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0    FeelMemory is the space where keeping your most valuable memories. A free space without advertising, where your privacy is really protected. STORY OF MY LIFE Your best memories. Your childhood photos, those of your family, the last holiday... preserve the most ...    523 kb    Views 5523
+10    PrimeMoment is a photo management app that helps you to organize your memories quickly & easily with the use of TAG. Organizing memories is now free and simple Main Features: [ Tag your memories ] Create & add more than one tag on ...    44 MB    Views 4100


photos memories
0    Treasured is an online memory box, a place to catch, collect and cherish the memories you want to keep for the future. It's like a scrapbook you are creating over time. Treasured keeps photos, videos, and notes everything from ...    17 MB    Views 3790


video text audio photo photos fun clips share templates free memories
+15    Use your details and media clips to create a memory page in seconds. Unite your memorable photos, descriptive text and audio/video clips with one of our fun template designs. DotGlu automatically lays out the page in seconds and embeds the clips ...    44 MB    Views 9577
+24    For a limited time, your first photo book is FREE 10 premium, printed photobooks, photo collages, photo album videos to share all made automatically for you. Sound too good to be true? Easy peasy with Nowvel. MORE? Want to see Dad ...    12 MB    Views 9701

My Loves

love photos library loves remember albums memories colorful show easy
+5    Create albums of the ones you love with My Loves. It’s the best app for you that you will love forever. Do you love taking photos of your loves, friends, pets and all the people around. Browse your photos in a ...    22 MB    Views 7676
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+11    Add a notsoscary touch to all of your Halloween memories with Scrap It: Halloween. Scrap It: Halloween is the lastest in the Scrap It series that brings a unique scrapbooking touch to all of your photos and memories. Fun for ...    331 MB    Views 3661


photos videos building memories gallery order settings date
+26    Take photos and videos, package them together, add a song and send it to your fellow BOMers, but with an added twist...TimeBOM allows YOU to determine when the recipient is allowed to open the photo/video montage. You can set the ...    9 MB    Views 1624


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+19    Life is all about events and shared memories. OurPics is an app that lets you organize all your photos into events that are shared with friends and family. Because we believe pictures are never mine or yours, they are OurPics. Why ...    20 MB    Views 1779
-2    With Trunx, you can store and lock down all of your pictures and videos in a safe, private and secure photo vault without ever worrying about space on your device. You can also create private or secret photo albums to ...    39 MB    Views 178
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+5    This application collects images and transforms them to videos along with the music provided. Now you can easily organize photos of your iPhone giving a photo frame slideshow look to your photo albums Apply beautiful frames and filters to give an awesome ...    13 MB    Views 3644


time photos beauty photobook life create memories moments quality quick
-5    We print photos of your memorable moments into gorgeous photo books. Photobooks are for those precious times in your life that you want to preserve and be able to return to. We masterfully print the photos of those moments on premiumquality ...    8 MB    Views 5129


+3    FamilyArc is the private archive platform which allows families to save and share anything that can be digitized, including written stories, audio recordings, video memories, photographs, and important family documents. Through FamilyArc, your memories will be preserved securely and beautifully ...    26 MB    Views 669
Related Apps photos order snappy store full memories website
+3    With this app, you can order prints of all those photos on your iPhone or iPad and collect your order in our Milton Keynes store. And, any photos you upload, you can access later on our website, where you will ...    11 MB    Views 7689


memories create conversations share beautiful
+29    The minds of our children are wise, wonderful and witty. The things they say create some of the greatest memories we have with them. The problem is that many of these sayings and conversations go uncaptured and are lost over ...    33 MB    Views 9344


album pages memories favorite add albums choose
+26    Put your memories in your pocket with style and flair with Album, the photo album and scrap booking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Create albums of your favorite pictures and memories. Choose from over 200 beautiful page frames to ...    24 MB    Views 9430
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-3    Share videos & photos exclusively with your family, not the whole world. When you sign in you’re home You’ll see all the latest and past family memories. No more searching and digging for videos & photos on your phone, computer, or ...    27 MB    Views 5122


photo create album book memories digital pages
+14    The social photo book. Jnuine lets you create realtime photo books with your friends and family. BETTER TOGETHER Create a photo album from the mobile app and invite participants. It's on Everyone captures the moment and reacts to others' contributions. Every instant from ...    7 MB    Views 3533

