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0    Do you wonder what is happening at your favorite places. You can view photos from your favorite places around the world. Just follow your favorite places and watch the new photos coming taken by others. You can share photos with others. ...    28 MB    Views 1845
+5    Status makes it fun and easy to share moments from your life with friends. In order to see your friend's statuses, you have to set your own. To set your status, just take a photo of whatever you're doing You can then draw ...    12 MB    Views 160

I’m A Dove Girl

+8    Enjoy your hair flip moment for free with I’m A Dove Girl Application You can enjoy moments of flipping your hair with our video taking function, just like the actual studio. I’m A Dove Girl Application will capture all the moment ...    7 MB    Views 4114
+14    Create beautiful short video stories using your Camera Roll photos, set to music you love GET FEATURED Use InstaEditHD when posting to have a chance to get featured on the Craetelex official Twitter Verfied account Create your InstaEditHD moments in 3 easy ...    10 MB    Views 8770


time photos beauty photobook life create memories moments quality quick
+20    We print photos of your memorable moments into gorgeous photo books. Photobooks are for those precious times in your life that you want to preserve and be able to return to. We masterfully print the photos of those moments on premiumquality ...    8 MB    Views 5129

VIP moments

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+7    Every 100 new users, the price will go UP. Capture and share VIP moments on your iPhone. Customize your VIP photos with filters and effects. Share your photos with VIP friends and VIP followers.    20 MB    Views 9733
photos friends pictures show simply privately works instantly moments
+27    Enjoy a fun and easy way to instantly and privately show your pictures in a live realtime conversation. Relax and smile as you show those precious moments to your friends and read their comments. Friends won’t get permanent copies of ...    48 MB    Views 7937

Best Moment

photos wedding card application moments moment pre guests phones smart precious
+5    "The moments will become precious treasures of your life" Best Moment is a brand new application designed for Newlyweds to save wedding cinematography scenes into any prewedding photos. It is innovative and creative ideas to see prewedding photos come to life via ...    17 MB    Views 5884


instantly moments photograph great
+20    Take snaps of those great moments and share them instantly with your friends and family straight off your mobile. ShareSnaps gives you the incredible feeling of sharing a moment, a great photograph and a momentous occasion instantly. Take a snap on ...    3 MB    Views 5832


+29    Use the ‘Nimbly’ iPhone app to share your photos and videos instantly on your Facebook wall. Login with your Facebook account and you are ready to share the wonderful moments that you capture with your friends on Facebook. You can ...    2 MB    Views 4515
family photo photos album events moments frames refresh memories filters
-7    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Family Events Album is a new fascinating app photo album where you can keep your photos which will always remind you about the happiest moments of your life July 8 is a Russian national holiday ...    8 MB    Views 8238


moments sharing life
-8    Life is all about the moments, and the people you share them with. Whether it’s a large concert or festival, a medium sized conference or a small party with friends — Momentik gives a more joyful personal media stream with less ...    20 MB    Views 1283
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+5    The best way to remember precious moments in your life. Time Limited Special Offer 1.99 > 0.99 Mint album is a powerful photo viewer application that helps you organize your photos in a quick and easy way. All photos will be ...    15 MB    Views 9293


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-2    Twipsee is a private social network in the cloud: create an album, share it with who you want and fill it with moments Twipsee is designed in an easily way that you can collect and share photos and videos of ...    18 MB    Views 823


parents quickly moments weekly
+28    Capsa is the photo journal made easy for busy parents. Parents can quickly and easily capsule seven childhood moments each week and enhance these moments with emojis, text, or audio to quickly tell their child’s stories in a fun way. By ...    14 MB    Views 6879

weSnap App

photos snap friends life share mood fun story moments
+8    Snap the bits and pieces of life with weSnap weSnap is not phony. It is the new way of blogging for next generation, to share their moments. Express your random thoughts with a quick snap, few words and an emoticon. ...    7 MB    Views 3779


photos printing simple moments click
+2    PhoMents allows you to instantly, permanently, and affordably save the most important, memorable and unforgettable moments of your life with the click of a button. Yes It's that simple Click the picture you want, confirm the print and it's mailed ...    150 MB    Views 8701
challenge friends moments
+27    Can you 1Up your friends? Share your craziest, silliest, funniest, or strangest moments with your friends and challenge them to outdo you Capture your most superlativeworthy moments in a photo or short video, select which friends you want to challenge, ...    4 MB    Views 1395


