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+11    PhotoBuddy your personal assistant in all photographic matters was in your pocket from the very first iPhone. Get ready to have it on your wrist withe your very first Apple Watch. PhotoBuddy provides convenient ways to help professionals and ...    4 MB    Views 5551

Me Pretty

+15    Make yourself look younger and wrinklesfree “Me Pretty” is a photo editing app professionally designed to automatically remove or reduce your wrinkles, freckles, moles or other imperfections while still making you look natural and gorgeous This app brightens your skin tone ...    2 MB    Views 5949


+1    iUniqable allows you to send photos to your blog. It supports posting photos to Facebook and Flickr. Intuitively obvious navigation helps to do it with pleasure and smile. post photos just after they have been taken; post photos that are ...    208 kb    Views 8287


+6    A Paint application for drawing Simple and easy user interface. A scrollable menu interface allows to select any options/tools you need to draw. It can draw, touch your photo in Photo Album, add small characters on the photos and create ...    4 MB    Views 197


+5    Hide your private or sensitive pictures. You can take pictures with PicVault or import them from your existing pictures. Create a PIN and lock them up Features: Picture privacy Take pictures from the camera (iPhone only) or import from existing pictures ...    811 kb    Views 5042
fashion twitter email facebook text design clothes draw show makeover add
0    Fashion Design Studio is an amazing fashion app that lets you create, customize and share your very own designs. Upload a photo of your clothes or use a model image and personalize each item with text, gems, studs, patches and ...    14 MB    Views 483
-5    Where was the picture taken? Koredoko shows the place of a picture in your photo libraries. Show place on map. Show latitude and longitude. Show date and time. Additional paid option (US2.99. to display the ads can also be used free ...    4 MB    Views 5236


photos photo time tools facebook iphone creative flickr fun image images combine fine background
-4    Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into creative and fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface. Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Remix your pets into a mythical creature, swap ...    39 MB    Views 8469


photo photos twitter facebook face beautify skin facial makeover level full
+29    Look your best Create the most flattering possible photo for Facebook, Twitter, or online dating sites. Beautify will automatically find a face in a photo, detect its features, and give you an instant makeover: • Smooths and tones skin • Whitens teeth • Improves ...    7 MB    Views 2935


+6    This application makes your iPhone to Digital Photo Frame. It rotates the interesting photos from the internet every day. It does not need any configuration. Just download and excute it You can enjoy fascinating photos instantly. Features Update the photos ...    63 kb    Views 5183
photo camera beauty effect picture selfie makeover beautiful select
-2    Beauty CameraPicture Effect "Beauty CameraPicture Effect" is designed to make your photo look more beautiful. Take a selfie and see the makeover magic effect. When you take photos in dark room, the face or object will not look as beautiful as usual. ...    14 MB    Views 1955


photo skin tool blemishes finish wrinkles makeover areas dark
0    Get perfect skin with PhotoFinish by ModiFace. PhotoFinish is a powerful photoediting application that lets users retouch their photos to achieve beautiful skin. With this app users can smooth away blemishes, wrinkles and any imperfections in just seconds. Features include: Cloning Tool: Retouch ...    15 MB    Views 8340
photo celebrity camera creative accessories face famous editor makeover instant pic
+4    Be an Instant Celebrity Keep those star glasses on and gaze into the limelight You are the instant star of the show InstaStar Photo Editor Pro: Transform Pics Into Famous Celebrity Face Makeover App is a cool, artistic and super fun photo ...    72 MB    Views 9105
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+1    Transform and have a n instant hairstyle makeover with Hairstyle Salon Photo Montage 2. Your hair is your crowning glory. Finding a stylish hairstyle that suits you and your personality is hard. Many trial and error, what would suit your face ...    69 MB    Views 672


photos flickr search browse view favorites comment tap contacts
+25    Charlie is a simple and intuitive interface to your Flickr account from your iPhone or iPod touch. With Charlie you can: See which of your photos (or anyone else's) are in Explore Upload photos, adding title, description, tags, privacy and location ...    1007 kb    Views 8717

