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AutoSelfie HD

+7    With this app, you can take pictures without holding the camera. It can be used when taking photos of a group or scene, a travel selfportrait or closeup shots. You can set the timer simply with a slider interface. The captured image will ...    4 MB    Views 8517

Camera Timer HD

+23    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    9 MB    Views 8688


+7    This application creates copies of pictures or icons images you can select from photo library of your device. You can setup sizes of copies before send them photo library or to an email address. We believe that for people uploads lots ...    3 MB    Views 9211

NightWatch Free

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+9    With Nightwatch you can capture images at certain intervals. So you can, e.g. every hour to take a picture and see what happens. Parking on your iPhone and let it take pictures The time between a photo can be set between 5 ...    580 kb    Views 6986
+9    Status makes it fun and easy to share moments from your life with friends. In order to see your friend's statuses, you have to set your own. To set your status, just take a photo of whatever you're doing You can then draw ...    12 MB    Views 160


+22    Photoblend++ is the perfect way to mix two camera photos together resulting in a beautiful work of art. Here are some of the amazing features: Set capture mode and Shutter speed Use Live Preview mode Switch camera Set the Self timer ...    11 MB    Views 6140

D7100 Guide

+18    This EasyApp Guide is a portable guide to the Nikon D7100 camera, with which you will experience an incredibly useful learning experience. This app is perfect for use in the field with your camera by your side. The EasyApp Guide ...    62 MB    Views 7337
Related Apps camera stamp photos ipad photo frame stamps image decoration cute ios mode set
+16    Happy New Year 2015 Ribbon Camera new feature new stamp "Bear & Bunny" again ,So cute for decorate your special weekend to be a super cute music card :) ริบบ้อนคาเมร่าเวอร์ชั่นล่าสุด มาทำมิวสิคการ์ดหรือรูปภาพใส่เสียงเพลงน่ารักๆ ส่งให้เพื่อนในโอกาสพิเศษกันค่า Ribbon Camera is a Camera application which have many stamps for ...    67 MB    Views 1841
+11    Got family photos? Bridge the generation gap with Set. Instantly distribute pictures to everyone in your family.    12 MB    Views 2747
+7    From the makers of the UK's number one Canon photography magazine PhotoPlus, comes Canon SLR Skills Volume One in our brandnew Photo MasterClass series. Designed specifically with amateurs in mind, the combination of expert magazine content with app interactivity will ...    339 MB    Views 1609
people comments support comment instagram pro set pictures
+12    Best Comments App for Instagram now Available Gender Selection, Custom Comments, Emoji support and much much more How It Works: 1. You comment other people's pictures to earn comments. 2. Use your comments to get REAL people to comment on your photos. Comments ...    7 MB    Views 3867


camera iphone shutter set screen cameras dark brush light
0    The new method of utilizing a digital camera iPhone helps you to create the crazy magical photographs "LightBrush" displays the light painting on the iPhone screen, and you use a digital SLR or compact cameras to take the picture. Please note that we do ...    3 MB    Views 2165


photos choose easy set effect instant
-3    Fotoid is an app that enables you to create instantphoto like effect. You can choose from your own photos or take a new one from Camera with easy steps. Feature : Ultraeasy interface Choose from your own photos Many "instant" effect ...    8 MB    Views 9164

Custom GTA Cover

Related Apps text cover custom position size set add create
+30    PicDate my latest app, check it Do you want to create covers or themes like in GTA? With Custom GTA cover it is extremly easy Just use existing photos or create new one and put it in any place you want. Set ...    5 MB    Views 6581

Shutter Cam for iOS

shooting people photo camera mode shutter set shots tail landscape shot capture start
+26    Shutter Cam for iOS. Simple and robust slow shutter app. Create amazing slow shutter photo with ease. Perfect for casual user with easy to use control panel. Feature: Overlay multiple capture photo for better composition. Support both portrait and landscape mode. ...    13 MB    Views 45

