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+2    The missing link in highend Smartphone Photography SKRWT is here No more crooked lines This keystone and lenscorrection tool turns your phone into a view camera. All hail symmetry. CORRECT LENS DISTORTION Converging lines have always been a given in iPhoneography due ...    3 MB    Views 8867
+5    The BEST Vintage Photo Editor and Old Camera App on AppStore, with Quick and Easy editing tools and Industry Film Coloring Standard to simulate the vintage photos. Do you know the famous vintage twinlens reflex camera (TLR) like Rolleiflex, Kinaflex, Duaflex, ...    3 MB    Views 9917


+27    Kalipo turns your iPhone or iPad camera into a kaleidoscopic lens. Take photos while looking through a kaleidoscope tube, without an addon lens. Kalipo gives you an amazing real time view with advanced geometry. Kalipo lets you shoot, edit and share ...    9 MB    Views 5488

Frame Composer

+14    Starsoft(C) Frame Composer is dedicated for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad mini. It works much the same way as a standard directors viewfinder, yet it is more accurate. It is equipped with more features too. It ...    144 kb    Views 4913


-3    The definitive ToyCamera app TiltShiftGen has been reborn for iOS7 TiltShiftGen2 is an app that allows users to take photos in various styles such as ToyCamera or singlelens reflex camera styles. In addition to acclaimed features from the previous version such as ...    24 MB    Views 5970
lens lenses gopro
+1    Lens Corrector corrects/removes radial distortions which occur with wide angle lenses, such as used in GoPro Hero cameras, and fish eye lenses. Lens distortions are especially visible on aerial photography where straight lines, such as the horizon, show significant curvature. Features: ...    349 kb    Views 3914

Magic Lens

magic library photos photo laugh lens angry works friends
+18    Please use the magic to your photos via various magic lens of 'Magic Lens'. Amazing magic world you never imagine will appear to you. You will experience that your friends or colleagues, family will look like a monster or look very funny. Also use ...    7 MB    Views 4055

Lens Exchange LITE

-1    Taking a picture by different camera and lens, yet preserving same angle...not uncommon situation in commercial photography world. You might have to calculate lens size whenever you encounter the situation. Lens Exchange set you free from calculating again and again in ...    453 kb    Views 9535
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-4    Your iPhone camera is not good enough? Try Camera Plus with enhanced Overlays and Retina graphic support. Make your photo moments memorable with Camera Plus easytouse and addictive. Camera Plus is a handy tool for quick and powerful image editing on ...    3 MB    Views 2322
+12    Over 3,000,000 downloads(the paid and free version) all over the world.Thanks to our users.We will continue to add more cool features Featured on the iTunes Home Page in "New and Noteworthy" , "What's hot" and "Staff Favorites" in Korea. You want to ...    30 MB    Views 8603


Related Apps twitter time sphere photograph lens size change picture setup saved
+18    Let's collect favorite pictures into the sphere A sphere lens is processed into a style which looks at a photograph with a spherical lens. It makes the photograph that the glass ball has floated in the air, please try The guide of a ...    11 MB    Views 8078
camera color cam fan screen colors filter lens team
+4    Turn your camera into a creative image taker with Fan Cam Simply tap your screen to change the color filter until the lens matches the colors you desire and then snap your photo. Fan Cam includes over 25 different color ...    10 MB    Views 9886
calculator camera film frame lens length focal area view field subject size
+4    This App contains more than 130 lenses of Canon mount.Lenses include Canon,Sigma,Tamron,Tokina,Zeiss,Voigtlander and Samyang. This App also has many calculators for photographic formulas, include DoF Calculator, FoV Calculator, FoA Calculator, CoC Calculator, Magnification Calculator. Functions as follows: 1 Measurements: Contains Sharpness,Distortion,Vignetting,Chromatic Aberration and Specification ...    70 MB    Views 368

