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+2    Capture and share your Do it Best member moments with our easy to use app Simply snap a photo of yourself or an associate in front of a green screen or solid color, customize your look with preloaded background and messaging ...    3 MB    Views 7519


0    Momentage is a community for the new creatives. An easy to use app, you can craft and experience moments through combining photos, videos and SoundImages into a single post to create a vivid storytelling moment on your iPhone. Share your ...    29 MB    Views 8454


photo moment didn funny
0    Have you ever seen something funny but you couldn't make a photo of it because everyone around looks at you? Or maybe you wanted to make a photo of a dish in a restaurant , but you were confused that your ...    4 MB    Views 4309
+3    What is your most valuable hashtag? Vaross respects you and all of your values. Vaross is a platform for the value of your everyday life. Communicate with those who share your values by engraving a hashtag that you value most on your ...    31 MB    Views 3714
map sound moments life sounds world moment day
-1    Have you ever heard a picture? What does ‘happiness’ sound like? With the Cochlear Sounds of Life app you’ll be able to take 'audible photographs' that will let you capture the special moments in life, like never before. When you ...    NAN    Views 851
Related Apps videos music share moment moments theme create day beautiful slideshow
+26    Create videos of your beautiful moments in life and you can share your moments on Facebook, YouTube, and Email with "Share Moment". Customize your slideshows with music and a variety of effects with just a few simple clicks. Since videos ...    13 MB    Views 3863


photos time facebook twitter search camera moments share moment timeline awards memories
+13    Search and share your memories captured with the Narrative Clip – the wearable camera for moments that matter. View unique, candid, serendipitous photos taken from a personal viewpoint. Never miss authentic smiles, sudden surprises or a trip of a ...    61 MB    Views 4868
camera voice photos function memories smile moment album record
+28    "RecoBook" is a camera application that allows you to take photos to record a voice. Voice and photos taken can be left in the album as memories of their own. You can use the "Smile Mode" function, the moment you became a ...    15 MB    Views 8233

Hipstamatic DSPO

camera photo shoot moment timer draw sharing group
-3    Let's Shoot Together DSPO Create a Group Camera by selecting a timer (as short as a hour or as long as 365 days) and shooting a cover photo. Invite your Friends using your contact list, Facebook, or let the world join your ...    28 MB    Views 4257

Moment Mix Pro

+25    Moment Mix is a powerful and fast collage maker with a lot of customize and editing tools, import and share options. Features: It saves your current progress, you can continue in any time Undo/Redo feature Supports high resolution output (up to ...    34 MB    Views 5962
wedding photo frame frames memorable pictures moment capture format
-3    Be creative on your wedding day and apply romantic, lovely frames from Wedding Frames. With wide range of beautifully designed wedding photo frames available for you to personalized your memorable moments with you and your loved one. Have a one ...    48 MB    Views 5647

Moment One

photos time facebook social photo moment instagram privacy networks share accounts
+2    Moment One is an FREE app that helps you manage all the photos in the cloud (Facebook, Instagram, Google Picasa, Flicker, etc….), in real time, upload your photos to those networks by just 1Click, and share them to iMessage, Twitter, ...    9 MB    Views 3479


library photo picture moment
+3    Cherish a moment with the iOS digital Locket and share it on Facebook Choose from a variety of locket types and backgrounds. Any picture from your iPhone or iPod touch photo library may be used or just take a pic ...    6 MB    Views 1305
Related Apps text twitter facebook photo share instagram fonts picture color moment adjustment
+26    Special promotion 50% off for a limited time. My Moment™ Make your moment stand out on any timeline with text, caption, quote or emoji for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Easily resize, rotate, move and adjust opacity of text as your desire. WITH ...    23 MB    Views 7524

Charm the moment

Related Apps photos photo conversations moment friends save secret chat
+14    Charm turns each photo into a shared moment you can save forever. Charm makes ordinary photos fun and interactive. Charm is about sparking conversations and laughter around specific photos with poking and private chat. Charm allows you to have secret ...    15 MB    Views 9229
Related Apps camera photos gun machine shoots speed high save moment fastest
-1    Fastest Camera in AppStore Over 28 photos per second Machine gun camera, shoots photos fast like a machine gun, the coolest camera ever  Don't miss out the moment Ever had trouble with the default camera shoots photo too slow? Machine gun camera shoots ...    701 kb    Views 1805


