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CamCat Pro

+1    This application works in versions less than iOS5. The person of the OS of iOS6, iOS7 hopes that I do not install it. CamCat is newly released as "CamCat Pro" featuring the design and functions for professionals. CamCat Pro is a multifunctional camera ...    6 MB    Views 7421
+9    The Official City of York app takes you on a magical tour with hologram characters from the past materialising mysteriously around you The app uses a breakthrough technique called UltraReality, which recognises locations and automatically brings performances of people from the ...    50 MB    Views 5960


+5    Pictoria is an allinone camera utility that does your day to day photo related tasks from photo snapping to Facebook upload, from searching the photo to finding photo's exact location on the map, from contact assigning/exporting/emailing photo to finding it ...    638 kb    Views 5438
maps photos iphone photo time camera map compass email navigate google location direction
-1    Make and Share Google Maps Snapmapper makes building maps of your travels as easy as taking pictures. You found a great little outoftheway restaurant, will you remember the name next time you're in town? Can you tell your friends how to meet ...    4 MB    Views 2919
0    Browse and view the photos from Google Panoramio. More than 800 cool places around the world from will give you plenty of fun to explore the world with photos. Geotagged Wikipedia articles, if available, provide context to those photos. Features: ...    18 MB    Views 2067


photo map photos location view version information marker ios8 display
+5    “PhotoLocationViewer” is mapping application to view photo location. Loading photo's geotag, Display marker pin on map with the photo location. Features: View photo locations on map with marker pins (only as photo given GPS information). View collection and fullscreen preview with marker ...    12 MB    Views 1472


photos photo search map share messages capture visibility description post
+26    Description Photo4tune is a free application that provides a simple way to capture and share the best moments of your life on your iPhone. All the photos you post will appear on the world’s map showing the place they were taken. Photo4tune ...    10 MB    Views 1913


photos photo map camera iphone information location exif display position stored edit
+14    position information of the photos taken on your iPhone, do not be taken care information? GeoRewriter is an app that you view and edit Exif information and position information of the pictures stored on iPhone. [Function] · I will display photos stored. It ...    10 MB    Views 8003


map photo photos set share address title label location select
+27    Experience a new way of sharing your photos. Let your friends and family know where you took your images by adding a map to them. MapShot drops a pin on the map to exactly the address where your photo was ...    5 MB    Views 4094

Best Photo Times+

+16    Best Photo times simulates the position of both the Sun and Moon, helps you determine the best shooting time to compose your pictures based on the direction of the light for any moment, any location. FEATURES: ✓ Sunrise and Sunset Times ✓ Moonrise ...    3 MB    Views 1160
photo photos map search photographers panoramio view delete contest google add
-7    The app allows you to search Panoramio photos from map view and view Panoramio photos by photographers. Features View popular photos from Search Panoramio photos from a visible map region Search geotagged Wikipedia articles from a visible map region Explore ...    16 MB    Views 5745


map location note realtime happening battery
+25    Visor is the world's first realtime map See what's happening at any location, right now, in realtime See an event line, a nightclub crowd, products in a store, a rioting mob, and much more from the palm of your hand. How: 1. Ask ...    33 MB    Views 2917

EZ Report

email map directions location report link interest picture showing address
+9    With one click, EZ Report takes a photo or video and emails it along with a map showing your location or the location of an object of interest. Adds text and a link that gives directions to the location. Uses: • Email ...    113 kb    Views 7811
Related Apps photo map photos video instagram save username location don
-5    Save, download or repost any photo or video on Instagram with ease. IGBrowsr is the cool new Browser for Instagram Photo browser ▸ Swipe through Feeds like you are accustomed with the native "Photos App" on your iPhone ▸ Tap the username to ...    2 MB    Views 1545
Related Apps clock solar gps time travel map location sunset sunrise times twilight
-2    Get reminded when it's sunrise or sunset, wherever you travel Great for photographers find the golden hour times on any date, anywhere. Sol: Sun Clock is the Swiss army knife of sunlight tools with a design inspired by the simplicity of ...    12 MB    Views 7291
memo text photo time camera map data address title location category picture date
-9    Taking notes with pictures The address for current location is recorded, and the map can display it. A memo can be easily grouped by the title/the category, so the related pictures and information will be organized. [ feature ] 1.The photograph is taken, ...    1 MB    Views 7393


