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+4    The funnest and most loved photography TV show, social network and online store app is now available on your iPhone. DigitalRev for iPhone lets you stay connected with interesting photographers and photo loving people around the world. Follow interesting people and ...    12 MB    Views 7376

Flickr CoverFlow

+5    This is a Flickr client software which shows the latest pictures in Coverflow effect. Features: 1.Show the interesting photos within 7 days on Flickr 2.Display the latest pictures in Coverflow effect 3.Save to your own photo album with longpress gesture.    365 kb    Views 5106

Mr. Shuffle

+6    Mr. Shuffle is an interactive face making toy. It lets you arrange cartoon eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces. You can add captions and thought bubbles to customize even further. Best of all, you can take pictures of your ...    693 kb    Views 416
photos photo iphone ipad high effects cool latest justin free face
+25    HighDef Resolution Designed for iPad & iPhone Take a photo with Justin Timberlake Put him into your photos and add cool effects: latest JT pics, always Save the editted photos in your album, or share 'em through FB/Twitter/Email. Make ...    21 MB    Views 7241

Virtual Rangers

+30    Virtual Rangers – This is for real The Official Rangers must have app Rangers are the first football club to use a groundbreaking technology that lets you view your favourite first team players and Rangers legends appearing with you wherever you are. See squad ...    130 MB    Views 3065
frame updated latest
0    The Frame By Frame App allows users to browse through the latest Picture Galleries of Professional Photographers and keep updated with latest Photographic news articles teaching the fundamentals of photography. All information is updated regularly via the backend portal.    943 kb    Views 8447


+1    Enjoy this beautifully crafted app featuring the breathtaking photojournalistic work of LAUNI. We believe that we have created the most complete and enjoyable photoapp in iTunes. In it you will find features such as : The Gallery, to view LAUNI's latest work ...    26 MB    Views 6892
news live share daily breaking watch latest
+15    Latest news: stay up to date with breaking the latest breaking news and top news headlines pushed on our mobile Live Streaming: Watch and share live events on FutureTV Livestream Programs: If you missed the show live, you can always go into ...    7 MB    Views 3266
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+13    Love photos ? If yes, then PicPick is the one of the best apps you can find in app store. PicPick brings you the latest and trendin photos in the internet. Major features of this app are: Fetches photos from Flickr, 500px ...    8 MB    Views 9208


+22    RajaFashions iPhone App, a Dressing Guide in your pocket Dressing Guide Do you ever have a problem deciding what to wear for interviews, special occasions and other events? RajaFashions’ Dressing Guide may be just what you need By answering a ...    74 MB    Views 7079

Crazy Captions

photo apps library photos captions crazy image
+12    ======================== CINN DEV IS GIVING AWAY APPS FOLLOW US ON TO GET FREE CINN DEV APPS ======================== Crazy Captions is an innovate app that lets you add captions to your favorite photos Just choose a picture from your Photo Library or take the ...    136 kb    Views 7896

Photo Lab™

photo photos color adjust white balance night pencil hand tap
+17    Enhance your photos with one or a combination of Photo Lab's 20+ image effect filters. COLOR: Auto Correction, White Balance, Saturated, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Adjust Color Balance and Adjust Color Saturation, Invert, Night Gain; MONOCHROME: Black and White, Dramatic ...    2 MB    Views 1650
Related Apps photo show location detail place picture
+29    Where was the picture taken? Koredoko shows the place of a picture in your photo libraries. Show place on map. Show latitude and longitude. Show date and time. Additional paid option (US2.99. to display the ads can also be used free ...    4 MB    Views 5236


photos text comic photo iphone family bubbles effect book effects bubble
0    With iBubble, you can easily turn your photos into funny comic book creations and then save them or share them via email to your family, friends and coworkers. With iBubble you can add comic bubbles and text to your photos. These ...    4 MB    Views 7751
photos email iphone wallpapers top landscapes latest backgrounds pictures
+11    Top Requested Photos gives you 150,000+ latest pictures from all over the world. 500+ photos added daily and they are automatically displayed in your application with newest on top. Easy navigation, beautiful fullscreen slideshows, send any photo to your ...    904 kb    Views 274


photo camera iphone flickr photos photography film cameras styles www white hip
+3    IMPORTANT: This is the classic version of CameraBag. The new version, CameraBag 2, is now available as a separate app in the App Store, and it is much better "If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag." New York ...    622 kb    Views 6178
Related Apps photo printing iphone library instant motivational select colors mode sharing saved
+14    Instantly inspire your friends and colleagues with motivational pictures, right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds. Instant ...    553 kb    Views 7544


iphone library photo wow button screen kaleidoscope image play
-9    Kaleido is a highly optimized digital kaleidoscope for your iPhone or iPod Touch that uses OpenGL rendering for fast, responsive performance. You can take images from your photo library or directly from the iPhone's camera, and twirl them into an ...    602 kb    Views 6255


