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IOD calc

+5    IOD Calc The premier calculator for 3D photography and film. IOD Calc ensures accurate 3D filming and replaces trial and error techniques currently applied. There is no need for guess work with IOD Calc Designed for, and used by, amateur student film ...    741 kb    Views 381

Frog Slide

+10    Frog Slide is a sliding puzzle game featuring an exclusive selection of nature photographs. DIRECTIONS: Tapping on a piece beside the hole in the puzzle will slide that piece into the empty spot. Rearrange the pieces until the photo is reassembled. FEATURES: MULTIPLE PHOTOS: ...    12 MB    Views 3331
+4    Got family photos? Bridge the generation gap with Set. Instantly distribute pictures to everyone in your family.    12 MB    Views 2747


+6    Twickr Feature This application automatically takes pictures in a specified intervene which you can set up. It sends these pictures to three survives; flicker, twitPic, and any anemail address you choose. Additonal Freature But what if the shootting chance comes not at the exact time ...    430 kb    Views 2062
+2    Eliminate the need for expensive physical gray cards with iGrayCards, digitally generated cards for your iPhone. 18% Gray is the industry standard used by professional photographers worldwide to compensate for different lighting situations. iGrayCards features: 436 x 320 pixel generated card 18% ...    NAN    Views 5413


photos map search location set post
+6    Casual landscape moves Somebody with TimeCapsule+. Post your photos where you are. Search the photos what somebody posted. TimeCapsule+ will gather all the memories human made all over the ground. Leave the beautiful Earth for the future. Features ・Post photos with comment and the date and ...    5 MB    Views 9641
0    Famousgram is a magical app for getting more comments on Instagram. It gets you more comments while you discover & comment photos of other users. How It Works: 1. You comment other people's pictures to earn comments. 2. Use your comments to get REAL ...    16 MB    Views 7159

Dual Cam

+26    Dual Camera can capture you and your friends in 1 photo very easy way. 1. Capture your friend set upside screen. 2. Capture yourself set downside screen. Turn camera back. 3. Dual Camera make one photo automatically. It’s VERY EASY Make yourself in your joyful ...    2 MB    Views 5150
Related Apps camera photo photos candid full screen products set
+26    Candid photo tools Set the fullblack screen Set automatic continuous camera Click on the screen to take a photo Completely turn off the flash Full use of help Camera save photos directly to the album This is a secret surveillance of ...    1 MB    Views 5725

Resize Me

-1    [Resize Me] has the most useful and simplest function:  Change the size of a large number of photo. If you need to change the size of photos at the same time quickly, definitely,  [Resize Me] will be your best choice ever. No matter what photos' ...    10 MB    Views 8505
pictures picture stars send save set generation junior super daily
+5    [Korean Stars Premium (No Ads)] Your favorite K pop stars in your hands Where is my favorite star? And what did he/she do today? It provides high quality pictures taken by reporters from SportsKorea. Save, email, and set the background with the pictures you ...    9 MB    Views 4507

Magic Snow

photo magic snow background effects set amazing creations save
+12    Add real snow animations to your photos Make awesome snowing background and screensaver images for your iPhone Using Magic Snow is easy. 1) Set a background image or use a default 2) Drag your finger to make magical snow effects 3) Click the camera button ...    35 MB    Views 6485


photo set mode
-1    Pando offers secure, nonpermanent photo messaging with several features: A timed mode where the photo selfdestructs after a set number of seconds after viewing begins An expiring mode where the photo selfdestructs on a set day/time, but is viewable until ...    18 MB    Views 1306


photos choose easy set effect instant
+8    Fotoid is an app that enables you to create instantphoto like effect. You can choose from your own photos or take a new one from Camera with easy steps. Feature : Ultraeasy interface Choose from your own photos Many "instant" effect ...    8 MB    Views 9164


photos photo server location set github control simple
-3    OpenPhoto allows you to take photos and store them where you want. Have you ever wanted a photo app that automatically saves your photos to your very own server? If so, then OpenPhoto is for you. OpenPhoto allows you to specify the ...    827 kb    Views 822
textures pictures beautiful apply layers share set
+28    Do you want to make more beautiful with your pictures? Do you want to apply some nice textures in your pictures as layers? MixCam is the mobile app for applying textures, light leaks and beautiful gradients to your images in seconds. With ...    97 MB    Views 3373


camera iphone shutter set screen cameras dark brush light
-4    The new method of utilizing a digital camera iPhone helps you to create the crazy magical photographs "LightBrush" displays the light painting on the iPhone screen, and you use a digital SLR or compact cameras to take the picture. Please note that we do ...    3 MB    Views 2165

