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NZ Passport Photo

+27    NOT SUITABLE FOR IPHONE 6 OR 6+: Because of Apples current coding the photo is changed from the preview screen to the taken photo. This is something we are looking into having fixed as soon as we can. For now ...    5 MB    Views 7121
+7    Benefits Do you want to the combine several photos for 3R/4R printing ? Do you want to set photos and combine into one photo together ? If yes, Cool Passport Photo can help you. Cool Passport Photo Pro is just what you want to ...    3 MB    Views 9568
+12    Check out our other apps Create original paper crafts from your favorite pictures... Easy Three simple steps: Select a template, pick a photo and print your figure using Airprint or send it by email. High resolution printready figures. Includes ...    46 MB    Views 8190

WPS Print

+3    Use the 'WPS Print' mobile application to print saved photos at your important event using the DNP Wireless Print Server (WPS1). The DNP Wireless Print Server allows end users to efficiently increase their shoottoprint business by eliminating the use of wires ...    6 MB    Views 438

Jeremy Somerville

photos contact print
+3    Follow along with my photography with this handy companion app. I am Jeremy Somerville ocean, surf and landscape photographer based in Australia. Features: Get FREE phone wallpapers of every photo Read about my experiences in the stories panel Buy prints ...    25 MB    Views 8264

HP WallArt Solution

-3    HP WallArt helps you design and order customized wall decoration for residential, retail, and commercial environments. This app is to be used only by customers and collaborators of print service providers owning a HP WallArt Premium software license (ask your print ...    50 MB    Views 307

Passport Photo

+3    This application allows you to create passport photos using iPhone or iPod touch. This allows you to use a photo you like or take a photo using iPhone device and create a standard passport photo. Currently both US and UK passports ...    641 kb    Views 1707


+28    I’m4 I see beyond I’m4 lets you experience the extraordinary via 4G by dtac TriNet. See it for yourself in Bangkok today by scanning “I’m4” images or sculptures designed by famous artists to see those art excitingly augmented with 3D and VDO ...    23 MB    Views 1955
calendar 2015 print save friends 2016
+1    【2015 Calendar】Make 2015 Calendar with your photos. 【Print 】Print your 2015 calendar, we'll ship in 7 days, worldwide. 【Share】Share calendar online with friends. 【Save 】Circle the date, put message, save to album, and forward to friends.    31 MB    Views 1155

ID Photo AT

+11    ID Photo for Austria With this app you create passport photo that meet the requirements of the authorities of Austria. A passportphototemplate allows you to adjust the exact head height and the positioning of the eyes. Current mobile ...    10 MB    Views 5168

Textify Me

photo html select font display print
+1    Textify Me iOS App allows you to turn your photos into colorful ASCII text in HTML. You can then display this on your website and share them with your friends. Textify Me is really easy to use. Just scroll through your ...    11 MB    Views 7630
photo email camera chose size print create passport printer support
+17    This is an application to create identification photo. you can create an identification photo, passport photo by yourself easy. [How to use] 1. Chose ID photo size There are a lot of photo size that you can chose to create ID photo. ・CV Photo (30x40mm) ・Passport ...    963 kb    Views 2243

WD Cloud

Related Apps personal music photos videos video photo cloud access files storage wireless passport mobile
+11    Save everything. Access anywhere. The WD Cloud app provides secure access to files stored in your WD personal cloud storage devices, your cloud storage services and now your My Passport Wireless. WD Cloud app allows you to view photos, watch videos, stream ...    NAN    Views 9180

Prolab Digital

Related Apps digital clients prints world products print quality services
+18    Prolab Digital is your source for quality printing services. For decades the world's most respected artists and photographers have trusted us to create their fine art photo prints. We provide our clients the highest quality digital prints on acrylic, water ...    980 kb    Views 6819

Pick n Print

pick print phone pictures mobile
+16    PICK N PRINT is an awesome nextgen mobile platform for printing amazing looking pictures from your phone and receiving them at your doorstep in no time. Simply download the application, pick the pictures you want printed from your mobile phone ...    9 MB    Views 6605