0    The SMagazine is a new platform for professional photographers to freely publish their latest pictures. In each issue, international photographers present powerful images, unusual facets and surprising perspectives: the camera system they use each time is the Leica S. SLeague showcases ...    11 MB    Views 6918


videos photos facebook browse pictures friend latest finger quickly faster
+3    Quickly and easily see the latest videos and pictures posted by your Facebook friends. Skip over the random links, game stories, and other things in your Facebook news feed to get straight to your friend's latest photos and videos. Features: Sort ...    3 MB    Views 9109


drawing library photo color unique finger selection background erase
+21    IMAK Creations presents ColorTouch, a finger painting program with a twist. Instead of selecting your drawing color from a palette, you slide your finger across the entire screen and the background color shows your possible drawing color. Just lift ...    NAN    Views 6402

iFX Magic

Related Apps photo library magic effects
+14    Take a picture or pick one from your library and then choose a photo effects. And if you want, save it to your photo library. Then email it to a friend or upload to your computer. It's that simple. iFX Magic ...    518 kb    Views 1510
photo pumpkin card camera halloween select title album position replace save share
+4    Pumpkinize yourself and create a high quality personal greeting card to get your friends and family into the Halloween Spirit Put your face on a pumpkin using a photo from your album or take one with the camera. Anyone can do it. ...    3 MB    Views 9218

SnapShot Postcard

iphone email photo postcard snapshot postcards address real free printed
0    FREE POSTCARD INCLUDED: First postcard is printed and mailed absolutely free ___________________________________ WIRED is calling Snapshot Postcard the "the spiritual successor to the Polaroid". Read it here: ____________________________________ Keep memories alive by sending keepsake picture postcards from your next vacation. Forget about email ...    45 MB    Views 7764
+25    If you are a Demi Lovato fan this app is a must have for you Get your exclusive front row pass now Best photos & wallpapers for Demi Lovato keeps you one tap away from the latest in the ...    10 MB    Views 8851


photo eyes zoom gesture smile
+7    With RealArtist you can add a smile to a photo and an even bigger smile to the person watching you do this. Take a new photo or pick a photo from your photo library and nudge and tweak eyes, nose and ...    928 kb    Views 181
photos flickr map features share locate
+8    Memoratus is your tool to keep you connected to the world of Flickr. Memoratus allows you to share your photos, browse other people's photos and locate photos near you on a map. Features: • View your photos on Flickr or upload new ...    909 kb    Views 4405

Real Cam LE

+16    Control your iPhone camera with builtin screen touches. It's the best camera experience on your iPhone. Now supports iPhone 4 with Flash & Torch RealCam has everything you love from a "Point & Shoot" camera, controlled from the main screen. set ...    806 kb    Views 5792

SP Photo Fix

photo facebook iphone email photos picture fix resolution white share note
+17    Photo Retouching tool. It helps you to fix your photos' brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation and more. Share the result on Facebook or at full resolution by email directly from your iPhone. While you're on the go, you need to email ...    2 MB    Views 7226
car product experience technology features latest save
+8    Welcome to the Pioneer Augmented Reality Experience We’ve created this app to bring the latest and greatest Pioneer Car Electronics Product to your fingertips. Our AR technology will turn your smartphone into a showroom, letting you see and experience Pioneer ...    37 MB    Views 8762


latest url exclusive watch events
0    The number 1 source for hip hop battles, watch the latest video exclusively on your mobile device. Get the latest info about events and news about the URL battles and upcoming events. Watch the latest exclusive smack DVD interviews, chat ...    24 MB    Views 4054

