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+6    StudioVisit (now available as a major upgrade, StudioVisitPro) is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that gives creative people a whole new way to showcase their work. StudioVisit makes it easy to: • Quickly create a portfolio of photos ...    896 kb    Views 2044
iphone wallpapers photos wall screen
0    High definition wallpapers for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3Gs and iPod touch. Up to 640960 pixels magnificent images which give you the best experience. Back&Wall offers the beautiful collection of wallpapers. This app is the most full featured, versatile and functional you could ...    9 MB    Views 9373


+11    How to ShakeCamera 1.Please tap “Take Photo” 2.Choice three items 3.Shake iPhone 4.After a few seconds,iPhone automatically takes the photograph. 5.Congratulations    270 kb    Views 7231


photo iphone skip
+13    SkipBleach is an app that allows you to add "Skip Bleach" effect to your iPhone/iPhone touch photos. You do not need any difficult setting, all you need is just take photo or choose from the photo library, then swipe your finger ...    1 MB    Views 5031

Instant Sketch

sketch iphone instant
+6    Completely rewritten in Swift, Instant Sketch now supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices in all orientations And this is just what AppSafari says about our old iPhoneonly app: "If you are looking for a simple iPhone app to convert your ...    10 MB    Views 2736
iphone photo screenshots
0    As like a magic. Recognize and sweep out all needless screenshots from the photo library in seconds, optimize the photos storage of your iPhone. A MUSTHAVE tool for all iOS lovers Those pictures of your favorite will be leave untouched, of ...    2 MB    Views 6580

Art Roulette

+10    iPhone 5 and iOS6 ready In top 200 in several countries. ArtRoulette is a simple and effective way of finding and sharing the quite last images posted on the Internet. A drawing, a photo pleases you, make it know around you and ...    6 MB    Views 8410
+13    Celebirity Photo Mask is available for Iphone Check out our legendary app Place My Face specially redeveloped for Iphone Devices 1 rank in entertainment category on other stores ON YOUR FRIENDS, BOSS OR ANYBODY ELSE BY PLACING your FACE ON THE ...    2 MB    Views 7182

Sketch Pro

Related Apps sketch iphone pro sketches
0    Sketch Pro is a simple app that lets your photos into sketches by applying up to different image effects. Function: Supports Facebook and email so you can easily share your sketches with your friends, as well as save them to your iPhone. Features ...    799 kb    Views 3346
+16    You can take various symmetrical photos FREE NOW You can change 8 kind of symmetrical effects on realtime. You can take none effect photo. There is no sound which pushed the button. (Please don't use for sneaking a shot.) ...    1 MB    Views 357


photo iphone share export instacollage
-3    InstaCollage++ is a powerful collage creator combined with a complete photo editor ready to share your artworks. Contains: + Export and share collages + Customize photo borders + Amazing photo effects filters + Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom + Save to photo album + Share via ...    26 MB    Views 1971

Los Pulse

iphone photos
+6 is a curated website featuring the best Instagram photos taken by Los Angeles Dodger Fans. Now you can view those photos directly from your iPhone with the Los Pulse iPhone app    10 MB    Views 5393
-3    楽しく振って写真を作ろう! お行儀のいいカメラアプリからは卒業しませんか? PhotoShakerは写真を2つ選ぶと、勝手に合成して、勝手に加工して、へんな画像を作ってくれます。 残念な写真、かっこいい写真、どんなものが出来るか、写真を選んで振ってみないと分かりません! ■特徴 端末を振って写真合成、ランダムにフィルターが適用されます。 作成後の写真はカメラロールに保存したり、SNSに投稿できます。 写真をランダムに選ぶこともできます。 ■使い方 1. パレットを引き出して、混ぜたい写真を選んでください。 2. 2枚選んだら、端末を力強くシェイク! 3. ワオ!写真の出来上がり! ■推奨端末 iPhone 5、 iPhone 5c、iPhone 5s ■対応OS iOS 7.1以降 ■Webサイト 詳しい使い方や情報は以下のサイトからどうぞ。    2 MB    Views 7185
0    A photo collection for the iPhone by photographer Kenji Hotta, featuring beautiful scenery of spiritual locations in Japan. The first collection features 20 photographs of the sea with "inner purification" as their theme. Photographs are supported in thumbnail view, slideshow and as wallpaper. You can ...    14 MB    Views 2532

