie making. Or try to be a director yourself by experiencing ...    19 MB    Views 7186
+5    iDesign is an vector illustration app. It was designed from scratch for the iPad. It supports paths, compound paths, text, images, groups, masks, gradient fills, and an unlimited number of layers. iDesign was designed with performance in mind – it can ...    5 MB    Views 8733

Proportional Scale

+8    Have you ever resized an image that resulted in image stretching or unwanted distortion. Proportional Scale App makes it easy to calculate new image dimensions and maintain the aspect ratio; leaving no distortion or stretching. How To Use: Enter the dimensions ...    3 MB    Views 9388


+2    Do practical, professional image processing with Darkroom. Darkroom is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to do precise image editing. Don't limit your creativity to contrived effects. Instead, control the look of pictures with comprehensive adjustments that let you change ...    NAN    Views 903


+12    Build your own special effect photos. Combine differents photos into one and adjust different parameters, add text, etc. Send the result per mail or store it in your album.    17 MB    Views 754
photos card text cards iphone facebook add scale pan zoom balloons insert
+4    With Lifecards you can use up to 7 of your photos to design your own imaginative postcard directly on your phone. Share with friends and family using Facebook and other social networks, or send a physical card with Sincerely's postcard ...    79 MB    Views 1787
photo zombie face booth choose dead mask scale crop
+5    ZOMBIE FACE BOOTH is a collection of Dead Faces from various famous films as Walking Dead, Dracula, zombie, Vampire, Jason.. ZOMBIE FACE BOOTH was found from Halloween Mask and it has more 100,000 downloads per month. New features in this version: You ...    24 MB    Views 4262

Bangla Photo Fun

Related Apps photo text email card fun add lot scale move choose billboard
-3    Bangla Photo fun : Have fun with photo. Everything related to Bangladeshi culture. Pick your photo and place it on Billboard, newspaper,Rickshaw ,Greeting Card. Anything you imagine is possible with Bangla Photo Fun. You can add 3d Bangla text to make ...    48 MB    Views 2717

Photos To Go Lite

-1    Take and send photos without having them in your camera roll. This is the free version with watermarks on the photos.    1 MB    Views 3222

FlipBook for iPhone

+14    Browse though all your galleries (photos from your phone, iCloud, and shared) in our custom layout and design. Edit your photos add effects, filters, enhancements with one touch sharing to social media outlets or other photo editors.    45 MB    Views 7519

BlurFX for iPad

photo twitter flickr zoom effects blur support http scale picture focus
-5    Fantastic out of focus pictures We serve your picture to make more an upgrade quality. You can make your picture more wonderful and present to the picture to your man or girl, your family and friends with your heart. Photos & Icon courtesy ...    6 MB    Views 825


-8    Never have to suffer from blurry photos again with the ImageStabilizer Camera features: IMAGE STABILIZER: Avoids the release as long as your iPhone is moving Photosharing: Send photos via EMAIL Share your photos on TWITTER    936 kb    Views 9631
-3    OMBIE FACE BOOTH is a collection of Dead Faces from various famous films as Walking Dead, Dracula, zombie, Vampire, Jason.. ZOMBIE FACE BOOTH was found from Halloween Mask and it has more 100,000 downloads per month. New features in this version: You ...    21 MB    Views 9539

OldPic Agent

+4    You can make old photos with a simple operation. You can control in detail (Frames, Filters, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation). Please try to change your photos in the iPhone / iPod / iPad photo album into the classical atmosphere.    25 MB    Views 7274

Blazing Camera

Related Apps camera design photo effects smoke fire share scale awesome effect
0    Looking for the ultimate photo expression app? Incredible realistic effects to any photo and make them awesome. You’ve never seen anything like this before Give your final design a perfect finish with a huge selection of filters, and share it Design using blazing effects ...    17 MB    Views 6058


-6    The only app you need for photo sharing, complete control over where and how to share photos. Post photos to: Tumblr Flickr Twitter Facebook    1 MB    Views 907
+1    The application allows users to view photos from popular social network vkontakte which were uploaded near your location. Browse interesting moments or events around you, add authorS to your friend list, share photos with friends or relatives. It is a paid ...    6 MB    Views 7389
wallpaper iphone home photo wallpapers screen image lock apply scale
+16    Make your own wallpapers, apply effects, crop, scale, rotate, create photo collages, and share with friends or apply onto lock screen or home screen as a wallpaper. ============================== Wow by Darkoceannights Version 1.0 Jan 21, 2014 This app is amazing It ...    3 MB    Views 6656


