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Cloud Assassin

+10    Cloud Assassin is a social, photo snapping game inspired by the reallife game Assassin. • Invite a group of friends to play. • Players are assigned a random target. • It is your job to take your target “out” by covertly snapping their ...    6 MB    Views 7341

Distress alert

email alert setup location button
+27    Click on the alert button to send a distress alert with a front and rear camera photo, a Map location and a location address. The distress alert will be sent to an email (up to 2) that you define in the ...    260 kb    Views 8383
+13    A new way to expose your thoughts, photos, and controversial topics to people all over the world. Your content ripples to more people as others like it, and you can track on a map how far your posts travel. How far ...    13 MB    Views 2245


photos map search location set post
+3    Casual landscape moves Somebody with TimeCapsule+. Post your photos where you are. Search the photos what somebody posted. TimeCapsule+ will gather all the memories human made all over the ground. Leave the beautiful Earth for the future. Features ・Post photos with comment and the date and ...    5 MB    Views 9641
+3    Is an application to verify the address of the location information to parse the Exif information has been recorded in the photo was taken. Because you can easily check the location information, also available as a security check.    1 MB    Views 8880

SnapMap App

Related Apps photos friends location
+25    Friends Snaps at your location. A new way to search and share photos with your friends. See your friends photos they have posted at your current location. You can see and comment on all your friends pictures that have been taken within the ...    783 kb    Views 4173


+10    DropShot is the exciting, new application that allows you to interact with the wonderful world of anonymous photo walls. No need to sign in. No history. No identification. Just public displays of digital art linked to your current location. Open the ...    5 MB    Views 2573

Pic Stamp Pro

Related Apps photos options add location
-1    Ad Free This is perfect for photos needed as evidence of the date and location it was taken. It is really easy, just take a picture and add your current location as well as the time and any label of your choosing. You ...    4 MB    Views 7766


+29    Instagoal is not affiliated with or endorsed by any sports leagues. Any trademarks used in the app are done so under "fair use" with the sole purpose of identifying their respective entities. Add live scores to your photos and share ...    4 MB    Views 4962
-5    Pixmarx the Spot™ How about a Free camera app that puts your logo or event information into the active camera lens BEFORE you take a picture? Your logo and graphics are stored in our cloud as a frame whereby ...    32 MB    Views 5597

Mail Images

Related Apps email images location requires mail
+12    Easily add multiple images at once to an email. Quickly resize images to a manageable size. No restrictions on the number of images attached. Requires an outgoing email account set up on your iPhone. Note: Accessing the photo library requires enabling ...    504 kb    Views 842

Instant Photobook

Related Apps photo 9899 instant photobook album albums pictures date location picture
+3    Instant Photobook allows you to create a PDF photo album from the pictures stored in your phone and share it easily with your friends. With Instant Photobook you can create your photo album in only 3 steps: pick the album style, ...    8 MB    Views 7767
Related Apps photo photos camera pictures document location progress picture stored great find overlay
+1    Retake Photo Toolbox 3in1 pay for one App and get 3 great tools 1.) Store and share locations along with a pictures and other informations or relocate stored locations. 2.) Document progress of any kind with pictures using photo overlays. 3.) Visually ...    2 MB    Views 7009

Exif Manager

Related Apps photo location metadata
-9    Find where and when a photo was taken. Open the location of photo if available in Maps See all available metadata: time, location, camera, etc. Portrait and Landscape Mode for iPad Remove Metadata Set and Edit GPS Location    10 MB    Views 7630


community perfect share location shoots
-3    Shootipedia is the community driven app that allows you to browse, find, rate, share, and submit the perfect location for photography shoots. Powered by professional and amateur photographers alike Shootipedia keeps getting better as the community grows. Share that perfect location ...    18 MB    Views 1951


photo location information send privacy
+13    This is an application for removing location information from photography and protecting your privacy. JPEG Photo images have location informations as exif by which we can know where they were taken. It's very useful. However sometimes we need to remove them ...    269 kb    Views 6304

Location Clapper

+1    Shows location and date information for photo shoots. A custom title at the top can be added.    257 kb    Views 4190
Related Apps photos map edits export edit locations location
+25    DoKo is an app that makes editing dates and location information in photos easy. Edits are saved directly to the photo, so photos won't duplicate and fill up the camera roll. Share photos to Mapion Odekake Album, Instagram, and Flickr with shooting ...    10 MB    Views 5495
+12    Anyone can take a great picture, but only you can take a great selfie. Know When It's a Selfie Moment. There are so many amazing things in this world that anybody can take a normal picture of, but only you can ...    3 MB    Views 355

Altitude DC+

Related Apps camera altitude display location
-3    A camera can display altitude and location map in the photo.You can manually adjust the shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance parameters, like using SLR. Photographs can also display latitude, longitude, location and time. The camera is ideal for use in ...    3 MB    Views 632

Greetings from

Related Apps world location
0    The first app that allows you to create vintage "Greetings from" postcards Choose from 10 unique postcard templates Select your "Greetings from" location from a list of the 50 states Add your photo to the background to be seen through the letters of ...    18 MB    Views 5772