map photo photos maps camera location information google check
+27    "Loooks" Updated version of new app "Exift" released. Search for App Store "Exift" or Download for URL Check EXIF data of photos, taken iPhone, iPad, a digital camera. If contain location information to photos, check taking location in Map App. Amazing features of ...    9 MB    Views 8725
search cards web map email card field users remember access print printer airprint
-8    Field interviewing for law enforcement taken to a whole new level. SSL Storage. Field interviews are stored on a secure server for web access and retrieval if the user switches devices. Photos. Take pics of tattoo, vehicles, persons, acquaintances, etc. and attach ...    14 MB    Views 535


+7    Fotomem lets you achieve photographic memory using the power of your iPhone Where did you park before a long trip? Snap and forget Fotomem will find your nearby photos when you get back. Found a spot you don't want ...    1 MB    Views 3025

Loc Cam

map photo photos recording video videos camera cam location features add
+16    Loc Cam is a camera to record moments and locations. Loc Cam will show exactly where a photo was taken by adding a map, which could be customized to your flavor, on the photo. Also, It could add a customized map on ...    943 kb    Views 6080
time map navigation location information venice guide image images city practical
-6    The Venice Photographer’s Guide has all the practical information that will help you to take memorable photographs from your journey to Venice especially if your time is limited to 1 or 2 days. It will guide you to 25 selected locations ...    41 MB    Views 1123
Related Apps photos photo map search wikipedia panoramio find provide cool places tiles
+14    Browse and view the photos from Google Panoramio. More than 800 cool places around the world from will give you plenty of fun to explore the world with photos. Geotagged Wikipedia articles, if available, provide context to those photos. Features: ...    16 MB    Views 2210
map twitter email facebook photos time locations location create pictures existing pic
-1    MapAPic is a premium location scouting app for photographers and film makers. It saves you time and effort by organizing all your shoot locations in one place, with geotags, hires pics, sunrise and sunset times, your tags and notes, and ...    6 MB    Views 2179


photo map photograph date location application information copy position tap choose
+16    This app copy the date into a photo by simple operation, or deletes position information. It is convenient to see the address and a map of a photo.  The photograph of plurality can be processed collectively.   [Copy date into photo] Tap the photo ...    2 MB    Views 6696

Geotag Editor

+1    "Geotag Editor" enables you to edit the location data (geotag) of the photos. [Map Display/Modification/Deletion Function] Map display and modification can be performed for the location information (geotag) recorded in the photograph. Location information can be added to photographs taken using ...    326 kb    Views 3343


photos photo library search location terms iptc tags
+3    Picktures makes it easy to pick photos from the library on your iPad or iPhone. Choose which photos you want to see by specifying one or more of the following terms: • Country • State • City • Location • Keyword • Date (year, month, day) You ...    111 kb    Views 2714
moon map time search photography maps research photographers planning sun features location elevation photographer types
-1    "Head and shoulders above the crowd is The Photographer’s Ephemeris. Odd name, great app." National Geographic The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) helps plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It's a mapcentric Sun, Moon and Milky ...    29 MB    Views 5670


-9    Casual landscape moves Somebody with TimeCapsule+. Post your photos where you are. Search the photos what somebody posted. TimeCapsule+ will gather all the memories human made all over the ground. Leave the beautiful Earth for the future. Features ・Post photos with comment and the date and ...    5 MB    Views 9641


search photos people browse map spots interesting events groups city
-1    ClustTour is a better way to search, discover and browse interesting city areas, POIs and events. Whether you are planning a trip or just want to check out how a place looks like, ClustTour offers a large collection of photos, ...    5 MB    Views 8260


photos map journey location view tracking diary mode views
+24    Walk through your photos into a journey. Your journey never lost. Automatically convert your photos into the theme of your journey; tracking of your journey and identifying the location of your photos by GPS. Pikaboo Journerybox is about content management and can create ...    5 MB    Views 4474
Related Apps photos map edits export edit locations location
+25    DoKo is an app that makes editing dates and location information in photos easy. Edits are saved directly to the photo, so photos won't duplicate and fill up the camera roll. Share photos to Mapion Odekake Album, Instagram, and Flickr with shooting ...    10 MB    Views 5495