Lens Exchange

lens imaging exchange area preset angle size
+27    Taking a picture by different camera and lens, yet preserving same angle...not uncommon situation in commercial photography world. You might have to calculate lens size whenever you encounter the situation. Lens Exchange set you free from calculating again and again in ...    451 kb    Views 5527
Related Apps camera fish super angle eye lens effects pro easy preview
+13    Super Fish Eye Angle Camera Pro mimics the optical illusion created by an extreme wideangle lens. You can use it for an artistic effect or for pranks and laughs. You can shoot some crazy selfies with fisheye effects. The realtime preview ...    24 MB    Views 9585
Related Apps photo images shape effects image create resolution lens elements
-6    Innovative and elegant application with precision controls to shape and sculpt images. Short demo video at ===== EXAMPLE USES ===== Correct or Simulate Lens Distortions Create fisheye lens effects ranging from subtle distortions to full 180 degree projections. Also ...    5 MB    Views 1397
camera fisheye lens works image wide pictures application eye free
+18    ON SALE ... 60% OFF SEE THE WORLD THROUGH DIFFERENT EYE Turn your iPhone into a genuine FISHEYE camera A fisheye lens is an ultra wideangle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. This is a ...    5 MB    Views 9530

Lens Correction

photo lens grid correction lines tool original quality cropping
+25    LensCorrection, help you fix crooked lines. Due to the wideangle lens and the position of photographer, there may be some distorted lines in your picture. For example, a rectangular wall looks like a trapezoid because the camera tilted this situation ...    4 MB    Views 6402
+3    The most complete database of cameras present on the AppStore with more than 2000 models of cameras and more then 500 lens Are you a photographer or keen on photography? Are you looking for a tool for easily and quickly calculating ...    12 MB    Views 8704


Related Apps photos camera fonts lens filters share
-9    Camera Application with Live Lens Filters and After Lens Filters and CubbyText Editor. Native IOS 8, IPhone and IPad support. An advanced camera app has never been so easy to use. The intuitive interface and great features will keep you smiling. Capture, ...    43 MB    Views 3422
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+4    Magic Camera help you to look things different. For example: You can take a photo of kiss yourself, or make yourself or your friend a mono eye monster, or make a clone people more easily. Magic Camera has many effects: Mirroring/Concave ...    7 MB    Views 4412

Lens Distortions®

editing workflow iphone lens real
+17    The ALL NEW Lens Distortions app Stunning photographic overlays add character and dimension to your shots. Optimized for iPhone 6 Compatible with iPhone 4s+ AUTHENTIC Lens Distortions look real, because they are real. Made from opticallycaptured elements, including actual sunlight, haze, and fragments ...    56 MB    Views 6822


camera facebook lens fast picture touch analog easy
-2    L E N S + Easy and fast way to change your camera into an analog camera Switch the lens to an analog lens with one touch slide. Real time multipreview to take a picture fast as you see ...    15 MB    Views 9724

Viewfinder Basic

Related Apps camera iphone frame artist viewfinder wide focal lens zoom lengths
+5    IMPORTANT This is an endoflife product replaced by the Mark II Artist's Viewfinder. New iOS devices introduced since 2014 (such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) are not and will not be supported with this app. The Mark II Artist's ...    3 MB    Views 2880

LensAgent M

+4    We introduce our “Digital Director’s Viewfinder”. This application software provides supports in selecting the best camera lens for shooting at the time of filming, location hunting and meeting. It figures out the focal length of lens you need. Paid version has approximately 230 ...    9 MB    Views 1816

Xinjiang in my lens

china radio beauty world countries selected lens international
-2    China Radio International (CRI) was founded on December 3, 1941, is China's national radio broadcast to the world. Its purpose is to introduce China to the world, China introduced the world to promote understanding and friendship between Chinese people and ...    13 MB    Views 8960


photo editing easy style styles lens simple preset edit
0    "If you buy only one photo editing app for your iPhone, make sure it's PictureShow" "Highly recommend for new and experienced iPhoneographers. It’s powerful yet easy to use and creates wellrendered analogstyle photo effects." "Recommend it to anyone looking to ...    14 MB    Views 3655


+9    Turnikit Is an app that allows you to seamlessly take photos & videos while using a Turnikit lens adapter. Giving you a large live viewfinder, so you can clearly compose beautiful content. Turnikit adapters allow you to attach Canon and ...    362 kb    Views 8488

News Lens

news winning lens
+9    News Lens aggregates the most stunning news photo galleries in the Upper Midwest. Let the awardwinning journalists of Forum Communications Co. tell you a story through their stirring photos of breaking stories, gamewinning catches and even the everyday, simple joys ...    5 MB    Views 2679
Related Apps photos camera library photo filters portrait share save lens selfie
+3    One of the best selfie app on App Store Let's take a selfie shot You can create amazing selfportrait photography using various lens filters. How to use: 1. Take a shot, or choose from Photo Library 2. Select a filter 3. Save and share That's it Features: > Optimized ...    5 MB    Views 1358
Related Apps lens big pictures miniature effects
+3    Big lens can do something amazing Turn any of your iPhone photos into professionally looking stylish pictures. Big lens enables you to control perfect lens blur and color effects It is an indispensable app for all the ones who like fashionable miniature style ...    955 kb    Views 9279

