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+19    Memoratus is your tool to keep you connected to the world of Flickr. Memoratus allows you to share your photos, browse other people's photos and locate photos near you on a map. Features: • View your photos on Flickr or upload new ...    909 kb    Views 4405

Vint B&W MII

+29    Vint B&W MII vintage black and white camera photography The Original Black & White Camera for iPhone/iPad Quick Launch, Live Preview, HighResolution B&W Photos Vint B&W turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a stunning vintage black & white ...    4 MB    Views 8855
+5    New camera & photo editing application with large Photo Filters collection for your iPhone 4 Take photos with built in app camera all load your existing photos (with large photos import support) and apply amazing filters to your photos in app Its ...    3 MB    Views 1769

PanoLab Pro

+8    PanoLab Pro is an advanced tool for creating multiframe artistic panoramas on the iPhone. PanoLab Pro's exclusive features include: Document saving: save any number of inprogress panoramas for editing or showing off in 3D Export options: export panoramas in a ...    805 kb    Views 811

Photogene ⁴

photo photos editing tools time apps export editor large including supports
+29    Photogene is the ultimate tool for all your photo editing needs: It's a full featured photo editor.
 Supports exporting and resizing multiple photos. 
 Includes tools for editing and exporting metadata and IPTC. WIRED Magazine: "Photogene has long been one of the ...    23 MB    Views 8251


+3    aPet The sweetest moments with my favorite pet aPet allows you, to store all important moments with your pet, be it your dog, your cat, your guinea pigs, etc. in the simplest way. Take a snapshot with the camera or choose ...    762 kb    Views 1158
+9    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME DOWNLOAD NOW Classic Photo Collage presents your beauty anywhere and anytime. Classic Photo Collage is a magic photo makeover, cool and easy to take, beautify and share gorgeous photos on your phone. Main functions: ● Collage: ...    67 MB    Views 3761

Rotzy Photo Sharing

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+5    Rotzy helps you share and discuss everything around you through photos New Send photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and your own web site Create your own mobile photo blog Here's how it works: 1) Take a photo, and upload it to Rotzy 2) Your friends ...    480 kb    Views 1672

Crazy Captions

photo apps library photos captions crazy image
+1    ======================== CINN DEV IS GIVING AWAY APPS FOLLOW US ON TO GET FREE CINN DEV APPS ======================== Crazy Captions is an innovate app that lets you add captions to your favorite photos Just choose a picture from your Photo Library or take the ...    136 kb    Views 7896


-6    Charlie is a simple and intuitive interface to your Flickr account from your iPhone or iPod touch. With Charlie you can: See which of your photos (or anyone else's) are in Explore Upload photos, adding title, description, tags, privacy and location ...    1007 kb    Views 8717
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-4    Instantly inspire your friends and colleagues with motivational pictures, right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds. Instant ...    553 kb    Views 7544
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-4    This application contents hundreds of cartoon wallpaper images, they are all in high quality resolution and special defined for your iPad large screen. All cartoon wallpapers are in six categories, they are "Colorful","Comic","Cool","Kids","Lovely" and "Romance". All images in those categories are ...    102 MB    Views 1543
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-4    Snaplog Photo Blogger automatically uploads your photos to for iPhone OS 3.1 or higher only New to the iPhone version: we've added image effect such as exposure and saturation adjustments. You can adjust any photo that you take with your iPhone ...    615 kb    Views 7490


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-3    FEAR NOT LOYAL FANS AN UPDATE IS COMING SOON FOR A MUCH BETTER APP Add speech bubbles, thought bubbles, exclamation bubbles, captions and neon text to your photos Then save your photos or email them. IBubble Lite takes photos from your ...    4 MB    Views 3595


time pictures event participants live space guests large screen
-3    LINKAVIE EVENTS: Get all the pictures taken by your guests synchronized in realtime on a dedicated and private LINKAVIE shared space for your event...and present a Live slideshow on a large screen with all pictures taken by your guests LINKAVIE ...    9 MB    Views 5772

iFXMagic Free

Related Apps library photo effects free
+6    Take a picture or pick one from your library and then choose a photo effects. And if you want, save it to your photo library. Then email it to a friend or upload to your computer. It's that simple. iFX Magic ...    519 kb    Views 1922