-8    Recommended devices: iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4 On devices other than the above, this application may not be able to take 30 photos within one second, and it may not be able to maintain a steady interval between shots. "Fast300Shots" is an application ...    8 MB    Views 4642
moments great precious
-8    Daily Sakal realizes the urge and responds to vithal bhakts and vitthal bhakti. We all – well almost all – love to clik the camera shutter to capture precious moments to make them immerorable and immortal. Maharshtra's pride… the Pandharpur Waaree ...    28 MB    Views 4239


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-9    SelfBee: There's only one of you, so bee yourself. Bee yourself, bee here, bee there, bee anywhere, and bee connected now. SelfBee is an interactive app that challenges users all over the globe to take unique inthemoment photos and share them with ...    11 MB    Views 7588

m moments

photo moments picture complete offers instagram
+23    m moments is part of a photo art project of Christian Steiauf / the wiseclown. It offers a complete new browsing experience through the Instagram photo stream. Create unique combinations of photos by either change each square individually or bring up ...    11 MB    Views 5249
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+26    Connect to your family's eFamily site with our beautiful iPhone app. Share moments, photos, and videos with your family as they happen. Upload batches of photos at once into your albums Create new moments on the go Be notified of ...    5 MB    Views 4234
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+14    For those of you, who’ve been struggling to organize huge pile of photos your smartphones, listen up We’ve prepared a service for you to help you reorganize your precious memories by sorting them in albums. Albums can be shared with your friends, ...    15 MB    Views 2769


-3    Perc lets you share moments of your life anonymously. Capture eyewitness accounts of, big events, funny moments, noteworthy sights and more. Snap a picture and upload it to Perc. Your friends will have no idea who took it Take a great Perc ...    3 MB    Views 2964

Motion Moments

video music movie photos story motion add moments gallery amazing
+11    How do you usually tell a story? Let us guess – you invite your friends and sit around the table, having a cup of tea, talking… Right? Motion Moments, our brand new editor app, offers you another interesting option: now ...    15 MB    Views 1009
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-4    Emotion in the image, Atmosphere in the sound. Photos are getting old they no longer capture the feelings, atmosphere or thrills of the moments we want to remember. Enter Soundscape. A new, unique way of sharing the moments you want ...    7 MB    Views 8048

Plant Everywhere

-5    Share your moments Share your experiences Share your stories Plant Everywhere is for sharing your moments, experiences and stories, via photos and videos. We all love to share but we believe it is much more rewarding and meaningful experience when the sharing is with ...    9 MB    Views 8356

First Years

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-1    First Years For your child’s precious moments. “First Years […] has an elegant design, impeccable polish and a really gorgeous design style that makes it stand out.” Beautiful Pixels “First Years is one of the most gorgeous ways we've ever ...    6 MB    Views 312
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+18    Easily share your moments Sharein organizes and presents your photos by moment. A moment is an event that happened in a certain time and place. A "happy hour", a birthday party and a romantic dinner are examples of moments. This organization ...    2 MB    Views 1985


photos trip add post private invite moments easy
-4    MOJI is a fun, easytouse app that lets you and your friends privately share moments from events, trips—and anything in your life—with each other. With MOJI, you don't have to beg everyone on your camping trip to send photos after the ...    37 MB    Views 8578


