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+25    Visit Japan Find out which are the top 10 attractions and experience the sights and sounds of Japan all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    29 MB    Views 842

Japanese Festivals

+2    This photo album is filled with 60 photos documenting the rich variety of traditional festivals to be found all over Japan. Showing not only festival scenes, these images also vividly capture the expressions of local children residing in each area. ...    54 MB    Views 4529

Shohin Bonsai

+8    Bonsai is a part of ancient sacred beliefs and Eastern philosophies to be peaceful and in harmony with nature. In Japan, Bonsai is highly respected as a symbol of their culture and thoughts. Now, the time has come for a new ...    39 MB    Views 9418
+15    Photographs combination(Layout)+ Clipping Photographs + Words + Cute stickers+photo filter(like instagram)are made in this one application. cameran collage can realize the view of the world of a Japanese fashion magazine and a brand. ■ App Store ranking of Japan, Hong Kong, and ...    47 MB    Views 6651


blog photos photo clock fashion spanish people japan japanese club http barcelona culture
+18    Japan Housing The 3rd Collaboration. "Japan Season’s Clock" uses Spain Barcelona as a theme stage offered from the Kimono coordinator, Saito Yumi. Thanks to Yumi and professional camera man Sekine Keisuke. Collections of beautiful photo scenes of Japan and Kimono clothes, gathered into ...    9 MB    Views 1268


photo application japanese style
0    Let's build your photo to be a japanese style with "JapanMood" Application. With this application, you can enhance your photo, apply in japanese style, and finally, share its with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.    4 MB    Views 7788

Graffiti New York

+24    Christmas Special Now On: If you are experiencing any bugs, we apologize and are working to fix them promptly. Graffiti New York : Photo Book Award Winning Photographer Remo Camerota/Whitewall Studios present Graffiti New York, the next in a series of photographic books ...    21 MB    Views 2598


event japanese
-4    Setsubun is Japanese traditional event. This is an app that makes Oni ( Oni is Japanese monster like a goblin ) persons in photo. We say "Fuku wa Uchi Oni wa Soto". We hit beans to Oni. Let's enjoy Setsubun event    3 MB    Views 2657

Tunnel for iPhone

engineering construction design photography magazine art editing books japan published
+3    “Tunnel for iPhone”, by engineering photographer Hoichi Nishiyama, is a photo book app based on his book “Tunnel” (published 2005 by Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute for the Japan Construction Mechanization Association). It shows a mystery world that ...    184 MB    Views 7496

Bubble Japan

-8    Bubble Japan Unpopular. Unemployed. 26 years old. Summer. It was supposed to just be a photo editing app. But this app ended up changing my life. Imagination. Why did God give humans such an ability? I'm unemployed. I quit my job on ...    265 kb    Views 9516

UFO Camera 3D

photo camera gps history photos compass map ufo spots screen tokyo japan check
0    In 20XX, UFOs coming to Tokyo, Japan Take commemorative photos with UFOs over sightseeing spots in Tokyo, Japan. [How to use] 1. Check UFO spots in Tokyo, Japan on the map screen. 2. Go to the UFO spot. 3. Start this app again when you ...    10 MB    Views 9915
japan slide kyoto show beautiful disappear taps start bar
+17    Please enjoy the slide show of beautiful photos of Gion in Kyoto Japan. Gion in Kyoto is the most famous town in Japan. The place is known as an adult town. And beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and the place is known. Please enjoy the ...    10 MB    Views 3154


Related Apps photo wallpaper japanese mountains
-6    Enjoy various sceneries of Japanese seasonal specialities and traditions on your wallpaper. We offer high quality photos of typical Japanese scenes, taken by professional photographers. Photo app for landscape wallpaper collection of Japanese feel. Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, maple trees that burn mountains and mountains in ...    112 MB    Views 7721
office photography photo japan photographer local lines
+24    Japan moves via railways, on a busy network of main lines and busy local lines. This application includes 76 artworks, photographed at 16 different locations, by photographer Yuya Yamasaki, who photographs of rail stations throughout Japan. This portfolio is based ...    67 MB    Views 3585


photograph phrase japanese phrases image mail pick note
-2    Japanizer is a tool that adds Japanese phrase (idiom) to photograph. Let's enjoy using a COOL Japanese phrases by easy operation == Description == Japanizer is a tool that can add a Japanese four character phrase (idiom) to your photograph very easily. ...    771 kb    Views 1656