Crazy Captions

photo apps library photos captions crazy image
+4    ======================== CINN DEV IS GIVING AWAY APPS FOLLOW US ON TO GET FREE CINN DEV APPS ======================== Crazy Captions is an innovate app that lets you add captions to your favorite photos Just choose a picture from your Photo Library or take the ...    136 kb    Views 7896


iphone library photo wow button screen kaleidoscope image play
-6    Kaleido is a highly optimized digital kaleidoscope for your iPhone or iPod Touch that uses OpenGL rendering for fast, responsive performance. You can take images from your photo library or directly from the iPhone's camera, and twirl them into an ...    602 kb    Views 6255
Related Apps photos photo note notes application great
-6    "the simplest and best photo note app" PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos. Now with PDF export PHOTO NOTE See something that sparks an idea, like something in a shop, find an article ...    325 kb    Views 2531
+26    Picoli for iOS7 is a completely new version of the popular photo editing program for the iPhone. With this app, changes big or small to existing snapshots and images are a breeze. Dowload it now and try it out for yourself. Standard photo ...    4 MB    Views 6016
results model cool makeover
+5    Want to look like a model? Get a makeover BeautyFusion does it automagically Try different hairstyles, sexy and casual looks, go blonde or brunette... the combinations are endless Show the results to your friends and get their opinion on your new look ...    66 MB    Views 7164
photo women men hair hairstyle makeover hairstyles friends easily suit
-6    FIND OUT WHAT IS THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS With Hair MakeOver you can try on many different kind of hair styles and hair cuts in less than a minute. Choose a picture ➤ Select ...    31 MB    Views 9063


drawing library photo color unique finger selection background erase
+2    IMAK Creations presents ColorTouch, a finger painting program with a twist. Instead of selecting your drawing color from a palette, you slide your finger across the entire screen and the background color shows your possible drawing color. Just lift ...    NAN    Views 6402
Related Apps photo printing iphone library instant motivational select colors mode sharing saved
+7    Instantly inspire your friends and colleagues with motivational pictures, right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds. Instant ...    553 kb    Views 7544

3D Gallery

photos art virtual house time gallery rooms walk great environment amazing view
-3    Walk through virtual galleries in realtime and include your own pictures iTunes reviews: "This application is absolutely spectacular The Gallery looks fantastic, and it is the perfect way to view photos and pictures in a unique environment 3D Gallery is an absolute ...    27 MB    Views 2103
-5    Beauty Princess Face Makeover A super fun app that turns anyone into a super beautiful model. Turn an ordinary photo into an awesome Makeup Makeover Portrait. Share your creations with friends thru email, Facebook, & Twitter. Save these photo works of art to your ...    12 MB    Views 1978

iBobble 3D

Related Apps iphone photo photos people camera social web head touch ipod heads
+24    iBobble 3D is a hilarious entertainment app for the iPhone and iPod touch that will make you and your friends laugh. Because laughter is the shortest distance between two people, iBobble 3D has been designed from the neck up to ...    10 MB    Views 4176


photos iphone
+4    DVRPics lets you display photos on your TV, through your TiVo DVR. PLEASE check the requirements listed below. Your friends & family will love seeing your pictures on the big screen, and it's all done without cables. Use your TV as ...    250 kb    Views 4802

Find your VS Shade

-9    Find your VS shade app is a virtual hair colour makeover application that offers you a chance to try a range of 24 shades before you try it for real. All you have to do is take your own photo, ...    NAN    Views 3372
virtual photo facebook accessories makeup makeover hairstyles modiface updated instantly eye
+3    This is the ULTIMATE makeup and beauty photo editing app created by ModiFace. 100 Celebrity Hairstyles, 2000 Makeup Shades, 20 Instant Looks, and MUCH more. That is a 20.00 value that is now only 2.99. Our next generation virtual makeover application ...    50 MB    Views 672


photo camera iphone flickr photos photography film cameras styles www white hip
+9    IMPORTANT: This is the classic version of CameraBag. The new version, CameraBag 2, is now available as a separate app in the App Store, and it is much better "If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag." New York ...    622 kb    Views 6178

Paint Light

photo editing design light save template great toggle canvas
+5    Light Brite inspired with option of a photo template Relive your childhood with a retro handheld simulation version of Lite Brite. Select from 24 different colored pegs and toggle the light switch to see the colors really light up Plus you ...    108 kb    Views 8645