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-5    A secret world of holographic content floating all around you. iTagged will revolutionize the way you see the world using augmented reality holograms tagged to specific places, events, or moments. Just look through your phone and you’ll instantly reveal a world of ...    82 MB    Views 3024


photos photo social sharing brand capture instantly branded moments
+5    Photos are about framing moments. As brands, we want to see the moments we help create be shared that's where PIXTA comes in. Welcome to the world's first instantly branded, roaming photo system. Trained PIXTA brand ambassadors are deployed ...    16 MB    Views 8988
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+26    INSTAGRAM: DreamLensApp This video/photo filter app is a fun and easy way to shoot little moments of your day. Two filters with adjustable thresholds let you customize the look of your video/pics before and while you're recording Your video can start ...    5 MB    Views 4846


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+3    Snaglet is the easy way to share life's best moments. Snag your favorite photos (and videos coming soon) to share from your iPhone and Snaglet will automatically send a random photo each day to the contacts that you select. The ...    4 MB    Views 6800

Crazy Pics

crazy amazing moments
-8    Crazy and amazing moments caught on camera. See aircraft mishaps, reckless behavior, bizarre moments, funny scenes and much, much more. Stare in awe, laugh a lot 280 photos. Some truly amazing pictures Zoom, pan and rotate the images with ...    17 MB    Views 5985

Inside of a Bubble

creative library photo bubble share moments
+10    Treasure your most beautiful moments inside of a bubble and share them with your loved ones. Be creative, make a difference. Capture a photo or choose an image from your photo library, apply exact scale and crop and create a bubble. ...    4 MB    Views 573

Mint Baby

+1    "A Perfect Photo Album for Your Children" You can organize all photos into special albums easier than before. You can discover more laughter and kinship from your life ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ...    15 MB    Views 3368
sound sounds life moments
0    Our world begins with the sound of our mother's heartbeat. Everyday after, we hear a symphony of a million moments. From the mundane to the memorable, these moments are the sounds of life. Cochlear's Sounds of Life app allows you ...    2 MB    Views 4339


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+12    SPOTR is a fun new way to caption photos and remix moments with friends. Connect with people who share your unique sense of humor or send a laugh to your friends. It's easy Snap a picture, add a caption and share with ...    9 MB    Views 4226
photos iphone photo creates magical life moments animate
+3    "I make a photo burst using my iPhone's native camera App then launch Strobe which automatically creates a fantastic video clip out of it. Highly recommend." "Just installed it on my iPhone and immediately many of my photos came to life. ...    5 MB    Views 8027
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-6    一款实用,方便,时尚,轻巧的相册和图片软件。你可以把你的爱机刚刚拍摄的照片导入到这款应用中,您的照片就到了您本地的文件夹,进行更方便的浏览,删除等操作。你也可以通过iTunes文件共享把您电脑上的照片打包一次性导入到这款便捷的应用中。当然导入到那个文件夹您可以任意支配。你可以新建公开的相册,跟朋友一起分享激动时刻,你也可以新建加密相册,珍藏值得怀念的瞬间。无需多说,快来下载使用吧。QQ交流群284188725 A practical, convenient, stylish, lightweight photo albums and photo software. You can put your love photos into the app, and your photos are on to your local folders for easier browsing, or delete operation. You can also put pictures on ...    4 MB    Views 9058
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+23    Wallpapers Life Moments is an app that contains 50 wonderful wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod Touch that have been taken by a professional photographer. Take FULL advantage of the HIGH QUALITY images and unleash the full visual potential of ...    60 MB    Views 4809
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-4    '17' is a simple way to capture and share life's moments with your friends and family. See the world through somebody else's eyes by following not only the people you know, but also inspirational '17' celebrities, photographers, athletes, fashion icons and ...    33 MB    Views 9048
0    TribalCam is a beautiful app that will let you make your captured moments more special with gorgeous hand crafted silhouettes that you can superimpose over your photos and share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Simplicity is beauty. Support:    14 MB    Views 2905


social photos special logos moments watermark
+20    "SelfieUp" Choose watermark in Special moments. Want to take amazing selfie? Want to stand out from the crowd and make every picture unique with its own watermark? "SelfieUp" will make your photography experience into something beloved unforgettable. "SelfieUp" comes with a heart shaped ...    23 MB    Views 8546

