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+21    Rather than take a video, you can create a video from the photo shoot more than one. A feeling to make the flip animation, let's take a picture. The captured image convert to one shot video. Let's share videos.    6 MB    Views 1167

DSLR Toolkit

+8    DSLR Toolkit 2011 targets Nikon brand products and features such resources as: √ Interactive Equipment Organizer: Build that list/database you need to help organize all your equipment for your next phototour, workshop or product shoot (iPad version only). √ Depth of ...    10 MB    Views 9696


+3    Connect to This wifi video device from our company and display video,It's can take photo and record video.Use as hobby aerial photo, surveillance.    583 kb    Views 5098

Peoplefu Viewer

video people viewer
+4    People Fu Viewer is suitable for family, offices and chain store monitoring. . Without annoying IP setting simply fill out the ID number can be obtained Surveillance video. People Fu Viewer is specially designed for Wifi IP Camera. It supports online ...    7 MB    Views 8283

Time Warp

time video warp
+30    Time warp is a realtime video effect that plays with time for some genuinely mindbending results. Tinker with the settings to get anything from a live timewarped video to a longexposure "slit scan" style image. Save your warped photos and videos ...    7 MB    Views 4653

Video to Photos

Related Apps photos apps video photo
+15    A simple tool to convert video frames to photos. Photo editing features: Resize, Rotate and Flip Sending/storing options: • Email • Save to Photo Album • Airdrop • Airplay • iMessage • Facebook • Twitter • Other apps supporting photos (e.g. Messaging apps, Dropbox, Box, etc)    542 kb    Views 2107


+23    It's a IPCamera the on line video 2.catch the photo on video 3.control the camera    11 MB    Views 289
Related Apps iphone videos video photos
+17    Absolutely amazing app to mix videos and photos to make a new video with the music of your choice. Designed specially for iPhone, iPhone 5/s/c, iPad & iPod touch. Download & enjoy today    10 MB    Views 2016
+2    INSTAGRAM: DreamLensApp This video/photo filter app is a fun and easy way to shoot little moments of your day. Two filters with adjustable thresholds let you customize the look of your video/pics before and while you're recording Your video can start ...    5 MB    Views 4846
+11    Welcome to the MasterWorks guide for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit ...    668 MB    Views 8258
iphone video talking funny
+2    Add your video to any section of any photo or image of your choice to make funny movies For example a talking orange, talking monkey, funny or scary character animation and much more Awesome images included Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5/c/s & ...    16 MB    Views 8665

Image Toolkit

+7    Our Image Tookit is an easy and great tool which allows you in many ways to edit your picture perfectly. :: Resize Define the size individually or zoom crop. Can be used offline :: Convert Define the new image format individually (PNG, JPG or ...    10 MB    Views 7420
Related Apps video images
+13    Do you need a tool to slice your video into a sequence of images? Looking for the perfect thunder storm photo? extract great images from regular videos? Now you have it    4 MB    Views 9996


-5    VideoPixel is ready to apply special censor effects to your videos. Pixelate censor video effect Real time effect edit Import camera video Use photo library Video Preview    23 MB    Views 6287

Blush Messenger

-8    Ever wonder what your friends really think of your messages? Now you can find out Send a secret message to one or more friends — your photo or video arrives blurred — and only unblurs when your friends are ready to ...    20 MB    Views 2508
Related Apps video photo show
-6    The Photo/Video Show is a great resource for learning all things photography Learn tips & tricks, get product reviews, demos of camera & video gear plus plenty of techniques to help you capture and edit the perfect shot    21 MB    Views 5535
Related Apps camera accessories video media mode tip pentax playback priority menu flash overview button
+1    Welcome to the Pentax K20D from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your camera. You can ...    266 MB    Views 2978
video messaging global
+15    meU Global is the breakthrough video messaging application that enables you to combine videos, photos, music, voice, text into messages that can shared back and forth anywhere.    44 MB    Views 6406
+19    Want to take photos like a pro with your Nikon D300s? The answer is now in your hands. With Mobile Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ...    253 MB    Views 8259

Video Reverse Pro

video audio reverse
-4    Video Reverse : 1.Select video from photo library or Take camera any video . 2.Convert to reverse video (Video only reverse not audio). 3.if you want ignore audio selected mute button 4. Enjoy with Video Reverse App and Share it. Reverse mode It looks amazing ...    428 kb    Views 737
video island downloaded
+3    Antoine is a singersailorphotographer and film maker... Travelling from island to island, Antoine produces video and Blu Ray DVDs. This application shows more than 200 islands and wonders of our world, and a small video presents each of them... All video can ...    129 MB    Views 3017