Wild Eye

Related Apps photographers wild latest eye accounts live instagram
+8    The Wild Eye App is ideal for photographers of every level. With a live feed from our Photo Chat Blog covering various technical and artistic aspects of photography, right through to post processing techniques and video tutorials. The app also provides ...    31 MB    Views 4940
photo love valentine day frames 2015 express memorable latest
+9    Happy Valentine Day 2015 Now express your feelings to your partner by customizing your own photos along with beautiful frames with our free App for all iOS devices. Make this day memorable by making him or her feel special with our ...    15 MB    Views 2921

f/8 DoF Calculator

iphone camera photography apps calculator field lenses formats 35mm maximum
-8    Macworld: 4.5 mice Score 9/10 PDN Gear Guide: Top Ten iPhone App for Photographers ("...takes photography seriously.") Photography Gadgets: Field tested and highly recommended. CNET Reviews: One of the five favourite iPhone photo apps. iLounge: One of eight good to great new photography apps. Photojournalists ...    504 kb    Views 6128

Celeb Me

photos photo high put pics awesome free latest justin definition
+1    320 Celebs to Put into your own Photos • High resolution, high definition • Latest Photos Always Put a photo of the following celebs into your own pics: • Justin Bieber • Lady Gaga • Demi Lovato • Taylor Lautner • Cody Simpson • Eminem • Justin Timberlake • Katy Perry • ...    203 MB    Views 3903
Related Apps clock photos time iphone photo instagram latest account display digital show
-9    New iPhone App that combines your Instagram photos and digital clock This App will instantly turn your iPhone into a fashionable digital clock. Leaving your iPhone idle at home or at work is a waste IS Clock downloads your latest photos from ...    1 MB    Views 7907


photos concert check share
-3    The Concerts app is powered by BlueHaze, your concert community. This app lets you share and view concert photos in realtime: Instantly snap and share your photos with other fans at the concert Check out other concert photos from your show, ...    738 kb    Views 2962
+5    Michael Freeman's Complete Guide to Digital Photography has been the goto introduction and reference to Digital Photography for nearly a decade, selling over 600,000 copies in that time. This latest 5th edition is fully uptodate with all the latest areas of ...    288 MB    Views 2219
Related Apps photos photo note notes application great
+26    "the simplest and best photo note app" PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos. Now with PDF export PHOTO NOTE See something that sparks an idea, like something in a shop, find an article ...    325 kb    Views 2531

Magic Touch

Related Apps tools photo editing magic search green video press color size image touch opacity white select open
+7    Search the App Store for "Live FX" our the most admired app (March 2010). It turns your photos into masterpieces, allows you to get live effect preview right in camera viewfinder, create unique effects (new stacking/layering approach) and even share ...    902 kb    Views 591


iphone library photo great shapes full tool fun
-1    iDoodle2 utilizes the power of the iPhone's advanced graphics and UI to create a great drawing app that's easy and fun to use. You can draw a wide array of shapes and text with a full spectrum of colors, gradients, ...    662 kb    Views 6821
age application latest hair professional picture
+17    A professional application which allows you to discover how you will look at age 40, 45, 50, 60, 70 or even 80 years old. With this application you are able to see clearly/instantly how your skin, wrinkles, even your hair will ...    753 kb    Views 4742


Related Apps photos latest
0    For all friends of Siduo&Ton, now you can follow our latest info on the SiduoTon app Features also includes camera functionality with exclusive themes that adds a lot of character to your photos. You can also further enhance it with pretty ...    8 MB    Views 9068

SodaSnap Postcards

Related Apps photo iphone vacation postcards application share friends
-1    Introducing SodaSnap 2.0 Turn any photo on your iPhone or iPod Touch into an electronic postcard you can share with friends. Use the built in camera to snap a photo or browse your photo library. Easily move, resize and rotate your ...    1 MB    Views 3646
Related Apps photos bieber latest fans share comment pics
+25    Bieber Pics is an •EXCLUSIVE• social community for Beliebers. It has the •LARGEST• network of JB Fans. Meet other Beliebers Discuss the JBOnly Gossip Share & Love JB Photos Latest Photos & News ... ALWAYS Latest ...    13 MB    Views 176
photos flickr photo gps twitter map videos browse upload location mobile including exif fotos
+9    Mobile Fotos lets you browse and upload to Flickr, including finding photos taken near your current location, playing videos and GPS location and EXIF in uploads. KEY FEATURES: • Upload full resolution photos to Flickr, including background uploading and upload later, EXIF ...    5 MB    Views 3206
Related Apps map instagram pictures great find hold latest
-2    InstaLandmark is a great way to discover new photos on Instagram. It's great to find out what's going on around you when you're traveling. Just hold down on the map and pictures from all around you will appear. You'll be amazed at ...    1 MB    Views 1439