MagicMoments FULL

Related Apps photos objects moments full themes frames create
0    MagicMoments is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to create magical moments with your photos. You can take your photos and create your own scene with a large collection of themes and objects designed just for you. We ...    133 MB    Views 1532

PhotoGram Edition

Related Apps editing moments effects share
+8    It's a simple way to capture and share the world's moments on your IOS Device. Customise your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with ...    10 MB    Views 5075


moment moments followers friend join
+6    Join the Moments on Snapwin. Here is how it works: 1. Snap a photo to create a moment. 2. Invite your followers to your moment. Feeling sexy? Make it privy 3. Your followers may join, like or comment your moment. 4. Win time for your ...    15 MB    Views 6366

Motion Moments Adv

video photos motion story moments effects add transition gallery amazing
-6    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS How do you usually tell a story? Let us guess – you invite your friends and sit around the table, having a cup of tea, talking… Right? Motion Moments, our brand new editor app, offers you another ...    10 MB    Views 5739

Dreft Amazing Baby

baby photos movies videos moments create amazing borders adorable book
+15    The New & Improved Dreft Amazing Baby Days app is the ultimate way to capture every essential moment from pregnancy to your baby’s first birthday. From “My First Bath” to “My First Steps,” you can choose from more than 50 ...    9 MB    Views 9266

Moments In Motion

video time photo photos moments motion albums don process
+11    Moments In Motion allows you to capture a long process or any period of life of any object and view it within seconds like a video. You can create any number of custom albums, export them as photo albums or ...    4 MB    Views 6573


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-3    PhotoJoy is the ultimate Photo Discovery application for your iPad or iPhone. ♦ See photos you’ve saved on your device and photos from your Facebook in stunning highquality animated 3D designs. ♦ Share your photos via email or post them directly to ...    2 MB    Views 8469
video videos photos roll moments fun capture size selfie friends
+21    Roll In is a magical app to add video caption in your photos and videos you capture to make them alive. Communicate your true feelings of joy, emotions and stride. Just be in your moments. Roll In is new and a ...    27 MB    Views 9172

PhotoJoy Social

photos facebook moments application device enjoy
0    PhotoJoy is the ultimate Photo Discovery application for your iPad or iPhone. ♦ See photos you’ve saved on your device and photos from your Facebook in stunning highquality animated 3D designs. ♦ Share your photos via email or post them directly to ...    2 MB    Views 4379


photos photo negatives special encrypted moments
-2    Secret Photos for Two Splip is for those moments that you want to share only when you're together. Take a photo with Splip and it gets turned into two encrypted negatives. One you keep, and the other you send to a ...    1 MB    Views 7885
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-9    I am a selftaught photographer – curious about life, myself, people and emotions. My current location is Apetlon, Austria, but love to travel. The magic little moments and intimate relation, the truth and the beauty behind it, is what I try ...    NAN    Views 978
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-1    Feels that your community is dirty? Want to relive moments or share your moments with friends? That is why we made “Snap n Share”. Snap n share is a photo sharing app that allows you to click photos using your mobile ...    3 MB    Views 3278
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+8    InstaPhotoStory lets you create stunning photo slideshow video with music and share on Instagram easily. InstaPhotoStory is specially optimized for Instagram. First, it lets you import your own or following’s Instagram photos as well as the Instagram photos you liked, making ...    28 MB    Views 9924


moments life hope
+19    In life, there are many memorable moments worth keeping. But, a single photo or short video is not sufficient to express a complete story. We needed a fast app to catch those moments and combine them in collage instantly, so we ...    13 MB    Views 7776
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