Deco Samurai

art stamp text kanji cool japanese deco don function style
+8    Deco Samurai is a cool Japanese style photo edit app. You can edit your photos with a lot of function which is "filter", "frame", "stamp","text" and "overlay camera" as cool Japanese style. You can also use Kanji Text(Chinese characters) as stamp. Well, you ...    12 MB    Views 2280
stamp set buy japanese
+6    Best app emergence of new Japan. This app is drawing and stamp insertion can be app in the photo. This app stamp of standard equipment and we can also buy stamps in the app and use them there Buy can stamp, one type ...    5 MB    Views 9157
Related Apps photo hope disaster japan record
+7    This photo collection is the record of The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on March 11th, 2011 spending over 6 month for shooting. "Handing down the record of what happened on that day as much as possible" This is ...    25 MB    Views 3117

iSHOWCASE vol.02

0    Please check previous app iSHOWCASE vol.01, also FREE. Photos taken by iPhone is called "iPhoneography". And, people who use iPhones to take photos are called "iPhoneographer". Today, iPhone became the most used camera in Flickr, a popular photo sharing site. And "Instagram" has become ...    NAN    Views 9734
photos iphone instagram enjoy japan posted japanese users
+25    Enjoying the seasons has been a part of Japanese culture since ancient times. On Instagram, which is used by over 200 million people around the world, there are many photos posted by Japanese that enjoy the seasons. With a category that changes ...    6 MB    Views 9915

Paint Fun Free

Related Apps ipad chinese support special japanese import simple
-2    This is just a simple app for drawing You can draw, import from photo library/camera and even import map to edit Stroke/line/rectangle/ellipse as tools. Also redo/undo/layer Be able to share with Facebook/Twitter/Weibo Language support simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese Fully support all devises size like iPad/iPad Retina/iPad Mini/iPhone ...    16 MB    Views 2832

3.11 Fukushima

photo animation iphone photographs disaster japan 2011 great support east
-9    11th March 2011, The Great East Japan Earthquake occured. Tomohiro Takahashi, the photo journalist who worked mainly in Iwaki City, had kept taking photographs for 50 days from the day. This is iPhone App version of the photographs "3.11 FUKUSHIMA" published in ...    82 MB    Views 2776


-9    "Japanation 101, of Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations" is a collection of 100 photographs made between 2001 and 2011 about the people of Japan by Jeremiah Foo. Foreword by former war correspondent Peter Arnett.    51 MB    Views 8048
art painting artist clock ipad exhibition show japanese traditional slide digital
+5    It's finally made possible to peruse formal Japanese traditional painting art visualized with highly qualified graphics on iPad. This very first time will show a private exhibition of Mitsuru, an artist of Japanese traditional painting art. Slid Show and clock are available ...    7 MB    Views 7787


+2    "TOHOKU Zunko" is very lovely, cure animation character. "TOHOKU Zunko" is a community mascot, which aids the Tohoku district in Japan. The headband of Zunko is "edamame" (green soybeans). This application puts "Zunko" on the background of the photograph saved for the album ...    30 MB    Views 1288
japan photographs works scenery canada japanese enjoy european
+3    Kazutoshi Yoshimura who photographs it in many parts of the world led by European Canada. When he returned to Japan, it is a collection of photographs which attracted the works which photographed the scenery of all parts of Japan. A compromise between Japanese and ...    5 MB    Views 346
china videos photos japan arts usa brazil korea world
+8    Watch world martial art videos on your iPhone An application for martial arts enthusiasts covering martial arts from around the world such as Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North, Central and South America. From major sports such as kickboxing and ...    13 MB    Views 5174


+10    TypePic is a picture processing camera application that can be cool image that you can shoot with the camera and insert it into the image characters and a variety of stylish filters monochrome and sepia images nothing on the album. ◎ ...    11 MB    Views 4258


photo book pictures japanese morita
-8    The Photo book by Yoneo Morita,who is a famous Japanese Photographer. The photo book was picked up that strike one as especially Japanese Shiba dog's pictures in vast amounts of Morita's pictures. This photo book not only enjoy cute photos but also ...    16 MB    Views 502
movies video family photos photo frame photography trendy share japan cute short free
+4    This movie app was created for trendy young women by a group of Japanese college girls. In Japan, most users of this popular app are female high school or college students. On Japan's GooglePlay, MyColorful took first place in the Photography category's ...    11 MB    Views 3704
photographs japan scenery works collection japanese enjoy
+2    Kazutoshi Yoshimura who photographs it in many parts of the world led by European Canada. When he returned to Japan, it is a collection of photographs which attracted the works which photographed the scenery of all parts of Japan. A compromise between Japanese and ...    14 MB    Views 8206

