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+15    This app will allow you to easily take pictures and store them in the cloud when the disk space of your mobile device is full. Step1: Setup your private cloud settings (only once) Step2: Take a picture Step3: Store the picture in the ...    3 MB    Views 2133


+4    Purger will delete all you need in seconds using the most efficient multiphoto/video select technology. Use swipes to select multiple photos/videos at ones, clear the unwanted ones and then delete them to free space. Features: Easy multiphoto/video selection Fastest way to ...    3 MB    Views 9061
+20    NO LIMIT USAGE DEEP SCAN & FREE YOUR PHONE SPACE. "Wiper" is an easy tool for removing unnecessary. legacy and unused screenshots and downloaded images from the internet. We know that sometimes you feel uncomfortable when you found annoying, spaceconsuming ...    3 MB    Views 7466
+9    A private place to keep the best from your life's journey: Photos, SMS, chats, tweets, comments, pokes, likes, snaps, flirt, selfies, flowers, gifts, poetry, quotes, magic, love... and everything that makes your universe light up • Built for eternal safekeeping of ...    39 MB    Views 7547

Twisted Space

+20    Demo Video: [Twisted Space] allows you to twist the space of the photo by a different way. Using Twisted Space on a building photo ,the amazing effect creates a sense of falling into itself, like capturing a moment of demolition. It's ...    10 MB    Views 659

Space Effects

+14    Space Effects with amazing cosmos effects now on sale Easy usage and beautiful user interface. Have you ever wondered, how would it look like, you are in space at the same time? We offer you 54 builtin space effects to get your images ...    54 MB    Views 9708

Memory Watch

map video photos photo videos time recording camera maps memory remaining space
0    Need to know how much photo shots or video recording time you have left on your camera? Want to find those photo or video "culprits" taking up most of the memory space? With the app "Memory Watch" you do not ...    1 MB    Views 5864
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0    ◇ Features ◇ • Get all effects, frames and filters (FREE) • Load photos from your Facebook account • Full application • 150 Amazing effects • 50 Picture Frames • Super Edit • Save to your Album • Move and Scale • Super easy, like 123. • Use editing ...    61 MB    Views 993
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+17    Create cool space photo instantly DOWNLOAD BEFORE FREE VERSION ENDS PhotoJusSpaceFX transforms your photo into various gorgeous effects by adding space effects to your photo All effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you the ...    30 MB    Views 9732


-2    TidyPix is the fast, fun, efficient way to clean out all those old photos that are just taking up space on your iPhone and creating a mess. Quickly decide whether to keep or delete a photo by swiping it to the ...    2 MB    Views 7505
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-1    Create cool space photo instantly LIMITED TIME PROMOTION 50% OFF PhotoJusSpaceFX transforms your photo into various gorgeous effects by adding space effects to your photo All effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you ...    27 MB    Views 142
time camera picture place future space
+7    An unprecedented AR camera APP. You can see the past of the place with Yesterscape or also drop the picture to the place for the future of you, family or friends. Your photos will be captured in the exact place and time ...    36 MB    Views 2985

Space Wallpaper+

wallpaper picture space
-5    This is a collection of space wallpapers,every picture is carefully choosed to give you a special experience in using your iphone. The useinterface is easy to use and beautiful.Just pick the picture of your love,save it to the photo library,and then ...    17 MB    Views 6804

50pm - Space Issue

issue space
+11    50 spectacular photographs from outer space, this is the third issue of 50pm, the iPad photography magazine.    99 MB    Views 6164
photos camera note compressed space disk pictures deleted album compression download
+19    Simply shrink pictures to save disk space. Download now for free Please note the information at the end. Overview: Compress single pictures, multiple pictures or entire albums Customize strength of JPG compression Customize reduction of the image size (optional) Compression of images ...    6 MB    Views 2098
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0    Flick Clean is exactly what it sounds like an easy way to 'Flick Clean' your camera roll of photos that you don't want anymore. Flick Clean lets you delete old pictures from your camera roll with the swipe of a ...    434 kb    Views 5390

Space Saver

Related Apps photos space saver albums application original album
-3    Space Saver, as the name suggests, is an application especially designed to save space on your iOS device. The space saving is achieved by optimizing your photo albums, reducing the size of images while maintaining its quality, for the correct screen ...    2 MB    Views 6912
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+29    Space saver for people with 16 GB iPhones Duplicate Photos Fixer is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate ...    15 MB    Views 5595
+1    If you like the mystery of the world, the space and the mystic universal events, then possibly this is the best app for you. Cool HD wallpapers app comes with thousands of digital universe wallpapers. It not only decorates your ...    18 MB    Views 1048
reading people books book shows space printed
0    In his book Wall Street Stop (Hatje Cantz, 2010) photographer Reinier Gerritsen shows his fascination with the myriad of faces and bodies in the confined space of subway trains. Looking back, Gerritsen got more and more puzzled by the phenomenon ...    111 MB    Views 1579