Video FishEye

Related Apps video fisheye lens
+6    In photography, a fisheye lens is a wideangle lens that takes in a broad, panoramic and hemispherical image. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. You may convert your video to a ...    710 kb    Views 8459


photo photography photos camera background rotation function lens
-6    Bringing the excitement of spontaneous photography to you. MarbleCam takes pictures that look as if you had focused on a glass marble with a macro lens. The beautiful harmony of the scene appearing upside down within the marble and the blurred background ...    3 MB    Views 9568


lens multi
+3    Recreate the analog Lomolike multi lens photography on your iPhone Choose between a 1x4 or 2x2 multi lens picture. Spit out the most beautiful multilens images and share your Lama creations on Facebook. Get creative, it's 100% Lama spit free    2 MB    Views 3664
lens eye fish
-3    It is app in image processing using fisheye lens. You can take a picture or the photos are stored in phone.    704 kb    Views 570


software movement tap lens colors random
0    A multitouch movement of neon colors and distortions. It reacts to movement using the accelerometer. It generates a random lens effect as well as random images to create a fluid and quick movement and rotation. Tap once to change the ...    324 kb    Views 2440

Soft Focus

focus lens soft images sharp 1536 channel
-2    This is an application for making beautiful photos by adding soft focus effect very easily and quickly. Wikipedia In photography, soft focus is a lens flaw, in which the lens forms images that are blurred due to spherical aberration. A ...    248 kb    Views 1256
0    Douglas Photo Calculator provides a versatile, easytouse solution for amateur and professional photographers alike in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It allows for a choice of camera formats from digital (including digital backs) to conventional film cameras with the ...    3 MB    Views 4102


movie photos effects black white light lens high glamour quality
+7    Photo Glamour provides high quality effects to give your photos that unique glamorous, magazine styled, look. From glowing effects to movie filters, light effects, vintage effects, and lens flare. With just a few clicks you'll have your photos glamorized and ...    17 MB    Views 7418

New inFocus

camera photo lens field limit easy distance calculate depth
-6    New InFocus is an application used to calculate the depth of field (DoF) as well as the Field of View (FoV). It also calculates the hyperfocal distance, the near and far boundaries for acceptable sharpness (near limit and far limit). ...    4 MB    Views 7230


support world underwater deep lens phone
+10    See the world through a surreal new lens. Wave your iPhone or iPad around, twist it, shake it, or just drag your finger across the screen and watch reality wobble like jelly. No mindaltering substances required. Now you can take ...    2 MB    Views 27

Bison bonasus

Related Apps art forest european device images beautiful lens album
+3    Meet the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe the European bison (Bison bonasus) seen thru the lens of Krzysztof Onikijuk, nature photographer from Poland. This album contains over 100 high quality images of the European bison and other ...    225 MB    Views 9584
Related Apps photos time camera multiple lens multi
+18    FREE for a limited time Multilens Camera could provide multiple display screens simultaneously when you are taking pictures, and it could make multiple photos into one photo after shooting. Come and experience to take a picture that contains multiple photos now. Features 1 ...    9 MB    Views 8996

Sepia Lens Lite

Related Apps camera iphone photos sepia version 640 480 lens lite image
+10    Take dramatic sepia and black and white photos with Sepia Lens ✓ Realtime filter view ✓ Capture higher quality photos ✓ Tap to focus ✓ Flash controls ✓ Optional vignette ✓ 8 filters to choose from ✓ Automatically saves unfiltered image along with filtered image Lite Version back ...    2 MB    Views 7366

PhotoJus Lens Flare

Related Apps photo effects lens photojus flare don effect
+8    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION 50% OFF From the creator of which serves more than 2 MILLION users. PhotoJus Lens Flare transforms your photo to various cool effects using lighting We have variety of lens flare effects designed together by professional photographers ...    6 MB    Views 92