Burst Camera

Related Apps iphone photos camera burst effects
-3    Do you want to make your photos more animation? With the help of Burst Camera, it will take you only one minute to realize the ideas.. Functions: 1, Take photos 2, Radiation effects 3, Rotation effects 4, 8 kinds of tonalities 5, Share online Compatible devices ::iPhone6, ...    1 MB    Views 2756
iphone postcard
+4    Küldjön képeslapot iPhoneról , majdnem olyan gyorsan, mintha képüzenetet küldene. A képeslap első oldalára kerül a kiválasztott fénykép egy 10 cm x 15 cm méretben. A feltöltött képeslapot a Magyar Posta rendszerint 2 munkanap múlva kézbesíti. Send a postcard from your ...    14 MB    Views 6934


+18    GPSTrack allows you to use the GPS receiver in your iPhone or iPad to show your current location and create a log of your travels, showing you a map of your path, updated in realtime. GPSTrack can track your location while ...    886 kb    Views 8797
Related Apps wallpaper iphone floral photographs free
+3    This is the Free AD Supported Verion Now supports iPhone 5 Floral Wallpaper contains 15 Floral photographs of few Flowers and Insects. These photos can be used as wallpapers for iPhone and iPad's home and lock screens. All the photographs are original ...    38 MB    Views 9506

Dream Booth

+14    You can take Dream effect photos using this application. FEATURES Preview and customize effects in realtime Simple and intuitive user interface makes everything a breeze. Upload straight to Facebook, email or export to your photo library. So what are you waiting for? Make every photo ...    5 MB    Views 7531

MagicCam HD

iphone pinterest
+22    ••• Supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ••• Do you want to become an astronaut? Or become Santa Claus? Or go to dance in Hawaii? Or be a witch flying in Halloween night? Using facial recognition, MagicCam HD will make your ...    235 MB    Views 5275

iStickers Lite

photos iphone
+2    Add stickers to your favorite photos Apply awesome photo effects to your pictures. Store your photos inside the app's gallery or on the device itself. Share them using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email & Save them into the Camera Roll. Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone ...    22 MB    Views 7877

Camera Joker FREE

camera iphone friends
0    NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS AVAILABLE Place your iPhone in the officeroom on shelf or table with Camera Joker turned on. After some time an strange sound allure your friends to your iPhone and then Camera Joker takes photos of surprised faces ...    2 MB    Views 155

Wolves Wallpapers

Related Apps wallpapers iphone color images
-8    The application brings amazing wallpapers of the forest wolfs for your lovely device. Tap the Play tab to start the self animation. A color changer to change the color of the images. User can save the images to the iphone photo library. Compatibility: iPhone and ...    9 MB    Views 2950


-2    You can take a fisheye photo with realtime filter effects using this application. Adjust Hue,Saturation,Brightness realTime. Adjust Fisheye effect realTime. Share your edited images on Facebook,Twitter or email. Save original size image. Compatible devices : iPhone 4,4s, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch ...    2 MB    Views 2309


+2    BinkanCamera is a camera application program in which the shutter is cut by the automatic operation reacting on the noise etc. The mike, the acceleration sensor, and the location information of iPhone are used. This app is easy to use. Choose your favorite ...    156 kb    Views 9141

One Hand OK

Related Apps photo iphone camera hand
-9    ‘One Hand OK’ is the 1st iphone camera apps using motion of iphone to take photo in the world. Even though using one hand manipulation can be made. To control it, 'NOD' iphone to start taking photo/take photo/save photo, 'SHAKE' iphone ...    5 MB    Views 26
-7    Add your video to any section of any photo or image of your choice to make funny movies For example a talking orange, talking monkey, funny or scary character animation and much more Awesome images included Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5/c/s & ...    16 MB    Views 8665
+5    Easy way to post photos on Instagram in a square shape with crop and many special editor features for: Instagram Facebook Twitter Email Save & More Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad & iPod touch (including 5th generation). InApp purchase option ...    13 MB    Views 1237
iphone ipad
+1    中文摄影杂志 ( 创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影网路杂志,坚持为 150 万订阅读者提供良质而高端的影像阅读体验;坚信影像具有改变生活及世界的力量。 「中文摄影杂志 for iPhone」主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读: 全球摄影奖项追踪、摄影师介绍、摄影画册介绍、摄影技巧分享 2.每日格言: 来自艺术家、摄影家的精炼观点 3.每日一图: 每天推荐一张优秀摄影作品,每日欣赏 4. ViewFinder: 为你的 iPhone 提供专业画幅支持,可以直接拍摄 6×6、3×2、Xpan 等画幅照片;同时适用于专业摄影师与摄影爱好者 5.支持离线阅读,支持图片保存,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon... 鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文 iPhone+iPad 资源分享网站荣誉推荐 ================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPhone App for Chinese photography learners, all photo copyright belongs ...    5 MB    Views 7909

