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Photo Timeline

+13    Photo Timeline is a small tool to browse your iPhone/iPod Touch photo by date time category. 50% OFF, 1.99 for promotion, refund if you are not satisfied Group & view your Photo/Video by date Access iPhone/IPod Touch photo directly, no ...    4 MB    Views 5357


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+7    Omoidebako is an application for importing photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the Buffalo Omoidebako and exporting photos from the Omoidebako to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. When your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected ...    NAN    Views 9303


iphone running touch ipod bluetooth generation devices
+12    With airPhoto you can share your photos in your iPhone / iPod touch 2nd generation wirelessly with other iPhone / iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.0 or above. System Requirements 1. Supported devices: a) iPhone 3G b) iPhone 3GS c) iPod Touch 2nd Generation 2. iPhone ...    107 kb    Views 2005

100 FX

iphone ipad photo camera touch 100 ipod generation upgrade effects
+4    100 FX is the the BEST Camera app with 100 REAL TIME CAMERA EFFECTS HOW TO UPGRADE =========================================================  IF YOU TOUCH WATERMARK(100FX) YOU CAN SEE MESSAGE THAT EXPLAIN HOW TO UPGRADE Devices compatibility ========================================================= iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone ...    14 MB    Views 7769

Aisu Deluxe Camera

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+12    The familiar tones of sepia/black and white are great ways to add timelessness to your photography. With “Aisu Deluxe Camera”, you can take beautiful photos in SEPIA or BLACK & WHITE on the iPhone or convert pictures on your iPod ...    2 MB    Views 7863


photo agent enter screen touch generation ipod application
0    AGENT ID – ‘'Do you want to be a Agent?Use this app, you can make your own AGENT ID'' Welcome to our Application Customize your (“security clearance approved”) own ID by taking and uploading a photo. This is a joke App. How to set ...    5 MB    Views 7140
iphone camera touch ipod shutter
+16    You can take photos of remote iPhone and iPod touch by using the app Paired Camera Shutter. (1) Make internetsharing (WiFi or Bluetooth) enable of your iPhone, and connect your iPod touch there. (2) Launch this App both on iPhone and iPod ...    318 kb    Views 8621
+9    State of the Art Magnifying Glass and Magnifying Mirror designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also great like binoculars and as a minitelescope. Great for explorers, labs, people with low sight, woman that use makeup and more. Feature Highlights: See what ...    5 MB    Views 9508
wallpaper photos racing iphone photographs copyright horses features application ipod
-6    Legendary horses revive in here… Application features photographs by popular Japanese Newspaper – NikkanGendai of 18 most notable horses of Japan's horse racing tournaments form 1990’s to 2005 Inari One Oguri Cap Tokai Teio Mihono Bourbon Biwa Hayahide Narita Brian Mayano Top Gun Sakura Laurel Air Groove Taiki Shuttle El Condor Pasa TM ...    NAN    Views 9442

Wallpaper Blur

-3    Customize the wallpaper of your iPhone, iPod or iPad with cool wallpaper iOS7 Blur effect. We give a few that are great, but you can create them with your own pictures. You can choose the part of the picture or photo ...    7 MB    Views 9028


+7    LockScreen+ lets you to personalize your lock screen with beautiful custom wallpapers. Create beautiful, pixel perfect parallax wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Easily create HD lock screens that will match the color of your iPhone or iPod case. Create unlimited personalized ...    13 MB    Views 5991
zombie face scary ipod
+13    Welcome to ZombieFaced The app that lets you transform your face into a choice of 26 (up to 52) different scary Zombie Faces Featuring full iPhone & iPod Support, along with iPod Touch compatibility, this app is an essential part ...    26 MB    Views 5001

Veescope Live Full

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+6    Realtime Green Screen/Chroma or Blank wall Keying to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Add Photos or Movies from your camera roll to use as backgrounds. Include 20 background movie and photos. Record in realtime to a Quicktime movie. Works with iPhone, iPad or ...    80 MB    Views 7864
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+3    INCREDIBLE STYLING New themes added all the time GET IT NOW Make your own, unique themes from your favourite photos With Themes it's a snap Style your iPhone and iPod Touch with stunning and custom designed backgrounds Enjoy the ...    105 MB    Views 7290
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-7    From the Makers of the Smash Hit Wobble App SplatFace Swing that phone Splat your Friends Choose a Friend or Bikini Babe, then splat them into the glass of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Works just like Wobble, except instead of ...    1 MB    Views 9943
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+11    Retina interface updates Much higher resolution photo exports Optimized exports for sharing via email and Facebook Still runs on all your devices: iPod, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini Same great price Independence Photo Effects adds photos and artwork to ...    54 MB    Views 3747