photos videos delete swipe space left tap
+1    Just Swipe to Delete your old pictures and videos SwipeDelete is a utility app that allows you to quickly delete old pics & vids, freeing up valuable storage space and saving you time There's no need to tirelessly tap through all ...    319 kb    Views 9355
space pictures save picture friends
-5    Browse historical pictures of Outer Space and Univers on your iPhon, iPod and iPad. Save or share with your friends pictures you like Features Save you favorite Space pictures to your device Email picture to your friends No internet connection ...    23 MB    Views 6637


time pictures event participants live space guests large screen
-2    LINKAVIE EVENTS: Get all the pictures taken by your guests synchronized in realtime on a dedicated and private LINKAVIE shared space for your event...and present a Live slideshow on a large screen with all pictures taken by your guests LINKAVIE ...    9 MB    Views 5772
apple photos photo sky alien space fantastic amazing featured
+14    Reality is boring Create fantastic and futuristic visions with the power of Alien Sky. With Alien Sky, you can customize your sky with an amazing collection of high resolution space objects. Alien Sky also includes a set of futuristic lens flares ...    75 MB    Views 9254
-8    This is MailCam, the ultimate way to take pictures when your device is low on space. Just enter your email and start shooting photos. Turn on AutoSend to have your photos sent directly to your email Features: Tiny App File Size ...    1 MB    Views 631
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+14    Eraser is exactly what it sounds like, an easy way to 'Erase' your camera roll of photos that you don't want anymore. Eraser lets you delete old pictures from your camera roll with the swipe of a finger. Saving you ...    435 kb    Views 749

PrivatePics Lite

photos photo albums store encrypted view storage number space
+15    PrivatePics V3 is build ground up for the iPad to meet your requirement in storing, organizing and securing photos. The app can store any number of albums and photos till your device's memory run out. ENCRYPTED STORAGE • App has an encrypted ...    9 MB    Views 2056
+10    Get storage space back on your iPhone with the smart and beautiful Crunch Gallery. Selectively choose photos and videos from your gallery and let Crunch work its magic creating high quality reduced filesize versions using proprietary photo and video ...    8 MB    Views 3990

Astronaut Envi

photos web iphone space envi based touch
-8    The next best thing to actually going into space, in your pocket Astronaut Envi brings thousands of Webbased space photos to your iPhone or iPod touch. If you've always wanted to be a space traveler, or just like looking at ...    3 MB    Views 4718
video messenger share space save click compressed
+16    Not able to share large video on any messenger? Now you can share it with the help of this app. Compress video and makes it messenger friendly share. This app will compress video to free the space for your device and ...    7 MB    Views 4445
winter photos sketch search time sketches layouts layout sample space scrapbook scrapbooking
+3    Sketches2Scrapbook is a Scrapbooking Sketch application that will allow you to think creatively on the go with unique sketches and layouts to keep you inspired. This Winter release is full of themed sample layouts to suit the season from Christmas ...    19 MB    Views 8326
space amazing stickers
+1    Amazing HD space stickers that will pimp your profile and make you rock Make a incredible space travel without living planet Earth. Edit your photos and show your friends, they will love it    51 MB    Views 9243
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-9    Want to take unlimited photos without running out of space on your phone? Want to share all those precious moments with family, friends and loved ones in the blink of an eye? Then Camory is the perfect solution for you. Why you'll ...    48 MB    Views 2397


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+8    Are you running out of space because of too many photos on your phone? Use PhotoShrinker to compress them and free up space to store more photos, apps, and music PhotoShrinker intelligently compresses and optimizes photos to only use about onetenth ...    10 MB    Views 374
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+1    OUR HIT APP FINALLY ON THE IPAD Add a Splash of Space Want that awesome galaxy effect you've been seeing all over instagram? Well now you've found it Download the app that has helped millions achieve the amazing space edit effect ...    162 MB    Views 8671
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0    Main Features: — Just sweep over dozens of photos at once to mark them for deletion — Our smart algotithm gruops similar photos into a "moment" — Zoom in on a moment to select favorites — Access all photos from your camera roll right ...    16 MB    Views 8423
winter photos sketch search time layouts sketches layout sample space scrapbook
+3    Sketches2Scrapbook is a Scrapbooking Sketch application that will allow you to think creatively on the go with unique sketches and layouts to keep you inspired. This Winter release is full of themed sample layouts to suit the season from Christmas ...    4 MB    Views 8326

Photo Shuffle 3D

+4    See your photos scattered in 3D space. Move in the space from one photo to another with left and right finger moves. Slide your finger up for menu. Choose number of displayed photos, photos arrangement in space and albums from ...    16 MB    Views 8369
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+8    Save a lot of your photo storage on you computer, external drive or your cloud drives, using just your iPhone. iPhone camera saves pictures with highest quality, but sometimes storage space is more important It's when you need Kompressor. You pay ...    3 MB    Views 9611

