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+4    Space FX One Touch with amazing cosmos effects now on sale Easy usage and beautiful user interface. Have you ever wondered, how would it look like, you are in space at the same time? We offer you 54 builtin space effects to get ...    54 MB    Views 8701

Movie to photo

0    App for exporting photos from your video only one touch, it can export 5 photos at the timing you touched. It's a very convenient app when you can't decide taking video or photo, just take video first, you can export your favorite scene ...    1 MB    Views 1529

Color Touch FREE

0    Add a touch of color to your photos. Make a part of the picture stand out with a touch of your finger.    1 MB    Views 4836

Thirty Six

+8    A lovely little app that brings the joy of film to the iPhone. Unlike most digital cameras, Thirty Six doesn’t allow you to peek at the photos you just snapped until you are ready to develop the 36exposure roll (or if ...    35 MB    Views 7157
+30    Record instant looping GIF animations and videos with a single touch Simple, SuperEasy and quick • beautiful photo filters • decorative frames • custom title and emoji with our easy and powerful editor • Edit to perfection with LivePreview • Share GIF > Or ...    4 MB    Views 3933


camera photo touch shot
+15    Take a quick camera shot with one touch of this app Now you are able to take an instant photo shot within a second without opening your camera app. When you touch the icon, your picture will be taken ...    1 MB    Views 7840
iphone camera touch ipod shutter
+11    You can take photos of remote iPhone and iPod touch by using the app Paired Camera Shutter. (1) Make internetsharing (WiFi or Bluetooth) enable of your iPhone, and connect your iPod touch there. (2) Launch this App both on iPhone and iPod ...    318 kb    Views 8621


facebook camera photos easily lenses touch
0    ShotMate is an application especially designed for photographers and for those who are fond of photos. It’s a fast and simple tool to get those technical information needed to take good photographs. ShotMate allows to calculate: Size and angles of view ...    42 MB    Views 6735


photo music touch images
+3    iMasic is an 'image+music' app. iMasic is an application that makes soothing ambient sounds using images. Until next update, it's free. iMasic plays music from a photo in your photo library or from a photo taken using your iphone/ipad camera. iMasic has its ...    16 MB    Views 747
+28    From WallStreet to Central Park, WallpaperGallery NYC gives you the world famous city in pictures. With these 28 images, enjoy the beauty of Big apple in high resolution. Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of liberty, Rockefeller plaza ... ...    25 MB    Views 4255


photo camera times resolution button touch operation simple
+7    ImageCompactor is Limited functionality of “ImageDoubler”, is adversion. A very simple operation, You can reduce the size of the photo. Not only reduced simple, beautiful and smooth, you can modify 1/2 times, by 1/3. For example, you can fix low resolution (1/2 times, ...    3 MB    Views 2895

Colora for Tumblr

0    Transform your favorite Tumblrs into colorful galleries with Colora Featuring: Dynamic background color based on the primary color of the photo Minimalist style with easy and clean navigation. Supports animated GIF. Images with high resolution. Link to the original ...    2 MB    Views 8865
Related Apps function touch shutter focus
-4    You can take autofocus shooting with a single touch by the touch shutter function. And you can take a picture of the full screen. There is onoff function of the shutter sound. Selftimer function Display function of photography Touchfocus ...    769 kb    Views 4866


photos apple cloud touch
+4    Ever taken a selfie you'd rather others not see? Want to keep your topsecret photos from prying eyes? Worried your photos might end up on "the cloud"? TouchLocker is an app for iOS 8 that allows you to store photos (and new in ...    2 MB    Views 6640

Frame It Lite

Related Apps frame photos art iphone frames touch version lite ipod
-6    An intuitive tool for iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly frame photos transforming them into a work of art. Frame It has an assortment of distinctive frames to choose from. Frame sizes are easily adjusted using the on screen heads ...    6 MB    Views 3177