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+2    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    2 MB    Views 5199


toy artists photos iphone flickr shrine info featured ipod
-4    A Toy Shrine in your iPhone or iPod. An exclusive selection of toy photographs and illustrations curated by doc18. The Toy Shrine showcases doc18's much loved toy photographs and some of his favourite artists' artworks, to brighten up your day and ...    15 MB    Views 3247

type on photo

+5    You can type memo on the top of pictures. You can select a picture from your album stored in the iPhone or iPod touch, add a memo by typing the soft keyboard and store the picture with the typed memo. ...    64 kb    Views 4665

It's a Girl

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+15    Bring and Share photos of your kids is a breeze with It's a Girl. It's a Girl is the application you need in order to share the most beautiful photos of your daughters. Personalize your photos with the wide range of ...    6 MB    Views 7268

iRose Scent

iphone tab touch images tap view ipod save
+26    iRose Scent brings stunning wallpapers of beautiful Flowers for your iPhone and iPod touch. High resolution photography. User Interaction enabled. View the Image in Landscape as well as in Portrait. Tap the PLAY tab to start the animation. Just tap the NEXT tab to ...    11 MB    Views 6846


camera ipad iphone masks face free mask quality ipod
+22    Ready for a new twist on the real you? Camera Mask is a free, beautifully designed app with spectacular "masks" ( photographic filters) for your iphone/ipod/ipad camera. See yourself on a billboard, on the cover of a magazine, or with funny ...    56 MB    Views 7068

Puzzle Pro

iphone ipad puzzle puzzles ipod play pieces definition high
-1    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS ++ Welcome to the best puzzle game for iPhone/iPad/iPod Create your own jigsaw puzzles from your images and photos Comes with more than 50 gorgeous high definition puzzles Up to 400 pieces on the iPad and ...    7 MB    Views 7393
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+5    Camera Shot self timer will take beautiful pictures and now you can be in each pic every time. Camera Shot is the perfect self timer application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Just set the timer and then jump in the ...    3 MB    Views 4385


-2    HouseCam allows you to monitor your baby, house, or pets when you away from home. All you have to do is to: (1) Dig out your old iPhone/iPod (2) Install this app (3) Link to your DropBox account (4) Place your iPhone/IPod to where you ...    1 MB    Views 3310

Baseball Booth!

photos iphone baseball add fan touch ipod player stickers great
-8    Add baseball stickers to your photos and make yourself great baseball player and crazy fan Features: Add baseball stickers to your photos: baseball balls, beats, helmets, etc make yourself a true baseball fan and great player. Write your captions and ...    3 MB    Views 3381

Camera Fisheye

iphone camera photos fisheye application easy ipod
+1    50% OFF ONLY TOADY DOWNLOAD NOW Turn your iPhone/iPod into a genuine Fisheye camera You can take a fish eye photo using this application. You can easy to get different fisheye photos by your camera or album. You also easy to share ...    895 kb    Views 7169
+17    The coolest drifting photos available on iTunes. What do you get? 35 premium drifting photos in HD for retina displays, and also in standard 480x320 for iPhone 3GS/3G/2G and older iPod touch. All pictures are downloaded straight to your phone. No internet connection ...    46 MB    Views 9606


iphone ipad slideshow touch publish ipod
-1    SlideWow is an easytouse yet powerful application designed for making HTML5 slideshow with your image and photo collections on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Add your favorite photos, choose one template and publish, and an awesome animated HTML5 slideshow will ...    29 MB    Views 2945