Legacy Maker

0    Legacy Republic brings your favorite home movies back to life, preserving your family memories for generations to come. We turn your priceless videotapes, film, photos, and albums, into a private online account for you to access and share anywhere. An estimated ...    7 MB    Views 9844


travel photos policy discover memories product http
-3    Featured by Apple in "New & Noteworthy" Nov 2012 The 4 members of Team Trevi are proud to announce that Trevi has helped organize MILLIONS of photos thanks to your continued support We reached the top 10 in travel in ...    16 MB    Views 3112
photo photos effects amazing filters memories filter
+20    Take amazing photos and enhance them with amazing effects. This app is very simple to use yet is extremely powerful. Take your ordinary photos and turn them into sweet memories. Bundled with amazing photo filter effects this is a one stop photography ...    16 MB    Views 1886
photos photo iphone printing prints step print memories posted
+12    Postalgia Prints makes Photo Printing simple for your iPhone. Upload your Photos seamlessly, at the comfort of your own home, and get your precious Memories Posted right to your doorstep At Postalgia, we put our heart and soul into delivering High ...    NAN    Views 8735
camera voice photos function memories smile moment album record
-8    "RecoBook" is a camera application that allows you to take photos to record a voice. Voice and photos taken can be left in the album as memories of their own. You can use the "Smile Mode" function, the moment you became a ...    15 MB    Views 8233
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+9    Create amazing photo booth strips for Instagram No more cramming you and 8 of your closest friends in a small stinky box at the mall, now you can create awesome photo booth photos right from your phone. Just take your pictures and ...    27 MB    Views 2379

Bye Camera

0    It is a camera in the photo memories that leave before graduation, moving, and parting with the people and landscape, such as employment. This App has aligned the various filters to photos show a little old. You can also make the ...    3 MB    Views 1929
school art photo photos scrap days share memories fun layer create
0    Featured in AppsGoneFree. Your daily FREE app resource Add a fun, colorful touch to your kid's school memories with Scrap It: School Days. Scrap It: School Days is the lastest in the Scrap It series that brings a unique scrapbooking touch ...    245 MB    Views 6053
Related Apps iphone photos camera videos people store memories space secure
-9    PhotoCloud is an infinite camera roll, giving you the power to store a lifetime of memories at your fingertips. • Save Space One thing people love most about their iPhone, is that they can take amazing photos with it. But ...    7 MB    Views 3612
-7    Photos are things past. Literally. But when it stays that way, precious little moments are forgotten. We all have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos lying scattered in many of the social networks and online backups. This app helps to bring all ...    59 MB    Views 1834


running photos location memories life battery background
+2    Past Everything is in the Past. What were you doing exactly 1 year ago this moment? When did you have meal at this restaurant last time? Do you want the photos your best friend took of you at the beach ...    12 MB    Views 7700
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+1    Make your memories last forever with wedding photo frames.With Wedding Photo Frames, you can add wonderful frames to your wedding pictures, & easily share with friends and family. Choose from 70+ specially designed frames that make your wedding memories look amazing. Decorate ...    20 MB    Views 5819
videos personal photos media memories share
0    Ada is your personal media assistant. She helps you discover forgotten memories hidden deep in your Camera Roll. She'll make your photos and videos more fun and keep you entertained with colorful commentary, interesting tidbits, and even play some games ...    9 MB    Views 4676