+14    Launched in 2010, LagosPhoto is the first and only annual international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. In a month long festival, events include exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, discussions, screenings, and large scale outdoor exhibitions displayed throughout the city with ...    29 MB    Views 5612


photo photos
+5    What would it look like if the Mona Lisa was on your wall, shutters were added to your house, or your room reorganized? By manipulating dimensionally correct images, “See It” allows you to quickly and easily see “how it would ...    3 MB    Views 7189


creations rotate scale erase move share
-4    ADD THE BLAKHAT BANDIT TO ANY PHOTO Turn anyone in a bandit by adding the BlakHat mask over all your photos for both iPhone and touch. Rotate, move, scale, erase and share using the tweak and rotate gesture feature Select a Bandit from ...    9 MB    Views 1021
+17    Hard time fitting your favourite photo as a wallpaper? Now you can freely resize, position and crop your wallpaper in seconds to make your device truly yours • Works on all iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad devices • Scale, resize, crop and image • ...    2 MB    Views 1664


+5    Add some Pittsburgh flair to your photos no matter where you're at. Local celebrities, ridiculous sandwiches, outdated modes of transportation and more could be taking your photos to the next level    7 MB    Views 367
vacation photo summer photos twitter email facebook props stickers sticker scale version rotate
+14    Dress up your favorite vacation photos with new Vacation Stickers Use a variety of props and stickers from the app to create the perfect photo showcasing your summer vacation. Once finished, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or save ...    104 MB    Views 4730

Photo in Word Pro

Related Apps photo word image background choose rotate scale elements fonts version
+4    Any combination of photos and words. Make a personalized image to express your feelings Photo in Word is a simple tool for artists and visual people. Just write a word and choose a photo (from your album or take a photo), ...    25 MB    Views 7128

Vint Green

+4    Shoot pictures with your iPhone that look like aged 70's photos. More photos can be found on the site or on flickr (vintiphone). See also: Vint B&W, Vint Red.    34 kb    Views 1195
Related Apps photo photos text tools love dance sketch cartoon retro effects stickers add scale easily rotate
+12    Full featured advanced photo editor with advanced features including but not limited Instagram like filters and effects, stickers and text tools. Share your photos in social world easily. Amazing Effects Beautify your photos with high quality and configurable effects and filters. ...    18 MB    Views 2846


-7    this is an app that can import photos or take photos and lock them.    10 MB    Views 9416
Related Apps photos photo instagram full size post scale move rotate
+13    CropPic Post full size Photos On Instagram Without Cropping As many of you already know, most of Apps for Instagram will crop picture on Instagram with landscape or portrait photos. And it's really annoying that you may miss some great ...    52 MB    Views 6928
sizes perfect grid images scale select ready dimensions paper
-6    Translate your photos into perfect compositions with Jackson's ArtGrid for iPad and Android tablets. ArtGrid takes the hard work out of the traditional grid method of composition and produces precisely scaled and cropped images, ready to apply to your canvas ...    19 MB    Views 5823
-7    Create awesome slideshows with your photos and videos. High quality like Hollywood movies. Looks fantastic with Instagram photos. All templates are free    75 MB    Views 9772
-8    Arrange your photos in a beautiful collage & draw on it to complete your art... COMPLETELY FREE The Best Collage In The App Store RICH HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS & PHOTOS LANDSCAPE VIEW FOR BIGGER ACTIVE AREA Upload Collage to your social network. Share ...    9 MB    Views 5893

Photos Secret HD

+13    With this utility, you can take your own pictures in any place in museums, without anyone noticing Using it is very simple: Open the app > Fake Write > Click on the Save button With these 3 small steps you will find all ...    2 MB    Views 662
facebook games whatsapp twitter photos kids apps email love stickers share sticker props 280 scale www touch
-2    Click photos, draw/paint on them, decorate with 280 stickers, send stickers to WhatsApp friends & share it on Facebook, Twitter. 14 different categories of stickers and props like Happy Quotes, Real Shades, Halloween, School Kit, Birthday, Hats, Expressions, Eyes, tress, bushes, ...    43 MB    Views 1045
Related Apps camera text comics email facebook twitter photos images meme memes size instagram scale feature
-7    Create your memes with the number one meme creating app ever 50,000+ Downloads Note: This is one of very few apps that can post your images directly to Instagram and perfectly size them for you. Features: •Share your meme directly to Instagram. •Share photos ...    104 MB    Views 50
+5    Edit your photos and share on Social sites. App consist of many effects for photos which will make your image praise worthy.    5 MB    Views 7072