Related Apps pictures booth mobile print
-3    Print the pictures and selfies of your best parties with your friends thanks to the Wizito mobile application and our photo booth. Save your memories forever and rediscover the pleasure to hang your pictures at home. Each picture costs only 1€ through ...    30 MB    Views 8418

ID Photo USA

Related Apps photo photos camera passport print devices high size mobile
-4    ID Photos for the United States With this app you create passport photos that meet the requirements of the authorities of the United States. A passportphototemplate allows you to adjust the exact head height and the positioning ...    9 MB    Views 5718
Related Apps photos instagram prints print simple order
+4    Kanvess makes it simple to print your Instagram photos. Each square print costs only 25 cents. Order 100 or more prints and shipping is free (USA Only). Viewing your Instagram photos on your phone or tablet is great, but holding them ...    2 MB    Views 7844
0    Spend no more money on Passport photos. Now you can prepare your passport photos by your own. Make your photos ready for passport/visa or id card in a Click, Email and Print Awesome Features √ Official passport photo sizes requirement ...    15 MB    Views 5487
communication time 3gs service print fujifilm
+3    This is an application which can create and edit a "shuffle print", a kind of photo collage, through FUJIFILM online print order service via iPhone. [Compatible model/OS] iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone5C,iPhone6,iPhone6Plus / iOS7 or later [Recommended communication environment] WiFi It may take a long time to upload ...    NAN    Views 3152


photos quickly easily display create print favourite
-9    Create attractive arrangements for your favourite photos quickly and easily with this app. No more fiddly measuring, cutting and pasting printed photos. Save time and waste by arranging your photos quickly and easily on your iPad. All your favourite memories on ...    2 MB    Views 2009

Canvas Print

canvas print size launch choose order mobile
+2    Canvas Print is an innovative mobile app that provides a quick and easy way to create canvas art from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and your iPhone's camera roll. A slick interface allows you to: upload from your mobile device or ...    6 MB    Views 6121

Total Image

Related Apps photo image total print
0    The Total Image App makes it easy to upload and print your favorite memories that you’ve captured on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Choose from a huge selection of prints, canvas wraps, photo cards and more. Orders placed using the ...    6 MB    Views 1138
Related Apps photos super prices printed print canvases posters
-5    Give us a try today use voucher code "ship123" to get FREE SHIPPING on your first order The simplest and easiest photo printing app in the App Store. We make it super easy to get your pictures printed. Whether its photos, posters ...    10 MB    Views 4272

ID Photo NL

-4    ID Photo for Netherlands With this app you create passport photos that meet the requirements of the authorities of the Netherlands. A passportphototemplate allows you to adjust the exact head height and the positioning of the eyes. Current ...    10 MB    Views 5082
Related Apps photos photo prints phone shipping print free send
+6    Send prints to anyone's doorstep Send photos printed on premium archival photo paper straight from your phone, free shipping if you order 10 or more prints Featured by Apple in "Find the Perfect Present" and "Mother's Day", and as seen in ...    9 MB    Views 2330
photos photo passport free visa
+3    Save time and money by making your ID (or passport) photos with your mobile. Once your photo pack generated you can either: Print your photos by yourself for free Get your photo printed and delivered directly to your door (free worldwide ...    9 MB    Views 3177