Related Apps photos management photo time memories album location
+6    Photo Management PhotoStory Do you wonder When and where that you been recorded your precious memories? Let's record your memories through PhotoStory PhotoStory a sleek design and userfriendly interface is a photo management application. By default, the time and place to store your ...    1 MB    Views 5784


photo beautiful adjust today memories snapshots
+10    Take snapshots on our most beautiful photo app created using Apple's Swift technology that is in a minimalistic and easy to use flat design. Adjust is designed to turn your photos or pictures you've taken into snapshots to be saved or ...    10 MB    Views 3044


photos memories enjoy object collection wonderful link
+1    Memrica if you Love it, Link it Memrica creates a virtual short cut between your most precious memories and the favourite things around you. Make the link with the Memrica App and instantly enjoy those wonderful memories when you use Memrica ...    21 MB    Views 7712

One Certainty

Related Apps photos profile online upload view memories
+6    The One Certainty App lets you upload photos and memories securely to your One Certainty online profile. You can take photos using your iPhone camera at family gatherings such as weddings & birthdays, or of significant places to you, adding ...    1 MB    Views 7248

Tidy - Photo Album

Related Apps photos photo memories find awesome ios swipe album
+27    "Organize your photos with JUST ONE SWIPE with Tidy." TechCrunch, Feb 2014 NO MORE MESS WITH PHOTOS. Tidy helps you clean up thousands of photos in minutes. So get tidy with your photos and find awesome memories. Simple Swipes Just swipe to right ...    27 MB    Views 130
video photo movie photos camera music themes share visual memories
-6    We wish your special moments to be remembered Turn your life into 15second video clip Our mission is to provide a service where everyone could easily make a quality video in the blink of an eye. 15Seconds Photo Movie gives a new birth ...    160 MB    Views 7811


+30    Never forget your memories again INFOTO hails back to the simpler days of handwriting on the back of your photos. INFOTO is A photo management app that allows you to flip your photos to the reverse side so you can add a ...    7 MB    Views 3628


photos photo calendar facebook twitter time frame memories device mode privacy
+2    Driftback is an interactive photoframe app that displays all the memories from your device and social network accounts in one simple, beautiful layout. Randomly cycle through photos from Facebook, snaps from Instagram, tweets from Twitter, checkins from Foursquare and more ...    5 MB    Views 5619
Related Apps love photos facebook photo time prints order instagram amazing memories
+14    LALALAB (formerly known as Polagram) turns your iPhone, Instagram and Facebook photos into fabulous prints and mail them to you anywhere in the world It’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list or even just for yourself :) More than ...    67 MB    Views 569

Memories HD

Related Apps card cards photos facebook memories game face play player match players
-5    Memories HD for iPad is an exciting new game that returns you to your memories. Memories HD is a memory matching game that uses your photos to create stunning game cards to play with. Relive your memories with Memories HD. ...    18 MB    Views 6068

Vermont Memories

sports images memories weddings landscapes client view
+16    Vermont Memories is a Father, daughter, and son photographer team based in Vermont. We have over 30 years experience between us. Vermont Memories specializes in landscapes, sports, and weddings. Our app showcases our images of fine art weddings, breathtaking landscapes, and action ...    21 MB    Views 6354
-3    The FREE St. Pete Pier app forever captures the fond memories of Saint Petersburg, Florida’s world renown Pier. Send a Pier postcard to a friend with your picture right on the card Browse rare and beautiful photos of The Pier, ...    108 MB    Views 8592


print papers memories ultra glossy
+10    Print photos from your iPhone on luxury papers With JOHANNES you can print your most beautiful images and memories directly from the camera roll of your smartphone. But JOHANNES is not only a printing APP. Is also the opportunity of choosing to print ...    8 MB    Views 4101
photos photo wall pictures access moments build memories fun
-6    Add your best moments and your best pictures to your personal wall. Later, access all the pictures of your special moments again without endless searching and scrolling. A cool evening? A fun photo? An emotional moment? Simply make an addition ...    17 MB    Views 6338
Related Apps photo meaningful tagging special memories story
+1    Flashback provides an easy way to browse and manage your special memories. Based on our metadata analysis and photo indexing algorithms, Flashback automatically clusters your photos into meaningful stories. Instead of tagging everything with keyword hashtag, you can specify meaningful ...    13 MB    Views 9565
ipad photos australia family holiday postcard create memories page layer size idea
+12    Create your own travel postcards, collages, mini scrapbook pages while travelling. Make a postcard journal full of holiday memories, that you can share with family and friends on your ipad, print, email, facebook or twitter. A fantastic idea, to journal your holiday ...    197 MB    Views 7238