Related Apps photo time photos moment shift front effects short create
+25    Capture just the right moment Shift in time to the past and future to create the best possible photo. ShiftCam starts shooting a short moment before you take a photo, and continues a short moment after you've pressed the shutter button. NEW: Add ...    5 MB    Views 2648
Related Apps photo love accessories frames diary moment beautiful friends share readymade
+11    Love Diary Photo Frames is specially design for you to mix & match with the beautiful love photo frames & love accessories. With more than 70 high resolution combinations of love photo frames & love accessories (eg: beautiful flowers, present, angel, ...    67 MB    Views 3562
-2    Photo Frame is an app where you can keep your memorable pictures in your own style in lovely photo frames. Now you can save your sweet memories of your photos in a different,beautiful,and stylish way..... wherever you go, any time and any ...    14 MB    Views 4199
Related Apps photo album private albums public moment add friends event
-5    A must have to build amazing photo albums in real time with different users. Make your albums private or public. Whether it's for big conferences and concerts where thousands add photos to a public album while they're living the moment, ...    7 MB    Views 1898
Related Apps photo chinese accessories year frames good beautiful moment friends
+9    Happy Chinese New Year 2015 Chinese New Year Photo Frames is specially design for you to mix & match with the Chinese New Year photo frames & accessories. With more than 60 high resolution combinations of specially designed Chinese New Year photo ...    68 MB    Views 2387
wedding photo accessories frames diary beautiful moment gallery match
+3    My Wedding Diary Photo Frames is specially design for you to mix & match with the beautiful wedding photo frames & wedding accessories. With more than 60 high resolution combinations of wedding photo frames & wedding accessories (eg: beautiful flowers, banquet, ...    74 MB    Views 4328


photo moment beautiful light turn
-3    Create a beautiful lamp with your own photo on the shade; an instant heirloom Take a photo of that priceless moment and turn it into a highres lamp. A fun and easy way to record and display a cherished moment ...    12 MB    Views 4354

Best Moment

photos wedding card application moments moment pre guests phones smart precious
+2    "The moments will become precious treasures of your life" Best Moment is a brand new application designed for Newlyweds to save wedding cinematography scenes into any prewedding photos. It is innovative and creative ideas to see prewedding photos come to life via ...    17 MB    Views 5884
-9    Moment Mix is a powerful and fast collage maker with a lot of customize and editing tools, import and share options. Features: It saves your current progress, you can continue in any time Undo/Redo feature Supports high resolution output (up to ...    33 MB    Views 9672
Related Apps photo flower photos facebook frames flowers share picture stickers moment play
+24    With Flower Photo Frames Deluxe app, you can now create wonderful and charming photo by adding beautiful flowers frames. Just choose your photo from photo gallery, facebook or take a new photo directly from your phone. Frames consists of roses, ...    27 MB    Views 5781


people photos camera time history world moment day permission human thousands single notification
-9    Join this ongoing public art and history project where every day around the world people raise their smart phones as one to capture a picture at the exact same instant. Shutters fire automatically and the pictures speed around the world ...    5 MB    Views 5130
+6    WINKit is an application that instantly geolocates the photos and videos you take and places them on the world map as you take them. You participate in creating a world portrait at any given moment. Display in real time: The beauty ...    29 MB    Views 8978


Related Apps photo moment shot perfect
-4    Tired of missing that perfect photo moment because you clicked too soon or too late? Because someone moved or blinked? PerfectPhotoCamera will give you the ability to look before and after the shot to find the perfect photo that you should ...    1 MB    Views 1807
video record launch supports mode landscape manual moment focusing
-8    Have you ever lost a moment when you wanted to record a video? Now, do not waste a moment to record with an iREC. Let the default camera stay at the photoshoot mode, and record your video with iREC. ───────────────────── 【How to Use】 ...    412 kb    Views 7708
moments step moment stay hours share
-7    Going to the beach? ... See who wants to join you Share your best moments with everyone that's nearby. If you like someone else's moment, take a nibble. Once someone's nibbled your moment, you'll be able to message each other. Nibble is ...    15 MB    Views 253