LightMeter Pro

time set exposure mode light pro manually aperture
+4    LightMeter Pro is an app that simulates a digital light meter. This app allows you to check the exposure settings of the analog and digital cameras to get the best exposure of the photo taken. settings LightMeter Pro will allow you ...    7 MB    Views 1295

Photos story

+21    Tell your story in pictures Take photos, choose music from your playlist for your story, set speed and get the amazing video that you can save on the device or share your story with your friends on Instagram, YouTube or other ...    15 MB    Views 6606


colour sequences create set designed
0    Designed for light graffiti or painting, LightLoops is an app for creating repeating, animated colour sequences to be waved about in imaginative and creative ways. Create and name multiple RGB sequences, set up repeating subsequences, set the individual colour transitions from ...    310 kb    Views 7619


camera photo image set check rgb
+15    This is a tool for plastic model. Style check:Set the camera or photo image in the background, you can check the proportions using the template human form, and balance type. Symmetry:Or mirror image display half of the camera image, the left and ...    3 MB    Views 4507
Related Apps beauty time camera countdown set key share
+3    Are you still can not find someone to help you take pictures? Not need to ask Stranger for help any more Easy to set time, just slide your finger to set the countdown. Countdown sound to make adequate preparations. One key ...    17 MB    Views 5446


Related Apps text time photo move texture set color support
-3    A application that allows you to add 3D text to your photos, and then save to photo albums or email it. Wish you like it. Key Features: You can choose the rotation of X, Y or Z axis Select the move tool,then ...    11 MB    Views 5228


wallpaper twitter free set find url 000 contact
+20    Easily find the free beautiful wallpaper, app "WallPaper +" can be set "WallPaper +" is easy to find the Free Desktop Wallpaper is an application that can be set. Included approximately 1,000 types of high quality, highresolution wallpaper. And all is free. The ...    2 MB    Views 4237


+1    This app allows you to set a timer to automatically take a photo. You can take a photo of yourself with friends, just set the timer and take your place Timers: 10 sec. 15 sec. 20 sec. 3 shots: if enabled, the ...    378 kb    Views 6870


photos time interval seconds set automatically simple
+19    This is a simple app that allows you to take photos automatically at a set interval of time. You can set the interval from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. Just tap the button and the app does the rest. It ...    200 kb    Views 8821
shooting camera photos continuous timer application seconds function set
+5    This is a camera application that combines the features of both continuous shooting and selftimer.  The speed of continuous shooting shutter can be set between 0.1 second 2.0 seconds, and you can take at most 8 photos at a time.  You can ...    667 kb    Views 5190
+7    Best app emergence of new Japan. This app is drawing and stamp insertion can be app in the photo. This app stamp of standard equipment and we can also buy stamps in the app and use them there Buy can stamp, one type ...    5 MB    Views 9157

3D Wallpaper

Related Apps wallpaper photos pictures set picture save
+3    This app bring lots of beautiful 3D pictures for your iphoe to set as wallpaper These pictures are all carefully choosed,which are intended to enrich your experience with your dear iphone. Usage: 1,touch on the specific picture of your interest. 2,press "save" button ...    31 MB    Views 1757

Photobag 写真袋

photos magic videos phrase download send set days free
+4    Super easy photo sharing app "Photobag" No signup required, no passwords. How to send: 1. Pick photos and videos to send 2. Set magic phrase 3. Tell magic phrase to your friends How to get: 1. Input the magic phrase, and download photos and videos Features: No signup ...    14 MB    Views 7814