Mobile Flickr Lite

search photos flickr list mobile picture custom friends location
-2    Mobile Flickr can make the iphone/iTouch to browse easily, and take the beautiful moments in a timely manner. It is so simple to use MobileFlickr,and You can find the beautiful photos from the world. according to your interests to order the ...    1 MB    Views 9124

Best Photo Times HD

moon photo time map calendar times sun location select light date
+19    Best Photo times simulates the position of both the Sun and Moon, helps you determine the best shooting time to compose your pictures based on the direction of the light for any moment, any location. FEATURES: ✓ Sunrise and Sunset Times ✓ Moonrise ...    2 MB    Views 2139


time moon photographers ipad map elevation locations view angle sun find location
+5    LightTrac is a must have tool for all outdoor photographers. Quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subjects outdoors. The elevation and angle of Sun changes throughout the year depending on the ...    11 MB    Views 2355
Related Apps photos map photo flickr search panoramio show view picasa ios location
+27    Search & view geotagged photos from Flickr, Panoramio, 500px and Picasa Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of photos Show full screen photos Show ...    18 MB    Views 9031


map photography photographers locations great add option discover location spot
+5    The photographer's app for discovering and sharing interesting photography locations around the world. Finding the perfect location is one of the most important aspects of outdoor photography. Geoscover is a tool that helps discover new great locations for photography ...    8 MB    Views 2892
Related Apps photos map photo trip camera pin location address add current tap display
0    Drop Pins on a map by either using the current location or typing in an address. Add photos to each Pin by either using the builtin camera or copy them from your photo album. Group Pins together into Trips. Select a ...    867 kb    Views 1097

Photo World Free

-9    Description Note: support site being relocated. Please use developer contact for support questions. Retinaready, tested on iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. Planning a vacation? Want to check out your old neighborhood? Curious about exotic places? Photo World lets you search, view and save ...    8 MB    Views 8869
Related Apps text map search notes images note notebook folder folders pin copy
+3    Note All stores and organizes notes and makes them easy to find. STORE Notes can contain text, images, map locations and sound clips. These are called note elements. ORGANIZE Arrange your notes into multiple levels of folders and into separate notebooks. Sort each folder by ...    8 MB    Views 3068


map people photo pictures picture location upload uploads share follow
+7    Location Based Photo Sharing. All pictures have a time AND a place. Be a part of this beautiful world map. The best pictures for every location are displayed ON the map (not as a pin on the map) Share your ...    5 MB    Views 478
gps photo iphone map information location data remove file
+9    PhotoInfo App and Extension App shows the place of photo and extended information and GPS in your photo libraries and able to remove location of it. + File Information file name, size, date color, width, height + GPS location on map latitude, ...    2 MB    Views 7374

Geo Photo Explorer

photos photo search history map web facebook share tap preview gallery galleries
-5    Spend hours exploring the world through geo located photos. This application provides an easy way to explore, organize, manage photo galleries and share photos from Google Panoramio and Flick. Recommended for all virtual tourists. ===== SEARCH ===== Find photos from visible region ...    5 MB    Views 961

GoPhoto Pro

photos search twitter pro share notes location add
+29    GoPhoto Pro makes it easy to add comments to your favorite photos. Share with Twitter + TwitPic and keep your world updated with your latest thoughts and pictures. Quickly organize and search your photos using tags. GoPhoto Pro automatically keeps ...    3 MB    Views 6624
Related Apps photos map photo flickr search panoramio show view picasa ios location
+6    Search & view geotagged photos from Flickr, Panoramio, 500px and Picasa Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of photos Show full screen photos Show ...    15 MB    Views 409