A Moment

Related Apps photo personal photos text camera time frame moment share story message matte size framed
-7    A photo. A postcard. A custom frame holding your story. A personal message to share. A Moment in time. A Moment allows you to capture life as it happens and creatively and instantly share it with the ones who are close ...    3 MB    Views 5632


photo photos iphone time tag tags paid multiple moment version
0    WELCOME TO TAGGER A PAID VERSION NEWS: Apariya LLC is celebrating OVER 15,000 DOWNLOADS from all of it's popular Apps. A Big THANK YOU from our team DESCRIPTION: This is a photo and video bookmarking or tagging app for iPhone ...    4 MB    Views 7838


photo car time record oil information moment
+10    This is an app for your beloved vehicle. It allows you to integrate bluetooth tire gauge, keep/share the best moment with your car/motorcycle and record relevant information in one App 1. Record tire pressure: by using our bluetooth tire gauge, you ...    14 MB    Views 2768

F Snap

fashion photo twitter facebook snap stickers sina moment weibo
+5    Become a Fashion TV Model with F Snap Make every moment become a Fashion TV Lifestyle Moment F Snap allows you to decorate your photo with Fashion TV design stickers for the “Fashion TV” look and feel. Your photos could be saved ...    2 MB    Views 1933


photo time capture moment filter unexpected style mono color
+1    Take your PopArt photo by applying various monocolor filter and style. Capture the moment with an instant effect applied to it. See the unexpected and artistic results every time when you take a photo. Key Features: Take your PopArt photo with ...    1 MB    Views 3440

Don't Be Creepy

web browser shutter creepy moment don fully release screen
0    Don’t be creepy is an app designed for stealthy candid and street photography. It disables the camera flash that ruins natural photos, and features a fullyfunctional web browser, so you can browse while you wait for the decisive moment to ...    1 MB    Views 4720
+28    Just select your photos and music. Tada You get a pretty nice slideshow video in a moment. This app helps you enjoy watching your photos with your friends. You don't have to take time before the great fun with your friends. ...    4 MB    Views 1250


photos share world moment feedback moods
+8    Your moods, your photos Express your moods beyond words, beyond icons. Capture a moment using your phone's front or back camera, than take your selfie. Select your mood for that moment to snap it on your framed photos and share this snapymood ...    14 MB    Views 7170


moment moments followers friend join
+21    Join the Moments on Snapwin. Here is how it works: 1. Snap a photo to create a moment. 2. Invite your followers to your moment. Feeling sexy? Make it privy 3. Your followers may join, like or comment your moment. 4. Win time for your ...    15 MB    Views 6366

Pic A Moment

Related Apps time moment pic
+23    Pic A Moment, an app that allows you to easily explore photographic stories by digging back in time. Pic A Moment makes it simple for you to discover public and geolocated photos from all over the world. Navigate through space ...    3 MB    Views 923

ROOM for thought

photo photos thought room message share automatically moment day
+8    Make your own ‘accidental’ photo journal with ROOM for thought. One photo at a random moment every day. Here's how it works: 1. ROOM for thought sends you a message at an unexpected moment every day 2. Open the message to see the ...    61 MB    Views 6618
party photo accessories frames wild beautiful mask moment share gallery
-8    Wild Party Photo Frames is specially design for you to mix & match with the beautiful wild party photo frames & party accessories. High resolution combinations of wild party photo frames & party accessories (eg: mask, party mask, masquerade, crown, hair ...    68 MB    Views 3520
video glimpse add create moments moment edits capture automatically
+14    Glimpse is the best way to create video montages of your world. Start your video with a onesecond moment. Add to your video by recording additional moments anytime you like—Glimpse automatically edits them into a seamless whole. Glimpse allows you to create ...    7 MB    Views 3701


