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+9    This app will turn iPhone into exposure meter for cameras. It can continuously measure exposure value and indicate the information without releasing the shutter. It allows you to recalculate and indicate the shutter speed together with other ISO values and F values ...    603 kb    Views 903

FLIR Tools

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+15    FLIR Tools Mobile an intuitive iPhone/iPad app for FLIR cameras FLIR Tools Mobile lets professional thermographers use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to see and capture live, streaming infrared video and stills from select FLIR cameras. With FLIR Tools Mobile ...    17 MB    Views 7887
+5    Are you gaining muscle / getting huge and want to track / compare your progress? Then My Body Log is what you need With each entry you can add... 4 Photo views (front,back,left,right) Weight Body Measurements (14 areas) Note (specific note on the entry circumstances, i.e. ...    6 MB    Views 5650

Tayenh 4.5

body measurement photo person picture room dress shirt measurements auto
+15    Tayenh 4.5 is a fun clothes fitting room and an automeasurement tool. The main menu is consisted of four choices, About Me, My Tribe, Portfolio, and Fitting Room. In About Me you can either manually enter your body measurements, or you can ...    7 MB    Views 2765


measurement photo measure camera card photos measurements reference object common scale custom length
+1    CamRuler lets you measure (almost) anything that you can take a photo of. Now you don't need to carry a ruler around just to get a measurement your phone's got you covered. CamRuler produces measurements by utilizing a reference object ...    7 MB    Views 1062


measurement times classic called list lock modern meter grid
-2    There used to be an entire industry based on red lights, that would have nothing (or very little) to do with scarcely dressed women they called themselves photographers. If you remember these times you probably call at least one of ...    8 MB    Views 3747

mVision Pro

wifi research videos measurement camera digital images application imaging applications options supports
+2    Experience the microscopic world in your hand. mVision integrates Ostec WiFi Digital microscopes and integrated camera into one common environment to provide an easytouse and consistent imaging solution with unrivalled performance. The versatility of mVision application makes it suitable for a ...    16 MB    Views 7649

iMeasure Pro

iphone measurements overlay needed lengths overlays pro
-2    iMeasure Pro is a fast and easy way to measure angles and lengths with your iPhone. Perfect for designers, decorators, contractors, engineers, architects, artists and dozens of other professions and hobbies where measurements are needed. For example, snap a few ...    690 kb    Views 7590


iphone measurement pinhole pro meter interest object cameras update light big
0    [ We are having a big Update on this app, while iOS 8 launches which crashes the app due to some keywords changes (ver probably). Please allow us to finish the big update with "bug fix" in one go. Please ...    14 MB    Views 3393


+14    Ultimate length utility measure lengths, convert metric to imperial and back again. Works with fractions of inches 1/32, 1/8 etc rather than the much easier (for the developer) decimals. Includes memory locations, store your measurements for when you need them. And ...    15 MB    Views 9750
beauty camera measurement
+8    How many points is score of your beauty ? This is a beauty measurement camera. it is measured by determining beauty. It is measured immediately after the camera can take a picture. and It can be measured with the photos are stored in ...    1 MB    Views 8047
card camera light meter grey measurements spot side
-6    INCIDENT LIGHT METER IS NOW FREE IMPORTANT NOTE: You need an 18% grey card to use this app PocketChris Incident Meter calculates the exposure time from two light measurements taken off a grey card. It works like an incident light meter for ...    2 MB    Views 1446
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-7    Turn your iPhone into professional Light meter. Exposure Value meter (Light meter) is an ideal application for every professional and amateur photographer. It will measure current lighting conditions and provide combination of relative aperture and camera shutter speed to make a great ...    2 MB    Views 7019

Reverse Projection

photo iphone camera overlay selected scene objects fixed position measurements
+7    Reverse projection photogrammetry allows one to measure and locate objects in an existing photo. The technique has application in technical fields such as engineering, forensics and law enforcement. In addition, the technique can be used in realestate, photography, film making, ...    1019 kb    Views 9204

Lumu Photo

camera photo light mode meter measurements notes average
+5    This app is designed to work with a Lumu light meter. Get your Lumu at Lumu is a light meter for the iPhone. Changing the way we think about light meters. For photographers with a heartbeat, individuals with a lifestyle, ...    13 MB    Views 9737


photography iphone measurement exposure
+13    iZoner turns your iPhone into an exposure and spotmeter. iZoner is a photographers tool for both production and education purposes. Learn to observe and translate eye/brain to photography real time exposure measurement with aperture and shutter priority adjustable measurement spot use ...    694 kb    Views 8927
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