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-5    Control your Phanfare photo and video website from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Get the beauty and emotional experience of Phanfare slideshows on the go. This app requires a Phanfare subscription. PHANFARE FEATURES • Your own photo and video website at Phanfare • ...    6 MB    Views 1580
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+14    Photo Print Sizes Calculator is a tool to calculate photo print size on paper base on digital photo size in megapixels or photo width and height in pixels. Many people who use digital cameras want to know how large they can ...    3 MB    Views 9797


-3    IMPORTANT: This is the classic version of CameraBag. The new version, CameraBag 2, is now available as a separate app in the App Store, and it is much better "If you buy just one filter app, make it CameraBag." New York ...    622 kb    Views 6178


photos pictures import folder image update images export browsing
+15    Hide your private or sensitive pictures. You can take pictures with PicVault or import them from your existing pictures. Create a PIN and lock them up Features: Picture privacy Take pictures from the camera (iPhone only) or import from existing pictures ...    811 kb    Views 5042


camera iphone calculator apple moon film exposure calculate dof settings sony cameras
+3    PhotoBuddy your personal assistant in all photographic matters was in your pocket from the very first iPhone. Get ready to have it on your wrist withe your very first Apple Watch. PhotoBuddy provides convenient ways to help professionals and ...    4 MB    Views 5551
photo pumpkin card camera halloween select title album position replace save share
+2    Pumpkinize yourself and create a high quality personal greeting card to get your friends and family into the Halloween Spirit Put your face on a pumpkin using a photo from your album or take one with the camera. Anyone can do it. ...    3 MB    Views 9218

f/8 DoF Calculator

iphone camera photography apps calculator field lenses formats 35mm maximum
+8    Macworld: 4.5 mice Score 9/10 PDN Gear Guide: Top Ten iPhone App for Photographers ("...takes photography seriously.") Photography Gadgets: Field tested and highly recommended. CNET Reviews: One of the five favourite iPhone photo apps. iLounge: One of eight good to great new photography apps. Photojournalists ...    504 kb    Views 6128


photos video file downloaded immediately large background
+18    FileQ is the application that can be transmitted easily photos taken of you, to the other party that leaves the video. It takes time to send large files, but you do not need to have the app to the front until ...    6 MB    Views 6003


+7    A Paint application for drawing Simple and easy user interface. A scrollable menu interface allows to select any options/tools you need to draw. It can draw, touch your photo in Photo Album, add small characters on the photos and create ...    4 MB    Views 197
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+6    "the simplest and best photo note app" PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos. Now with PDF export PHOTO NOTE See something that sparks an idea, like something in a shop, find an article ...    325 kb    Views 2531

iFX Magic

Related Apps photo library magic effects
-2    Take a picture or pick one from your library and then choose a photo effects. And if you want, save it to your photo library. Then email it to a friend or upload to your computer. It's that simple. iFX Magic ...    518 kb    Views 1510


+1    iEasyCamera is an easy to use and fun photo application for the iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs that lets you easily take self portraits. iEasyCamera also allows you to take clear photos at night by helping stabilize your iPhone. Stability UI is awesome Because ...    560 kb    Views 5987

SnapShot Postcard

iphone email photo postcard snapshot postcards address real free printed
+2    FREE POSTCARD INCLUDED: First postcard is printed and mailed absolutely free ___________________________________ WIRED is calling Snapshot Postcard the "the spiritual successor to the Polaroid". Read it here: ____________________________________ Keep memories alive by sending keepsake picture postcards from your next vacation. Forget about email ...    45 MB    Views 7764
Related Apps photos duplicate similar large click tool number fast space
+1    Space saver for people with 16 GB iPhones Duplicate Photos Fixer is an ultimate photos fixing tool that smoothly scans and deletes duplicate or similar photos. Free up ample of disk space by deleting a large number of similar and duplicate ...    15 MB    Views 5595


artist facebook photos photographers exhibitions workshops presentations large outdoor scale
+20    Launched in 2010, LagosPhoto is the first and only annual international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. In a month long festival, events include exhibitions, workshops, artist presentations, discussions, screenings, and large scale outdoor exhibitions displayed throughout the city with ...    29 MB    Views 5612


photos iphone
+1    DVRPics lets you display photos on your TV, through your TiVo DVR. PLEASE check the requirements listed below. Your friends & family will love seeing your pictures on the big screen, and it's all done without cables. Use your TV as ...    250 kb    Views 4802