Related Apps photos photo location view
+15    Onephoto is a fun photo sharing and browsing App. Anybody can upload the current photo and location for all to see. The main (Onephoto) changes every time a user submits a new photo. Submitted photos can also be view by location by ...    574 kb    Views 2692

SnapStamp Camera

photos stamp photo add share location
+26    SnapStamp lets you quickly add awesome stamp to your photos. Share your moods, loves, likes, quotes, party photos, food, location and more Feature Swipe to select stamp Add a sweet filter Share Take Photo / Pick from photo library Add Location    2 MB    Views 3357
Related Apps photo location
+14    A location based photo taking app to let you put your location to let your friends know where you were in that photo. Beautifuly crafted with custome theme will make your photo more pops and more elegant. There are few styles: basic ...    3 MB    Views 6083

EZ Report

+9    With one click, EZ Report takes a photo or video and emails it along with a map showing your location or the location of an object of interest. Adds text and a link that gives directions to the location. Uses: • Email ...    113 kb    Views 7811
people photos based location anonymous
-7    pBoard is a forum of photos. It's the best tool to share photos anonymously with people around you. People start discussions & join other people's discussions on pBoard just like other forums, the only difference is you taking a photo ...    2 MB    Views 2855

Mobile Flickr Lite

search photos flickr list mobile picture custom friends location
-2    Mobile Flickr can make the iphone/iTouch to browse easily, and take the beautiful moments in a timely manner. It is so simple to use MobileFlickr,and You can find the beautiful photos from the world. according to your interests to order the ...    1 MB    Views 9124
+3    Where was the picture taken? Koredoko shows the place of a picture in your photo libraries. Show place on map. Show latitude and longitude. Show date and time. Additional paid option (US2.99. to display the ads can also be used free ...    4 MB    Views 5236
Related Apps time print location date timer
-4    This is an easy to use application which you may need to use everyday. You could change all settings while you are shooting photos. You could set timer, number of shoots, print date/ time or location details of your place. If you are ...    918 kb    Views 540
photo map camera photos paris stamp location add picture pictures friends captions
+13    Why share plain pictures when you can stamp them with your location to create great looking postcards? For example, you are travelling to Paris and will visit the Eiffel Tower. Instead of sharing a simple photo of this wellknown landmark, you ...    3 MB    Views 1528

Photo Gopher

photo gps data picture format file creation location turn
+6    Photo Gopher lets you pick a picture from your device's photo library, and then goes digging for metadata information about that picture which it then displays, including, but not limited to: Places : GPS coordinates, an annotated map, and if ...    4 MB    Views 5770


web location image site water tree application
+23    This is Free Mobile based application for nature lovers and environmentalist working for restoration and conservation of Natural resources. The application can also be used by forest departments and local municipal corporation for keeping track of the trees planted by ...    9 MB    Views 9299

aDrive Photo

Related Apps photo time map camera trip compass iphone car picture location image current application
+30    aDrive Photo is easy and simple to use application combining functionality of car digital dashboard and specialized photo camera. Have you ever regret that you did not have time to take a picture of something interesting on the road, because you ...    2 MB    Views 263

Nevada Film Office

film office location mobile
+8    Experience the Nevada Film Office services on our new free mobile app With the Nevada Film Office mobile app, you have over 10,000 photos representing more than 900 potential locations right in your hand wherever you are. You can search ...    11 MB    Views 7523


shooting map camera picture day markers location
+1    The "PicLoc" is a picture viewer that can display shooting location markers into map. The Features Do not grouping markers even if zoom out the map view. The individually photo filtering by "Year", "Month", "Day", "day time". The camera that can ...    10 MB    Views 2757


map people photo pictures picture location upload uploads share follow
+7    Location Based Photo Sharing. All pictures have a time AND a place. Be a part of this beautiful world map. The best pictures for every location are displayed ON the map (not as a pin on the map) Share your ...    5 MB    Views 478
exif viewer information location data service
+13    Use Exif Viewer to show your photo's EXIF data. EXIF tags provide useful information such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the picture. Important Please grant EXIF viewer location service (which ...    2 MB    Views 4951


+8    Never lose your photos' location information again even when printing them GeoPic saves the location where a picture was taken as a small, unobtrusive QR code directly on the photo that way this information will never be lost again, ...    10 MB    Views 1656

Gold Camera App

photos photo camera location
-4    Get your better checkin today using your existing social media accounts. GoldCamera makes any location a virtual photo booth – enhance your photos with personalized location info, claim rewards for sharing, and collect souvenir photos. For more information, visit: Features: · Easily share ...    5 MB    Views 6355
Related Apps photos data remove location
+14    Remove location data from your photos before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest    5 MB    Views 1807


photos location shows
+3    A simple application that shows photos near you. For example when traveling, it gets your exact location and shows you photos taken at that location.    271 kb    Views 2410