Related Apps time pictures set date picture
+27    Do you want to take a picture of yourself or with some friends and nobody around to press the button? iSelfies allow you to set a timer and take one or as many pictures as you want. Set the starting time, ...    7 MB    Views 4156

NightWatch Free

Related Apps camera photo set pictures images
+5    With Nightwatch you can capture images at certain intervals. So you can, e.g. every hour to take a picture and see what happens. Parking on your iPhone and let it take pictures The time between a photo can be set between 5 ...    580 kb    Views 6986
Related Apps photo face erase set flip touch choose eraser
+25    Want to become a Wrestler? If you like be become a Wrestler then "Wrestler Face Touch" is for you. Key Features • Choose your Wrestler Face. • Select your photo. • Erase,Flip and Set your photo to Wrestler face. • Easy and fast way to erase. • ...    18 MB    Views 1737
photos frame memories set captions
+2    Snap it, cap it, frame it, share it... Add custom captions, frame it with dozens of beautiful templates, apply cool filters, and create memories out of your photos... Choose from an assortment of fonts, colors and tap and move to set your ...    13 MB    Views 6550


time pictures set album number
-4    fOShoot is designed for people who love using the camera. It can take any number of pictures in a time you specify. You can create your own albums to categorize the photos you have taken in different time. Launch the app ...    664 kb    Views 5417
Related Apps photo background set changer place effect
+13    Photo Background changer is a simple application for photo editing and changing the background of your selected photo and also set the related background which you want to set in your photo. Photo Background changer app erases background to remove the ...    9 MB    Views 461


Related Apps camera iphone wifi side set picture photograph screen
+3    CamRemo is a remote application to photograph it with a camera of iPhone from other terminals. iPhone to use as a camera and an extra terminal are necessary. By a communication method, available terminals are different. Bluetooth way:iPhone or iPod touch( + ...    968 kb    Views 515


0    A new way of getting new wallpapers for your iPhone/iPad You can create a 'new look' for your photos which can be used as your wallpaper Here you have a few simple steps to get new fine looking wallpapers: 1.Choose a photo from ...    426 kb    Views 6044

MyEyes Free

photo eyes tab pinch pan gestures set version full position
+1    My Eyes allows you to easily switch the eyes in your image and create new looks by choosing from different color, silly, and unique eyes. Have fun creating new images of yourself, your friends, or even your pets. From the ...    7 MB    Views 3331

ePhotos Free

photo photos iphone email resolution set mail multiple folder
+28    ePhotos is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that enables you to set various resolution levels and select multiple photos from any folder in Photo Album and sends via email with a single click. Features: . iPhone OS 3.0 Support . ...    187 kb    Views 8247
Related Apps beauty voice camera time countdown share key set
+8    Are you still can not find someone to help you take pictures? Not need to ask Stranger for help any more Voice promote countdown Easy to set time, just slide your finger to set the countdown. Countdown sound to make adequate ...    17 MB    Views 2545
Related Apps photos photo time iphone date set setting shown process
+1    By using TimeCamera, you can process the photos like old snapshots. Let's take photos with TimeCamera and go back time It's easy to use Just set the date on setting screen and take a picture from iPhone. You can also choose the ...    40 MB    Views 7874


photo library image sizes set
+11    This application creates copies of pictures or icons images you can select from photo library of your device. You can setup sizes of copies before send them photo library or to an email address. We believe that for people uploads lots ...    3 MB    Views 9211


video photo set capture lets record features
+1    A photo capturing and video recording app that has expanded features allowing for the uploading of pics and videos to various social media sites. Timers, delays and a one hundred photo picture capture limit. A video record selection lets you set ...    19 MB    Views 4433


Related Apps camera capture photoblend shutter screen set mode
-7    Photoblend++ is the perfect way to mix two camera photos together resulting in a beautiful work of art. Here are some of the amazing features: Set capture mode and Shutter speed Use Live Preview mode Switch camera Set the Self timer ...    11 MB    Views 6140
Related Apps photos time story stories share set forget pro pictures
+14    Tell your story in pictures With no limited stories and photos in pro version Take photos, choose music from your playlist for your story, set speed and get the amazing video that you can save on the device or share your ...    15 MB    Views 739
Related Apps photo frame wallpaper picture frames collection select beautiful set
-7    Express your love by enhancing your photos using 45+ photo frames like never before. Lovish is for all those who wants to make a photo even more beautiful. Its not a regular boring picture editor. It offers a unique chance to ...    32 MB    Views 2902

