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+10    FirstCamera is the musthave app for kids who love to take photos. Our 5 year old daughter would always ask to borrow our phones to take pictures. We'd end up with dozens of photos saved to the camera roll, mostly ...    7 MB    Views 3671
0    APP IS A MUST FOR PHOTO ENTHUSIASTS DOWNLOAD NOW Its FUN its Damn EASY and its in the palm of your hand. A picture is worth a thousand words and a Picture Collage from this app is worth a million ...    14 MB    Views 1124
+13    Capture your precious pregnancy & baby milestone photos by marking them with beautifully crafted artwork & personalized text. Share & treasure forever Baby Pics+ makes a gorgeous gift for baby showers, parentstobe and new parents. All extras are included, so you ...    83 MB    Views 6969
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-2    Parents from 100+ countries are saving their kids artwork on Canvsly 1 Choice for Parents around the world No more Bins for your kids artwork FEATURED BY The Washington Post, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, TechCrunch, PopSugar Moms, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, Verizon News, ...    23 MB    Views 1291


+25    Nowadays, busy people are lack of time to read parenting books or participate in parenting courses, so that we translate the concept of “9SWhole Brain Development” which includes abundant parenting activities to be visualization. Through this mobile application, parents can ...    6 MB    Views 4227
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-1    Featured by Apple in "BEST NEW APPS" Capture your precious pregnancy & baby milestone photos by marking them with beautifully crafted artwork & personalized text. Share & treasure forever Pregnancy Milestones | Baby Milestones | Big Kids Milestones Parentstobe & new parents, this ...    82 MB    Views 4816

KinderPic Parents

parents school pictures
+4    Simple, personal photo sharing from kindergartens to parents. With KinderPic Family, you’ll be able to: See the latest pictures of your kid in school. Filter pictures by tags. Receive notifications of new pictures uploaded by the school.    5 MB    Views 7013
students teachers learning work parents school student journal sign feedback
+19    Seesaw is a studentdriven digital portfolio that empowers students of all ages to independently document and share what they are learning at school. FEATURES: Easily Capture Student Learning in Any Form ∙ Students can use photos, videos, drawings, text notes, links or PDFs ...    35 MB    Views 5184
baby photo camera photos parents smile detection face mode blink capture eye
+26    Take your baby's photo with a smile on their face and their eyes open with your iPad camera BabySmileHD is inspired by parents who know how fast a smile can come and disappear on a baby's face. BabySmile is the ...    7 MB    Views 884

Funhouse Photos

+11    Experience the magic of Lucky Kat World’s FUNHOUSE PHOTOS Lucky Kat is waiting inside to share in the hilarity You’ll show your creativity and selfconfidence when you take pictures by yourself, with your pet or with your family and friends ...    33 MB    Views 693
parents photos communication facebook send reports daily child easily
+3    Want to go paperless and communicate easily with parents? This app offers Daily Reports, Photos and Emergency Notifications for Childcare. Market your preschool through word of mouth of existing families. Send Photos and Daily Reports to Parents. For Sign InOut ...    23 MB    Views 7825

Capture It

web learning photos children parents teachers capture comments service
+13    THIS APP REQUIRES EXISTING ACCOUNT WITH THE CAPTURE IT WEB SERVICE Capture It enables teachers to keep parents or guardians up to date with their children whilst they are learning at school. The Capture It mobile app provides existing teachers using the ...    505 kb    Views 7309

Baby Biography

baby family parents pregnancy calculator record birth book details store share feelings
+7    Welcome to your personal baby book Let Baby Biography app help you record your baby’s first milestones and create a beautiful baby book, personalised to show those special moments that are most important to you and your baby This App gives new ...    14 MB    Views 3884