Dual Cam

Related Apps photo camera dual capture share set screen easy friend
-9    Dual Camera can capture you and your friends in 1 photo very easy way. 1. Capture your friend set upside screen. 2. Capture yourself set downside screen. Turn camera back. 3. Dual Camera make one photo automatically. It’s VERY EASY Make yourself in your joyful ...    2 MB    Views 5150
Related Apps photos photo click button photographs enjoy pictures set photograph sheets
-1    SosoCamera is a Multishot App. Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter. Click the left button to go into the Film List interface. You can scan photographs which you have taken here. Click ...    4 MB    Views 1697


video photo capture set record lets
+16    A photo capturing and video recording app that is simple to use but with features you will find in even the most sophisticated camera app. Timers, delays and a 100 photo picture capture limit. Hence, the name, 100takes. A video record ...    5 MB    Views 9892


-6    TimerCamera+ is the easiest way to take pictures with a selftimer. This app allows you to take photo yourself more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can ...    1 MB    Views 2482


photos photo camera voice text apple watch controls mode set
+26    Use Psylfy to take photos using custom timing or voice controls with your mobile device. Psylfy was designed to help you capture the moment better using different camera modes and alleviate some of the common problems associated with taking photos ...    45 MB    Views 6180
Related Apps text time photo texture move color set support
+25    A application that allows you to add 3D text to your photos, and then save to photo albums or email it. Wish you like it. Key Features: You can choose the rotation of X, Y or Z axis Select the move ...    11 MB    Views 1152
photos textures layers overlays set image
+6    TRUEfocus give you the ability to style your photos with layers, and image overlays. ■ Set Textures as Layers over your photos (up to three at a time) 6 Texture categories to choose from. Grain, Light Leaks, Bubbles, Rough, White Rough, ...    29 MB    Views 1001

IOD calc

film camera work calc set background
+21    IOD Calc The premier calculator for 3D photography and film. IOD Calc ensures accurate 3D filming and replaces trial and error techniques currently applied. There is no need for guess work with IOD Calc Designed for, and used by, amateur student film ...    741 kb    Views 381
card cards software gray setting image generated set lighting
+4    Eliminate the need for expensive physical gray cards with iGrayCards, digitally generated cards for your iPhone. 18% Gray is the industry standard used by professional photographers worldwide to compensate for different lighting situations. iGrayCards features: 436 x 320 pixel generated card 18% ...    NAN    Views 5413
+9    With SnapCamera (snap camera), you can shoot camera with finger snaps. Have fun ● It is convenient for when this By detecting the sound of finger snaps a camera that can automatically release the shutter. It is convenient to the group photo and ...    10 MB    Views 2776
Related Apps beauty voice camera time countdown share key set
+18    Are you still can not find someone to help you take pictures? Not need to ask Stranger for help any more Voice promote countdown Easy to set time, just slide your finger to set the countdown. Countdown sound to make adequate ...    17 MB    Views 2545
Related Apps likes real instagram set free
+13    Get REAL likes on your Instagram pictures for free Our app will show your pix to thousands of real IG'ers so you can get tons of real likes People will only "like" your photos if they truly like it, this means all ...    16 MB    Views 7021


+9    With this app, you can take pictures without holding the camera. It can be used when taking photos of a group or scene, a travel selfportrait or closeup shots. You can set the timer simply with a slider interface. The captured image will ...    3 MB    Views 3394

Magic Snow

photo magic snow background effects set amazing creations save
+3    Add real snow animations to your photos Make awesome snowing background and screensaver images for your iPhone Using Magic Snow is easy. 1) Set a background image or use a default 2) Drag your finger to make magical snow effects 3) Click the camera button ...    35 MB    Views 6485

3D Wallpaper

Related Apps wallpaper photos pictures set picture save
0    This app bring lots of beautiful 3D pictures for your iphoe to set as wallpaper These pictures are all carefully choosed,which are intended to enrich your experience with your dear iphone. Usage: 1,touch on the specific picture of your interest. 2,press "save" button ...    31 MB    Views 1757

Camera Timer!

speech time shooting camera photo set countdown mode alert shot setting
+12    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    8 MB    Views 5949

Camera Timer Plus!