Motion Detector Cam

Related Apps video camera photo motion device supports live feed desktop set
-7    Whether you want to observe wildlife in your garden or protect your property turn your iPhone into a motion detecting video camera with live feed to your desktop. Motion Detector Cam uses a complex mathematical algorithm to spot movement and record ...    6 MB    Views 3935


photos photo time set tons add options timer feature
+11    autocamtimer Allows you to set the timer and take the photo on reaching the timer value that you set. Its one of the famous feature in the regular cameras that you will be using everyday. Once you are done with ...    6 MB    Views 3118
Related Apps photos camera motion device live feed supports desktop set detection
+4    Whether you want to observe wildlife in your garden or protect your property turn your iPhone into a motion detecting camera with live feed to your desktop. Motion Detector Cam Free uses a complex mathematical algorithm to spot movement and record ...    6 MB    Views 6384
Related Apps photos ipad instagram game play set single players collect
+17    Memorize and collect matching Instagram photos. Featured in "New & Noteworthy" in more than 80 stores. Multiplayer on a single iPad. "My children love it" José, Cosmonaut Games "We recently played Instamory during a camping trip and we couldn’t ...    9 MB    Views 8283

AutoSelfie HD

camera timer set
+15    With this app, you can take pictures without holding the camera. It can be used when taking photos of a group or scene, a travel selfportrait or closeup shots. You can set the timer simply with a slider interface. The captured image will ...    4 MB    Views 8517
people comments support comment instagram pro set pictures
-2    Best Comments App for Instagram now Available Gender Selection, Custom Comments, Emoji support and much much more How It Works: 1. You comment other people's pictures to earn comments. 2. Use your comments to get REAL people to comment on your photos. Comments ...    7 MB    Views 3867


Related Apps camera set timer
-3    With this app, you can take pictures without holding the camera. It can be used when taking photos of a group or scene, a travel selfportrait or closeup shots. You can set the timer simply with a slider interface. The captured image will ...    3 MB    Views 3394
photos textures layers overlays set image
-1    TRUEfocus give you the ability to style your photos with layers, and image overlays. ■ Set Textures as Layers over your photos (up to three at a time) 6 Texture categories to choose from. Grain, Light Leaks, Bubbles, Rough, White Rough, ...    29 MB    Views 1001
zoom front mirror timer image picture set hand
+10    This is the application for using iPhone like a mirror using a front camera. Although there is also much same outstanding application, there are the following features in FRonT. Carry out pursuit zoom of eyes or the mouth using a face ...    4 MB    Views 844


Related Apps text photo color change select set burn
+13    Shamoji4 can Burn Text Into Photo only 4 Step. Shamoji4 is the definitive Edition of Our Shamoji123 Series. Shamoji4 can select color detail, change Text Area, change text lines and change text color Select Photo, Input Text, Set Background Color, Set Color... ... Well done Of ...    3 MB    Views 4036

Sun Scouter

Related Apps time sun scouter set
0    Sun Scouter is an essential tool for any photographer or cinematographer that wants to create a sunrise or sunset time lapse. Locate your perfect spot then let Sun Scouter tell you exactly when sun rise or set occurs. Sun Scouter ...    539 kb    Views 3941


face photograph detection set pre laugh portrait
-2    Play to make the portrait of the bill that anyone has tried laugh. Anyone laughs unintentionally . The face of ten people is preset. Not only a preset portrait but also a photograph and the photograph from a photo library which you took ...    9 MB    Views 2375
Related Apps photo photos independence day frames set publisher
+19    Show the world how people of Fiji celebrate Independence Day by sharing photos created by the top free app “Independence Day Fiji Photo Frames”. You should not miss the chance to set photos in Fiji Independence Day frames. This app ...    41 MB    Views 2665
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