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-1    Pinch, rotate, stretch, and move photos from your photo album. Switch to black and white or sepia. Add transparency. Cut out any shape. Spice up your wallpaper or amuse your friends. Create a masterpiece with Collage. Features: "Minority Report"like interface Zoom, ...    631 kb    Views 3863

Magic Touch

Related Apps tools photo editing magic search green video press color size image touch opacity white select open
+3    Search the App Store for "Live FX" our the most admired app (March 2010). It turns your photos into masterpieces, allows you to get live effect preview right in camera viewfinder, create unique effects (new stacking/layering approach) and even share ...    902 kb    Views 591

Photo Grid Free

Related Apps photo photos grid collage effects cool frames interesting collaging large
+23    FREE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME DOWNLOAD NOW Photo Grid presents your beauty anywhere and anytime. Photo Grid is a magic photo makeover, cool and easy to take, beautify and share gorgeous photos on your phone. Main functions: ● Collage: Collaging photos ...    67 MB    Views 3264


photos painting photo art artist gesture paintings works features view
-4    Gesture lets you create digital paintings from your photos. With just a little imagination, you can can make beautiful works of art. Be as rough or tight as you like as Gesture translates your movements into paint strokes using a sampled ...    921 kb    Views 1211

Large Aperture Pro

Related Apps iphone effect blur add large aperture left saving easy
+22    It is photographer' dream to equip their cameras with F0.95 Ultralarge Aperture. Which provide a narrow depth of field and soft background blur that is so loved by photographers everywhere. And now, once get LARGE APERTURE PRO, you can easily experience ...    1 MB    Views 5646
+5    Turn your iPad 2 to creative tool with the Camera Art for iPad 2 app Take and edit your photos in app with special interface with large buttons The program is easy to use and no requires special skills and training. Anyone ...    1 MB    Views 4366

Photo Lab™

photo photos color adjust white balance night pencil hand tap
+2    Enhance your photos with one or a combination of Photo Lab's 20+ image effect filters. COLOR: Auto Correction, White Balance, Saturated, Adjust Brightness, Adjust Contrast, Adjust Color Balance and Adjust Color Saturation, Invert, Night Gain; MONOCHROME: Black and White, Dramatic ...    2 MB    Views 1650


photos text comic photo iphone family bubbles effect book effects bubble
+8    With iBubble, you can easily turn your photos into funny comic book creations and then save them or share them via email to your family, friends and coworkers. With iBubble you can add comic bubbles and text to your photos. These ...    4 MB    Views 7751
iphone card measure camera apps photo library ipad picture accurate accuracy
+2    Measure anything your iPhone or iPad can take a picture of 40% off Celebrating RulerPhone's success with a sale RulerPhone has now been downloaded by many hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPad, and iPod users “ of the coolest apps I ...    8 MB    Views 4794

Large Aperture

iphone large aperture depth blur
+12    It is photographers’ dream to equip their cameras with F0.95 Ultralarge Aperture Which provide a narrow depth of field and soft background blur that is so loved by photographers everywhere. And now, once get LARGE APERTURE, you can easily experience the ...    2 MB    Views 7286


iphone library photo great shapes full tool fun
+11    iDoodle2 utilizes the power of the iPhone's advanced graphics and UI to create a great drawing app that's easy and fun to use. You can draw a wide array of shapes and text with a full spectrum of colors, gradients, ...    662 kb    Views 6821


photos photo flickr photoframe enable application
+7    This application makes your iPhone to Digital Photo Frame. It rotates the interesting photos from the internet every day. It does not need any configuration. Just download and excute it You can enjoy fascinating photos instantly. Features Update the photos ...    63 kb    Views 5183


photos browse painting nature large based intuitive sequences
0    Photoscope3D provides novel, compelling methods to browse your photographic albums. It utilises 3D patterns and metaphors to help you explore interactively large numbers of photos and albums. The interaction is simple and intuitive, based on touch gestures and naturally moving ...    1 MB    Views 2293
Related Apps wallpapers wallpaper ipad large screen share images categories application
+26    The first wallpaper application for iPad on App Store This application contents hundreds of wallpaper images, they are all in high quality resolution and special defined for your iPad large screen. All wallpapers are in six categories, they are "Animals","Calendar","Cars","Color","Fantasy" and "Nature". ...    101 MB    Views 3890