Related Apps photos customize
0    Customize allows you to dress up your favorite images in ways you never thought possible Use hats, glasses and facial hair to transform your photos into funny works of art that you can then send off to your friends and family Share ...    4 MB    Views 145

Monkey Bombs

photos photo funny change scale rotate friends eraser
+28    Add monkeys to photos, like the bombs You'll have endless fun by adding the monkeys to photos(probably your friends'), the monkeys look like they are really there. Stupid Fun Support iOS 6 and 4inch Retina screen Select monkeys from the menu, ...    14 MB    Views 5679
Related Apps photos
0    " Tell the world your story via amazing looking photos in seconds It's all about one thing… making cool and funny photos better than any of your friends. You won't believe how great this camera app is until you use it "    13 MB    Views 6078
Related Apps photo design effects smoke fire share awesome effect scale realistic
+11    Looking for the ultimate photo expression app? Incredible realistic effects to any photo and make them awesome. You’ve never seen anything like this before Give your final design a perfect finish with a huge selection of filters, and share it Design using blending fx ...    18 MB    Views 1692


-3    Create fantastic kaleidoscopic images using photos from your photo library. The kaleidoscopes are fully animated with adjustable speed. Two kaleidoscopes from different photos can be viewed at one time. The kaleidoscopes can be resized, placed on top of each other and moved across ...    44 kb    Views 6126

Bikini Season

scale zoom color season select fit features rotate
-1    Make Bikini Season last all year long Try our selection of hot bikinis on yourself, your friends and our gorgeous models (just in case you aren't lucky enough to know one yourself.) Use Bikini Season in three simple steps: 1) In app, ...    8 MB    Views 3469


0    拍照并定位记录当前拍照的位置,最后上传到服务器。(Take photos then upload the photos and the location.)    1 MB    Views 829

mySelfie Pro

photo text facebook twitter picture choose scale selfie crop shadow share rotate
+13    Do you like personalized selfies? Do you like to send message with a stunning picture? Catch the unique opportunity to get mySelfie app, which is not only an app to take selfies but also a fully functional photo editor with flexible ...    106 MB    Views 3544
-1    " Quite simply that the synthesis of photos and maps application ." Share your photos and synthesize the map Will be automatically entered to address :) Boyfriend , girlfriend, now you know even know where it is :)    3 MB    Views 1441

Photo Symbol - FREE

Related Apps photo diy work personal symbol mode area special list symbols bottom scale
0    With this magic App, you can create incredible artwork on your photo. You can add special symbol into your photo: apply different special Color Effect to the area in Symbol and the other area, so the special symbol will emergent ...    5 MB    Views 3415

GMR Event Photos

0    Upload photos from your camera or library directly to a server.    3 MB    Views 8148

Magic Screen Space

wallpaper home screen space put image rotate scale choose background
0    Are you really need show the 3th, 4th, 5th line or more icons on your home screen? Do you considered how to use the excess space? This APP will help you design personal wallpaper. It can make your home screen more perfect. ...    7 MB    Views 5369

My Old Photos

+20    Love old photos? Get the latest slideshows and reader photos from My Old Photos View and easily contribute your own photos to My Old Photos    16 MB    Views 7883

Splash FX - FREE

Related Apps photo design splash effects smoke fire share effect awesome scale
+15    Looking for the ultimate photo expression app? Incredible realistic splash effects to any photo and make them awesome. You’ve never seen anything like this before Give your final design a perfect finish with a huge selection of filters, and share it Design using blending ...    18 MB    Views 958

Nebula FX

photo effects effect layer scale move rotate share
-2    Fantasize about holding a micro galaxy hovering on your palms or immersing yourself in the outer space, adding futuristic touches on your photo is now as easy as it can be on your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch with Nebula FX Nebula ...    252 MB    Views 6379

Camera Ninja

Related Apps green photo camera email library facebook video effects blue red scale swap blur
0    Have fun with your device like never before. Stylize your camera with live effects applied in both photo and high definition video mode. Camera Ninja comes with 54 stunning effects that are fun for everyone in your family Features Full OpenGL ...    2 MB    Views 8696
photo photos full instagram pic scale rotate backgrounds share features
+14    For all Instagram Lovers Full Pic makes uploading full size photos to Instagram easy and fast. It also allows you easily move, rotate, scale the photo. You may also change the background of the photo with tons of ...    52 MB    Views 117


-5    The world's most amazing photos in one unic collection You can autorise in Vkontakte for like or repost photos on your wall. As well you can sve photo on your device. (left swipe bring you to the setting menu)    6 MB    Views 739
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