Photo Timeline

photo video iphone ipod touch date support timeline
+2    Photo Timeline is a small tool to browse your iPhone/iPod Touch photo by date time category. 50% OFF, 1.99 for promotion, refund if you are not satisfied Group & view your Photo/Video by date Access iPhone/IPod Touch photo directly, no ...    4 MB    Views 5357


iphone ipad slideshow touch publish ipod
0    SlideWow is an easytouse yet powerful application designed for making HTML5 slideshow with your image and photo collections on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Add your favorite photos, choose one template and publish, and an awesome animated HTML5 slideshow will ...    29 MB    Views 2945
Related Apps slide image add touch iphone6 photographed effect
-7    Still image to add a spiral effect photographed image touch, slide, is an app that video can be photographed. Touch the image, you can shoot with a swirl in the specified location in the slide. iOS8 subsequent environment is required. It has been ...    1 MB    Views 7244


-9    Omoidebako is an application for importing photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the Buffalo Omoidebako and exporting photos from the Omoidebako to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected ...    NAN    Views 9303

Listen At It

camera touch means color hear
-6    "Listen At It" is a tool to help you hear what your phone's camera is looking at. When you touch the screen (double tap if using VoiceOver), the app will take a photo using your iPhone's back camera, then you ...    569 kb    Views 4569

Pic Touch

Related Apps photo tools pic editor touch
+1    Pic Touch Ultimate Image Editor is an amazing photo editor We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing. Features: Gorgeous photo effects Onetap auto enhance Tons of fun ...    24 MB    Views 989
Related Apps photo photos record play touch
+5    'PhotoVo' is an application that allows for recording and playback and reading Touch the favorite place of the photo. + You can be very versatile. You will be able to record or play back the voices in the group photo. You ...    9 MB    Views 5519
screen touch image rotation pro
-8    Still Screen Pro prevents accidental unwanted taps on the screen and undesired rotation when viewing an image. Hold your phone while walking, shopping, or any other activity and don't worry about moving away from your image or deleting it or ...    612 kb    Views 954


Related Apps video screenshots image choose slide save touch screen button
0    Every time when I try to take screenshots from video. It’s end with “Home” or “Lock” screen. Then, I decided to make an application that take screenshots from video. How to use. Choose video. Slide a seek bar and Touch "Capture" button ...    3 MB    Views 7522

Shake It Up

+28    To shake up your life simply select a photo from your photo library and give your iPhone or iPod Touch a shake. Bounce your photo around the screen at high speed or touch and hold to stop the photo then ...    912 kb    Views 4680

Tesla Game

photos effects fingers amazing touch game
+8    Tesla Game is an incredible interactive particle toy. When your fingers touch the screen they generate amazing effects that makes the thousands of particles react in unique artworks. Try moving different numbers of fingers in different locations to create amazing visual ...    59 MB    Views 6114

Dancing Pixels

Related Apps photo touch pixels change bar screen control tap
+4    Play with your photos in a very funny way. Take a photo or choose from your photo library, press start button. The photo will split into thounds of pixels moving around the screen. Feel free to touch the screen to rock pixels You can ...    535 kb    Views 2751


0    Create virtual holograms on your iPhone or iPod Touch in three easy steps 1) Use the camera or select an image in your photo library. 2) Use the the touch screen to add depth to the image. 3) Use the accelerometer ...    7 MB    Views 6878
Related Apps photos blend touch
-7    BlendPic can blend your photos. You touch your photos and blend your photos. [Feature] Only touch your photos and blend your photos. Share your nice photo by LINE and Facebook and Twitter and so on.    15 MB    Views 7658


drawing photo iphone ipad touch ipod
+3    Pressure sensitive drawing comes to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Sketchtasy is a basic drawing app that reacts to your touch. The harder you press, the thicker the line will be that you draw Sketchtasy also allows pictures from the ...    485 kb    Views 8577
Related Apps photo finishing touch phone mobile
-6    Welcome to Finishing Touch mobile ordering system. A fast and convenient way to order your favorite photos right from your phone or tablet. Simply select images from your photo library, facebook or instagram and send them directly to our lab for printing. Orders can ...    7 MB    Views 3807