video photos personal tools videos voice parents iphone life save favorite memories events years story stories
+8    Where does the name “KangaTime” come from? KANGA: like a kangaroo’s pouch, it’s a safe, secure and nurturing place. TIME: it’s past, present and future… all tied together in one location. What KangaTime can do for you: Your life story can’t be told with ...    3 MB    Views 7786
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-1    This is an incredibly easy and simple childrearing and photo diary. This childrearing app allows the whole family to share photos of their beautiful children as they continue to grow. It’s safe and secure and even grandparents can use it. No ...    5 MB    Views 9149
farm photo animal baby kids frame photos puzzle parents camera montage animals fun tap select choose
+22    See how adorable your little one look like dress as their favorite farm animals costume Warm day lay on the hay in the country farm, hearing farm animal sounds. Ever took your little one farming, seeing their favorite farm friends animal ...    41 MB    Views 6963
parents teachers photos kids apps students videos classroom post albums updates share
-6    Homeroom is the easiest way for teachers to share what's happening in their classroom with students' parents. Upload photos safely to private classroom albums only parents and teachers can see, away from social media and the internet. Simple for teachers: • Open ...    49 MB    Views 4298
farm photo animal baby kids frame photos puzzle parents camera montage animals fun tap select choose
+1    See how adorable your little one look like dress as their favorite farm animals costume Warm day lay on the hay in the country farm, hearing farm animal sounds. Ever took your little one farming, seeing their favorite farm friends animal ...    41 MB    Views 4281

ickle pixel

-2    The ickle pixel app allows you to scan Living Photos and watch the video associated with them. This might be your own photo or one on a wall or in a public space. The app is completely free. You also ...    2 MB    Views 6982


video apps videos parents babies young watch easy total
+8    This app is for yonug babies. There are many apps for young babies but they use only simple pictures and sounds which make the young babies bored. In the case of young babies, they like a thing or a person. For example, buses, moving ...    444 kb    Views 1724
baby facebook creative camera email twitter parents booth simple funny share roll items
+13    Baby Booth in 3 words: Hilarious Baby Pictures Ever wanted to see how your newborn baby would look with a beard or some funny looking glasses? Whether you are new parents, or just looking for a laugh with the old baby pictures, ...    93 MB    Views 7211
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+19    ShareSpree, simple, secure and private way to share photos with family and close friends. Top Features that our users love about ShareSpree : 1.You control who can see your personal photos. 2. Full resolution photos. 100% guarantee. 3. Your top 6 most shared friends ...    14 MB    Views 4802


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+1    Clixta is a fun & easy way to share past images & stories with friends, family or interest groups. Just dust off those old photos in the shoebox under the bed, then quickly upload & enjoy. We’ve made it really simple… 1. ...    21 MB    Views 132
parents audio children text voice editing photo picture talk book story image interactive
-9    Personalize a fun and interactive story for your child with Picture Talk the story book maker Designed for parents to personalize interactive presentations with audio and text for young children, Picture Talk consists of interfaces for editing and viewing. The ...    866 kb    Views 9153
-4    I Like Photo frames. Send Pictures by Heart. I Like Photo frames combines your beautiful photos from your iPhone with emotional backgrounds. Select from fifty two different mixes of colors, shapes and textures for surrounding the shape of your heart. Give ...    67 MB    Views 8159
baby parents photos photo age email personal home share date question mood
+6    InstaB is one of the hottest baby photo sharing app on iOS. "Oneclick solution for parents to customise their baby photos" Digital News Asia "It helps parents make the ultimate child photo album" Tech In Asia "Great overlaying app for Instagram" BabyTalk Magazine "Get ...    34 MB    Views 6932

Kid Print

children parents medical information kid print
0    Kid Print is a free app and firstever digital fingerprint scanner for smart phones that allows parents to store a comprehensive electronic child ID file in the palm of their hands. Every year, thousands of children to missing while frantic parents ...    6 MB    Views 5594


