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+15    Create fun movies and slideshows with your pictures and music easily. Personalize your video with one of several amazing styles and animations. See your movie preview immediately and unleash your photos into motion art to share with friends, family, or ...    42 MB    Views 3372
movies share change add
+2    Caption That Movies All the best Movie Quotes , ready to add to add to your photos or create your own Shake for random caption 100's of captions Change caption font Change caption colour Share with twitter Share via ...    2 MB    Views 9665


+3    Car DV and sport DV client ————Main function———— 1、the following function need to connect to DV through wifi. .PlayRTSP: you can watch DV, if client has connected DV through Wifi. .SetDVCommand:you can set DV command if you has connected to DV, for example:take a ...    36 MB    Views 274

Funky Cam 3D

+1    This amazing unique smart app lets you view any media including photos, movies, drawings, computer screen or even your local environment in 3D right on your iPhone and iPad Funky Cam 3D examines the view of your phones camera and creates ...    3 MB    Views 2230

Photo 2 Video

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-1    Photo 2 Video allows you to create fantastic and engaging panoramic movies using photos from your device's camera roll. Panoramic movies create the effect of placing your photos on one of a number of backgrounds, like wood, marble or grass, and ...    17 MB    Views 6484

Relief View

-4    You can take metal relieflooking photos and movies with very simple and intuitive interface. You can use pictures and movies in your camera roll as well. Screenshot materials: CC BY Rami.sun CC BY dherman1145    5 MB    Views 6157

Movie Me HD

movie photos camera movies background roll create panoramic seamless backgrounds
+13    Movie Me allows you to create fantastic and engaging slideshow and panoramic movies using photos from your device's camera roll. Panoramic movies create the effect of placing your photos on one of a number of backgrounds such as a bed of ...    55 MB    Views 2894

Dreft Amazing Baby

baby photos movies videos moments create amazing borders adorable book
+1    The New & Improved Dreft Amazing Baby Days app is the ultimate way to capture every essential moment from pregnancy to your baby’s first birthday. From “My First Bath” to “My First Steps,” you can choose from more than 50 ...    9 MB    Views 9266
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+22    From the creators of Video Editor Free comes VideoLab the latest video editor that lets you professionally edit and share your favorite videos all from your mobile device. 1) Trim: Cut, trim, remove, or splice out any unwanted moments in your ...    85 MB    Views 705


-2    • One of the "coolest, best and most useful photo apps for the iPhone" David Pogue, NY Times, April 27, 2011 • "A must buy for any iPhone owning image sequence fan" Dr. Andrew HudsonSmith, Digital Urban • "Neat ... TimeLapse ...    14 MB    Views 966
movies movie videos photos web music facebook friends share create moments timeline
+3    Make instant movies with awesome themes Just two taps, you can start making movies. No registration form, install JUNI now and make a movie first JUNI is the easiest way to create beautiful movies and loving memories. Of course, you can edit titles and ...    37 MB    Views 1233
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-1    Check out this exclusive version of Stayfilm for Messenger, create videos of your photos from Facebook or mobile, share with friends, colleagues and relatives these moments in a unique way Enrich your conversations and give life to those Facebook or phone ...    18 MB    Views 1762
photo movies script
+3    "Script" turns every picture you take, into a moviestyled photo. It works on one photo at a time, and creates a static image by adding subtitles at the bottom. So now you can start to experience living your life in movies. Enjoy    11 MB    Views 5713
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-1    "Simple and so easy to use" Capture some great action and watch it in slowmotion immediately. Camera Go Slowr also saves movies to your Camera roll for sharing in the way you already know how Movies are captured at maximum ...    1007 kb    Views 5775

Tilt Camera

photos camera movies time tilt grid timer indicator shoots
-7    Tilt indicator + Grid + Timer in a single app Control the tilt of your iDevice while taking photos and recording movies and ensure all your shoots are perfectly leveled Use the tilt indicator to verify that your device is leveled before ...    2 MB    Views 6643
videos movies music photos video camera add functionality export select multiple
-7    Sweet Movies is a video editing app offering a high level of functionality and which can be used easily with only one hand. This app is very easy to use. Just select multiple photos from your camera roll, verify the results ...    76 MB    Views 4446
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+6    Have you ever made a video sideways accidentally? Don't you just wish you could flip your video upside down or left to right? FEATURES: • Universal App Download it once and use it on all Apple devices • Simple and effective controls. ...    613 kb    Views 4399