ITALY 1985-1990

photos iphone people artists artist photography time photographer japanese italy italian enjoy japan original
-2    Top Japanese photographer on the iPhone Naomi Kawakami has an outstanding reputation in Japan. Now you can enjoy his blackandwhite Rolleiflex photos optimized for the iPhone 3G/3GS and second/third generation iPod touch, offering quality similar to that of an original print. ...    5 MB    Views 5695
kyoto temples visit japan colored leaves
-4    Definitive edition of Kyoto iPad App by Famous Photographer, Katsuhiko Mizuno. Enjoy over 100 gardens of best best autumn spots in Kyoto You can see beautiful colored leaves in Kyoto temples and shrines, Ryoanji, Tofukuji, Tenryuji, Nanzenji, Shisendo, Honenin, Kenninji, Kodaiji, Jojakkoji, Jingoji, Sanzenin, ...    52 MB    Views 6556


language photo iphone camera effect setting english japanese random white black
+6    Takayuki Fukatsu's second camera application. When you take a picture with this, it provides several monocolor old style photo. Effect is randomly added to the photo from your custom effect set. Old Camera is focused on very simple but fun experience. There ...    1 MB    Views 3308


camera entertainment japanese hair extremely application hairstyle style
+10    You can make over your hairstyle as like "Japanese GAL" instantly in just 5 seconds "JAPANESE GAL HAIRSTYLING CAMERA" is a free entertainment Application that enable you to make over your hairstyle as "Japanese GAL" style that is extremely piled up ...    5 MB    Views 4475
photograph japan eye
0    This App has been reducing the price in commemoration of "MOYASIMON" TV drama telecast in Japan now. "SAWAKI SOUEMON TADAYASU". Do you know this name? He is a hero of "MOYASIMON" that is the comic of Japan. You can experience the specific ...    NAN    Views 5379
kanji japanese characters tattoo
-4    Try to paste as a tattoo Japanese Kanji to your photo Japanese Kanji characters 50 different. Please've embedded for you to place what you like to choose the Japanese Kanji characters of like meaning. Japanese Kanji characters 100 different.(ver1.1)    614 kb    Views 2979
-9    Definitive edition of Kyoto iPad App by Famous Photographer, Katsuhiko Mizuno. Enjoy over 100 gardens of best spots in Kyoto You can see beautiful SAKURA in Kyoto temples and shrines, Tenryuji, Nanzenji,Kenninji, Kodaiji, Jojakkoji, Jingoji, Sanzenin, Shimogamojinja, Kamigamojinja and others. Some Temples ...    51 MB    Views 2293
artists books graffiti japan book publisher itunes
+28    ON SALE for a limited time Only Award Winning Photographer Remo Camerota/Whitewall Studios & Mark Batty Publisher (MBP) present Graffiti Japan Extras : Photo Book, FEATURED ON ITUNES AS WHATS HOT AND AN ITUNES STAFF FAV Graffiti Japan Extras is the Ipad ...    17 MB    Views 545
japan visit destinations top
+11    Visit Japan Find out which are the top 10 destinations and experience the sights and sounds of Japan all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    10 MB    Views 3808
Related Apps wallpapers wallpaper iphone facebook home photos art browse email twitter screen function beautiful japanese pixel
-8    We have compiled a collection of 300 carefully selected Ukiyoe wallpapers. Only the masterpieces of artists like Hokusai Katsushika, Hiroshige Ando, Sharaku Toshusai have been vividly recreated using exclusive techniques. Compatible with iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5 and iOS 7 and iOS 8 ...    12 MB    Views 9799

Maiko Shot

dancing party photos kyoto girl shot japanese select
+23    Have you ever been to Kyoto, Japan? Whether your answer is "yes" or "no," "Maiko Shot" features a dreamy scene where you can take a virtual twoshot with a charming maiko girl in the ancient capital city of Kyoto. This app ...    9 MB    Views 2114
ipad iphone urban apps book covers japan japanese
+27    ON SALE for a limited time Only DRAINSPOTTING : New York Book Festival Winner AB ITUNES STAFF FAV AND WHATS HOT App A new And Noteworthy APP As reviewed and loved by : Fot The Best Designed Apps : Mark Batty Publisher ...    14 MB    Views 3024
people fish control aquarium display album japan
0    Aquamarine Fukushima located in Fukushima prefecture, in Japan. It was a popular aquamarine which million people visited a year. March 11, 2011. East Japan earthquake hit the aquarium. Tsunami destroyed electric equipment. Aquamarine Fukushima had to sustain fish and animals with emergency power supply. Because ...    30 MB    Views 2934


iphone apple photos tone http 2010 website pattern image japanese
+2    A gift for all Japanese fans: NATIVE JAPANESE version available (hats off to Necojita for the Japanese translation). THANKS EVERYONE for your great feedback There's already a noise about 1:2tone: • "this is a very cool and simple photo manipulation app [...] ...    860 kb    Views 9314
party year feeling japanese
+3    This app is for enjoying New Year Party People in your photo become Japanese New Year Feeling This app use face recognition tech. Let's enjoy New Year party    2 MB    Views 6936
place japanese friends twenty years bars bar
+3    A record of Japanese Americans and their friends I met in bars in Honolulu`s Chinatown. Twenty years ago, a man spoke to me at the bar where I happened to go for a drink in Honolulu`s Chinatown. His name was Masa ...    18 MB    Views 6479
clock photo calendar photos nature 365 album mode japan landscape
-4    Nature Photo Clock 365 is a Japanese nature photo album. It's not only photo album, but also has function as calendar/clock. It contains 365 beautiful Japanese nature photos, taken by Naoki Mutai, a nature photographer living in Nagano, Japan. He ...    23 MB    Views 8160