Planet Envi

solar web iphone envi planet space earth part based system image
-8    A trip around the solar system, in your pocket Planet Envi brings thousands of Webbased images of the sun, earth, moon and planets to your iPhone. It's part space museum, part planetarium show, part travel guide for our little corner ...    3 MB    Views 7293
photos camera space unwanted dots roll swipe select
+13    iCurate Scrub Safely Flick Away MB Unwanted Photos and Free Up Megabytes Of Space Quickly and safely remove unwanted photos from your iPhone & iPad and free MB of space. The interface consists of a single screen showing a giant thumbnail of ...    2 MB    Views 6366
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-8    Galaxy Space Effects PRO version now for the ipad All the amazing features of the free version but with tons of extra options. Join the elite galaxy editors and unlock many more awesome galaxies, borders and shapes, as well as the ...    162 MB    Views 508

My Camera Cleaner

camera time space lot cleaner free save phone algorithm
+1    It’s very hard to stay organized and maintain a lot of free space on our device, and this is why our phone or tablet tend to get over encumbered all the time. With this in mind, we have created My ...    583 kb    Views 7942
photography photo art contemporary festival international platform space
-1    Danish photographers distinguish themselves internationally and gain recognition for their contribution world wide. Copenhagen Photo Festival was founded in 2010 with a wish to focus on photography and present significant Danish and international contemporary photography in urban space, art and ...    6 MB    Views 1429

Earth Envi

photos web space earth envi based images happening classic great
-4    The whole earth, in your pocket OK, maybe not quite, but Earth Envi gives you access to some of the most amazing Webbased space photos of our home planet that you'll ever see. It's a great way to gain a ...    3 MB    Views 688
frame camera composition picture shoot learn photographic space
+4    THIS VERSION CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK WITH iOS 8 Train your eye and shoot well composed photographs. Have you ever wondered what makes a great photograph? Why does a scene look better in one picture than the next? The main ingredient is the "photographic ...    9 MB    Views 9589

Space Tour

+3    This application contains beautiful space images from around the world and by the leading photographers. You have never seen a collection like this.    3 MB    Views 6278
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+8    Unleash your creativity and design with elegant and amazing nature photo frames. No need to worry about space as all frames are coming from cloud storage. For all the nature lovers this is the most stunning Nature Frames collection. Mother ...    18 MB    Views 1670


photos application moments quick shots lot devices space
+12    Recommended devices: iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 On devices other than the above, this application may not be able to take 30 photos within one second, and it may not be able to maintain a steady interval between shots. "Fast300Shots" is an application ...    8 MB    Views 4642
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+4    Create cool space photo instantly Suitable for portrait, children, pet, building and scenery. LIMITED TIME PROMOTION All effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you the most amazing effect to your photo. We have more ...    30 MB    Views 6131
photos swipe genius save idea good delete space
+22    We always say less is more; in design, in smell, in food (not always) and in Phone Memory This app really is genius in it's simplicity. It basically lets you swipe through your photos similar to Tinder. Swipe left to ...    8 MB    Views 3162

Photo Cleanr

photo photos management space
+28    Do you find yourself needing more disk space and having so many unwanted photos? Maybe needing to update your OS? Photo Cleanr is an awesome swipe like photo management app that features cool flat design in this "tinder like" photo app ...    2 MB    Views 5790

I'm Astronaut

+4    The 20th century was marked by a series of unique discoveries in the field of space. Each year there are several events overwhelming our understanding of space. You can be involved in the most legendary event in the whole history ...    21 MB    Views 9437
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+3    Waterfall Photo Frames Unlimited is an application made just to keep your memories last infinitely. No need to worry about space as all frames are coming cloud storage. When you run this application, they are retrieved from cloud, so their will ...    13 MB    Views 4024
camera photos time photo roll space swipe delete memory deleting
-9    1 Camera Roll Manager is NOW FREE Fastest and easiest way to delete camera roll photos Named "Best New App" in Apple store and 1 on Product Hunt Featured in TechCrunch, BBC, Time, Washington Post, Fast Company, The ...    11 MB    Views 3212
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0    Start your first free month today Subscribe for only 1 per month for an account with 100 GB space. Seahorse offers awesome photo & video management for families who wish to enjoy their precious memories preserved together forever. SIgn up yourself and ...    17 MB    Views 5231
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0    Create cool space photo instantly Suitable for portrait, children, pet, building and scenery. LIMITED TIME PROMOTION All effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you the most amazing effect to your photo. We have more ...    27 MB    Views 6184
personal ipad program space dream african real
+5    // Not available on iPad 1 // "The Afronauts" available again on iPad In 1964, still leaving the dream of their recently gained independence, Zambia started a space program that would put the first african on the moon catching up ...    75 MB    Views 2046

Image Tank to go

Related Apps photos web vacation link images server friends space share save tank
+29    With 'Image tank to go' you can save your photos on the road or on vacation. Your images are backed up online on the Pocketkai cloud server and can be accessed by you or friends immediately. The photos are saved ...    920 kb    Views 9927


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0    Shoot photos directly into your Dropbox with DropIt Capture, store and then share if you want to, all with one tap. DropIt provides an instant way of storing photos in the cloud with Dropbox so you can access them anywhere, save space ...    3 MB    Views 7154
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