Lenovo Beacon

movies music photos access device permissions files store
+24    The Lenovo Beacon app can give phones and tablets secure access to your Lenovo Beacon device. That’s up to 6TB of rentfree cloud storage And you get a cool TV player. 1.Store mobile photos and movies automatically to your Beacon device, ...    6 MB    Views 4801

Movie Me

+20    Movie Me allows you to create fantastic and engaging slideshow and panoramic movies using photos from your device's camera roll. Panoramic movies create the effect of placing your photos on one of a number of backgrounds such as a bed of ...    55 MB    Views 6051
movie video photo avatar movies cartoon avatars friends share
+12    Create your 3D animated video in seconds 1. Put a photo of you, your friends, or celebrities onto avatars 2. Use emojis to make the avatars fight, hug, fart, etc. 3. Watch and share your awesome video Punch your friend, or kiss your crush. ...    NAN    Views 8673
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+2    The original funny face movie maker Talking faces Talking photos Turn your photos into funny movies and more Create your own funny and playful movies using your own face For example: lips or even your whole face Choose images from your ...    48 MB    Views 6821
video movies photo videos photos friends album automatically
+4    Video Creator by Splenvid is the easiest way to make movies of your life. Capture photos and videos (or import them) and Splenvid will automatically edit and create movies for you. It's video storytelling made simple. You decide what to do ...    16 MB    Views 4558
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+19    The Wireless Mobile Utility wirelessly connects your iOS device to Nikon digital cameras, letting you download photos, take pictures remotely, and share them hasslefree via email or upload to social networking sites. •Principal Features View the scene through the camera lens live ...    4 MB    Views 7010


iphone photo wifi web photos movies ipad library browser connection
+16    PhotoTrans provide to access the saved photos and movies in iPhone photo library between the web browser via WiFi connection. [IMPORTANT] PhotoTrans requires WiFi connection. Please keep in mind it cannot use without WiFi environment. The main functions 1. You can access the ...    4 MB    Views 7104
+12    It's easier than movies and more impressive than the photos Recommended situation [With friends and family.] Memories of travel. Drinking, dancing and karaoke. Recording the growth of kids. Surprise movie for the birthday party or wedding. Memories of Graduation and retirement. [But also for things.] For dishes. ...    61 MB    Views 8523
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+2    Together helps you to organize, edit, cloudstore and share your videos on social networks, all in one app. Together is the easiest way to organize your videolibrary just the way you want it. The process of organizing your videos has never ...    76 MB    Views 2673
movie time movies quality filters effect sec random real
+25    SelfieCity – amazing sefie cam featuring movie quality filters. Big fan for old b&w movies? Blockbuster lover? Or really into indie movies? SelfieCity helps to create movie quality photos with filters inspired by Inception, Once Upon a Time in America, ...    25 MB    Views 7964


+4    Create memorable movies from your favorite still images. Just select photos and music for easytocreate movies Multiple effects are automatically applied to make a great movie.. Download and share videos with friends on social networks. you can also find other's interesting movies ...    34 MB    Views 9405
movie movies voice music library photo photos facebook videos face funny friends talk share step celebrities add
-9    Instantly create hilarious movies to share with friends. Choose any face — photos of friends, celebrities, politicians or yourself — and record videos replacing their mouth (or entire face) with yours. Adjust the pitch of your voice and add music ...    34 MB    Views 3298
photos movies photo keeper icloud password store features enables
+28    ==== PRO VERSION OF PHOTOS KEEPER ON iCLOUD ==== √ No Ads √ Unlimited storage √ Advance features √ Further support and maintenance ======================================= Do you sometimes want to keep your private or sensitive photos out of curious eyes of people around you but still safeguard ...    11 MB    Views 2475
winter movie presentation history movies image photograph images looping www
0    === FREE version === If you are interested in our other 3d movies letting you go inside photographs, search for ThroughView in the AppStore. ====================================== ThroughView specialises in transforming existing vintage images and works of art into a new presentation type. Our goal ...    20 MB    Views 2853
photos movies photo keeper icloud password store enables note
+11    Do you sometimes want to keep your private or sensitive photos out of curious eyes of people around you but still safeguard on your hands? The Photos Keeper on iCloud (socalled Keeper) enables you to do this simply and safely. With ...    NAN    Views 2448
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+3    Your photos and videos tell a story. Bring it to life with RealTimes RealTimes automagically creates movies from your photos and videos that you can share with friends and family Relive your memories on any device and rest easy knowing everything ...    59 MB    Views 5946