Photo Book Maker

Related Apps iphone photos photo photobook book
+11    This App provides you to create a photobook as ebook from photos in your iPhone/iPod touch. It is not a printing service but a photobook is created in your iPhone. You can send photobook to your friend via email. Photos remain in the ...    4 MB    Views 2918

T-Shirt Maker

photo iphone shirt
0    Design your preferred TShirts using: > Pictures > Shapes on photos > Special effects > Text > Colors > And more... Share your TShirt designs using: > Instagram > Facebook > Twitter > Email > Photo Gallery > Photo Album > More... Designed specially for iPhone 5, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch (5th generation). Download & ...    15 MB    Views 5532

College Freshman

iphone college
+26    The popular image macro, College Freshman, a.k.a. Uber Frosh, is now on your iPhone. Get random photos, create your own, and save them to your iPhone.    7 MB    Views 9007


Related Apps iphone picture touch image face
-7    Touch 3x3 cells picture on iphone and ipod touch. This application is fully interactive with picture taken with your iphone or your saved image from photo library. You can touch one of the cell to expand picture and change an image view. ...    513 kb    Views 5048

Impressionism Now

photos iphone
+19    Impressionism Now turns your photos into paintings like an Impressionism art Choose from different styles to change your photos. You can also create your own picture by repeating the transformation. You can write your autograph Please Note: This application is only available in iOS 6.0 ...    16 MB    Views 1391

LOLCam Lite

Related Apps iphone photo tap
+3    Take hilarious themed pictures of yourself and your friends Select a theme by swiping left and right Tap to take a picture Tap another time to email photo or save to library Shake to switch between front and rear camera ...    2 MB    Views 8100

iphone groups
0    This is the first version of the official mobile app for iPhone. It was designed for the quick and easy posting of photos, videos or audio recordings, as well as links, reviews, quotes and events to your soup and ...    4 MB    Views 3570

Floral Wallpaper

Related Apps wallpaper iphone floral devices photographs
+30    Now supports iOS4.x devices like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch Floral Wallpaper contains 15 Floral photographs of few Flowers and Insects. These photos can be used as wallpapers for iPad's home and lock screens. All the photographs are original and ...    38 MB    Views 6392


-3    A simple app that lets you preview your beautiful iPhone mockups saved among your photos that are taller than or equal to the height of the screen. Vy currently only supports iPhone portrait mockups. Thanks Tomasz Szulc for TSAssetsPickerController.    228 kb    Views 8556

Rottweiler Book

Related Apps iphone amazing gallery
-1    Learn about your Rottweiler with this amazing iPhone app. It has everything you want to know about your dog. Information about the Rottweiler Wonderful full color photo gallery Amazing video gallery (including funny videos) Have some question or suggestion? Please, feel ...    811 kb    Views 4895

photomaton lite

photo photos iphone booth
-7    A Photo Booth for your iPhone Take photos of yourself, just like in a Photo Booth. Share your awesomeness with others via Twitter, Facebook, Email and MMS Your photos are saved to the iPhone photo library for easy importing and printing later. Best ...    7 MB    Views 2980

Eclipse HD

Related Apps iphone photos album
+4    A photo album of the annular eclipse on May 21, 2012. (for iPhone: This album includes a combination of fantastic photos of the sun and the moon taken by Asami Hasegawa, and of improvisation played by Masayuki Sayama. Shooting Location: Japan Number ...    19 MB    Views 4422
puzzle photo iphone library enjoy
-7    Anytime, anywhere, immediately and easily, you can make and enjoy your original puzzle. Puzzle images can be taken from both iPhone camera (iPhone only) and saved photo library. You can save the puzzle image into photo library after you have completed the ...    2 MB    Views 674


+1    Winterpix can change a landscape photo into a wintery blizzard in just one tap. Editing Tools: ◉ Opacity ◉ Temperature ◉ Brightness ◉ Snowfall ◉ Wind Direction Maximum Image Resolution: ◉ 1920x1920 (iPhone 5s) ◉ 1920x1920 (iPhone 5) ◉ 1280x1280 (iPhone 4s)    9 MB    Views 8454
photos iphone
-7    Shuffler makes viewing your photos fun Every swipe shows you a random photo. Using Shuffler is an easy way to rediscover the best photos on your iPhone. Or find a great reason to get in touch with old friends. It's simple and ...    1 MB    Views 6633
Related Apps photo iphone fire effects
+8    Set your photos on fire with this iPhone application. All you have to do is to select the effect and your photo from the camera roll. Some of the Fire Photo Effects included here are: Billboard Fire, Candle, Heart on Fire, ...    30 MB    Views 487
camera iphone rich
+25    If you want to become millionaires or even billionaires, then this app is for you. This camera app is designed for iPhone only. You can't find it on any other OS devices. It's unique. Having this app on your iPhone, creating wonderful ...    5 MB    Views 8605
Related Apps library iphone images view
-5    View the Prints and Photographs of the Library of Congress on your iphone. This app lets you find great images from the US Library of Congress. Images are public domain and you have even save them to your iphone's image ...    2 MB    Views 6130


