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Comely Wallpapers

+13    Wallpapers always come in handy. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous workflow. Some of the main categories includes: 3D and Abstract Animals and ...    5 MB    Views 9013

I Love Lebanon

+13    I Love Lebanon is a unique app allowing users to regularly view, rate, comment and share geoaware photos of the country's most amazing landmarks and points of interest. Features: Categorized geoaware photos View nearest photos on map View map locations and ...    1 MB    Views 7839

Love Wallpapers!

+25    This application contains beautiful images of love wishes from around the world and by the leading photographers and designers. You have never seen a collection like this.    3 MB    Views 290
0    Version without advertisements. Design love postcards with love and messages of love to say "I love you" Features: • Choose among more than 30 different backgrounds or card styles • Choose the text color • Write the text or the message • Add a photo or an image from ...    3 MB    Views 1132
-3    Your Photos in a Galaxy Pholaxy introduces a new amazing, entertained and innovative way for you to look and play with your photos. Forget about the oldfashioned boring way of seeing your images. Now your photos will be floating freely in ...    1 MB    Views 6
+2    Spread the Love with True Love Camera Add hearts, kittens, teddy bears, flowers, frames and more to make sweet photos to share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. iMessage, or Instagram kisses,    52 MB    Views 3146

Copycat :)

+15    Copycat is the best of the internet right on your phone. Watch the most popular videos and photos online, upvote the ones you like, and easily share the ones you love with your friends Find something cool on Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, ...    14 MB    Views 3229
love play favorite watch
0    Does your child love the Teletubbies? If so then they will love Play with the Teletubbies There is so much fun stuff inside to watch and do, you can watch your favorite episodes, dance along with the Teletubbies to all their ...    25 MB    Views 4032
0    What are you grateful for? Where do you wish you were right now? What's your favorite food? Show us Every day a brand new photo challenge is announced Post a photo for the challenge and see what people around the world ...    6 MB    Views 1594
+15    Smart buddy do smart work. So we are here to provide you with modern and unique way to send invitations to your love one by your smart phone by using “Smart Invitation. You can edit it as per your creativity ...    14 MB    Views 6384
+1    Do you love cowboys and cowgirls? How about rodeos and really awesome bucking horse riders, steer wrestlers, barrel and pole racers, and rodeo clowns? This photographic collection has the best pictures available of these amazing performers, taken from actual competition ...    5 MB    Views 2573

Cool or Fool

fashion photos love cool fool features
0    You love fashion and love critiquing others even more. "Cool or Fool" provides you a way to have a little fun. Ever caught a fashion brilliance or fashion faux pas in action, but had no way to share it? Cool ...    3 MB    Views 1322


love meet
+24    Hi, we are diana + viki, a married couple from Germany. We love us, photography+videography, god, LOVE, travels and to meet new people. We are based in Gießen near by Frankfurt/Main. Our passion is to create lasting memories for YOU. It ...    NAN    Views 8967
+2    Love Notes allows you to hand write a note to a special someone via MMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Pick from 30 pre made backgrounds or select one of your own photos. Choose from 7 pre selected colors or make ...    5 MB    Views 9473
love photo camera photos romantic typography share
+28    Take romantic photos with realtime love Typography frame and send them to the one you love FEATURES: Variety of Love Typography available. Add Typography to your camera or local photos. Reselect Typography after take photo. Both front and back cameras are ...    3 MB    Views 9009
love photo mom day everyday
+15    >> Love Mom App Love Her Everyday << Express your internal feelings to your mom in your own style with Love Mom App. Say you love mom every single day. Capture a photo/select that memorable moment with mom. Put into words ...    36 MB    Views 9177
love photography people writer photographer projects
+1    Established Photojournalist currently based in Mexico City. Erotic and Fashion Photographer. Writer. Editor. Publisher. Photography Trainer. Visual Provoker. I am a writer and photographer, and now the two things are related. I love the streets. I love people. The contact with ...    24 MB    Views 263
Related Apps photo love text frames fonts stickers pictures
+20    Photo Frames For Lover helps you create awesome looking and romantic pictures. Your sweet memories can be made more wonderful with lovely frame layouts, love stickers, fantastic drawing, beautiful fonts and much more. The only limit is your imagination. 
 Key ...    76 MB    Views 7316
-8    Love Notes allows you to hand write a note to a special someone via MMS(text message), email, Facebook, and Twitter. Pick from 30 pre made backgrounds or select one of your own photos. Choose from 7 pre selected colors or ...    6 MB    Views 8789
Related Apps love romantic photo frames
+22    Romantic love frames for your beloved. A MUSTHAVE for all couples in love. Seize the moment and capture all your wonderful memories together with these madly romantic love frames FEATURES: Easy to use. Simply swipe left and right to choose among ...    62 MB    Views 2953