Video Filters

videos iphone video ipad photo camera recording movies filters record
+30    You like the new iOS 7 photo filters but regret you can't use them to record videos? Try Video Filters Video Filters lets you use all the new iOS 7 photo filters to record videos in High Definition. Video Filters is ...    5 MB    Views 9609

Tour Creator

property tour movies voice listing properties added generate creator
+1    Are you an Estate Agent advertising on If so, download this free Property Tour Creator app and transform your property photos into beautiful, high quality movies which are automatically added to your Rightmove listing from just £10 per property. Property Tours ...    28 MB    Views 2887
movie recording photos movies seconds mode settings
+19    You can take 15seconds movies easy and quickly by this App. 4 mode : Standard 15 seconds, retriving last 15 seconds, scaling to 15 seconds and FREE mode. Scaling is shortening or expanding any length movies to 15 seconds. You can take ...    862 kb    Views 9269
videos photos web map books people movies share discover follow friends easily albums comment
-8    Geobird is a newly launched platform that aims to help people share and discover content from around the globe. Features: Share photos, videos, statuses, albums Comment on anything, photos, videos, movies, books, tvshows, URLs from the Web Hashtags/Topics/Causes Follow hashtags, ...    12 MB    Views 727

Movie Oil Paint

+1    Paint your movies in real time like an artist using the latest tools. Paint movies Real time video processing Share paintings Painting Preview Full HD Video Import camera video Use photo library Visual video editing Adjust painting parameters    42 MB    Views 6056


library movies apple external projector adapter projection display
0    Play your movies on your iPhone and simultenaously on an external display with full control of the projection geometry(aka keystone). This is very useful for pico projectors or whenever it is not possible to modify the hardware projector configuration. Ideal ...    4 MB    Views 3622
camera movies selfie day selfies easily roll growing life
+24    Featured: "Best New Apps" in 95 Countries SelfieADay is a history of you. Take a selfie every day and play them back in fun, life capturing movies. Instantly play your selfie movies inside the app and save them directly to ...    23 MB    Views 3105


movies photos meme shop
+24    RealMEME can transform you and your friends in your favorite meme It 'simple: Goto our online shop at Buy a TShirt line with the MEME RealMEME you like best Wear it and start making photos and movies with the application RealMEME Augmented Reality will ...    9 MB    Views 1269

Silent Eye

camera movies recording movie indicator application touch stop ready shoot
+1    The simplest, fastest and most reliable sneaky camera on the AppStore. The startup is fast: less than 2 seconds. Touch one time to start recording, touch twice to stop and save the movie no more accidental stop of video recording A ...    632 kb    Views 5910


photo text movie movies design photos presentation color copy drag import album
+12    A creative new way of photo and movie arrangement and presentation. Establish context and atmosphere by fullscreen photo and looped movie backgrounds. Guide and annotate with colored, transparent text. Behind every photo, movie or text on a page can be more ...    12 MB    Views 7262
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+12    • 4.5 out of 5 stars "Video editing while on the move has never been so convenient" "It's impressive stuff, with Pinnacle Studio conveniently treading the path between simple yet powerful." For people who want to have true, creative ...    119 MB    Views 6281

Movie Frame

frame movie photos camera movies roll step swipe export save
-5    Save HD movie frames as photos(1920 x 1080 jpeg). Movie Frame can import movies from your iPads Camera Roll or Movie Frame has its own Recorder for creating your own movies. You can then scrub, step/swipe through the movie frame by ...    3 MB    Views 9037

