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+18    Read metadata for any standard format images in your library whether it was taken on your iPod. pocket camera, or DSLR. Note: Because photos may contain GPS coordinates, this app require location service to access the photo library. If you denied ...    169 kb    Views 5801
photos browse location votes push
+12    Wish you could see all Instagrams taken at a given location? Not only can you see them now, but you can vote on them too Upvote all your favorite 'grams and watch 'em bubble up to the top. You even ...    5 MB    Views 4527
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-1    MyPhoto Weather Pro will give the opportunity to take your photos taking the maximum of your camera. You don't need to worry about the environment condition the application will select the best properties to take the best photo. Now you ...    38 MB    Views 6984


Related Apps location save
+6    Whether you're an amateur photographer learning the trade or a professional hunting for your next great shot, finding the right location can make a huge difference to the quality of your photos. PhotoScout lets you save locations as you stumble across ...    1 MB    Views 1928


photos location track free
+5    iPhotoMap is a another FREE App from the team that allows anyone to visually organize their photos based on locations that they were taken. Users simply navigate the interactive map to locate their photos. It is that simple. Vacationers ...    4 MB    Views 6861

Aura - Get Closer

people location room services
-3    Aura helps you get closer with the people in the same room as you. see who's in the same room as you easily send anonymous friend requests to the people you hang with chat with screenshot detection and messages that ...    17 MB    Views 7399


location object
+14    Anonygram is an anonymous way to share photo's with other people around the world. Open the app, and type in a location or object, and see what others are taking pictures of in that location or of that object. Get ...    2 MB    Views 931


photos map search location set post
+6    Casual landscape moves Somebody with TimeCapsule+. Post your photos where you are. Search the photos what somebody posted. TimeCapsule+ will gather all the memories human made all over the ground. Leave the beautiful Earth for the future. Features ・Post photos with comment and the date and ...    5 MB    Views 9641

D the Agency

+5    D the agency is the first agency in the Middle East to focus solely on representing creative talent for commercial, art and creative projects in the mediums of stills photography, digital video and film. Focusing on niche and specialised talent ...    1 MB    Views 8956

Gold Camera App

+3    Get your better checkin today using your existing social media accounts. GoldCamera makes any location a virtual photo booth – enhance your photos with personalized location info, claim rewards for sharing, and collect souvenir photos. For more information, visit: Features: · Easily share ...    5 MB    Views 6355

Altitude DC+

Related Apps camera altitude display location
-4    A camera can display altitude and location map in the photo.You can manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance parameters, like using SLR. Photographs can also display latitude, longitude, location and time. The camera is ideal for use in ...    3 MB    Views 632


photo time photos earn snap events services join cash
0    Snapbuck was born to reward you for doing the things you love – take photos and earn cash. Each time you snap a photo, no matter when or where. You will earn 1 Snapbuck. The fun doesn’t stop there. Join any ...    NAN    Views 4059

Photo Location

map photos photo address interactive location
-6    Photo Location is an interactive tool that enables you to take photos with your address and map. Features: ✮ Interactive map ✮ Zoom levels ✮ Address ✮ Share with friends ✮ Save to library Localize your photos.    19 MB    Views 8514

Exif Manager

Related Apps photo location metadata
-9    Find where and when a photo was taken. Open the location of photo if available in Maps See all available metadata: time, location, camera, etc. Portrait and Landscape Mode for iPad Remove Metadata Set and Edit GPS Location    10 MB    Views 7630

Take it Again

Related Apps photo previous overlay location
-7    Take it Again helps you take a photo in the same place and in the same way as a previous photo. It has a unique overlay feature that aids you in lining up your new shot to match the old ...    2 MB    Views 2489

One Degree

location smart
+29    Collaborative Intelligence By 2020 the number of smart devices globally will surpass 6.1 billion. Our goal is to make it possible to reach anyone on earth with a smart device in order to request information from their location. That might be a ...    5 MB    Views 2137