Image Data

gps iphone photos library map photo image data ios metadata images access location shows
-1    What is new in version 2.0.2 new image picker new look & feel detect photo library changes improved speed shows file size shows file name (on iOS 5 and up) iOS 6 ready shows all metadata dictionaries supported by iOS ...    787 kb    Views 9237


photo map ipad navigate location geo show slide
-2    GeoSnapShow allows you to see each photo in your library while simultaneously showing you a map of the location where the photo was taken. Features: • Browse your snaps while seeing their location on a map. • Flat UI iOS 7 look, ...    2 MB    Views 2273


Related Apps photos search location choose display pic click locations date
0    You've got a zillion photos on your iPhone and want to look up the photos you took in May 2010? or all the photos you took just in 2010? or the Photos you took in Fiji? or the photos you ...    1 MB    Views 8939
Related Apps people map world ripple posts battery location
+3    A new way to expose your thoughts, photos, and controversial topics to people all over the world. Your content ripples to more people as others like it, and you can track on a map how far your posts travel. How far ...    13 MB    Views 2245
compass moon map camera calendar view path showing location position light current
-8    Provides a list of LUNAR PHASES, a CALENDAR view, a FLAT VIEW COMPASS, a MAP VIEW and an AUGMENTED REALITY CAMERA 3D VIEW showing the lunar path and its hour intervals. Ideal for photographers and anyone involved in outdoor nighttime ...    12 MB    Views 2556


Related Apps map camera photos gps iphone location picture pictures world places shown
+1    Are you missing the picture on map feature ? Picture Map is for you Picture Map is presenting your iPhone camera roll content in a new and exciting way With PictureMap, you will no longer ask yourself "what place is on ...    2 MB    Views 4155


map iphone camera dog photo gps cats cat angle direction location pictures elevation
-3    This application works in versions less than iOS5. The person of the OS of iOS6, iOS7 hopes that I do not install it. “Where and how did I take this picture again?” Have you ever had that thought? Pictures you take with CamCat are ...    7 MB    Views 6239


photos map gps people search photo share fun show
+4    Share here now. Weryoo there? The hottest events, best travel spots, and tastiest meals are now on the map. Add your photos and hashtags to the map, share with friends, and explore what’s going on around the world see what’s ...    16 MB    Views 618


iphone map library photo camera ipad photos postcards send style features beautiful save location current
+14    Create beautiful electronic postcards on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and send them to your friends and family. Pick an image from your photos album, snap an image with the camera or fetch a map from your current location. ...    7 MB    Views 6902


photos map album locations location limited step
-2    This app is designed to tag a photo to a location on the map. You will be able to name your vacation album, take as many photos, and collect your locations on the map. Take or use your existing photos ...    841 kb    Views 7290
photos flickr photo gps twitter map videos browse upload location mobile including exif fotos
0    Mobile Fotos lets you browse and upload to Flickr, including finding photos taken near your current location, playing videos and GPS location and EXIF in uploads. KEY FEATURES: • Upload full resolution photos to Flickr, including background uploading and upload later, EXIF ...    5 MB    Views 3206
gps map memories location tag pictures locations places
+2    Memories happen at different places, in different places and with different people. Owlocator helps you locate those memories on a map. You can tag & update your memories and organize them by location. All the photos and locations stay on ...    3 MB    Views 5407

MapPhotos Lite

map photos photo flickr show view panoramio manage location
+13    Load and show Panoramio, Flickr, Picasa & 500px geotagged photos on a map view. Features Find & show photos from Panoramio & Flickr & Picasa on a map view Search geotagged Wikipedia articles Show a thumbnail view of nearby photos Show ...    18 MB    Views 3514


moon map calendar compass sun location height set date shown
+30    Are you a photographer trying to catch that special shot with the Moon in just the right position? Planning a photographic expedition and need to know when and where the Sun will rise? Shooting video and need to know where ...    9 MB    Views 585
Related Apps photos map photo text audio gps search description filter geotag location
0    It goes without saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. That may be true, but where and under what circumstance is the photo taken, what is the photo all about? You may want to enhance your photo with ...    6 MB    Views 765


map photo search content share mood memories filters specific moment day create
+8    Lillipuz is a FREE app that allows you to create, store, share and relive the most important moments in your life, in a simple and innovative way Share your memories via text, photo, audio, video as well as a drawing, and ...    16 MB    Views 3391
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