Graffiti Japan

ipad artists books graffiti japan book featured photographs
-9    Special price for limited time: Mark Batty Publisher (MBP) and award winning author/photographer Remo Camerota's Whitewall Studios present Graffiti Japan Extras : Photo Book FEATURED AS A STAFF FAV AND WHATS HOT Graffiti Japan Extras is the Ipad companion to the successfully selling ...    17 MB    Views 6503
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0    Don't you ever want to where your good photo? Use Snapeee to make your photo more adorable and share with your friends Snapeee is an app like... You can use more than 5000 decorations Enjoy decoration photos with cute stamps and effects You will ...    22 MB    Views 4551
Related Apps photo stamp creativity shooting manga share kit haiku album japanese
-6    'Hokusai Manga Creativity Kit' is designed to enjoy the world view of HokusaiManga. Various Uses ・Create a stamp using a photo of your shooting with HokusaiManga ・Make a picture with the stamp and backgroud(photo etc.) ・Japanese Traditional Playing cards ・Haiku ( Japanese 17 syllable poem, ...    99 MB    Views 137
photo photos twitter facebook free http stamps japanese loved frames
0    Free photo app photodeco Collage feature has been added photodeco can be enjoyed also in the iOS version photodeco offers more than 190 different types of “Kawaii” stamps, frames, and image effects. photodeco is Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages Please rate us if this App ...    42 MB    Views 2736
slide beautiful show start button japan taps pictures
-9    Japanese Beautiful Meat pictures slide show Kobegyu,Matusakagyu,Sagagyu etc. There are very many beautiful and delicious meat in Japan. Famous actor or actress in Hollywood come to eat these meat Japan. Touch Start button you can see slide show. You can change the speed of the ...    1 MB    Views 5193

Japan View

Related Apps photo japan mode screen view
-7    38 unique and beautiful images of Japan taken by Rick Parrinello Jr. Save them to the photo album and use them as your home screen and/or lock screen. Choose a photo and put the app into clock mode or use slide show ...    16 MB    Views 6565


photo china photos print visa pass format japan airprint
0    Lowest cost photos for IDs, driver's license, passport, visa (25c only for 4 US 2x2" photos, or 8 european 35mmx45mm photos). It is strictly prohibited by law to use it for fraudulent identification card creation Build your photo ID in ...    288 kb    Views 9844


photos characters japanese composite
+9    "ZEN" is an application with that you can make composite photos with cool Japanese characters. Photos can be chosen in library or taken by phone camera. Characters are categorized in 4 feelings; happy,angry,sad and enjoying and 5 characters are provided at random. All these characters ...    19 MB    Views 5773

Paint Fun Paid

Related Apps ipad chinese import special japanese support simple
+10    This is just a simple app for drawing You can draw, import from photo library/camera and even import map to edit Stroke/line/rectangle/ellipse as tools. Also redo/undo/layer Be able to share with Facebook/Twitter/Weibo Language support simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese Fully support all devises size like iPad/iPad Retina/iPad Mini/iPhone ...    16 MB    Views 4301

壁紙物語 HD

ipad wallpaper photograph japan beautiful
-8    Please enjoy the scenery of beautiful Japan on iPad display. And Please receive healing and power with this wallpaper. A Japanese photographer, Kenji Hotta's photograph collection for wallpaper. 116 beautiful landscape photography of sacred Japan is recorded. Please choose a photograph and use for ...    524 kb    Views 3812

iSHOWCASE vol.01

iphoneography iphone art photographs japan connection world works
+15    IPhoneography is the art of taking photographs with an iPhone. IPhoneographers are the people who take photographs with their iPhone. In Japan, KEN3TV and tsurujun have been producing iPhoneography exhibitions through "iPhone X CameraTalk". Also, on flickr, ARCHiPhone has created "The ...    19 MB    Views 2603
iphone calendar ipad zoo month 2013 download picture japan
+3    The Asahiyama Zoo is a municipal zoo in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, and is the northernmost zoo in the country. The zoo has various kinds of animals and they are bred in a method of "action display." This Phone/iPad calendar App represent wonderfulness ...    49 MB    Views 617
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