Photo Collage Ultra

Related Apps photo photos email social location frames collage services background access ultra
-2    WARNING Read the NOTE in the end of this description to give access to your Photo Roll, the app need this to work perfect. Photo Collage Ultra helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking using frames or freehand and share them ...    20 MB    Views 9371

PicasaSync Lite

photos web lite uploads pictures cloud services sync picasa
+4    NOTE: App requires location services to be turned on in order to upload pictures... App works perfectly if you have problems please email us if app is not working its likely you do not have location services ...    1 MB    Views 6950
+2    Infinisee encrypts and backups your photos to the cloud services of your choice. Beside this, Infinisee will synchronize your photos between all your devices. You own your photos again Before upload to the cloud, every photo will be encrypted with ...    6 MB    Views 1902
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-9    We Heart Pics is a one of a kind, photopowered, fullfeatured social network. It's a place where we talk without words. = UNIQUE === Empower your creativity with hundreds of readymade ideas for photos All content is structured and allows you ...    22 MB    Views 3796
photo photos printing flickr web print poster canvas prints services
+3    Print your photos online directly from your iPhone With PosterPrint you will love to print your photos on Canvas or Poster PosterPrint is a is a great way to order your photo prints in a canvas, poster or framed artwork. In just few ...    12 MB    Views 224


Related Apps photos photo location view
-6    Onephoto is a fun photo sharing and browsing App. Anybody can upload the current photo and location for all to see. The main (Onephoto) changes every time a user submits a new photo. Submitted photos can also be view by location by ...    574 kb    Views 2692

Photality Pro

photos photo application filtering launch services location filters adding filter
+11    Fastest and smoothest way to filter and subscript your photos. This application simply allows you to apply filters and add text to your photos. Just select photo, choose filter and enjoy the result. Features: Live camera filtering Photos filtering (wait more filters) ...    5 MB    Views 169

Distress alert

email alert setup location button
-9    Click on the alert button to send a distress alert with a front and rear camera photo, a Map location and a location address. The distress alert will be sent to an email (up to 2) that you define in the ...    260 kb    Views 8383


+11    With a beautiful and simple design, Imagem gives you powerful and easy ways to browse, organise, save, sync and share your photos and images. Browse Use the simple and agile interface to preview your collections of photos and images Navigate through ...    6 MB    Views 3306

Shootipedia Free

Related Apps community perfect shoots share location free
+4    Shootipedia is the community driven app that allows you to browse, find, rate, share, and submit the perfect location for photography shoots. Powered by professional and amateur photographers alike Shootipedia keeps getting better as the community grows. Share that perfect location ...    11 MB    Views 3278
photos pinterest search library camera photo web flickr private albums images secret easy services safe import lite
-3    Private Photos+ Free No more worry about the unexpected photos on your Camera Roll, or Photos Stream. Private Photos Lite keeps your photos from Camera, Photo Library, and popular photos service such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, ...    16 MB    Views 2983

Hush Chat

-1    Share your photos and videos secretly with all your friends With Hush Chat you can have fun and share all those silly moments with your friends. Just snap a pic or take a video and share it instantly and securely on our ...    26 MB    Views 6336
Related Apps photo time instagram location check
-4    Check serendipity from instagram photo. "Serendipity" find same time and near location photo in Instagram. 1. Input instagram user id 2. Click image 3. Wow. it's same time and near location instagram photo.    1 MB    Views 4302

Location Clapper

-3    Shows location and date information for photo shoots. A custom title at the top can be added.    257 kb    Views 4190