Related Apps iphone realtime ipod touch adjust
-2    You can take a fisheye photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Adjust Hue,Saturation,Brightness realTime. Adjust Fisheye effect realTime. Share your edited images on Facebook,Twitter or email. Save original size image. Compatible devices : iPhone 4,4s, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch ...    2 MB    Views 2309

i-Scan mini

iphone scan ipod touch scanner mini
+3    This app is specially designed to work with the Docking Scanner for iPhone and iPod touch exclusively. The iScan mini app enables the Docking Scanner to scan photos, postcards, business cards, receipts, notes and documents directly to iPhone or iPod touch ...    6 MB    Views 9320


timer touch finger
+14    The SnapCameraTimer app allows you to take a photo by just snaping your finger. The app can also be used to start a timer, stopwatch and flash light by snaping your finger as well. Use it as a kitchen timer ...    471 kb    Views 8465


Related Apps iphone picture touch image face
-7    Touch 3x3 cells picture on iphone and ipod touch. This application is fully interactive with picture taken with your iphone or your saved image from photo library. You can touch one of the cell to expand picture and change an image view. ...    513 kb    Views 5048


Related Apps backgrounds background save touch press select
0    NEW RELEASE OFFER Features a collection of high quality backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Beautiful backgrounds created by our photographers and designers. A unique slideshow interface, allowing users to conveniently browse and save backgrounds. Setting you new background ======================= ...    4 MB    Views 3582

Veescope Live Full

Related Apps photos movie time iphone ipad touch ipod real
+17    Realtime Green Screen/Chroma or Blank wall Keying to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds. Include 20 background movie and photos. Record in realtime to a Quicktime movie. Works with iPhone, iPad or ...    80 MB    Views 7864
+3    This funny application will make one or more faces within the same picture look huge. Instructions: 1. Select the area using the mask marker with your touch 2. Erase any area that my have masked incorrectly. 3. You can move and scale the picture ...    1 MB    Views 4451
Related Apps ipad photo shows mobile sun sunrise touch
+29    GO Mobile Photo Sundial universal app helps photographers, travelers, vacationers and road warriors find the best light for the best pictures – morning, noon and night. Key features include: • Interactive touch screen that shows the position of the sun • Text and ...    98 MB    Views 8812

Talking Pictures

Related Apps photo pictures talking fun sounds version touch record
-3    Pictures say a thousand words, Talking Pictures say even more Record up to 10 touch activated sounds in a photo and send them to a friend. Talking Pictures is easy and fun to use. Just select your photo, draw around the ...    9 MB    Views 7487

Photo Mesh

Related Apps photos photo camera images album save touch
+5    A simple photo collating app that allows photos to be combined from the photos album or directly from the camera. Features include: Add photos from your photos album or from the built in camera Move/resize images using touch gestures Crop images ...    1 MB    Views 6362
Related Apps photo kaleidoscope images touch high share effects save
+26    A kaleidoscope is a tube of mirrors containing small colored objects. Turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a kaleidoscope camera and capture beautiful images. Save high quality images to your device or Share via facebook, Twitter, or email. FEATURES: ● Amazing kaleidoscope ...    15 MB    Views 1252


color touch photograph favorite change
+20    You can change the color that exists in the photograph into the color favorite of you. 1)You touch the position of a color in photograph. 2)And touch the favorite color in color circle. Let's coordinate various the one in the colors. The change in ...    2 MB    Views 8204

Water in Camera

camera photos iphone water touch effect ripple feel
-1    Have you ever feel you are in water while taking photos. So , Now We introduce new camera tool for you and now you can feel you are in water while taking photos. "Water In Camera" can add water effect in you ...    1 MB    Views 1260

Camera A1

camera photos tools iphone enhance touch
+16    Camera A1 also provides customized tools that can be used to apply special effects to enhance your photos. In addition, these tools can transform your photos into spectacular images. You can share these photos with your friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter, ...    22 MB    Views 2021

Googlies Free

Related Apps library camera googly eyes device size touch
-9    Googlies allows you to put googly eyes on anything Snap and shoot with your camera, or load a picture from your device's library all through Googlies userfriendly interface. Touch and drag to position and place a Googly. While positioning use a ...    4 MB    Views 8089

i-Scan Duo

ipad iphone scan ipod touch scanner scanning
-2    The iScan Duo is specially designed to work with the Docking Scanner for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch exclusively. The App enables the Docking Scanner to scan photos, postcards, business cards, receipts, and documents at up to standard A4/Legal paper ...    8 MB    Views 8409

Touch BBs!