Camera for iPad

Related Apps ipad camera iphone photos touch ipod resolution devices connect pictures
+14    And now for something truly Magical. Add a highresolution camera to your iPad (or iPod touch)wirelessly Easily connects any two devices to send the camera from one to the other. Simply start Camera for iPad on both devices, and they'll find ...    5 MB    Views 9244

i-Scan Duo

ipad iphone scan ipod touch scanner scanning
-5    The iScan Duo is specially designed to work with the Docking Scanner for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch exclusively. The App enables the Docking Scanner to scan photos, postcards, business cards, receipts, and documents at up to standard A4/Legal paper ...    8 MB    Views 8409


iphone events ipod touch cinema
-4    The most awaited sivajitv app is launched. Now users can get regular updates of news and Kollywood cinema events, right on their smart devices like iPhone and iPod Touch. The specially designed photo gallery gives a close up of cinema ...    2 MB    Views 6860
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+7    50% OFF ONLY TODAY DOWNLOAD NOW Turn your iPhone/iPod into a genuine Fisheye camera Fisheye Lens is a new reference application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style. Compatible Retina Display on ...    3 MB    Views 3946

eTransfer Lite

Related Apps iphone ipad ipod transfer
+12    eTransfer is a tool for you to transfer photos among pc, iPod, iPhone, iPad. eTransfer does not need iTunes. It supports to transfer photo: iPhone to iPhone iPhone to iPad iPad to iPad ipod/iphone/iPad to pc pc to ipod/iphone/iPad eTransfer does not need extra software. All you ...    5 MB    Views 327

Photo Flare

photo photos iphone flare add rock touch sparkle ipod flares
+29    Photo Flare allows you to easily add lens flare effects into any picture using your iPhone or iPod touch. Add some flare and extra sparkle to your photos and bring them to life today Great for: + Adding sparkle to eyes or ...    397 kb    Views 3071

Valentine Cardz

cards valentine photo iphone ipod
-8    Create Valentine's Day Cards using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Choose from 100+ premade cards and stickers, add your own photo, and use upto 5 text fields to express your thoughts. You can save the cards you make in your iPhone/iPod ...    7 MB    Views 9327


iphone ipad program people touch ipod setting
+22    Announcement: You can now check out PushyPixels for FREE Download "PushyPixels for Everyone" on the iTunes and have fun (iAd supported, pay version does not have iAds) Instructions Touch the screen to play with the pixels. Touch the hidden button in ...    732 kb    Views 9293

Picture Send

-9    Picture Send allows you to easily share pictures with other iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices using Bluetooth. App features: Send single or multiple pictures at a time. Settings allow you to select the file format (JPEG/PNG), JPEG Compression level and ...    72 kb    Views 8314
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+6    Simply combine multiple photos into one amazing framed picture. Photo Collage Pic Editor help you put together your photos into one piece of art with our frames and stunning photo editor with tons of different editing features. Features: Up to 54 different ...    47 MB    Views 7475

Standby Camera

camera iphone photo shots ipod multi album timer
-2    It's very simple and elegant application "Standby Camera" It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. Standby Camera take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. Self Camera Auto Timer(2,3,4,5,10,20,30,40,50,60 sec) Multi shots (off, 2,3,4,5,10) Flash Light(Only ...    471 kb    Views 9984

X Booth

ipod booth
+14    Amazing photo booth that creates the following high quality effects: 1. Bulge 2. Swirl 3. Pinch 4. Original You can customize the degree of the effect. Designed especially for iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPod touch (including all generations). Download and enjoy today    12 MB    Views 3565

Photos of Fire

Related Apps photo library flame screen fire picture touch phone ipod grow
+3    Over 700,000 downloads Need a release? Need Closure? Just want to burn something? Take any picture from your library or on the spot with your camera and burst it into flames simply by blowing into the phone. Features: Interactive flame that is sensitive to ...    5 MB    Views 4771


library photo phrase favorite songs ipod length song custom
+2    A musthave for a picky music lover A nonstop media show maker with a medley of favorite phrases of songs in selected playlists in your iPod library and/or slideshow with selected albums in your photo library. Enjoy thrilling medley collage with fixedlength ...    2 MB    Views 667

Standby Camera free

camera iphone photo shots ipod multi timer album free
+6    It's very simple and elegant application "Standby Camera" It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. Standby Camera take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. No functional limitation with the free version Self Camera Auto ...    1 MB    Views 59


iphone library photo shake touch japanese means ipod
+22    shake iPhone and get old photo ([Furu] means [Shake] in Japanese. [Furu] means [old] in Japanese.) When iPhone is shaken, photo becomes old one after another. How to use 1. A picture is taken in from a camera or a library. Notes: You can use ...    974 kb    Views 7423

Basket Booth

basketball photos facebook iphone photo add ipod touch fan
+2    BASKETBALL MAKES THE WORLD MOVE Add basketball stickers to your photos and make your friends great basketball players and crazy fans Features: Add basketball stickers to your photos: basket balls, fan girls, medals, etc make yourself a true basketball fan or ...    15 MB    Views 670