SnapMap App

Related Apps photos friends location
+28    Friends Snaps at your location. A new way to search and share photos with your friends. See your friends photos they have posted at your current location. You can see and comment on all your friends pictures that have been taken within the ...    783 kb    Views 4173


work photography search amateur people photographers thousands agencies showcase agency professional contact services daily
+15    Litmind is the social network where models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and agencies meet to work together, · Are you a photographer? Get Litmind and browse through thousands of models keen to work. Either professional or amateur, paid or TFP. Follow ...    1 MB    Views 7593
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-6    Share images on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Webhooks at once Load an image, add a caption, select all of your favourite social networks and blogs and post to them with just one tap. Can't be easier and faster than ...    20 MB    Views 4654
photos instagram photograph share services displayed application
+23    Have you ever wanted to save photos and videos of Instagram? InstaSpread is the application which can share the photograph contributed to Instagram in various services. [Support] Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive (The correspondence to , Flicker is planned from now on) [Features] The photograph contributed ...    8 MB    Views 6640
photos ipad iphone photo network sharing application services website slideshows albums
+16    KoukouTV is a new service for turning your iPhone or iPad into a connected digital photo frame for sharing albums and pictures. The application supports various photo sharing services including Flickr, Picasa, Tumblr, Facebook, mixi, TwitPic, Lockerz and Photoshare. Even if ...    1 MB    Views 3918

Hanon The Camera

photography camera services
+29    Hanon the Camera is a Singapore based photography boutique that offers professional photography services at an affordable price. This apps provides information about the services provided by Hanon, showcases portfolio and allows users to schedule photography appointments.    18 MB    Views 5745

Mail Images

Related Apps email images location requires mail
-7    Easily add multiple images at once to an email. Quickly resize images to a manageable size. No restrictions on the number of images attached. Requires an outgoing email account set up on your iPhone. Note: Accessing the photo library requires enabling ...    504 kb    Views 842


+29    Shootipedia is the community driven app that allows you to browse, find, rate, share, and submit the perfect location for photography shoots. Powered by professional and amateur photographers alike Shootipedia keeps getting better as the community grows. Share that perfect location ...    18 MB    Views 1951
Related Apps information address check location exif
+11    Is an application to verify the address of the location information to parse the Exif information has been recorded in the photo was taken. Because you can easily check the location information, also available as a security check.    1 MB    Views 8880


social communication media services moments everyday special capture part pictures
+5    In the rapidly changing environment of technological development where Social Media is part of our everyday life we decided to evolve the way of communication between us beyond ordinary. In our Application we include different aspects of everyday communication between us: • ...    7 MB    Views 9499

Pic Stamp Pro

Related Apps photos options add location
-7    Ad Free This is perfect for photos needed as evidence of the date and location it was taken. It is really easy, just take a picture and add your current location as well as the time and any label of your choosing. You ...    4 MB    Views 7766


photos love hashtags remember share services fans products
+5    Description CrowdAware app gives you an easy way to show and tell your favorite brands how much you value their products and services without having to remember hashtags. Share your best photo shots with all other fans and add comments. Play ...    1 MB    Views 3234

Album Publisher

Related Apps photo photos facebook text camera album publisher sharing device services add picasa
+1    Album Publisher will help you easily create photo albums on your iOS devices and share them with family and friends using photo sharing sites such as Picasa and Facebook. You start an Album by either creating a new album or importing ...    430 kb    Views 8835

Altitude DC

Related Apps camera altitude display location
-3    A camera can display altitude and location map in the photo.You can manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance parameters, like using SLR. Photographs can also display latitude, longitude, location and time. The camera is ideal for use in ...    7 MB    Views 5591
property home clients inspection services viewer portfolio
-5    This app was designed by ELJI Services Home, Property, and Marine Inspections to provide a portfolio viewer for our clients to view their cutting edge property inspection reports. We have embraced the spherical photography technology as a home inspection tool that ...    7 MB    Views 4099


ipad photo library camera gps apple map photos workflow location images metadata services reset image
0    PhotoReview The premier photography examination and analysis application for iOS. This application requires Location Services to be on and to be enabled for the App. Without location services being enabled for the app the iOS Photo Library appears blank. See Below. Please help ...    2 MB    Views 8695

