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+3    Connect to This wifi video device from our company and display video,It's can take photo and record video.Use as hobby aerial photo, surveillance.    583 kb    Views 5098
+2    Generate nice video presentations from your photos Choose the length of the transition between photos Select the effect to apply to your photos (Ken Burns, etc ...) Add any music you have on your device Share them with your friends ...    21 MB    Views 3731

Cats of Instagram

+1    Cats of Instagram let you browse the most cute , lovely , adorable and hilarious cats on this planet. This is a fully functional app that built from ground up for the cat fans. With this app you can ; 1 Browse ...    24 MB    Views 9078

Video Puri

+6    This app is Video Puri downloader. Need to take a photo stecker from purikura.    9 MB    Views 7215

Video Checker

video checker
0    Video Checker is a simple video player that gives you a complete slow motion control. You can save any moment into a photo. Also you can decorate your scene with stamps and frames if you want. Check your golf swing ...    8 MB    Views 7843
+7    Print your photos directly from your iPhone/iPad on multiple A4 pages. Now you don't have to pay other companies to print your posters or photos. Do it yourself with Photo Printer Pro and AirPrint You can specify which part of your ...    7 MB    Views 8659
0    Make your album on your mobile. Add photos from your mobile or computer, our app is taking care of everything Back from a sunny paradise? Don't rely only on you tan to impress your friend Get your photos printed in a ...    NAN    Views 3960
-6    Quickly scan to PDF your books, documents, receipts. Easily highlight important passages with your finger in your choice of 4 colors. When you move your finger over text areas, ScanBlit automatically creates colorful highlights of the right size and position over the ...    3 MB    Views 7645
+5    Create and print your own customized Photo Book with Moleskine’s acclaimed binding materials and fine Italian ivorycolored paper, right from your tablet. Your personal achievements and experiences can live on in a physical form that is even more of an exact ...    45 MB    Views 5196

Blush Messenger

+1    Ever wonder what your friends really think of your messages? Now you can find out Send a secret message to one or more friends — your photo or video arrives blurred — and only unblurs when your friends are ready to ...    20 MB    Views 2508
+5    Choose any song from your iTunes library, and create a quality video in a short amount of time with little effort. Add filters, transitions and effects on the fly as you create Use “timetap” to create a sequence of photos by ...    12 MB    Views 9132


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-9    Every child (or bub) deserves a beautiful baby book (or photo album). myBubBook lets you create personalized baby books using your iPhone or iPad. It is designed for enthusiastic parents who want to easily create customized, gorgeous albums. We’ve made ...    71 MB    Views 3390

My Album

music text photos playing video drawing ipad email photo album pages background albums page number
-9    VIDEO PRESENTATION: UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE FANTASTIC ALBUMS ON IPAD App "My Album" combines photos, clipart, fancy text, freehand drawing and music into beautiful photo albums. This app provides enormous number of features. Create as many albums as you want ...    17 MB    Views 818
baby photos photo art scrap years share creation touch layer pages
-7    Fairy tales, birthdays, lovable animals, and discovery are just a few things that come to mind during a baby's early years. Now, you can add a special touch to all of your adorable, precious baby photos with Scrap It: Baby ...    308 MB    Views 5901

VideoMix HD

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+11    For the first time ever you can work with layers in a video Give yourself an extra eye in the forehead, or maybe ten? Make your mouth bigger, give your friend two heads or... Copy anything you want, and make duplicates. View it ...    11 MB    Views 3090
animal home photos work camera map news iphone videos navigate zoo information animals secret pages monkey
+21    The “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem” iPhone application takes children and parents on an exciting Zoo adventure of learning and discovery at home or at Taronga Zoo. This new version has improved GPS locate me functionality to help visitors complete ...    17 MB    Views 3640


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+27    Put the wifi camera in the water, via wifi transmit the video to smartphone, then open this app to show that video,it can help you to find out if there has a fish;also supports save that photos and videos, share ...    1 MB    Views 4883


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-2    iPhone and iPad compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for authentication. Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom control. Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers. Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local photo ...    2 MB    Views 9997
-8    Facebook Scrapbooks Social Scrapbook is a fun and easy way to use your Facebook timeline and Twitter stream to create a professional looking scrapbook. This unique app is the first to allow users to create a scrapbook that pulls statuses, comments ...    81 MB    Views 1525

Pet Memories

book pet memories strips pages title create memory picture page
+24    We all have a collection of our favorite photos now with Pet Memories you can capture notes about the pictures by creating your own pet memory book. You can choose white paper for your book or any of 10 page ...    394 kb    Views 6887