iphone color white tint regions
+3    ColorMagic is a magnificent app that really makes adding color to a monochrome photo fast, easy, and enjoyable. Features: Share your edited images on Facebook,Flickr or Twitter. Undo any number of accidental brush strokes. An alternative view mode highlights the regions ...    1 MB    Views 7189
animal iphone face
+8    AnimalFaced The app that lets you transform your face into a choice of up to 46 different Animal Faces Featuring full screen iPhone 5 Support, along with iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch compatibility, this app is an essential part of ...    51 MB    Views 9650

Video Tell

video iphone photo videos
-4    Video Tell is the app based on videos which are placed in photo gallery .We can take the image from the video and can do the editing like adding text with different color ,different size. Other Features are: 1. Universal App for ...    28 MB    Views 1853


iphone resolution images subject
-9    Video demonstration of the app: Make your iPhone images look like photos taken with expensive SLR cameras by adding depthoffield to it. Make the subject come to life by making only the subject in color and everything else in ...    14 MB    Views 602

Pic Reflection

iphone reflection
+15    Amazing photo editor app that creates a symmetric reflection of your image adding awesome picture effects. Designed especially for iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch (including 5th generation). Download and enjoy today    6 MB    Views 7712


iphone panoramas images lists
+3    CubeWorld is a 3D Cubic Panorama viewer for iPhone. With this application you'll be able to download, manage and experience 3D images using iPhone touch and accelerometer capabilities. Using its several options it will be possible to tune the interaction with ...    370 kb    Views 1553


+12    suguMe: suguMe for iPhone lets you stay connected and share with fiends on the go. Keep Up with friends photos and status updates and more right from your iPhone.    323 kb    Views 5848
Related Apps puzzle iphone ipad landscape
+20    This application is jigsaw puzzle, containing 58 beautiful landscape photos. This puzzle is for having great time with your iPad/iPhone. INSTRUCTIONS: The PREVIEW image can be seen in black&white for a second just at the beginning of each puzzle. Drag and ...    30 MB    Views 3168

Easy Oilpaint

iphone photo easy paint oil
+1    You can take Oil Paint effect photos using this application. FEATURES Preview and customize effects in realtime Simple and intuitive user interface makes everything a breeze. Upload straight to Facebook, email or export to your photo library. So what are you waiting for? Make every ...    1 MB    Views 3243
ipad iphone contact
+1    鸣谢: | 网址最短的中文iPhone+iPad资源分享网站荣誉推荐 中文摄影杂志(创建于 2006 年,作为当今最具影响力的中文摄影独立媒体,坚持为超过 260 万订阅读者提供良质量而高端的影像阅读体验,坚信影像与审美具有改变世界的力量。iPhone 版读者已突破80万。 中文摄影杂志 for iPad 主要 Feature 如下: 1.阅读:全球摄影奖项追踪,摄影师介绍,摄影画册介绍,摄影技巧分享 2.器材控:每周精选最令人心动的高端专业败家指南,让器材控的你欲罢不能 3.摄影书店:权威推荐不可不藏的原版摄影画册,限量发行 4.每周壁纸:让你的 iPad 与众不同 5.支持离线阅读,支持 Email、微博分享,支持中文简体/繁体/台湾正体中文 6.More Coming Soon… 如果喜欢,请将中文摄影杂志推荐给你的朋友们,我们永远相信,分享是一种美德。 =================================== PhotoMagazine is an independent nonprofit iPad app for Chinese photography fans, all photo copyright reserverd by photogrphers. If you want to recommend yours ...    6 MB    Views 8960

Mock 3D

Related Apps iphone application
+14    NOTICE This application requires the iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, 3rd gen iPod Touch with 32 or 64 gb storage. Make your 2D images become 3D. Just like the 3D thing is real, but then fake. The coolest part is that it's all free. Background ...    3 MB    Views 4189

Poster Booth

Related Apps photo iphone poster booth
+22    You can take Poster effect photos using this application. FEATURES Preview and customize effects in realtime Simple and intuitive user interface makes everything a breeze. Upload straight to Facebook, email or export to your photo library. So what are you waiting for? Make every photo ...    882 kb    Views 5087


iphone image users
-1    Please check new StripeCam 3.0 This app makes stripe image by take a camera or from photo library. I think that it becomes a very impressive stripe image if it goes well. iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS users will be ...    635 kb    Views 3081
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