secret upload passwords lost folders memories phone
+15    What does it do? The App will allow you to upload an image directly from your camera phone or from your phone’s photo library to the Hideaway website, which can only be accessed at No secret folders. No passwords. No ...    7 MB    Views 9061
gps map memories location tag pictures locations places
0    Memories happen at different places, in different places and with different people. Owlocator helps you locate those memories on a map. You can tag & update your memories and organize them by location. All the photos and locations stay on ...    3 MB    Views 5407


Related Apps photos camera iphone photo ipad email sharing roll share memories create original
-9    Having trouble managing your pics and snaps? Meet MySnaps, the photo gallery that you, your friends and family will love. We’ve fixed the frustrations of organizing, finding, and sharing the great memories you haves snapped. With MySnaps you can easily and ...    3 MB    Views 8167
facebook memories story share 2006 friends life
+21    Memorink is the missing part of Facebook. Our personal stories on the Internet start with the uprising of Facebook in 2006. However, none of our childhood or teens memories can be found online. Why should our virtual world begin in 2006 and the ...    24 MB    Views 5201


flickr photos photograph stored free memories
+12    We believe your memories are what defines your life. They should be beautifully presented and easily browsable. They should be safe. They should not be stored on a device or computer that could break and make you loose them all. ...    1 MB    Views 3221

Memories r Us

order memories features photographer images prints
+8    Memories r Us is proud to bring you your own personalized app showcasing your images captured during your shoot. From this app you can show off your images to friends and family, share to social media, mail and your device ...    6 MB    Views 9865
photos frame memories set captions
+2    Snap it, cap it, frame it, share it... Add custom captions, frame it with dozens of beautiful templates, apply cool filters, and create memories out of your photos... Choose from an assortment of fonts, colors and tap and move to set your ...    13 MB    Views 6550
Related Apps photo photos camera prints order print sizes choose city upload memories
+1    Easily upload photos to share and order prints from Dan's Camera City, right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Pick up prints from any of our convenient locations in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Each print is handinspected for quality, ...    9 MB    Views 7761
time photo scrapbook moments times happy collage memories
+18    Time passes within the blink of an eye (happy times only). And what it leaves us with are memories of those happy moments. While we want to hold onto those great times but it escapes our clasp like sand. What ...    12 MB    Views 6418

Flipp Flash

time photos flash game level match care memories play
-2    PLAY WITH YOUR FAVORITE MOMENTS We all take pictures every day, but most of us hardly take the time to browse through these images afterwards. "Flipp Flash" is a image based game that allows you to bring your pics back to life ...    7 MB    Views 6678


+3      Take only photos on the road, is missing something as memories …   Just the movie, it will remain as memories.   But, just only took the video, and a little lonely …   By making it a diary wind with comments, videos commemoration of precious   It ...    3 MB    Views 5106
Related Apps photos photo iphone social memories professional networks share scanner ios
-1    "Memories" is the first and only app that turns your iPhone into a professional photo scanner With a simple Tap you will be able to digitize all your photos in a perfect way, applying professional photo effects and share on social ...    30 MB    Views 1768

mi Lifemap

family children social photos personal memories moments digital archive recall organize
+15    A Lifemap is a personalized archiving solution for a family's most meaningful memories. Upload personal photos and home videos, create private diaries, and backup your social media activity on an interactive and private timeline. Intuitively organize a comprehensive personal digital archive ...    11 MB    Views 4491
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