+2    Fotograph is a mobile application which comes handy when you immediately need a passport size , stamp size or photos for your marriage certificate , LIC , Insurance . Your official and non official purposes. With fotograph you can click ...    3 MB    Views 8780
Related Apps photo photos camera singapore email iphone ipad house gifts don printed roll passport
-5    Need a photo to renew your Singapore NRIC or passport, or to apply for an employment pass? Don't spend 7 at a photo booth or 7 hours with your digital camera and photo editing tools — just use this app ...    9 MB    Views 8253
Related Apps communication time 3gs service print order
-3    This is an application which can create photobooks and order print through FUJIFILM online print order service via iPhone. [Compatible model/OS] iPhone5,iPhone5S,iPhone5C,iPhone6,iPhone6Plus / iOS7 or later [Recommended communication environment] WiFi It may take a long time to upload images by 3GS. Packet communication fees are ...    NAN    Views 2765
Related Apps photos mobile phone pictures print
+5    Print photos from your mobile phone wherever you are How many pictures do you take with your mobile phone? How many pictures do you share on Facebook, Instragram or Whatsapp? Print the photos on your mobile phone and put them in the ...    25 MB    Views 8925
Related Apps photo camera passport cool booth stuff
0    Cool Camera Passport & I.D. Photo Booth is the NEW simple way to take passport and I.D. pictures. Using your iPhone take your passport or I.D. photo, pay £2.49 via PayPal and we will send you 6 identical prints to ...    10 MB    Views 8282
Related Apps photos photo camera iphone email roll print screen passport countdown
+13    Need a photo to apply for a US passport? Get perfectlycropped photos quickly and easily with ID PhotoPrint Purchase prints within the app (6.95 for 2 photos including delivery, US only) or save photos for printing from your computer on ...    9 MB    Views 8006

ID Photo RU

Related Apps photo photos camera passport print devices quality size mobile
+5    ID Photo for Russia With this app you create passport photo that meet the requirements of the authorities of the Russian Federation. A passportphototemplate allows you to adjust the exact head height and the positioning of the ...    12 MB    Views 442

Date print free

Related Apps photo photos date print free
+5    Do you love taking photos with your iPhone but later on, forget when those photos were taken? With Date Print Free, you can print the date on every photo you take To use, simply select the Date Print Free application to ...    174 kb    Views 9196

Mein Passbild

photo photos passport print quality printed
+13    ID Photo for Germany Biometric ID Photo / Passport photo according to German standards. With the app "Mein Passbild" you can create biometric passport photos according to German standards. This app is an offshoot of the successful ...    11 MB    Views 8738

Event Print

Related Apps photos event print server service free
+28    Event Print a free application for guests of the event with "Event Print Service". Allows you send photos from your phone or tablet to a "Event Print Server" in order to print them (if host of the event ...    37 MB    Views 8334

ID photo print

+4    HP ID Photo Print is a brandnew application that is launched by HP talents. This application works together with your printer, and enables you to DIY ID card photos in almost all the common sizes (One inch, Two inch…). By ...    9 MB    Views 4264


Related Apps printer print size image
+2    This "Printer" app helps you print an image on an AirPrint printer in a specified size. The print size can be set using the following three units: millimeters, centimeters, inches The "Printer" app also makes the print function available to other photo ...    1 MB    Views 7144
print book stories digital personalized
-9    Make personalized stories AUTOMAGICALLY on your iPad 1 Choose a theme (Love, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Birthday, Baby) 2 Just input a PHOTO, with the face you want 3 Add a few text with names and dates 4 AND you have ...    212 MB    Views 851


photos photo camera booth seconds print passport
0    Print your passport photos in seconds PhotoBooth, like a photographer, help you for the creation of the passport photos, centering the face with the right proportions and shooting the photos automatically. You can able to print, save or email your photos. There are ...    4 MB    Views 3629
Related Apps photos iphone prints print instagram
+15    Print your iPhone iOs Camera Roll photos and Instagram photos onto a range of great products . 6x4" Kodak Endura Prints . Square prints (100mm or 70mm) . Retro prints . Greeting Cards Free delivery anywhere in Australia. Proudly made in Melbourne.    NAN    Views 8333


print www instagram terms conditions
0    The Metroprint app gives you top quality, real photographic 5x5 inch prints from your Instagram, Hipstamatic or any other retro camera filter that gives you square images. Metroprint is the onelinearm to the UK's number one fine art print lab, ...    5 MB    Views 1964


photo kiosk support ios wirelessly print precious
+29    Wirelessly print photos from your iOS device to all di support G6 kiosk systems. This innovative and fun application enables you to wirelessly transfer and print all those precious memories from your iOS devices to a di support G6 photo kiosk ...    9 MB    Views 1332