Photo Request

photo ipad iphone ipod room living
-8    You are at work and want to see what your dog is doing in the living room? Easy: Leave your Iphone / Ipod / Ipad with camera pointed at the living room and start “Photo Request”. From your office, ask for a ...    5 MB    Views 1255

Frame It Lite

Related Apps frame photos art iphone frames touch version lite ipod
-3    An intuitive tool for iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly frame photos transforming them into a work of art. Frame It has an assortment of distinctive frames to choose from. Frame sizes are easily adjusted using the on screen heads ...    6 MB    Views 3177
photos retro photo iphone vintage add friends ipod share touch
0    Retro Booth lets you create nice retro theme photos and share them with your friends in just few taps Features: Add nice retro theme overlays to your photos: hats, glasses, frames make your photos filled with vintage mood Add vintage ...    3 MB    Views 2979

I Run My Mouth

Related Apps facebook iphone pictures albums run world load mouth picture ipod
0    Check our website to access inspirations that are prohibited by Apple I Run My Mouth is the perfect platform to make a statement. You have something to say, and the world wants to hear it. Be inspirational, sarcastic, or just ...    541 kb    Views 3264


drawing photo iphone ipad touch ipod
+21    Pressure sensitive drawing comes to the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Sketchtasy is a basic drawing app that reacts to your touch. The harder you press, the thicker the line will be that you draw Sketchtasy also allows pictures from the ...    485 kb    Views 8577

Shoot Around

camera iphone photo library shoot button press picture laser ipod
+12    Developed by my 13 year old son. Here is his description Now the whole world has to watch out for you. Using the power of the iPhone, you can "shoot" at people/objects around you, with or without them knowing. It shows you ...    184 kb    Views 5242
apple photos ipad iphone airplay chromecast ipod input hdtv
+24    UbiCast FREE streams Photo/Image Slideshow/Selection from iPhone, iPad or iPod to a High Definition TV using Apple TV with Airplay or Chromecast HDMI dongle. Input: 1. Photos and Images from Photos App : Airplay Mirroring must be ON for Apple TV • iCloud ...    6 MB    Views 6038

Shake a photo H.D.

Related Apps photo iphone shake areas picture step grid area tilt ipod
+14    This app can wobble anywhere you want in your photo and express the motion of soft things like jelly. ___ Features: Draw shake areas on a picture with a pen in 3 sizes. Set softness in five levels at each cell in ...    8 MB    Views 2048

Self Camera HD free

camera iphone photo shots ipod album multi timer free
-8    It's very simple and elegant application Self Camera HD It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. Self Camera HD take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. No functional limitation with the free ...    1 MB    Views 8796

Color Control

time iphone5 ipod color
0    ・This is an application for adjusting color tone of photos very easily and quickly. ・Brightness ・Contrast ・Saturation ・Hue ・Monotone can be adjusted at the same time in the same view. >> Very Useful ・Effects can be previewed in Real Time on iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPod5 ・MAX OUTPUT SIZE ・iPhone5 / ...    2 MB    Views 9839

Lite Mate 無料版

iphone camera ipod touch lite metering exposure
-9    "Lite Mate free" is lite meter application with iPhone, iPod touch (with camera model). iPhone, iPod touch camera by photographing a subject for metering, the shooting information, and then calculate the exposure. iPhone, iPod touch to use the camera and metering. By operating ...    724 kb    Views 261

Photo Waitress

iphone photos photo ipod touch computer view server screen show
0    Ever wanted to show your most recent photos (perhaps a trip, or sporting event) to your friends or family, but they are all stuck on your little iPhone screen (while pass the iPhone is fun, it only works for one ...    691 kb    Views 4777
camera iphone film fisheye effects ipod amazing give pro
+10    The world Best Fisheye camera is now available on iPhone. Get Fisheye Pro APP to enjoy the amazing analogue film photo. SEE THE WORLD THROUGH DIFFERENT EYE Turn your iPhone into a genuine FISHEYE camera Camera Fisheye Pro is a new reference application ...    241 kb    Views 1549
camera iphone photo shots album ipod multi timer
+20    It's very simple and elegant application "Handsfree Camera" It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. "Handsfree Camera" take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. Auto Timer(2,3,4,5,10,20,30,40,50,60 sec) Self Camera Multi shots (off, 2,3,4,5,10) Flash Light(Only ...    2 MB    Views 3472
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