SP Photo Fix

photo facebook iphone email photos picture fix resolution white share note
+20    Photo Retouching tool. It helps you to fix your photos' brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation and more. Share the result on Facebook or at full resolution by email directly from your iPhone. While you're on the go, you need to email ...    2 MB    Views 7226


iphone library photo wow button screen kaleidoscope image play
+27    Kaleido is a highly optimized digital kaleidoscope for your iPhone or iPod Touch that uses OpenGL rendering for fast, responsive performance. You can take images from your photo library or directly from the iPhone's camera, and twirl them into an ...    602 kb    Views 6255
profile photos instagram page pro don upload large pics
+3    PRO VERSION OF THE POPULAR INSTAGRIDS APP: NO ADS, NO WATERMARK Be a part of the huge trend among Instagram community Break your large photos or panoramas into a number of square pics and upload them to Instagram to ...    6 MB    Views 4012
Related Apps photos camera photo ipad filters amazing large built effects
+9    New camera & photo editing application with large Photo Filters collection for your iPad 2 Take photos with built in app camera all load your existing photos (with large photos import support) and apply amazing filters to your photos in app Its ...    2 MB    Views 8223
Related Apps photo camera photos effects editor large lets collection tone image resize
0    Do you want to edit your photos fast and easy, with an instant result? Then Camera Photo Editor is exactly what you need Camera Photo Editor lets you choose from a large collection of adjustable effects, beautiful filters, play with the ...    10 MB    Views 6893
Related Apps photo iphone editing filters images functions completely easy
+6    Picoli for iOS7 is a completely new version of the popular photo editing program for the iPhone. With this app, changes big or small to existing snapshots and images are a breeze. Dowload it now and try it out for yourself. Standard photo ...    4 MB    Views 6016

MagicMoments LITE

photos magic photo objects moments themes predefined collection moment large
+27    Magic Moments is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to create magical moments with your photos. You can take your photos and create your own scene with a large collection of predefined themes and objects designed just ...    33 MB    Views 7514


photos card videos work running iphone ipad cards supports cameras ftp canon enabled built nikon large
+3    See more videos at Wirelessly transfer images to your iPad from your EyeFi, Transcend WiFi, Toshiba FlashAir, PQI Air, or ez Share card, GoPro HERO, Fujifilm cameras with builtin WiFi, PTP/IP enabled device (such as the Nikon WU or Canon ...    57 MB    Views 6211
photos flickr photo gps twitter map videos browse upload location mobile including exif fotos
-1    Mobile Fotos lets you browse and upload to Flickr, including finding photos taken near your current location, playing videos and GPS location and EXIF in uploads. KEY FEATURES: • Upload full resolution photos to Flickr, including background uploading and upload later, EXIF ...    5 MB    Views 3206
videos photos remove perfect delete find big large
+4    The perfect app to manage your media library. Sort your videos and photos by size and delete the large ones FIND AND REMOVE LARGE VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Delete big photos and videos to reclaim storage. This app is perfect for you if: You want ...    8 MB    Views 7052
editing image large create mode apply images effects
+13    Atypic is not like the others It contains effects and editing capabilities you will not find anywhere else. Intuitive and simple, it allows you to create original and spectacular images easily. Playful, image editing becomes a game With Atypic, you can ...    35 MB    Views 3470


photos photo time tools facebook iphone creative flickr fun image images combine fine background
-5    Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into creative and fun photomontages quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface. Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Remix your pets into a mythical creature, swap ...    39 MB    Views 8469

No.2 Pencil

drawing photo apps library iphone painting draw finger line pencil image tap start tool
+24    Draw with precision and control. Our unique virtual stylus lets you start and stop drawing on the exact pixel you intend, and see the line while you draw it. You're too old for finger painting, start using a pencil Touch the ...    841 kb    Views 9917


gps iphone photos camera mapping time photo email gpx location file exact format
+8    You'll absolutely be amazed by our iWallFlower iPhone/iPodTouch application. Search the AppStore or goto "iMarkMySpot GPS" is a fun and powerful application for your iPhone which you can use to tag your digital photos with their exact GPS location. iMarkMySpot GPS ...    296 kb    Views 7030
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