Rotzy Photo Sharing

Related Apps photo photos twitter web facebook friends share sharing instantly followers comments
0    Rotzy helps you share and discuss everything around you through photos New Send photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and your own web site Create your own mobile photo blog Here's how it works: 1) Take a photo, and upload it to Rotzy 2) Your friends ...    480 kb    Views 1672
camera fashion dress stickers choose princess salon sticker makeover privacy
-5    Hey Girl Are you ready to dress yourself up in the hottest and most magical princess fashions? Me too Now you can design your own 'Salon Quality Fashions' like never dressing YOURSELF This is the BEST dress up sticker game ...    8 MB    Views 6831


language photo iphone camera effect setting english japanese random white black
+6    Takayuki Fukatsu's second camera application. When you take a picture with this, it provides several monocolor old style photo. Effect is randomly added to the photo from your custom effect set. Old Camera is focused on very simple but fun experience. There ...    1 MB    Views 3308

f/8 DoF Calculator

iphone camera photography apps calculator field lenses formats 35mm maximum
+29    Macworld: 4.5 mice Score 9/10 PDN Gear Guide: Top Ten iPhone App for Photographers ("...takes photography seriously.") Photography Gadgets: Field tested and highly recommended. CNET Reviews: One of the five favourite iPhone photo apps. iLounge: One of eight good to great new photography apps. Photojournalists ...    504 kb    Views 6128

No.2 Pencil

drawing photo apps library iphone painting draw finger line pencil image tap start tool
0    Draw with precision and control. Our unique virtual stylus lets you start and stop drawing on the exact pixel you intend, and see the line while you draw it. You're too old for finger painting, start using a pencil Touch the ...    841 kb    Views 9917
Related Apps photo chinese face step fair princess style makeover adjust
+19    【琼瑶】笔下,经典角色大变身 穿越时空两百年,清乾隆年间古装造型任意变 不论是皇上、小燕子、五阿哥、紫薇还是尔康 通通可以选择扮演 【步骤1】选择角色 【步骤2】直接对准五官按下快门 (或选取相片簿里的照片) 【步骤3】接着进行微调整 (不论是上下左右、旋转或放大缩小,通通可 依脸型、发型、去做不同位置调整) 【步骤4】除了可将照片储存到手机之外,还可立即 发邮件或转发至社群喔 还等啥?快来试试哪个角色最适合自己吧 Classical characters in Fair Princess, story written by the legendary script writer Qiong Yao, have a huge makeover Take the "Time Machine" to go back to the 1800s, you can go retro, the ancient Chinese style with the look of ...    19 MB    Views 4233
-1    • No. 1 Photo and Video app in 67 countries, with 65 million users and counting • The best FREE digital makeup and personal styling app. Look like a model in your selfies • Winner of CES's Innovations Design and Engineering Award Touch ...    68 MB    Views 6577


Related Apps language iphone photo setting toycamera english random vintage white panel black
+20    Takayuki Fukatsu's series of the first ToyCamera apps. This simple application changes your iphone's camera to the fun toycamera. You do not need any difficult setting or photo editing knowledge. Actually this app has any setting panel. All you need is just ...    1 MB    Views 5702
iphone card measure camera apps photo library ipad picture accurate accuracy
+26    Measure anything your iPhone or iPad can take a picture of 40% off Celebrating RulerPhone's success with a sale RulerPhone has now been downloaded by many hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad, and iPod users “ of the coolest apps I ...    8 MB    Views 4794

Photo Makeover

photo photos iphone library camera editing tools facial faces makeover expression features color results
+11    Making Over 10k beautiful faces per day worldwide Snap and swipe for supermodel photos. Slim faces, create smiles & enhance any face with professional Photoshop results Editor's Choice "Wow It works, it really works No need to go on a ...    27 MB    Views 503
photos flickr map features share locate
+3    Memoratus is your tool to keep you connected to the world of Flickr. Memoratus allows you to share your photos, browse other people's photos and locate photos near you on a map. Features: • View your photos on Flickr or upload new ...    909 kb    Views 4405
photo pumpkin card camera halloween select title album position replace save share
0    Pumpkinize yourself and create a high quality personal greeting card to get your friends and family into the Halloween Spirit Put your face on a pumpkin using a photo from your album or take one with the camera. Anyone can do it. ...    3 MB    Views 9218
Related Apps photo apple facebook photos mustache great makeover hair disco itunes colors
+16    Nothing represents the epitome of authority and raw manliness than a mustache. If you are looking to command authority, become more distinguished, or just be more of a man, look no further, introducing the Mustache Makeover Mustache Makeover can take an ...    15 MB    Views 5796