Love Photo Frame

Related Apps love photo frames
+8    Amazing frames for your love Beautify your photo easily and funny. The most wonderful frames for love is coming soon Try it now And give your suggestion to me, and help make it better. Thank you    75 MB    Views 3775
Related Apps love beautiful collection
0    This is a spectacular collection of color photographs of the most famous and most spectacular bridges from around the world. Each beautiful photograph is accompanied by the name, location and some statistics about the bridge. If you love architecture, love ...    3 MB    Views 2629
fashion camera people love mode
-5    Produce iconic photos using a classical set of tools developed for people who love fashion, by people who love fashion. We are a group of fashion photographers who have made it simple for you to capture the shades, contexts and forms ...    17 MB    Views 8942

Mister & Misses Do

wedding love life
+12    Hannes Thun and Farina Deutschmann is the couple that breathes life into Mister & Misses Do Wedding Photography with their love for each other and passion for photos, weddings, people and their stories. With their love for details, they always ...    11 MB    Views 4798


Related Apps photo love share picture select
+3    Limited time FREE Do you know what's the meaning of 'Half is full'? Share Photo. Share Love. You have your favourite picture and want to share with your Friends/Lover/Family You love to change your Lock/Home Screen Photo BUT It's too difficult and trouble to ...    5 MB    Views 9699
Related Apps photo love effect effects instagram internet
+3    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION AceCamLove add Love effects and stickers to your photo. It is quick and easy to make a photo with romance There are 50 type of different effects to choose from. INSTANT one click effect. Even your child know how to ...    23 MB    Views 741

Lovey Frames

+3    THE BEST LOVE PHOTO FRAMES FOR IPHONE Apply beautiful frames to your photos. Take new photo with camera, select a frame and generate your love photo frames FEATURES + Very easy to use + Add writings/drawings to your photos. + Share your photos with friends    29 MB    Views 1925


love photo
0    Loveagram is the perfect way to show your affections to your love. Take a photo and use your voice to shower the photo with hearts, kisses and flowers and then share the movie with your love. For devices with cameras.    3 MB    Views 4812

Juventus Cam

Related Apps photos love cam fans share
+23    Juventus Cam is the app that allows all Juve fans to share their love for our team. With Juventus Cam, you can: take photos use the exclusive Juventus stickers to personalise your photos share your love for Juve with your friends ...    8 MB    Views 3077
Related Apps love photo captions
+13    Add funny and meaningful love captions to your photos Pick a photo Shuffle until you find a caption you like Share to Facebook, Save to album Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also said ...    4 MB    Views 7068
love pixies
+1    Skilled in the alchemy of Lightedpixels, Pixies conjure up alluring visions, of love in eternity found. The deeper rose, the saturated love, will hold you, spellbound. Pixies, for your fairy tale. Heady with fresh ideas and inspiration, the Pixies make their debut in the world ...    16 MB    Views 6687
Related Apps love cards free friends messages phrases
0    Adfree version. We have selected the best quotes and love and messages. Free Download this app to send to your partner and tell them how much you love him. Choose from different menu options: • Scraps of free love to share. ...    9 MB    Views 4998
Related Apps love photo frames
-6    Romantic love frames for your beloved. A MUSTHAVE for all couples in love. Seize the moments and capture all your wonderful memories together Truly, Madly. in love FEATURES: Easy to use. Simply swipe left and right to choose among many frames Customize your photo ...    49 MB    Views 2826

Monogram of Love 2

love photo monogram
-6    Monogram of Love allow you to design your very own monogram for special occasions, such as weddings and family gatherings. Designs can be saved for future modifications or exported as photo, ready to be used on invitations, letterheads, stamps and ...    29 MB    Views 5277
love camera nice send
+3    Wow, let's download the interesting and funny Love Camera for your beloved's surprise Take a photo and design with this amazing Love Camera. Then, send the nice designed picture/ card to your loves one and send a warm greeting now. Enjoy it ...    40 MB    Views 4553

Paradise Wallpaper

wallpaper love paradise beach ocean
-5    Make your phone a tiny escape with the stunning paradise wallpapers featured in this app If you love spending time at the beach, you’ll love the incredible beauty of the photographs in this app. This app features relaxing images of warm ...    3 MB    Views 442
+3    The 200 Most Beautiful French Poems of Love, from Madagascar to Quebec, illustrated with black and white photos. Several are nicely recited. Love Theme Wallpapers, image editor, paint tool, games. A little poetry in this world without soul.    33 MB    Views 1236


love photographers quotes quote author find
+23    Take with you, everywhere you go, 305 quotes by 65 of the greatest photographers ever. Search the quotes, to find the most adequate in every situation. Find suggestions, motivation and encouragement every time you need it. Browse the quotes by author, or ...    223 kb    Views 3197
Related Apps photo love photos mother day frames
+28    Celebrate Mother's Day by showing gratitude and love with photos. Today is the perfect day to tell your mother how special he is to you. Send her our cute and thoughtful Mother's Day photo and touch her heart with your warm. Key ...    44 MB    Views 6820