Write Photo + eMail

drawing photo photos email pages saved medium view line finger
+19    Add colorful and fun drawings and notes to photos and send them as email messages Version 3.50 greatly improves writing speed and smoothness. Image loading and saving delays reduced by 90% EMAIL directly from your drawing. No app switching and ...    514 kb    Views 9320


printing iphone photo pictures photobook pages edge application book memories
-7    Your most beautiful memories in a handsome practical photobook. An ideal present for your loved ones as a souvenir of the good times or as a suprise gift for your relatives and friends. Briefly: For everyone who loves nice pictures. With this application ...    606 kb    Views 3586
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+7    Add a notsoscary touch to all of your Halloween memories with Scrap It: Halloween. Scrap It: Halloween is the lastest in the Scrap It series that brings a unique scrapbooking touch to all of your photos and memories. Fun for ...    331 MB    Views 3661
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+7    Add your video to any section of any photo or image of your choice to make funny movies For example a talking orange, talking monkey, funny or scary character animation and much more Awesome images included Designed especially for iPhone, iPod touch & ...    16 MB    Views 8786


+4    All Effects are Realtime Have a photo booth in the palm of your hand ModMyCam is a photo and video recording app that allows you to take pictures and videos using state of the art effects. Turn your camera into a ...    2 MB    Views 9771

Album App Lite

ipad photo work facebook twitter album albums themes pages mail create features
+12    Warning: Lite version of Album App, limitation of 2 albums with 2 pages each. All of the functions are available Missing iPhoto on your iPad? Album App is an iPad app designed to create full featured digital albums. In ...    30 MB    Views 5332

Fotobuch Express

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+6    Your personal photo book directly from the iPhone/iPad at a sensationally cheap price More than 1 million customers trust ifolor, the winner in many tests It's as easy as this: you simply select 25 pictures directly on the iPhone/iPad and the ...    NAN    Views 1034
+2    A unique collection of photographs created by a widelytraveled photographer: beautiful images taken all around the world. Thanks to his job within the travel industry, Filip was able to circle the globe by sea twice, camera in hand, to create ...    37 MB    Views 4106

My Digital Album

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+9    We all love albums but current apps are focused on single pages. Feel the joy of making and viewing your own album the way you would have done it in old times FEATURES: Create Albums. Add photos and text to each page ...    8 MB    Views 4860


video device
+2    The NDN app helps our content partners maintain crucial story velocity by publishing video to their NDN account from an iOS device. Simply select the desired video on your device, then add a title, optional thumbnail, description and keywords. Videos ...    2 MB    Views 4756
photos photo page scrapbooks effects move pages rotate
+24    TapnScrap Featured in Readers Digest's Seen on Today Show's Digital Life blog Featured in the Huffington Post Top 50 In the Life Digital scrapbooking right on your iPad Add photos from your iPhone, then use effects, frames, backgrounds, ...    15 MB    Views 2106


photo create album book memories digital pages
+14    The social photo book. Jnuine lets you create realtime photo books with your friends and family. BETTER TOGETHER Create a photo album from the mobile app and invite participants. It's on Everyone captures the moment and reacts to others' contributions. Every instant from ...    7 MB    Views 3533
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-2    i Get… Going to Fireworks is an application providing a photo social skill story for individuals that need support in understanding the process of watching fireworks. Twelve icons with real picture images are used to illustrate the sequence of events. ...    27 MB    Views 7983

Front Page Snapper

newspaper twitter photos front page friends required pages
+7    Put yourself on the front page with Front Page Snapper. Using Front Page Snapper you can create newspaper front pages with your photos and share them with your friends. Features: Take photos or choose from your iPhone or iPod touch photo ...    5 MB    Views 9054
photography landscape book images skills pages
-1    If you're interested in Landscape Photography, no matter what level of experience you have, then this is the guide for you. This book is full of great images and easy to understand tuition on all the necessary elements that make ...    8 MB    Views 6690

Scrap It HD

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+4    Scrap It redefines digital scrapbooking. The best user experience, high quality art, and unparalleled control makes the art of scrapping even more fun. Scrap It is also proud to introduce Scrapboards. Similar to scrapbooks, organize your scrap pages into Scrapboards. ...    369 MB    Views 4171


+14    360cam: The Worlds First Full HD 360° Camera The 360cam delivers easy real time streaming video over WiFi, recorded video, and photos, in the palm of your hand Up. down. All around.    29 MB    Views 3339

My Album FREE

-5    This app combines photos, clipart, fancy text, freehand drawing and music into beautiful photo albums. VIDEO PRESENTATION: UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE FANTASTIC ALBUMS ON IPAD This app provides enormous number of features. Create as many albums as you want and put ...    17 MB    Views 4029
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0    Do you need a tool to slice your video into a sequence of images? Looking for the perfect thunder storm photo? extract great images from regular videos? Now you have it    4 MB    Views 9996


video photograph
+19    It is the application for creating a photograph from video. Let's use the favorite scene of video as a photograph.    102 kb    Views 2884
photo books photos time design discount book album templates soft pages
+7    Keep your memories into easy, stylish and affordable photo book any time Mags Inc, is a free application with which you can create photo album with excellent design in no time. There are a wide variety of highquality templates and you are ...    31 MB    Views 3592
0    DOUPAI is a fun and exciting app All you need is a photo of yourself to edit and upload onto the DOUPAI video clip template You can also place your face on variety of funny templates and cheer up It’s ...    10 MB    Views 7307