Related Apps speech time shooting camera photo set countdown mode setting alert shot
-5    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    3 MB    Views 5637


features set
+1    iSmartGallery is a simpletouse application with an excellent set of interesting features. You just need to grab a picture of your loved ones and it does all the thing by itself, iSmartGallery offers an extremely userfriendly and easy to understand ...    12 MB    Views 8059
weather radio frame picture show landscape set preview view
0    Use your iPad as digital Picture Frame. It show your selected picture and time, date and weather informations. A picture can you choice from your photo libary and it show at the next start. The picture show a optical mirror ...    670 kb    Views 5515

QTAKE Monitor

monitor ipad iphone editing camera view set server playback mode monitoring stream previous
+3    Simply turns up to 16 iOS devices into wireless onset monitors. In addition to multicamera monitoring, one QTAKE Monitor device can use the TALKBACK feature to communicate with QTAKE HD operator. QTAKE Monitor is the essential companion app of the most ...    14 MB    Views 8323

Tagflix Snap Mobile

snap production secure set
+2    Tagflix Snap is a simple and secure production tool for stylists, entertainment professionals and production teams that allows them efficiently organize and manage their work on set. Whether used for costume, props, makeup, set decoration, or locations, Tagflix Snap let’s you ...    33 MB    Views 9551


colour sequences create set designed
+30    Designed for light graffiti or painting, LightLoops is an app for creating repeating, animated colour sequences to be waved about in imaginative and creative ways. Create and name multiple RGB sequences, set up repeating subsequences, set the individual colour transitions from ...    310 kb    Views 7619


0    Thumbnail iOS App is a simple but useful App that can be used to build thumbnails from your video files as well as photos from your photo album. Thumbnail iOS App will extract still photos from your video file & produce ...    11 MB    Views 3235
Related Apps photo face erase set flip touch choose eraser
-9    Want to become a Wrestler? If you like be become a Wrestler then "Wrestler Face Touch" is for you. Key Features • Choose your Wrestler Face. • Select your photo. • Erase,Flip and Set your photo to Wrestler face. • Easy and fast way to erase. • ...    18 MB    Views 1737
Related Apps photo cut paste image face save set editor
+21    Description Cut Paste Photo Editor Copy any face or photo portion of one photo and place it on another photo. Here you can cut photo of man,animal,girl,birds and also to set in other photo of selected by you. Cut Paste Photos is ...    10 MB    Views 6102


photos map search location set post
+20    Casual landscape moves Somebody with TimeCapsule+. Post your photos where you are. Search the photos what somebody posted. TimeCapsule+ will gather all the memories human made all over the ground. Leave the beautiful Earth for the future. Features ・Post photos with comment and the date and ...    5 MB    Views 9641

Camera Timer Lite

time camera mode set shot countdown shots working including number
+14    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    10 MB    Views 8273

LightMeter Pro

time set exposure mode light pro manually aperture
+2    LightMeter Pro is an app that simulates a digital light meter. This app allows you to check the exposure settings of the analog and digital cameras to get the best exposure of the photo taken. settings LightMeter Pro will allow you ...    7 MB    Views 1295
stamp set buy japanese
-5    Best app emergence of new Japan. This app is drawing and stamp insertion can be app in the photo. This app stamp of standard equipment and we can also buy stamps in the app and use them there Buy can stamp, one type ...    5 MB    Views 9157
camera word text guide set manual built function features mode easyapp
-1    This EasyApp Guide is a portable guide to the Canon Rebel T4i/EOS 650D camera, with which you will experience an incredibly useful learning experience. This app is perfect for use in the field with your camera by your side. The ...    20 MB    Views 7418
Related Apps photo background set changer place effect
-1    Photo Background changer is a simple application for photo editing and changing the background of your selected photo and also set the related background which you want to set in your photo. Photo Background changer app erases background to remove the ...    9 MB    Views 461
Related Apps photos camera time set timer master mode interval mirror preview
0    ◉ How to take a good selfcamera picture. 1. Set the screen to mirror mode. 2. Set the wait time to the timer. (You can avoid the strange look at the moment you press the shutter.) 3. Set the time interval, and take multiple ...    7 MB    Views 282