Related Apps video reverse order play
+4    Easily capture a video; Play the captured video with no time limit; Export it into reverse order; Play the exported reverse order video; save it into you photo album library.    3 MB    Views 763


video device
+1    The NDN app helps our content partners maintain crucial story velocity by publishing video to their NDN account from an iOS device. Simply select the desired video on your device, then add a title, optional thumbnail, description and keywords. Videos ...    2 MB    Views 4756

Blur Movie

Related Apps video videos effect blur
-2    The ultimate tool to censor your videos with powerful blur video effect. Blur video effect. Easy and precise video effect. Video preview. Use photo library. Share videos with friends. Realtime processing. Import camera video.    38 MB    Views 6319
+1    Welcome to the MasterWorks guide for Canon EOS 50D Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your camera. ...    287 MB    Views 7313


Related Apps video lightroom training images
+6    This is a Excellent Video Training Course on Learning Adobe Lightroom 6 In Lightroom 6 Video Training, These Videos provides a comprehensive look at Lightroom 6, the popular photoasset management, enhancement, and publishing program. The course covers indispensable techniques such as ...    1 GB    Views 5536


time calendar text memo photo write schedule image overview processing list
+19    Require: iOS 4.0 later. Overview: Ed.Ann is Calendar application for Photo. This calendar is use as Diary, Note, Memo. Write your schedule in white paper like Diary. Freely, attach photo and write text. This application has many systems for processing image. When you write your time ...    4 MB    Views 3636

Mishmash XP+

-2    One of the most clever and original image puzzle game available Using more than one image, MishMash XP (xpress) is creating a new kind of puzzle. Imagine a puzzle made out of more than 500 pieces on a small device without ...    17 MB    Views 2519

Video Checker

video checker
-2    Video Checker is a simple video player that gives you a complete slow motion control. You can save any moment into a photo. Also you can decorate your scene with stamps and frames if you want. Check your golf swing ...    8 MB    Views 7843


+1    JAMARA SpyVi 1.Control Tank by your phone. 2.Watch the video real time. 3.Record the video / photos, and Review them.    25 MB    Views 3407


video photo
+5    Smartwatch for photo and video. Biiwatch is the first bracelet remote control to shoot photo and video.    3 MB    Views 4104

Color My Photos

Related Apps photos camera photo color easy overview saturation tap style roll brushes
+13    Now also available on the iPad Creating stunning photo splash and saturation effects should be easy, smooth and fun. Color My Photos has got a nice looking and easytouse multitouch interface to create amazing, movie style photos. Available brushes ...    5 MB    Views 333

Color My Photos HD

Related Apps photos photo color saturation easy style albums brushes overview touch
-3    ++ 250000+ downloads on iPhone & iPod touch. Color My Photos now hits the iPad ++ Creating stunning photo splash and saturation effects should be easy, smooth and fun. Color My Photos has got a nice looking and easytouse multitouch interface ...    16 MB    Views 2655
Related Apps camera accessories video media mode tip button pentax playback overview modes menu menus
+7    Welcome to the Pentax K200D from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your camera. You can ...    242 MB    Views 3456


Related Apps video photo wifi
+1    This App is designed for CGO2 use: Realise FPV with iPhone/iPad Super far range WiFi link 1080p HD video recording Remote control of photo/video Preview of photo/video WiFi password:1234567890    8 MB    Views 5250
Related Apps camera accessories shooting video media menu tip canon modes menus overview setup rebel
-3    Welcome to the Canon Rebel XS from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your camera. You ...    241 MB    Views 9887


video gif convert
+27    Convert existing video or take new video and convert it into an animated Gif. Easy to use interface for editing, setting the size and fps for your gif. See how it looks in real time. Save and export your gif to your ...    4 MB    Views 947


-7    This APP Function: The realtime video transmission are connected through WiFi. Take the photo and video record on the mobile phone side. Support 720P photo and video record to SD card.    15 MB    Views 4485


wifi video record
+9    when it is connecting the instrument with camra via WIFI,you can get the view by screen of smartphone,as the same time you can make video record, snapshot,replay the video and review the photo that you have record before,also you can ...    6 MB    Views 1114


Related Apps video photo create
+23    Document your facial hair growth :) Create a video out of it Features: Local notification, reminds you to take a new photo. Create a video Customizable video frame rate output Share via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Save to Photo Album    2 MB    Views 8800
camera media shooting video accessories menu tip canon overview playback menus setup
+13    Welcome to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your ...    505 MB    Views 6672


photo video screenshot
+2    Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). Don’t worry about having your photo leaked on the web they'll view it, laugh, and then the photo or video disappears ...    6 MB    Views 7306

Backslide Video Cam

Related Apps video application image
+17    If video recording is carried out by this application, as for those who are walking, a car backruns backward, and all the things that fall can make the mysterious image called going up. The image photoed by this application is seen ...    752 kb    Views 4795