Shootipedia Free

Related Apps community perfect shoots share location free
+26    Shootipedia is the community driven app that allows you to browse, find, rate, share, and submit the perfect location for photography shoots. Powered by professional and amateur photographers alike Shootipedia keeps getting better as the community grows. Share that perfect location ...    11 MB    Views 3278

Photos Location

photo photos location address album street add list
+2    Photos Location lets you keep a list of spots that you find interesting. You go somewhere with your iPhone or iPod touch and press the Get My Location button to obtain GPS coordinates and the corresponding street address. You can save this ...    1 MB    Views 3560

Picture Information

Related Apps photo metadata file date picture location data
+29    Inspect all the possible data stored about each photo.Photo data may include location (if enabled by the camera), date, device, software version, file size, file name, and so on. This app shows all possible metadata. This app will not guess ...    4 MB    Views 1857


photo photos tags direction location add algorithm
+2    Find photos with your location and direction 1. Upload your photo with tags Tags can be inputted with the interactive UI 2. Query photos from your location and heading direction New direction kNN search algorithm is used 3. Automatically add tags to your photo Server automactically ...    402 kb    Views 6588


picture location address document created user
+3    Certify any image. Anywhere, anytime. Whatever the mishap, shot it with Stamphoto. You get a legally binding document certifying date, time and picture GPS location The issued certificate is legally valid and kept for 5 years by a third trusted party. Stamphoto ...    14 MB    Views 3477


Related Apps photos management photo time memories album location
+12    Photo Management PhotoStory Do you wonder When and where that you been recorded your precious memories? Let's record your memories through PhotoStory PhotoStory a sleek design and userfriendly interface is a photo management application. By default, the time and place to store your ...    1 MB    Views 5784
exif tags location data editor modify information remove picture files
+25    Exif Editor supports viewing and modification of EXIF data of your pictures. EXIF tags can reveal information you do not want to share such as your position, captured device information, or information about tools which were used to enhance the ...    843 kb    Views 6436
Related Apps photo time instagram location check
0    Check serendipity from instagram photo. "Serendipity" find same time and near location photo in Instagram. 1. Input instagram user id 2. Click image 3. Wow. it's same time and near location instagram photo.    1 MB    Views 4302
Related Apps photos gps data location
+27    This application allows you to create photos without GPS data from your existing photos. You can select multiple photos at a time and copied them to Camera roll without GPS data. In addition, you can check the location, date and map ...    1 MB    Views 7787


map location note realtime happening battery
+25    Visor is the world's first realtime map See what's happening at any location, right now, in realtime See an event line, a nightclub crowd, products in a store, a rioting mob, and much more from the palm of your hand. How: 1. Ask ...    33 MB    Views 2917


favorite remember location
-9    MapSnap helps you remember your favorite spots. Whether its seafood restaurants or skateparks, you can take a photo and MapSnap will store it for you along with its location. You can also use photos from your library and MapSnap will ...    2 MB    Views 9583

Live - The App

facebook people photos stories account location
-8    Share your stories and photos with people around your location. Receive latest stories from people around your location. Speak Freely: Post your stories and photos to people around you anonymously. See the stories that are happening around you. Note: This App ...    6 MB    Views 3078

Pic Locator

photos time stamp share picture location instagram mail dropbox mms
+12    A location based picture App which lets everyone know exactly where and when the picture has been taken with a date/time and location stamp. PicLocator allows you to share with friends through FB, Mail, MMS, G+,Dropbox, Instagram etc. in real time. ...    11 MB    Views 9002


Related Apps photo time based location sharing
+3    A location based photo sharing app with image filter and unique time and distance search options. 1SnapShot can be used as a photo app, a location based photo sharing app, or as a syndication tool for web services. Add your ...    898 kb    Views 4813

me is here

Related Apps facebook ipad twitter change layouts quality location swipe mode simple picture
+25    Share your view with anybody Simply take a picture and upload it to facebook, twitter or send it as mail. Simple to use and free universal app for iPhone, iPad touch and iPad multiple layouts with location details and weather infos ...    3 MB    Views 5683
Related Apps photo photos library iphone time pictures album private location password picture worry
+11    Secret Photo You must have all kinds of photos in your phone taken during your everyday life, among which might be your gorgeous selfportrait, pictures with your lover, and precious photos you once collected. It may be embarrassing that your private photos ...    23 MB    Views 2894

Pic Stamp Free

Related Apps photos location options add
+2    This is perfect for photos needed as evidence of the date and location it was taken. It is really easy, just take a picture and add your current location as well as the time and any label of your choosing. You can ...    4 MB    Views 4618

Picture Grid

Related Apps camera iphone time measure grid picture view location grids
+10    Picture Grid allows you to project virtual grids into the camera view. The main grid remains horizontal regardless of the motion of the camera. In addition, the location and orientation of the grid, as well as the scale, can be ...    5 MB    Views 6954
Related Apps photo photos navigate directions location application information
+11    This apps help you to navigate to locations where pictures have been taken. Navigating to where you have previously taken photos has never been easier. Just select a photo and press the navigate button to launch the iPhone maps application which ...    395 kb    Views 7891
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