Related Apps photos touch image collection pick fun finger move
-4    ========================== Touch BBs is a fun photo app that allows you to touch, squeeze the image Check it out, and you'll be amazed at how much fun it is to play with Touch BBs Key Features: Touch the picture. Move your finger and ...    515 kb    Views 7386
iphone camera shake selfie stick smile filters touch
+27    **Don't touch anymore** **Just shake or smile** With Shake Camera, you can take pictures without touching iphone. When you shake iphone or have a smile, it takes a picture automatically. You can take selfie or wefie continuously without click. Also you can customize photos with ...    4 MB    Views 4690

Picture Note

note picture simple touch screen notes quick pen
-8    Picture note is simple and ductile app that’s perfect for those moments when you just need to make a quick note while onthego. It is very simple and easy to conduct.The tip of your finger acts like your digital pen ...    20 MB    Views 3164

Free Photo Crop

ipad iphone photos free ipod edit crop quickly touch
+3    Quickly edit your photos. Crop Rotate Flip Black and White Sepia Tons of effects Add Borders Save No image quality lost iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch This app contains only the features you really want so that you can quickly and ...    7 MB    Views 8567

Huge Face Booth

touch picture area huge
-7    This funny application will make one or more faces within the same picture look huge. Instructions: 1. Select the area using the mask marker with your touch 2. Erase any area that my have masked incorrectly. 3. You can move and scale the picture ...    1 MB    Views 8886

Puri icon

icon set image supported touch ipod icons
0    This app is create your own icons of your iPhone home screen. Four types of icons can be created. Phone Email Message(SMS) Opne URL You can set the icon image of the photos in your Camera Roll. and overlay the badge represents the type of icon. (You can ...    2 MB    Views 9133

i Visual info Touch

touch info visual
-1    i Visual info Touch it is most innovative software for creating infographics. Designed specifically for the iPad, this app allows you within minutes to create an excellent infographic with diagrams, photos and a large objects library simple finger ...    27 MB    Views 194

Stack Collage

Related Apps photos image stack touch top simple collage
-1    Stack is a very simple image collage tool. Simply add an image from your photos and use multitouch gestures to position the image. Touch the image you would like to bring to the top of the stack. You can also ...    13 MB    Views 5954

The Candid Frame

frame episodes candid play show access features touch
+2    The Candid Frame photography podcast on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Interviews with some of the world's best photographers are easily available to you. Just touch and play As an added bonus for supporting the show, you get material only ...    10 MB    Views 7499

Symmetry Camera

camera program photograph touch application instant symmetry
+16    This is an instant camera application program to be able to take a symmetric photograph. You will be able to use it like a toy while seeing the preview of the camera. This application program can take the photograph of upper and ...    1 MB    Views 8888


Related Apps photo touch album
0    enjoy touch painting on your iPhone or iPod Touch, have a fun whole family. You can control the color, the size of your brush, and the opacity of the paint. Make cool pictures using this app , save them in your ...    236 kb    Views 7994


iphone events ipod touch cinema
+1    The most awaited sivajitv app is launched. Now users can get regular updates of news and Kollywood cinema events, right on their smart devices like iPhone and iPod Touch. The specially designed photo gallery gives a close up of cinema ...    2 MB    Views 6860

Veescope Live

Related Apps photos movie time iphone ipad ipod touch real
-2    Realtime Green Screen/Chroma Keying to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds. Include 20 background movie and photos. Record in realtime to a Quicktime movie. Works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.    80 MB    Views 801
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