Prolab Digital

Related Apps digital clients prints world products print quality services
+5    Prolab Digital is your source for quality printing services. For decades the world's most respected artists and photographers have trusted us to create their fine art photo prints. We provide our clients the highest quality digital prints on acrylic, water ...    980 kb    Views 6819


photo selfie service free print application services
+5    In order to improve a good service and costumer satisfaction. Telkomsel, known as a biggest GSM service provider company in Indonesia makes a special service with a digital theme called Grapari Digilife Dago which is located in Bandung city. Digilife ...    12 MB    Views 3986
Related Apps time print location date timer
+3    This is an easy to use application which you may need to use everyday. You could change all settings while you are shooting photos. You could set timer, number of shoots, print date/ time or location details of your place. If you are ...    918 kb    Views 540

SnapStamp Camera

photos stamp photo add share location
-3    SnapStamp lets you quickly add awesome stamp to your photos. Share your moods, loves, likes, quotes, party photos, food, location and more Feature Swipe to select stamp Add a sweet filter Share Take Photo / Pick from photo library Add Location    2 MB    Views 3357
Related Apps photo photos location share exclusive badges
-8    Share where and what you are doing with our new, groovy and gorgeous location based photo app. Exclusively designed location badges will light up your photos and make them pop PinPic can automatically detect your location and let you snap your photos ...    9 MB    Views 7981
photos videos photo camera facebook flickr search management folders save offline files download services roll google
+2    Organizing and enjoying your photos has never been this easy Cloud Gallery lets you view and manage your photos from your favorite services like Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Drive with a beautiful and easy to use interface. Download the app ...    19 MB    Views 3933

True Mosaic HD Pro

Related Apps photo photos printing ipad email camera library mosaic tile color mode create services mosaics location
+18    The ONLY iPad app that allows you to create HIGH RESOLUTION (11 megapixels) TRUE photo mosaics using photos that are actually on your iPad, FAST TRUMOSAIC mode actually matches picture color information to create mosaic instead of using an overlay. ...    20 MB    Views 3287

Pic Stamp Free

Related Apps photos location options add
+3    This is perfect for photos needed as evidence of the date and location it was taken. It is really easy, just take a picture and add your current location as well as the time and any label of your choosing. You can ...    4 MB    Views 4618


video camera frame photo movie videos shooting location roll access based services moment
+23    Make a picture from video simply「MovieToImage」 About MovieToImage You want to post to the SNS the scene of video. At such a time as this, this video app can be useful You can capture the picture the video easily. So you no ...    4 MB    Views 3096


Related Apps photos videos camera iphone time organization photo video personal photographers location share services add ios remove privacy
+1    Organize, edit and share photos and videos online, safely. Pixelgarde lets you view, add, remove or change geotags, dates, time of day, titles, authors and more for better content management. You can add blur to photos for additional privacy, add ...    5 MB    Views 7492
Related Apps photos iphone photo animation spin animations location view setting ios vertical services
-1    Stunning 3D animation powered by cuttingedge iOS 3D technology. With this app, you can view your photos in 3D slideshow and switch between them in cool animations. iPhone 5 larger screen is supported. This app requires Location Services to access your ...    14 MB    Views 9679


photos location shows
+16    A simple application that shows photos near you. For example when traveling, it gets your exact location and shows you photos taken at that location.    271 kb    Views 2410
Related Apps photo show location detail place picture
+2    Where was the picture taken? Koredoko shows the place of a picture in your photo libraries. Show place on map. Show latitude and longitude. Show date and time. Additional paid option (US2.99. to display the ads can also be used free ...    4 MB    Views 5236

Angelic Studio

media social photo read studio services reviews shared leave
+11    Angelic Studio is located in Ipswich, Queensland. Angelic Studio is made up of innovative, fun, funky ideas and traditional concepts all wrapped up in our small team that aim to produce their best for you. Our team understands your need ...    12 MB    Views 6628
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