text photo pdf file portraits pages edit
+4    Do you like Typographic portraits art? [PDF+TextImage] offers a fast way to make Typographic portraits: Synthesize PDF and photo. Save your text which has edited by text editor as PDF file, and import it into [PDF+TextImage], the PDF will become the text mask. Just one ...    17 MB    Views 2922
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+7    i Get… My Classmates Photo Books is an application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning about their classmates at school. Title, text statements and audio recording can be individualized for each picture allowing the app to be ...    26 MB    Views 3639
summer time photos photo art scrap share fun creation pages scrapbooking
0    Camping, barbeques, beaches, outdoor fun, and adventures is what summer time brings. Now, you can add a special touch to all of your favorite, fun, summer time photos with Scrap It: Summer Time. Summer Time is the latest of the ...    223 MB    Views 4458
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photo video screenshot
+9    Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). Don’t worry about having your photo leaked on the web they'll view it, laugh, and then the photo or video disappears ...    6 MB    Views 7306


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+7    Document your facial hair growth :) Create a video out of it Features: Local notification, reminds you to take a new photo. Create a video Customizable video frame rate output Share via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Save to Photo Album    2 MB    Views 8800
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+5    INSTAGRAM: DreamLensApp This video/photo filter app is a fun and easy way to shoot little moments of your day. Two filters with adjustable thresholds let you customize the look of your video/pics before and while you're recording Your video can start ...    5 MB    Views 4846


video projects growing
+5    Take a photo or a second of video every day and put it into an easy to view calendar that can be shared with followers. Then create a cool time lapse video. Document your daily life … or pregnancies, beard ...    5 MB    Views 9725


video photo
-8    Smartwatch for photo and video. Biiwatch is the first bracelet remote control to shoot photo and video.    3 MB    Views 4104

File Explorer Pro

web video photo iphone file files ability icloud page dropbox pages manager device support
+27    File Manager multifunctional file manager for iOS, combining a fullfledged work with files, powerful browser, a nice player and viewer for all known types of files. The ability to customize control multitouch gestures makes using this application nicer and faster. Universal ...    12 MB    Views 6586
music text web art voice movies editing photo library photos page pages objects scrapbooks images add scrapbook
-9    Skrappy is the fun and easy way to make beautiful photo albums, journals and scrapbooks using music, movies, voice memos, web pages, text and photos. Start a scrapbook using a theme, add content and you're done Or get creative by ...    28 MB    Views 3451

Sweet Baby HD

baby books photos video family book sweet pages memories add share beautiful fun
+11    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY REG 14.99 Get the 1 Baby Book for IOS FREE Sweet Baby HD: Tomorrow’s Link to Yesterday The next generation of baby book for the modern family. Preserve all your child's precious memories in beautiful digital ...    61 MB    Views 4832

Album App Mini Lite

Related Apps facebook work twitter album albums themes pages mail features user lite lots
+8    Warning: Lite version of Album App, limitation of 2 albums with 2 pages each. All of the functions are available Missing iPhoto on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Album App Mini is designed to create full featured digital albums. In a ...    30 MB    Views 5813


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-1    iPhone iPad and iPod compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for authentication. Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom control. Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers. Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local ...    8 MB    Views 9863
photo library art pages print book classic images image simply handy
-4    Create and print your own customized Photo Book right from your tablet featuring the highest quality art paper, openflat binding and premium textured endpapers, all beautifully bound in fine linen fabric. Easy to make – simply import images from your image ...    48 MB    Views 7885

Sweet Baby

baby books video photos family book sweet pages memories add share beautiful fun
-6    Sweet Baby: Tomorrow’s Link to Yesterday The next generation of baby book for the modern family. Preserve all your child's precious memories in beautiful digital form with the first baby book designed specifically for iPad. Sweet Baby captures video, photos and text ...    13 MB    Views 2313
Related Apps photo photos library printing card print page size sizes version pages
+5    Layout and produce perfect photo printouts. Use any AirPrint ready printer to print from your photo library and create 4 x 6 in postcards in minutes ready to dispatch, or choose other formats from the bunch of photo and page ...    10 MB    Views 6720

Video Painter

video painter
0    Live Painting in camera what you see Video Painter is a spacial video maker. It can record video and doodle video frame in same time.When finish recording, video will save to photo albums. 即時塗鴉在鏡頭你所看見的圖面上 Video Painter 是一個很特別的影片制作器。它能一邊錄制影象,同一時間畫下你的想象。當完成錄作後,影片會儲存在你的"照片"中。 インスタントグラフィティは、レンズ面で参照してください Video Painter非常に特別なムービーメーカーです。同時に、あなたの想像力を描画しながら画像を記録することができます。録音を終了すると、フィルムはあなたの"写真 "に保存されます。    4 MB    Views 3894
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