+14    "Five stars, this is a great app" Capture each and every precious moment before you miss it Babysteps is a photography app for parents and expecting parents created to help you take real life digital scrapbooks. Take a new picture (or ...    4 MB    Views 1751
parents baby photo software record memory moment album privacy
+29    Moe is a kind of mobile phone software to record the growth of a baby. Parents could freely write down every moment of their babies, and a photo album of your baby will be generated. A record for the moment ...    6 MB    Views 9613
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-2    APP IS A MUST FOR PHOTO ENTHUSIASTS DOWNLOAD NOW Its FUN its Damn EASY and its in the palm of your hand. A picture is worth a thousand words and a Picture Collage from this app is worth a million ...    14 MB    Views 1507


kids parents monitor family junior kid group groups conversation safe
-7    KINFISH Junior provides a safe place for kids to share drawings, photos, videos, and notes with their parents, grandparents, friends, or schoolmates. KINFISH Junior is for kids only How does it work? Kid Friendly Communication Kids can communicate right on the tablet ...    4 MB    Views 3312
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+1    BabyBlip is a new app that allows parents to privately share photos and videos of their babies and children with close friends and family. Sharing baby pictures is easier than ever before "For parents who only want a small number of friends ...    6 MB    Views 3458

My Family Portrait

family camera personal social security children teachers parents information application number password picture data access members
0    This application gives you the ability to create and maintain a data base with the most important information of your family identified with a photograph. It is easy to use, versatile and all of the information is protected with a ...    2 MB    Views 5362


photos sports magazine photo cards money parents camera facebook team easily covers pictures prints
+1    Got Kids in Sports? Photomoby saves parents money by using any pictures you take to easily create personalized magazine covers, team photos, trading cards, team & individual memorymates and more right from your smartphone. Professional looking results every time in minutes. TAKE ...    60 MB    Views 410


photos baby kids parents share friends
+3    Share your kids’ lovely photos with your friends kindergram is a simple way to capture and share every moment of your kids on your iPhone. A gallery would be provided for you to store all the photos and let your friends ...    13 MB    Views 937

Diary Photo Book

photo iphone baby calendar parents diary book pictures http www picture
+15    Have you ever wished to organize the pictures of your iPhone? The “Diary Photo Book” App is an easytouse tool to keep a diary and manage your iPhone pictures. Write notes to each picture, store them in a folder and ...    2 MB    Views 5160

Angel Notes Pro

baby parents notes angel pro fancy
0    Angel Notes Pro allow parents make notes of children as quick as possible and choose 100+ fancy frame for baby's photos. Options selection help parents classify the note in seconds. You can ever make your baby's photo much more beautiful ...    230 MB    Views 3145


-3    Capsa is the photo journal made easy for busy parents. Parents can quickly and easily capsule seven childhood moments each week and enhance these moments with emojis, text, or audio to quickly tell their child’s stories in a fun way. By ...    14 MB    Views 6879
videos family parents time photos video memories plan share capture account monthly users
+13    Memories happen in a blink...hold on to them with Blinkbuggy The Blinkbuggy app helps you digitally scrapbook your life by letting you capture, organize and share memories as they happen. The Blinkbuggy app allows you to: • Create custom time lapse videos (limited ...    39 MB    Views 8049
parents baby time teachers work video communication family text teacher child share paper
+5    The best application for kindergarten,the information communication platform for teachers,parents and students. Dady,Momy and teacher can take photo and share to each other immediatelly via this application.Even if the family member is not around,he/she can feel the child's growing up. Parent's worry: Miss ...    44 MB    Views 9635

Chicco Baby Book

photos facebook email baby twitter photo parents time child moments create feeling book
-4    "At Chicco, happiness is made up of little steps, in small doses. Happiness is the discovery and conquest of the little, everyday things, of simple gestures full of affection and spontaneity. It is the wonderful feeling of being and feeling ...    9 MB    Views 2352


photos children iphone photo videos home disabled parents editing child small access view
+11    The first photo app suitable for toddlers and small children to safely view own photos and videos. · no accidental deleting, editing or sending of photos
 · no way to exit the app with disabled Home button (Guided Access) · safe and easy ...    1 MB    Views 8950
parents children white eye pictures
+7    The White Eye Detector app helps parents detect the appearance of white eye in pictures of their children. A white pupil can be a normal photographic effect in pictures (like red eye, but white). White eye can also be a ...    4 MB    Views 2354
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