Related Apps iphone video photos support
-2    From now on, with this software, you can do all kinds of professional optimizing and beautifying to your photos. 1.Simple, easy operation. 2.Support converting photos to video, convenient for review. 3.Support multi themes. 4.Support saving the video to photo album. 5.Support iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, ...    79 MB    Views 794


Related Apps wedding photography video
+1    Cinestyle Singapore is a local video and photography company specializing in wedding photography, wedding videography and also provide video & photography equipment on rent. Our pre wedding film is specially catered for couples who are looking for a distinctive and artistic style ...    24 MB    Views 3789
Related Apps birthday photos video frames
+8    THE BEST BIRTHDAY FRAMES FOR PHOTOS & BIRTHDAY VIDEO Apply frames to your birthday photos in your album or take a picture with your camera. Send amazing birthday frames photos to your love ones. Share your photos with email, sms, Facebook ...    50 MB    Views 5939
Related Apps photos color lite style brushes overview easy version saturation
0    Creating stunning photo splash and saturation effects should be easy, smooth and fun. Color My Photos has got a nice looking and easytouse multitouch interface to create those amazing, movie style photos. Available brushes let you color with different saturations ...    6 MB    Views 851


Related Apps video photos
0    A fun photo and video sharing app. Allow users to see your photos and video within a certain time frame or allow user to keep them, you decide. Add photos and video from your library or take and send them ...    25 MB    Views 1123
Related Apps photography photo video guide
0    Photography Guide is the must have app for all. It is the ultimate video guide for you to learn photography. Application Includes: Digital Photography School Improve Photography Michael Frye Photography Photo Focus A Photo Editor And Many More Get Your Copy today before ...    3 MB    Views 9491


Related Apps video special frames
+6    Video++ is the ultimate special effects tool, ready to enhance your videos with breathtaking special FX and gorgeous frames. Features: Full HD Video Media Preview Customize FX Import camera video Special FX Share video Special FX Frames Use photo library Visual ...    72 MB    Views 6809


video time
+5    VideoShop is a small and handy video recording app with several interesting adjustable effects: B&W, Grey, Old fashion, Night vision and Sketch painting. It's like a simple video version of photoshop. You can also choose to print date and time in ...    841 kb    Views 6930
Related Apps video create song
-6    Choose any song from your iTunes library, and create a quality video in a short amount of time with little effort. Add filters, transitions and effects on the fly as you create Use “timetap” to create a sequence of photos by ...    12 MB    Views 9132

Fun Crop

Related Apps video crop purchase effect
+1    1. Video Crop Effect: a lots of transition effect in a video. Crop switch in the 'setting' menu. 2. No InApp purchase or advertising All current and future content available after a one time purchase. 3. Simple, easy operation. Just follow 2 ...    9 MB    Views 5279
movie video game anime
+13    Become an action hero Get awesome weapons from your favorite movie, video game, or anime and put them on your photos Share instantly with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter    48 MB    Views 2890


video capture
+21    Hundreds of thousand of endless possibilities. Live filters for photo and video capture. + Create your own eyecatching visual effects + Capture Videos and Photos + View and share your artwork from within this app. A must have app for every creative photographer and ...    2 MB    Views 7839
Related Apps photos video
-1    Generate nice video presentations from your photos Choose the length of the transition between photos Select the effect to apply to your photos (Ken Burns, etc ...) Add any music you have on your device Share them with your friends ...    21 MB    Views 3731

Video Painter

video painter
+21    Live Painting in camera what you see Video Painter is a spacial video maker. It can record video and doodle video frame in same time.When finish recording, video will save to photo albums. 即時塗鴉在鏡頭你所看見的圖面上 Video Painter 是一個很特別的影片制作器。它能一邊錄制影象,同一時間畫下你的想象。當完成錄作後,影片會儲存在你的"照片"中。 インスタントグラフィティは、レンズ面で参照してください Video Painter非常に特別なムービーメーカーです。同時に、あなたの想像力を描画しながら画像を記録することができます。録音を終了すると、フィルムはあなたの"写真 "に保存されます。    4 MB    Views 3894


Related Apps video apple watch
+21    Take a little video with you Keep short video clips right on your Apple Watch Choose any video from your photo library, and pick the section to save to your Apple Watch. Easy controls, just a couple taps to add a video. ...    516 kb    Views 7993


Related Apps video control clips
+4    This BolyDV APP,a program used for BolyDV BA101, makes it available for you to control the DV in realtime . It supports remote control to the DV after installed on your IOS device,such as taking photos or video clips, playback ...    28 MB    Views 4398


Related Apps video support stream
+28    iPhone iPad and iPod compatible. Unlimited video on cellular and wifi. Support MultiChannel video encoder. Support for authentication. Support for Pan, Tilt, & Zoom control. Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers. Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local ...    8 MB    Views 9863
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