Bokeh Calc

photos bokeh size focal length lens input contact
+13    This App calculates the bokeh diameter before you actually take photos such as portrait or macro photos. It is just for predicting relative bokeh diameter, not for editing your photos. Bokeh phenomenon occurs on objects which is out of focus. But, calculation ...    NAN    Views 4968
camera artists calculator lens sensor selected combination applications cameras tool
0    Camera Sensor + Lens Calculator Before buying and/or operating, compare the sensor features and their limitations on most of the cameras in the market. Displays sensor dimensions for more than 50 digital, cine, film, photo, and video cameras. Calculates the Crop Factor for ...    2 MB    Views 2312

NewsCred Lens

marketing content images lens manager upload platform asset
+21    NewsCred Lens is an iOS companion app to NewsCred's Content Marketing Cloud. NOTE: You will need an active NewsCred account to use this app. NewsCred is the world’s leading content marketing platform. We provide brands with a single platform to streamline the ...    2 MB    Views 1327

TouchDoF LT

camera iphone photographers depth field cameras lens shot
+20    TouchDoF LT for iPhone By SQJ Solutions iPhone 3G and later compatibility Description Find out why photographers around the world are using TouchDoF LT to help compose beautiful and stunning photographs. TouchDoF LT provides an easy way to find camera settings for professional looking ...    17 MB    Views 4373
Related Apps time film camera fisheye stretch lenses pictures lens intensity adjust
+11    ▶ ON SALE NOW 50% OFF The most authentic, versatile, and easy to use fisheye camera on the App Store. VIEWFINDER ■ Total live view. What you see in the viewfinder is the picture you take. LENSES ■ 10 lenses Full Fisheye, Full ...    6 MB    Views 5908


camera capture image mount air panorama connect start lens
+23    Normally spherical image capture require expensive and heavy equipment. This apps help you capture hi quality spherical panorama image just with one click. The total cost within 600 and keep in your backpack under 2KG. Requirement:Olympus Air Camera and Motrr Galileo motorized mount ...    4 MB    Views 9026


Related Apps camera software measure iphone mode lens view captured focal length live list function
0    We introduce our “Digital Director’s Viewfinder”. This application software provides supports in selecting the best camera lens for shooting at the time of filming, location hunting and meeting. It figures out the focal length of lens you need. Approximately 230 Camera Formats are ...    6 MB    Views 8303

Magic Lens Pro

magic library photos photo lens laugh works gray angry
-9    Please use the magic to your photos via various magic lens of 'Magic Lens'. Amazing magic world you never imagine will appear to you. You will experience that your friends or colleagues, family will look like a monster or look very funny. Also use ...    7 MB    Views 2285
camera photos beauty fish lens images eye bring give view image
0    FishI Camera Lens PRO The ultimate Fishi lens app is here. Bring out the photographer in you and unleash your fun side with latest Fish Eye Camera Lens. FishI Camera Lens app is compatible with iOS platform. With 170 degree angle ...    21 MB    Views 9978


learning depth lens quickly photographic range easy
+24    LensTutorial is about learning to use photographic lenses the easy way. The app wraps all lens calculations into one package and allows you to quickly see them in action. Learning photography can be easy and we encourage you to use our ...    7 MB    Views 3869
Related Apps photography video images manual tips hdr event control iso lens
+12    Dive deeper into digital photography Learn important composition and professional techniques in this 2+ hour tips ’n tricksfilled course by expert Matt Vanacoro. App Features: • 143 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to ...    687 MB    Views 7972
simulation calculator hyperfocal blur focus depth field lens
+14    Simulate outoffocus blur for different lens configurations Calculate depth of field, hyperfocal distance and more Unique Smart Focus calculation for the largest aperture to keep the object and the infinity in focus Includes the diffraction factor (the Airy disc) ...    11 MB    Views 8987
Related Apps camera ipad video movie tour canon quickpro rebel view lens guides training
+12    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your new Canon Rebel T3? The Answer Will Now Be on your iPad. With iPad Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Easy to use, ...    530 MB    Views 8967
toy flickr camera film lens mode image effect color
-8    This app makes color film like images by take a camera or from photo library. And you can use TOY LENS effect and square mode. It's like a famouse toy camera like image. Also you can choose a several color film mode. Selected ...    8 MB    Views 7776

Tilt Calculator

calculator camera tilt lens focus level settings finger
+5    A tiltshift lens allows to move the plane of focus at will within the boundaries of the lens' settings. Tilt Calculator determines the best settings of your tiltshift lens so you can adjust it accurately, and get the focus precisely ...    6 MB    Views 1767
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