Video Magic Editor

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-9    Apply amazing effects & Frames to your videos.. Video Magic Editor is a fun and easy way to automatically edit videos and photos and share them with your friends and family. It will turn your video and photos into beautiful edited movies, ...    47 MB    Views 5239
camera recording movies video automatically flashlight change fastest record
0    FREE limited time Save 1.99 How many times have you struggled with your device builtin camera. This is easiest & fastest way to start your video recording using your camera. You will never miss a precious moment again FEATURES: • ...    1020 kb    Views 1707

Amazing3D Lite

movies twitter characters picture pictures show tap amazing friends enjoy
+14    Get tired of 2D decoration apps? Let's enjoy 3D from now on. 3D characters appear in "Amazing 3D" Here is the amazing part A unique application with the 3D Revolution The characters appear in your picture. Looks as if they have been existed there. When you ...    19 MB    Views 9886
calculator photo videos movies photos hide support secret files storage
-7    Hide Calculator is a Vault. It can hide your photos and videos behind a calculator. What everyone can see is just an ordinary calculator. Until you type in your secret passcode it became a private storage app in which you can hide ...    40 MB    Views 8891


movies iphone music stories story original scene images create
+12    Build your own creative slideshows on your iPhone or iPod touch. Application Description Make simple movies (and slideshow presentations?) from photos and graphical images on your iPhone & iPod touch. KamiShibai comes with 4 preinstalled original "manga" comics. "Story" refers to Individual movies ("stories") "Scene" ...    18 MB    Views 1548
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-2    From the creators of Video Editor Free VideoLab lets you add music, filters, captions, and much more to create and share your favorite videos. 1) Trim: Cut, trim, remove, or splice out any unwanted moments in your video. 2) Merge: Combine ...    86 MB    Views 7126
movie movies photo reverse front original cam step save add
+25    This is the most fun and easy to use backward / reverse movie app maker. All movies are fun to watch when they are made in reverse. Let your creative imagination run wild. FEATURES: • Simple and effective controls • Builtin tutorial walks ...    4 MB    Views 4394

One Color Lite

photos movies videos twitter camera design color features easy
+3    Over 1 million users loved the One Color effect in our previous apps. Now get HD movies and full resolution photos with highest quality inside one app With our great user interface design, precise color indicator and other powerful features you’ll ...    17 MB    Views 1235


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-3    NEW FUNNYCLIPS is now FREE WITH FUNNYCLIPS, BECOME A STAR Funnyclips is a fun app where you can personalize videos with photos of you or people you know. Funnyclips allows you to create virtual video postcards and then share them You will be ...    42 MB    Views 5229


videos movies project export
+15    VideoPics enhance your photos creating amazing videos ready to share with friends. Features: Great movies from pics Add videos to project Video sharing Process and export movie Project management Live processing Export movies Universal application    6 MB    Views 6221
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+30    Introductory Sale The highly requested and anticipated Spy Calc for iPad is here Hide your private pictures and videos behind an inconspicuous working calculator Throughout history top craftsmen have always added hidden features to their craft. Hidden compartments are often added to the ...    19 MB    Views 6807

Photo 2 Movie

movie photos movies camera photo background roll device create panoramic
+27    Photo 2 Movie allows you to create fantastic and engaging panoramic movies using photos from your device's camera roll. Panoramic movies create the effect of placing your photos on one of a number of backgrounds, like wood, marble or grass, and ...    17 MB    Views 2967
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-1    New effect stickers added including Ghost and Shark, all for FREE. Magic Movie FX let you add realistic movies FX to your photo for sharing and have fun with your friend. Transform any ordinary photo into amazing photo by adding effect ...    44 MB    Views 2416
movies video family photos photo frame photography trendy share japan cute short free
+4    This movie app was created for trendy young women by a group of Japanese college girls. In Japan, most users of this popular app are female high school or college students. On Japan's GooglePlay, MyColorful took first place in the Photography category's ...    11 MB    Views 3704
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+12    "This is the best special effects app The Zombie stays in one place even if you move your camera. Five stars” Become the star of your own ZOMBIE MOVIE The world's first Augmented Reality movie editor is here Create amazing movies whilst ...    124 MB    Views 9953
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