Little Selfies

Related Apps camera photos love selfies scene
+26    Capturing the perfect photo of your little one while they're smiling and looking at the camera can be hard... Little Selfies is here to help Little Selfies uses the front camera of your device to snap photos while displaying entertaining scenes ...    20 MB    Views 9754

Love Photo Quotes

Related Apps photo love quotes user change share application
-2    Love Photo Quotes is one of the application that allow user to take photo or choose photo from library and use existing love quotes and share it with friends. Application is very interactive because user can make its own photo with ...    9 MB    Views 8185


Related Apps text love photo choose
+25    Are you sick of the usual app with which to take pictures and apply effects? Now you can transform your shots in any text you want Choose a photo from your photo album or take a picture, then you can choose ...    4 MB    Views 6267

Dual Spark

camera love picture dual phone spark
-3    When you take pictures for your love ones, do you want to be part of it? Do you want to take that beautiful picture of the landscape and take your photo as well? Dual Spark app will help you to ...    7 MB    Views 3162


blog food love share
-7    Do you love food? Then you will love scoffa. scoffa is a simple way to capture all your favorite foods and amazing dishes, and share them on your iPhone or iPad. To be part of the community and join the feast ,all ...    3 MB    Views 280
Related Apps camera love time exposure pictures long
-6    We all love photography and we all love long exposed pictures With First Exposure, you will spend less time setting up your camera and more time taking pictures You are able to customize your inputs based on your camera's settings ...    3 MB    Views 1518
romantic love text frames stickers pictures fonts
-2    Love Frames helps you create romantic pictures for your lovers. Your sweet memories can be made more wonderful with lovely frame layouts, romantic stickers and beautiful fonts. The only limit is your imagination. Key Features in a glance Make Stunning ...    27 MB    Views 6148
romantic love valentine photo day heart booth
+1    ONE OF THE MOST ROMANTIC VALENTINE'S DAY APPS THIS YEAR Create heart warming pictures using the Love Photo Booth Try it now Hundreds of stickers to apply to your most romantic photos.    27 MB    Views 2884

Love Child Classic

Related Apps photo love album picture morphing features facial child
+7    Groovy Face morphing like you've never seen it before A picture of you, a picture of me, then let the mindblowing psychedelic magic of Love Child begin. Use the iPhone's builtin camera or select from your photo album Instantly blend and morph ...    1 MB    Views 1461
Related Apps photo love frame lovely frames great
-3    This is an amazing and lovely love photo frame app. You can turn your photo into some really lovely love filled photo using this app. There is design option for the photo you have in your gallery or you can directly use ...    57 MB    Views 3385
love photos likes instagram fast coins
+17    "Best app to Get The Most Real Likes FAST" Do you love sharing photos? Do you want more likes? Want to make it to the POPULAR PAGE? Become an InstaSTAR over night with this beautifully designed app that can literally transform you to ...    14 MB    Views 8258


love city
+12    Let me take a picture of the city and share love. Follow us photos of the city I love.    4 MB    Views 9934
Related Apps love cards free friends phrases messages
+20    We have selected the best quotes and love and messages. Free download this app to send to your partner and tell them how much you love him. Choose from different menu options: • Scraps of free love to share. Love messages ...    13 MB    Views 6730

Love Photos

Related Apps photos love
+12    BEST LOVE PHOTOS EVER In this application, you will find tens of love photos which will help you to express yourself easily. You can send SMS, email etc. with photos in Love Photos. NO Internet Connection needed    40 MB    Views 9748
Related Apps cards love picture easy pictures funny
+14    Take a photo of a friend and let the tool generate "I love you"cards or funny pictures. It's easy: 1. Choose picture 2. Position it in the frame. Resize the picture with 2 fingers. 3. See the funny results Features: High quality pictures Easy to ...    13 MB    Views 8172
love pictures quotes share hearts symbols lovely
+26    Lovely pictures to express your love Share photos with your friends and lovers Create lasting memories With this app, you can improve your pictures in a very special way. Decorate your pictures with hearts, love quotes, and symbols of love. ...    36 MB    Views 5822
love photos images internet
+13    Your Source for Love's best photos. There are already more than 200+ latest photos. App Requirements: internet, wifi, network: to download pictures on the internet. Features: Amazing Design Backstage Photoshoots DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial app Love. The images used in this application are available by using Image ...    4 MB    Views 4959


love kiss
+2    It lets you tag your cutie, or yourself, with a smooch that says "You're mine" Let 'em know how much you love 'em by planting a kiss on them. Just point your phone at the one you love and with your finger ...    2 MB    Views 8740
love facebook
+1    We are Carmen and Ingo, a European destination wedding photographer couple based in Munich. We love traveling, people and capturing moments of LOVE. Besides shooting weddings, we teach and mentor fellow photographers and help them grow in this amazing industry. ...    NAN    Views 4315
Related Apps love cards free phrases friends messages
-2    Adfree version. We have selected the best quotes and love and messages. Free download this app to send to your partner and tell them how much you love him. Choose from different menu options: • Scraps of free love to share. ...    17 MB    Views 5209
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