Related Apps share worry face friend seconds images life moment
+3    Welcome to a new world of chat with images. Share life's every moment. All conversations are erased after 10 seconds. Capture any and every moment of your life and share them with your loved ones. Feel free to be yourself as all ...    15 MB    Views 2079
Related Apps photo anniversary friends surprise turn date snap present moment
-9    Anniversary is a new and fun way for you to surprise your friends. Capture a photo or video, tag your friends, and select a specific date for delivery. When the date has arrived, you and your friends will receive a ...    15 MB    Views 8778
Related Apps photo photos frame time camera frames pic moment rotate move
+20    Billboard Photo Frame is an app where you can keep your memorable pictures in your own style in lovely photo frames. Now you can save your sweet memories of your photos in a different,beautiful,and stylish way..... wherever you go, any time and ...    19 MB    Views 8926


photos albums buttons moment
+11    Imagine that your pictures were sorted the moment that you took them Are you tired of a camera roll that contains all of your photos in one big mess? Then, FolderCam will help you sort your photos the moment that you ...    325 kb    Views 1355


photos photo life city events application cities moment stream
-2    IUIC LIFE ­ Photos of the current events in the city Life is the moment that will never occur again ­Catch the life’s moment and make the best shot ­Make your city alive with the new photos ­Be the author of the interesting photo ...    10 MB    Views 832
video moments moment events phone day
+19    VidMo creates the moment movie out of those umpteen photos within the blink of an eye. Vidmos based on events in your life are created automatically, all with music and animation. You can edit them as well. Moments are categorised into >MultiDay events ...    21 MB    Views 3740
Related Apps photo moment friends connect
-9    Don't let distance get between you. Derby is a fun new photo messaging app that allows you to connect the moment with your friends. Think of it as the everywhere photo booth. Connecting a moment is simple. Take a photo, add a caption, ...    NAN    Views 5670
Related Apps unexpected share friends post day notification life moment user
0    • A brand new way of sharing your life with others. Traditional social media tools allow you and your friends to share life's special moments with each other. However, people choose when and where they post and you only see what ...    2 MB    Views 1409
Related Apps text facebook twitter photo instagram share fonts picture color moment rotate
+1    My Moment™ Make your moment stand out on any timeline with text, caption, quote or emoji for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Easily resize, rotate, move and adjust opacity of text as your desire. WITH MORE THAN 300 GREAT FONTS FREE 200 ...    24 MB    Views 4829


life memorable moment record experience created save manage
0    MemoryDots provides an entertaining way to create, collect, and manage memorable pieces of your daily life. MemoryDots allows you to record memorable moments with photos, notes, and locations, and to save every moment as a MemoryDot. By playing with MemoryDots, managing ...    4 MB    Views 8438

Hear Pie

picture hear sound moment recorded
+27    You ever look at a picture and wonder what it would sound like if it recorded the surrounding sound of the moment? Now you can Hear Pie not only allows a picture to be taken and viewed but also captures ...    3 MB    Views 74


moment day turn
+28    BeerFestMe lets you turn every day into a BeerFest day. With the snap of a camera you can BeerFest any moment and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email. Turn your Beer Goggles on or off depending ...    2 MB    Views 5114

Moment Montage

iphone people time family videos music wedding playing moments montage moment friends application everyday share
-7    Turn your everyday moments into lifelong montages. iPhone 5 ready Moment Montage will help you capture special moments and stitch them together automatically into a beautiful montage you can share with family and friends. Record short videos of memorable moments (birthday parties, ...    21 MB    Views 2782

MagicMoments LITE

photos magic photo objects moments themes predefined collection moment large
+19    Magic Moments is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to create magical moments with your photos. You can take your photos and create your own scene with a large collection of predefined themes and objects designed just ...    33 MB    Views 7514
baby photos photo bump beautiful overlay weekly digital moment
+13    In just a few months, your beautiful bump will be gone. Capture it now, and relive the memory for years to come. My Belly Book allows mommiestobe to take pictures of their growing baby bumps on a daily, weekly, or ...    3 MB    Views 1043
Related Apps photo diary moments random moment capture
-9    Capture the moments of your life. DPict – The Random Photo Diary will remind you. Design and caption your pictures and collect them in your personal diary. • Get random reminders to capture a photo of your moment • Thinking back on ...    18 MB    Views 6426
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