Shake It Up

Related Apps photo shake touch
+25    To shake up your life simply select a photo from your photo library and give your iPhone or iPod Touch a shake. Bounce your photo around the screen at high speed or touch and hold to stop the photo then ...    912 kb    Views 4680

A Visual Dof Calc

photographers camera result cameras parameters supports formats major control digital
0    Simple and effective, VisualDof calculates and visually displays depthoffield and hyperfocal distance for photographers. VisualDof offers handy information for professional (esp. landscape) photographers to set the parameters. For amateur/casual photographers, it offers great insight into how to control depth of field ...    349 kb    Views 5679

No.2 Pencil

drawing photo apps library iphone painting draw finger line pencil image tap start tool
+2    Draw with precision and control. Our unique virtual stylus lets you start and stop drawing on the exact pixel you intend, and see the line while you draw it. You're too old for finger painting, start using a pencil Touch the ...    841 kb    Views 9917

Muvi Reviews

movie news movies wallpapers celebrity videos photo video hollywood celebrities list latest bollywood find reviews
-5    Are you a Movie lover? You want to see latest movies trailers, wallpapers and ablums? Are you crazzy to see your favorite celbrities pics? Then it is the best place for you. MuviReviews is all about Bollywood and Hollywood movie reviews, movie ratings, movie ...    2 MB    Views 1314

news facebook iphone videos sports twitter browse photos users stories notifications pack latest option
+19    Get the latest breaking news, features, photos and videos from the Maldives through the Vnews iPhone application. By downloading the app, users would be able to browse and read stories from categories such as Local, Business, Sports, Entertainment, World and Etc. Apart ...    10 MB    Views 2788
photos ipad instagram latest blocks widget feed today watch
+15    Get a peak of your Instagram feed in your Notification Center Feeday is a new Today Widget for iPhone and iPad to keep track of your latest Instagram feed in a overview, you will see the photos divided into different blocks: ...    19 MB    Views 8806


fashion photos twitter facebook stamps adjustment latest easily crop pics
-7    Stay ahead of the style matching with Famous Japanese fashion brand EMODA app 『CAMEREON』. Tons of stamps and angle adjustmentt function updated 300,000 downloads breakthroughAll we love it and was also beloved of fashion bloggers Easily edit your pictures and share them to ...    77 MB    Views 5761

Kapow Photography

wedding news day latest studio bride
-8    Welsh wedding photographers Kapow showcase their latest work in this interactive app. Read the latest news from the studio using the built in news feed and see video testimonials from their bride and grooms. The unique Tag for Tog feature is invaluable ...    277 MB    Views 8705


photos photo time tools facebook iphone creative flickr fun image images combine fine background
-9    Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into creative and fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface. Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Remix your pets into a mythical creature, swap ...    39 MB    Views 8469
iphone card measure camera apps photo library ipad picture accurate accuracy
+5    Measure anything your iPhone or iPad can take a picture of 40% off Celebrating RulerPhone's success with a sale RulerPhone has now been downloaded by many hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad, and iPod users “ of the coolest apps I ...    8 MB    Views 4794

iFXMagic Free

Related Apps library photo effects free
-4    Take a picture or pick one from your library and then choose a photo effects. And if you want, save it to your photo library. Then email it to a friend or upload to your computer. It's that simple. iFX Magic ...    519 kb    Views 1922

Virus'd: Digicam

photo news browse photos time facebook camera latest frames events dolls share
+5    Virus'd, this time d is not for doll but stands for DigiCam which aims to bring you and your iPhone camera a new experience in phototaking DigiCam presents you with photo frames of various themes, ranging from the nowadays famous fashion ...    12 MB    Views 9769
twitter facebook movies latest https
-8    Find the latest new movies coming soon to theaters. Get the latest buzz & release dates, watch trailers, see photos, and discuss upcoming movies all on a single tap Support • Web: • Email: • Twitter: • Facebook:    9 MB    Views 4403
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