photos family prints print friends high
+23    Let your family and friends pick their favourites from your photos, and get prints they actually want quickly and easily Our printers will print your photos in extremely high quality, then send them directly to each recipient, without you needing to ...    1 MB    Views 7053
Related Apps photo time booth print users props customize
+4    MY OWN BOOTH is the first app in town that redefines your photo booth experience like never before. Replacing the traditional photo booth model, users are now able to snap, customize and print instantly from their mobile phones. Above that, it features ...    6 MB    Views 6129
Related Apps photo iphone library camera passport print visa ipod touch single sheet supported
+2    PassportPhotoBooth is integrated with AirPrint. With Airprint.. Now you can print your formatted photo wirelessly over WiFi without the need to install drivers or download software. Want to get a passport/visa photo but don't wanna be ripped off ? Here comes ...    2 MB    Views 8689
print paper
+19    Check out our other apps Create original paper crafts from your favorite pictures... Easy Three simple steps: Select a template, pick a photo and print your figure using Airprint or send it by email. High resolution printready figures. Includes ...    50 MB    Views 8193
warhol andy step information pop museum learn print
-2    Create your own digital silkscreen print, just like Andy Warhol would have with the Warhol: D.I.Y. POP app from The Andy Warhol Museum. Learn the Warhol silkscreen process step by step: Take a photo. Crop. Expose. Underpaint. Share. And print a ...    23 MB    Views 3936

Jessops Print Shop

Related Apps photos iphone print shop
+14    The convenience to capture every moment and share the memories with this new App allowing you to print photos directly from your iPhone. Simply use the App to select your favourite photos from your iPhone Gallery or take new photos directly ...    NAN    Views 864

Rapid Booth

photo booth print rapid
-9    Print your Iphone photos to the Rapid Photo Booth at this event. You MUST join the RapidBooth WIFI network. Then simply TAKE A PHOTO and you can then print that photo to the Photo Booth. Then pickup your printed photo at the ...    1 MB    Views 6355

Imago Booth

photo booth share print edit
0    Imago Booth is a fun photo booth app that lets you print, edit, and share photo strips for your party or event. This photobooth works just like the ones you see at a wedding Email or print your photostrip with an ...    8 MB    Views 3531
Related Apps photo photos quality poster high credit images print stunning
+24    Custom photo quality posters from only 15.99 including Free Worldwide Delivery Turn your photos into stunning prints for your home or office. High resolution, photo quality printing process. Printed on high quality 200gsm poster paper. Drag and drop photos and images ...    50 MB    Views 3347
camera photo print fun score show
0    Do you have an moronlooking buddy, and you just don't know how tell them? IQ Camera scans the details of face and give IQ score that will tell they look like moron or supergenius. Take photo Show their IQ Print IQ Certification ...    8 MB    Views 6615

Poster Boards

board poster print boards light
+2    Poster Boards Poster board (posterboard) is a type of display board used for displaying posters and other flat print matter. Can create in a variety of colors and is significantly size no bar. It can be particularly light and flimsy, ...    3 MB    Views 4150
photo photos green baby card camera home passport choose countries experts tablet face day
+19    Do you need a passport or visa photo? We create passport photos from a picture taken directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can choose to download your photo or receive it as soon as next day. We deliver your ...    3 MB    Views 8286
photo ipad camera photos visa passport country automated
-9    Passport and Visaphotos Hightech App for making biometric Passport and Visaphotos complying with the specific country requirements. Select for which country you want to make a Passport or Visaphoto and you will be lead through all steps to make a biometric Passport ...    11 MB    Views 3806

Bolle Photo Advance

Related Apps photo printer print application advance
0    Note: You will require the "Bolle Photo Advance" printer to print using the application. Please contact for more details. Print amazing photos with this easy to use application and printer with 3 simple steps: Connect to the wifi network created ...    9 MB    Views 1238


photo facebook code picture print location easily information
-4    Never lose your photos' location information again even when printing them GeoPic saves the location where a picture was taken as a small, unobtrusive QR code directly on the photo that way this information will never be lost again, ...    10 MB    Views 1656


photos print prints days
-9    Welcome to Hapsnap The simple and easy ways to get photos from your phone to your picture frames, walls, WHEREVER How it works: Select the photos you want Upload them to us We print them We pop them in the post You enjoy them usually within ...    NAN    Views 6802
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