Puri icon

icon set image supported touch ipod icons
-6    This app is create your own icons of your iPhone home screen. Four types of icons can be created. Phone Email Message(SMS) Opne URL You can set the icon image of the photos in your Camera Roll. and overlay the badge represents the type of icon. (You can ...    2 MB    Views 9133

Picture Collage

photo photos set color collage picture fun border fingers
+13    Picture Collage is a easy and fun App for you to collage you photos. You can set a photo as background canvas or just set pure color. Then,import photos from you photo library. Use you fingers to resizeing photos with pinching gesture. Rotate them ...    1 MB    Views 5162

X-Ray Wallpapers

Related Apps library wallpapers wallpaper image set application save
+27    This application contains Xrays wallpapers, Like: A skull drying his hairs, and other is smoking in electromagnetic radiation mode and many more..see inside our application.. In order to set the image as your wallpaper, hit the set wall but display on the main ...    2 MB    Views 7027


Related Apps time pictures set date picture
+11    Do you want to take a picture of yourself or with some friends and nobody around to press the button? iSelfies allow you to set a timer and take one or as many pictures as you want. Set the starting time, ...    7 MB    Views 4156
Related Apps photo camera photoblend set blend pro
-9    With Photoblend Pro Camera Blend you can combine two photos together for an amazing effect. Features: Set mode to automatic, manual or light trail Set self timer in seconds Start your photo session Edit the blending freeze and contrast Save ...    5 MB    Views 616


Related Apps photo sec timer set
-5    This app allows you to set a timer to automatically take a photo. You can take a photo of yourself with friends, just set the timer and take your place Timers: 10 sec. 15 sec. 20 sec. 3 shots: if enabled, the ...    378 kb    Views 6870
Related Apps photos wallpapers photo nature set
+4    GeoGlance Wallpapers HD brings stunning photos from around the world to your fingertips. Enjoy breath taking nature scenes, marvelous animal shots and most amazing cityscapes, all in pin sharp HD quality that allows you to view the photos in the ...    21 MB    Views 9020


camera ipad mode device devices picture remote switch set
+4    You can take a picture with two iOS devices which have Cheeez. One as a camera and one as a remote. When you take a group picture, a person who take a picture can be in a photo without rushing into the ...    1 MB    Views 7430
Related Apps photo photos independence day frames set publisher
+16    Show the world how people of Fiji celebrate Independence Day by sharing photos created by the top free app “Independence Day Fiji Photo Frames”. You should not miss the chance to set photos in Fiji Independence Day frames. This app ...    41 MB    Views 2665
Related Apps camera photo photos candid full screen products set
+9    Candid photo tools Set the fullblack screen Set automatic continuous camera Click on the screen to take a photo Completely turn off the flash Full use of help Camera save photos directly to the album This is a secret surveillance of ...    1 MB    Views 5725


video photo set capture lets record features
+18    A photo capturing and video recording app that has expanded features allowing for the uploading of pics and videos to various social media sites. Timers, delays and a one hundred photo picture capture limit. A video record selection lets you set ...    19 MB    Views 4433
Related Apps video music background generate custom set
-3    Easy to generate the Video from photos, it only need 3 steps: 1 Set the background image for video; 2 Set the background music from library for video; 3 generate video. Enjoy it    3 MB    Views 1379


text measure mode speed number iso exposure priority buttons tap set
+2    iLightMeter is a reflected light meter for iPhone. iLightMeter measures exposure with fnumber or speed priority, averaging the whole scene or in spot mode. It Includes CINE mode to visualize shutter frame rates. The dEV mode measure the under/over exposure with ...    3 MB    Views 4340
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