Shake It Up

Related Apps photo shake touch
+1    To shake up your life simply select a photo from your photo library and give your iPhone or iPod Touch a shake. Bounce your photo around the screen at high speed or touch and hold to stop the photo then ...    912 kb    Views 4680
virtual photo color makeover palette
+3    Virtual color The new INGLOT virtual makeover for iPad and iPhone allows you to experiment and create exciting new looks using INGLOT cosmetics famously vibrant color palette. Let your imagination run wild. Simply upload your photo and try Inglot colors directly ...    38 MB    Views 6660


iphone map library photo camera ipad photos postcards send style features beautiful save location current
-2    Create beautiful electronic postcards on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and send them to your friends and family. Pick an image from your photos album, snap an image with the camera or fetch a map from your current location. ...    7 MB    Views 6902


iphone painting photos art tools doodle paint image images works
-3    Squiggles is a paint and image app for the iPhone. Temp price reduction. More info below. Can run on IOS 5 Currently running on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 with OS 5 despite some incorrect user reviews. If you do have ...    14 MB    Views 7554

iFX Magic

Related Apps photo library magic effects
+18    Take a picture or pick one from your library and then choose a photo effects. And if you want, save it to your photo library. Then email it to a friend or upload to your computer. It's that simple. iFX Magic ...    518 kb    Views 1510


photo eyes zoom gesture smile
+2    With RealArtist you can add a smile to a photo and an even bigger smile to the person watching you do this. Take a new photo or pick a photo from your photo library and nudge and tweak eyes, nose and ...    928 kb    Views 181

Face Makeover HD

Related Apps photos photo iphone family face skin makeover pictures effects dreamy
+6    = Make glamorous photos with smoother skin = Dreamy & heavenly softener/toon effects If you've ever wondered why the models in magazines always have such perfect skin, here's your answer: Face Makeover is remarkably effective at transforming your photos into something that ...    9 MB    Views 3315
Related Apps photo photos library email camera navigate notes screen note application detail free picture
-1    "the simplest and best photo note app." Try it for yourself. FREE PHOTO + NOTE = PhotoNote PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos. FEATURES take a picture, then write a note group notes into ...    341 kb    Views 9256


Related Apps photo web support
-2    Having Trouble Saving Your Image? Make sure you've allowed LOLcatMaker access to your photo album in Settings / Privacy. LOLcatMaker lets you easily create your own LOLcats right from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just take a photo or select an existing one, ...    90 kb    Views 6580
cat photo cats virtual pet face makeover booth
0    Cat Face Photo Booth Virtual Pet Makeover A super fun app that turns anyone into a pretty kitty cat. Turn an ordinary photo into an awesome Cat Face. No need to go to the pet store or feline competitions to see amazing ...    13 MB    Views 9928
photo celebrity camera facebook email library twitter flickr images hair makeover booth share
+15    Use Celebrity Hair MakeOver Booth to create totally awesome images of you and your friends with the hairstyle of the Stars. Just grab a photo from your photo library, your phone's camera, Facebook, Camera+ Lightbox, Instagram, Flickr or Picasa then ...    20 MB    Views 9431


photos text comic photo iphone family bubbles effect book effects bubble
+26    With iBubble, you can easily turn your photos into funny comic book creations and then save them or share them via email to your family, friends and coworkers. With iBubble you can add comic bubbles and text to your photos. These ...    4 MB    Views 7751


Related Apps photos videos photo video albums slideshows website upload album support
+1    Control your Phanfare photo and video website from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Get the beauty and emotional experience of Phanfare slideshows on the go. This app requires a Phanfare subscription. PHANFARE FEATURES • Your own photo and video website at Phanfare • ...    6 MB    Views 1580

Mr. Shuffle

photo camera faces add funny captions shuffle roll built
+5    Mr. Shuffle is an interactive face making toy. It lets you arrange cartoon eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces. You can add captions and thought bubbles to customize even further. Best of all, you can take pictures of your ...    693 kb    Views 416
photo makeover super friends turn fun hats styles hair
-2    Make Yourself Over With Moustaches, Hats and New Hair Styles Makeover Launch Special 50% Off For Next 72 Hours Normally 1.99 Makeover Turn Yourself Into a new human is an essential app for 2014. If you want a Super Fun App ...    7 MB    Views 6451

Vint B&W MII

Related Apps camera photography photos ipad iphone black white vintage live shot
+4    Vint B&W MII vintage black and white camera photography The Original Black & White Camera for iPhone/iPad Quick Launch, Live Preview, HighResolution B&W Photos Vint B&W turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a stunning vintage black & white ...    4 MB    Views 8855
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